necro nerf with LU 20 or is it just me?

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Benboe, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-Kasandria Guest

    From today's patch
    - All taunts and detaunts are slightly more effective than they were before.
    - Encounters should no longer break when possess minion wears off.
    It sounds to me like they deliberately nerfed all taunting abilities and are slowing increasing it till folks stop screaming :/
  2. ARCHIVED-Yirabeth Guest

    If this is the case, I won't stop 'screaming' until my pet can keep aggro on a group of 3-4 nonheroic mobs consistently, without me being beat to death. It's not acceptable to have to root mobs out of my way consistently --- my root doesn't provide enough power for that. It's not acceptable to finish out orange after every blue con solo encounter. It's not acceptable to FD partway through every set of mobs, our FD doesn't allow for this due to recast timer. If they feel we're killing too fast nerf the pet dps -- the taunt is the only thing required of that tank pet. Every class is given the tools to solo even-yellow conned solo mobs within the skills of that class, be it roots, ability to take a hit, ability to avoid a hit, ability to heal a hit, or a pet to take the hits for them. It takes varying degrees of time to do this, with healers being the lowest for speed due to the healing nature. Being unable to do it at all is completely unacceptable.

  3. ARCHIVED-ShadowNemisi Guest

    I found our pets encounter based taunt!

    It's called the Preceptor's Bodyguard achievement. :smileyindifferent:

    Yes, sarcasm (hopefully). But it did make me stop and "hmm" when I noticed it today.
  4. ARCHIVED-Nightmage61 Guest

    I just logged in to my Lvl 46 Necro to test today’s patch.
    I was disappointed
    I sent Icky (my tank pet) after an even con VV mob. All but one of the things came right at me. I was at 30% before I could get Icky to peel them off of me.
    I put in the bug report and logged off my Necro.

    Glad I have Alts.
  5. ARCHIVED-KBern Guest

    Still not fixed.

    Of course we can finds ways to try to work around if we fight maybe two mobs, but three gets iffy.

    I was showing a shaman I was duoing with today how I could pull a linked pair od hyenas (each VV con) and every time, one would bee line to me.

    It is not fixed.
  6. ARCHIVED-Odium Guest

    Having the exact same issues - adding my name to the list.

    Muti-mob groups, all I do is send in the pet and instantly at least one if not two of the mobs head right for me, even if I haven't done anything. This has totally screwed my solo play and since Im often asked to tank or back-up tank for a group (using the pet of course ;-)) , its screwed my group play too.
  7. ARCHIVED-Bleedingheart Guest

    Had similar problems also. Tried to solo solo-content mobs 2 and 3 lvls below me and was gettin the holy livin crap kicked outta me =( I think my pet finally has decided to rebel against it's master :smileytongue: and just ignore any mobs that "slipped" by and take a few cheap shots at me. In fact I could have swore after I died the 2nd time my pet was standing there with the other mobs and he kicked dirt in my face and laughed at me =X
    Heh since then I've forced my poor necro into exile until this is simply isn't fun to micromanage. As what was said earlier......thank god for alts!! Hee Hee maybe I'll roll up a coercer and see how masochistic I could be :smileysurprised:
  8. ARCHIVED-Traigus Guest

    Something funny going on...

    Played with my necro on and off all day yesterday (Sat.). Had a hell of a time pulling aggro off my pet without putting every spell on mob, and spamming DD/ LT. Everything from blues in TT to yellows in BS (mostly vultaks, who seem to be resistant to disease BTW).

    Maybe there is a bug with some particular spell...

    I am 59 with ALL Adept 1 spells, NO adept III or Masters (outside a few of the level based master IIs). IIRC my Int is 290-300 range.

    Is it possible the Adept III/ master pets are borked?

    Maybe the ratio between Adept III+ spells and Adept III+ pet taunt is off?

  9. ARCHIVED-Yirabeth Guest

    Unfortunately I'm not finding alting it up to be any great consolation --- I picked the necro (granted, after lu13, but after my extreme disappointment in my main upon starting the game I decided to put off trying what I had for secondary until I'd forgotten HOW to play EQ1 so would lose the comparison factor)due to her having what *I* need in a class to have fun --- a little bit of heal, enough damage to be useful. I was extremely disappointed in my warden due to the lack of healing, while realising this was the tradeoff for having healing to be compared to a cleric's. It was just necessary to find a class that would fulfill my requirements for a fun game...Necromancer seemed to be it, and now I feel like, when I can't play due to a gamebreaking bug, I don't HAVE an alternative to go with.

    I seriously don't know what I'll do, gamewise, if they don't fix this --- and I have to admit I'm beginning to wonder. Other than the initial oops we goofed hotfix with the next update (which didn't work) it's been ignored. I also have to admit, that, although I've never been particularly against PvP and it's crowd (I am in the not on my server please crowd) I remember them saying, it won't affect PvE and thinking to myself, yeah sure it wont...Interesting that the PvP'ers are fixed but not the PvE'ers...

