necro nerf with LU 20 or is it just me?

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Benboe, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-schrammy Guest

    the taunt is replaced by a root :( i dont think its a bug anymore.
    In your example, i think this happened: Pet rooted the encounter and taunted the target. After target down, you have not yet ordered the pet to attack the other, root expired, mobs came to you as the pet did not attack them.
    Whats really bad : The pet will not even attempt to attack mobs in said example, because they are not on its hate list untill they attack you (protect master) or him (protect self).
    Once again i would like to thank all the others who know more about our class for this nerf. Thanks guys!!

    hint: this still doesn't stop a necro from soloing heroics, so keep the whines coming. Eventually the correct spell will get nerfed and stop us from soloing heroics and bring us down to pre LU13. you can be happy again then/
  2. ARCHIVED-sunmagic Guest

    If this is the case, I want BETTER armor and weapons! Give me something that can withstand the beating
    I'm going to take because of it. :)
  3. ARCHIVED-Druzgotek Guest

    Well, if you are right, and I believe you might be right, then this is last few weeks I will play this game. I played hardcore, then picked a necro to relax, I am not gonna spend much more time in this game if I have to micromanage the pet on a stupid groups of 2 or 3 down arrows. It is a melee pet, it should have an ae taunt and be smart enough to use it. IT will not stop soloing heroics, that is done without a pet in my case. But I almost never do it, i prefer to kill groups of down arrow mobs, this nerf will just hurt casual players, which is what I am now.
    And no, you cannot have my stuff random_troll_99.
  4. ARCHIVED-jeanjuedi Guest

    This has nothing to do with being able to solo heroics. I cannot effectively even take on single v grouped mobs. And it is not just the encounter taunts either, the pet has problems taunting the mob I target. Even when I spam pet attack, it sometimes takes my tank pet 5-15 seconds to taunt and get aggro, meanwhile, the mob(s) are hitting me. This is not as bad when it is a single v down mob, but against anything that actually cons even or higher, it is very bad. I amost feel like an EQ1 tap/tank necro. And I have to constantly watch my aggro now, waiting 20 seconds or more to cast lifetap or I will peel aggro of the pet. Not really fun IMO. I am not saying that my char is unplayable, far from it. I can still do pretty much what I could before the patch, but it is taking way more effort and xp debt than before. With the pet HP "bug" and taunt not working properly, it is incredibly frustrating to go out and explore and xp.
    On a side note though, I can't wait to level up a bit more, there is a nice island in Bonemire that has tons of Undead mobs that we can charm. Although, I would recommend not trying to charm a lvl 70 ^ red mob at lvl 60. For some reason they like to resist the charm :smileytongue:
  5. ARCHIVED-OleMozzer Guest

    I'm afraid I'm with you, Druzgotek. If they're going to arbitrarily mess with things that badly then I'm out. Simply for the reason that they're taking the fun out of it for me.

    -45 Necro - Butcherblock
  6. ARCHIVED-detson2 Guest

    Well I'm assuming most of you are using a different pet than I am. I'm using the spider pet (Summon Servant Adept 1) and today all seems fixed. For me at least but other Necros in the Necro channel are disagreeing but as I said there using higher level pets. I hate to think you higher ups are getting the short end of things. Cuase that just shows me what I have to look forward to down the road. It does make me wonder though. Why is the testers on Test Server not noticing any of these really bad and uncalled for changes? Could it be there not getting these changes on test? If that is the case whats the point? In my opinion it's all about questions and answers. And my only answer I have is a Necro cannot be fun for me any longer. Guess I'll play around with some other class for a while. Shame though to have all the joy sucked out of a game with no explanation.
  7. ARCHIVED-Traigus Guest

    Diseased servant adept 1 is working fine for me today.

    I am having problems with hitting my "pet attack" button and my pet standing around like an idiot. Not getting a "you may not make your pet attack thet" error either. .just the normal "you order your pet to attack" message.. it just doesn't go anyplace.

    The most reliable way for me to pull is cast myself. .. Otherwise I have to wander around until my pet feels like going. Obvious LOS blockage = "you may not order your pet to attack."
  8. ARCHIVED-OleMozzer Guest

    It appears that the taunting has improved but group fights can be very dicey due to the unpredictability of when the pet will use AE taunt. I've had encounters today where the entire group stays on the pet from the beginning and others where all but one come to me. If I call the pet back or run to him, he'll usually get aggro from all of the mobs over time. You have to keep all of the mobs near to the pet- don't keep the group split with a lot of distance between you and the pet.
    This is dicey because if one or more of the mobs is a conjuror, for example, I will be in the red from tanking for part of the fight and then taking AE damage. I've had to flee from 2 encounters so far today. All in all, I'd say it's still too unpredictable to be a playing style for me. In other words, it's still broken. However, it is possible that I'll be able to come up with a technique that will make it doable.
    Btw, my pet is Master I Rotthing Thrall.
    Updated since trying more encounters: nahhhh. it's not playable for me. groups are not doable.
    Update after dinging 46: groups are doable as long as they're too low to be worthwhile. The nerf is significant as the class is far weaker and more vulnerable than before. This combined with the rediculously low amount of xp awarded for kills makes it pretty rough to level.
    Final Edit: Today I was able to take all groups I had done in the past. There are some occasions still where the pet taunt doesn't seem to work that well. Perhaps it's getting resisted. Some fights are downright scary but if you hold your ground, stay in the pack, and give your pet a chance to gain aggro, you'll be OK. Spamming your lifetap when available, of course. I still wish it was like before because it was solid and still challenging. Now there appears to be a random element that makes you feel rather feable. It's always been one of my gripes about MMORPGs: the higher you get, the more feable you feel relative to the mobs you must kill to progress.

    -- 46 Necro - Butcherblock
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  9. ARCHIVED-Deila Guest

    Test server didn't get the KoS update that brought this change until about a day and a half after the live servers. All KoS testing was happening on the beta servers. As I wasn't in beta, I couldn't tell you whether this was happening there or not prior to launch - though I'd certainly assume someone would have raised a few flags on something so drastic once the NDA was lifted. :)
    I know that yesterday morning on Test, my 41 Rotting Thrall was taunting like a champ. Yesterday afternoon after the patch, I was a mob magnet without doing a thing, matching the reports that were coming from the live servers. Prior to the Test patch, I was on live with my 60 Vyviel using Diseased Servant, and I was a mob magnet.
  10. ARCHIVED-StoneySilence Guest

    I been playing all day and noticed it is a TON better than it was before patch BUT it is still not as good as it was before this all happened. I still could and do get aggro away from my pet on groups but he can usually grab them back quite quickly. Most of the day my pet was still only App 1, I updated to Adept 3 and he improved even more on his aggro control. But still not as good as before. We are still playable now but still have to be cautious.
  11. ARCHIVED-Aireagines Guest

    I first noticed this 2-22-6. I have not played much lately but it could not have been much earlier than that. Class is still playable but alot tougher to solo now.
  12. ARCHIVED-lauralock Guest

    most of the fight is spent convincing the pet to taunt. maybe it needs to be fed...

    The pet needs it's aoe taunt back. Either that or plate armor and rename us Necroknights because we're the ones that are tanking.
    I think the devs know but they probably have 100 other problems to fix on their list.

    Anyway I'm going to keep playing as is but it's very depressing being owned by down arrow mobs.
  13. ARCHIVED-KBern Guest

    The devs know definately.
    The thing is that this bug wont help us in any way so it is on a back burner.
    You can be sure if if it was reversed and our pets were doing what they are doing on the PvP server, it would be fixed in 24 hours or sooner.
    SOE's benefit = long time fixing.
    Our benefit = fixed right away.
  14. ARCHIVED-Sneddle Guest

    I'm at work currently but came up with a thought... (as a mini-work around)

    What is stopping us from possessing the pet, taunting, then clicking off the possession - will we still get bugged? (hey, a possible actual USE for this spell lol! :) )
    Going to test this when I get home in a couple hours... someone else try it in the mean time?
  15. ARCHIVED-jeanjuedi Guest

    Recently Posted by Blackguard
    Thanks. I've sent an email off to make sure it gets looked into.