    So okay maybe that's fair, or maybe not, but with the OTHER things about the game that have me worried (ie, shoving levels down my throat at a phenomenal rate so it's tough to keep up with my crowd etc) I'm just feeling very down on the game in general now...

    Bottom line SOE is fix this. It's gamebreaking, it cannot be worked around because we DONT HAVE THE TOOLS. Don't ignore us for the PvP'ers. Just fix it. It's already too late for the bonus xp weekend, I don't even particularly CARE about that any more, I just want it fixed.

  10. ARCHIVED-Yirabeth Guest

    That cant be it either Traigus --- I have all adept 1's due to not even knowing WHAT to harvest for my adept 3's lol. I'm still getting the instant run to me upon pull, can't get them off me by switching targets for the pet because when I switch target the one the pet was previously on switches to beat on me.

    Were you in a group perhaps? In groups there's not much aggro problem unless I overnuke or the tank doesn't taunt...The problem isn't with the scout/mage pets, it's only with the tank pet which is the only pet that taunts. I just am sick of sitting in one spot while waiting for a group due to my gimped nature...that time could be USEFUL instead of sitting by the docks afraid to catch notice of a mob over green.

  11. ARCHIVED-Yirabeth Guest

    I'd just like to say that comparing Necros to *any other class* is just gonna make us seem as though we're whining and don't know what we're talking's comparing apples to oranges :)

    Aside from that, if you have wizard envy the best way to handle that is..roll a wizard...they're different classes and meant to be played differently :) We can still function in a group...differently than wizards do, but we DO function in a group. Solo is completely borked..but we can group. (too bad it takes so long to get a p/u group with everyone in KoS now lol)

    Other classes have had problems since LU20 also --- SOE broke quite a few key important spells for several classes. I'm not willing to say fix us before you fix them... I'm saying...FIX US NOW! (if they can do that simultaneously more power to

  12. ARCHIVED-Shipwreck_GPA Guest

    I suspect 2 things:
    1) They are doing exactly this to make sure that the tank pet is never a substitute for a player tank in a group
    2) The weaker taunts are also intended to force us to throttle back our DPS to the Tier 2 that they feel is appropriate for Summoners, and will slowly be adjusted until it can keep aggro if we self-moderate our DPS to Tier 2 DPS, but will lose aggro if we push too hard.
    I don't really LIKE it, but I suspect that is what is going on.
  13. ARCHIVED-Traigus Guest

    I doubt it is intentional.

    No, there is something funny going on.

    Today, i'm getting ganked. Yesterday (Sat.)I was golden... today (Sun.)... same mobs (and no patch) and my pet won't hold AOE aggro... he almost never uses the CA.

    Yesterday he was holding aggro BETTER then he did before. Today, he might as well be a halfling skelly.

    My money is on pet AI. He's not burning thru power like he was up until yesterday.
  14. ARCHIVED-Xarox Guest

    I am a level 49 Necromancer with an adept 3 Rotting Thrall tank pet. I was out with my wife in the Feerrott yesterday. She's a level 51 Templar.

    We found this named heroic mob, level 39^^^. That's 10 levels below me, and 12 levels below my wife's character. He had 2 buddies, level 39^^ and a 39^. So, I started out with rooting the boss. Giving us some time to take out his easier buddies. That went very smoothly, was no problem at all. My wife had her powerbar at 80%.
    So, I sent my pet in on the boss one. The fight ended with myself being out of power, my wife being out of power, the pet dies, and then we both died. (FD was used earlier.) No point in rooting again because summoning a new pet doesnt help. It wont get the previous pet's aggro which it shouldn't of course. The funny thing about this is that the boss mob was only down to about 60% - 65% health. Should give you some estimate on how long that fight lasted. lol

    It's embarrasing how bad the Necromancer profession is now. If this change was on purpose and is "working as intended", then that guilty party should get a verbal beating!

    Xarox Soulfire (Europe-Splitpaw)
  15. ARCHIVED-Deila Guest

    Besides, if I were a dev and wanted to curb Summoner damage back some, I'd reduce damage done by pets and nerf back spell damage a touch, the way Lich was reduced. Mucking about with mob aggro behavior isn't the most efficient way to accomplish that, nor tank pet taunting behaviors. I'd adjust our damage dealers - assassin and warlock pets, and spell damage, duration or recasts. That, however, had already been overhauled and changed once post-LU13, and the comment at the time was that the devs were happy with where we were then.
  16. ARCHIVED-LostSoprano Guest

    I have had similar experiences as my fellow Necro users. I was partied with someone lower then me in everfrost, went to fight a ^^^ 12 levels below me, adept 1 pet, adept 3 in the 3 other buffs, he mows through my pet like he is paper and the monster resists 3 of my adept 3 roots battle over.

    I am 59 now... fought a 49^^^ with a 52^^^ charmed undead and got beat... 5 times!! with adept 3 tank pet and the 3 buffs you can put on it (atleast I do not draw agro on solo mobs).

    With mobs, I can expect the one that I do not send my pet in on to attack, the rest of the mob, if they have line of site on me will attack me. But if I do not let my pet do a little bit of damage, torrential dot will pull agro on the mob.

    One thing I have noticed time to time is if I pull with clinging darkness/dooming darkness, which ever you have, when the mob hits you, the tank pet will *sometimes* get agro like it used to on all the mobs. Then the battle goes smoothly.

    It just sucks that when you finally peel off the from you.... and you use life tap to get back above 50% health... you have agro again. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. I asked the conjour(s) in my guild about their pets and they say they are working fine. Was this a deliberate nerf to necros?
  17. ARCHIVED-Errie_Tholluxe Guest

    Add me to the list of the PO'd. Pet has no AoE taunt that i can tell at all, even if you send it in on a 3 mob VV encounter and cycle, half the time first cast you have company. This is a pretty challenging class to master as it was, this is just a pita.

    FD seems to be screwed up atm, with mobs still beating you after your down, pets dont hit hard enough to keep agro via dps ( did you notice how many rogue pet skills are positional? no wonder they dont hold up on single ^ mobs) and mobs often ignore them even when you send them in first.

    Please fix this would ya devs?
  18. ARCHIVED-Sarkoris Guest

    Joining the ranks fo the confused and annoyed. If its intentional tesll us so we can start on work arounds or new characters if that is how we feel. If its not, just say we broke something and we are having a hard time fixing it. The stoney silence will only be met with more annoyance.

    And by all means fellow necros, /bug, /feedback etc but don't stoop to the 12 year old menbtality of comparing our woes to other classes. It only succeeds in getting them offside and not supporting us as we would like. No classed like to be singled out for a nerf. Don't wish it on others as well.

  19. ARCHIVED-winora Guest

    well 6 days now and still no fix no answer just a broken pet
  20. ARCHIVED-Yirabeth Guest

    Update on this -- a friend of mine who has a necro alt was playing yesterday, and he being more adventurous (and smarter) than me decided to test it out switching buffs around, use this buff on pet but not that one, etc and he found out some VERY interesting facts...

    When he would use his Rending Frenzy (second level is rending fury) his pet wouldn't hold aggro NO MATTER WHAT. The mobs would ignore the pet and rush him on pull. When he left it off, he was able to solo with his tank pet.

    So I tested it out last night, and also found this to be true. If I had Rending Fury on my pet, the mobs would rush me on pull, and were literally impossible to get off. Switching targets for the pet only caused the one the pet was currently on to attack me. With Rending Fury not applied to the pet, I would send the pet in for the pull, and they *would* rush at me for a portion..but then swing back to the pet.

    Conclusion --- something's really wrong with the Rending line that causes it to attribute aggro to the pet owner not the pet. Now...the mobs STILL would rush for me at first, so something else IS wrong...but the pet was able to pull them back to itself for the target. This is a good workaround, for now, until they get it fixed. Yes it's a little harder as the Rending Fury line does damage which helps on the kill, and also helps with the aggro.(if it were working properly) Leaving it off is most definitely not the optimal solution. But, it's a workaround until SOE can figure out what they've done to mess us up.

    As a side note I'm still not entirely happy --- losing the damage done by the pet through rending frenzy makes a simple fight tougher, and I don't actually see that the HP is 'all better' but this is perhaps due to lost damage. I'm not happy with "okay just leave rending frenzy off" and now it's all better. I want to be able to solo as I was able to previous to this fiasco. So I'm not gonna sit back content, I intend on bugging this every time I play my necro (which is alot, she's on her way to becoming my main not an alt) Also is the fact that the mobs *will* still rush me on pull, and THEN go back to pet, which is wrong as I've done no damage/healing at that point --- I send the pet in, wait to see the pet name in the implied target box, then back pet off so they reach me. ( I like a nice safe place to pull from, I don't hang out where I can get adds, so Daisy needs to bring our kills to ME lol) At that point they shouldn't even be LOOKING at me as I've done nothing to offend them --- so there IS something at play here besides the Rending line bug.

    Also is the greater need to do dps/heal for the pet losing some of its own dps -- this DID cause me aggro problems. I was walking a fine line between major downtime between pulls due to both me and the pet being low on health, and major aggro on me for overcasting. This is on blue mobs, so that's most definitely not optimal. I can't stress that enough --- they say downtime/time sinks aren't the way to make a game fun and I want to point out that even with this workaround it's still very not fun as I stand and wait for my/pet hp to go up.

    But the bottom line is, I was able to finish a quest last night in PoF, by myself, on groups of 3-4 mobs (granted they were all blue) and that made me feel like I could play again. So I'm willing to be less aggravated although just as squeaky *g*


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