    Ryan "Blackguard" Shwayder
    Beware the $label.get($MinFac)

    Lets see where it goes from there.
  16. ARCHIVED-detson2 Guest

    I'm at work currently but came up with a thought... (as a mini-work around)

    What is stopping us from possessing the pet, taunting, then clicking off the possession - will we still get bugged? (hey, a possible actual USE for this spell lol! [IMG])
    Going to test this when I get home in a couple hours... someone else try it in the mean time?

    Hmm Nice work around if it works. However I pose this to you. I have no KOS exspansion. I have no DoF exspansion. I'm far too young to even think of those exspansion. And you solution would mean we all actually pay real money (20ish bucks per exspanion) for what we had 2 days ago. Dunno about you all I don't like being robbed and the have my possesions sold back to me. I know dramatic I am, but that the way this whole deal feels to me.
  17. ARCHIVED-Druzgotek Guest

    I do feel robbed. Clearly all soe devs are too busy playing on pvp servers to fix "such minor" pve problems.
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  18. ARCHIVED-Deila Guest

    Besides the obvious money issue, I feel like playing a Necromancer already keeps me busy when soloing with the tank pet - and in a fun way - with all the management I do. Watching their health vs. the mob's to make sure I win that race, aggro management, etc. I don't really want to have to add possessing my pet at the beginning of each fight just to add a manual taunt element to that process.
    One, with a three minute recast, it immediately limits the pace of gameplay if it's a required step. Two, won't help with adds that happen along, and no matter how careful you try to be, it can still happen. Three - dunno... it just doesn't feel right to have to do that. Maybe that's just me though.
    I like that we can jump into our pet if we want to, or see a strategic edge for it. KInd of a cool addition to the repertoire, in my opinion, without being too powerful in any way. I'd hate it if it was mandated on me though, and I'm sure others would hate to be required to buy KoS as well, just to play a Necromancer past 20.
    Bleh - might be one kind of workaround, though my testing shows that the aggro problems aren't so much that the pet isn't taunting - mine is. Something else is going on. Did a god-awful long post here about my findings and observations, if anyone's interested.
  19. ARCHIVED-StoneySilence Guest

    Yesterday after the "fix" my pet was fine, wasn't as good as before but still alot better than it was.

    Today he is back to the way it was before they "fixed" it.

    He won't taunt and I pull aggro really easily. Even without ever casting a AOE, I will gain aggro slowly through the fight. Mobs will just peel off my pet 1 by 1 onto me. Then I have to have my pet attack them to pull them back but he generally is unable to pull them off of me.
  20. ARCHIVED-Kraglor Guest

    Well, I'm only here to add my voice to the crowd.
    Same basic story as has been reported by many others.
    I'm a casual player - meaning, I don't dig into the statistics of what's going on with the combat, etc. Many of you have already done that, to an amazing degree.
    Here's what I see. Something massive changed, early this week. And to me, it APPEARS as if the tank pet just doesn't establish and hold agro on an encounter they way he used to - other than the specific target. So, my conclusion is that the AE taunt just went away.
    I remember when this was the case a long time ago - pets did not taunt the encounter. I mostly stayed away from group encounters in those days, because they were just too annoying. I never understood why a tank pet wouldn't taunt like a tank back then, and I don't get it now.
    So basically, this character for me has just become too much trouble to play. It simply isn't fun. Someone made a comment about not wanting to micromanage the pet's behavior, with multiple targeting, etc. I agree. I don't feel like doing that. It makes my fingers cramp up.
    Here's what I really don't understand about all of this: There was no announcement of a change to this class in the original update, earlier in the week. Once the posts got rolling, there was an acknowledgement and a promise of a fix. So, that suggests an unintentional change. But, the fix has just not happened. In my opinion, the pet's behavior should return to what it was. Was there something wrong with the way it was working?
    The explanation that some have made saying that this was a PVP mod kind of rings true. I really don't believe there was an intent to change things for PVE.
    So, if that's the case, just fix it, for crying out loud.
    I didn't buy KoS, so I have no idea what's people are talking about with this 'possess the pet' stuff. Is this a new feature?
    I doubt I will be buying any more products here given the current situation. I've spent ALOT of time playing this game, and playing this character, which I really have enjoyed VERY much. But, I'm really discouraged. If this doesn't get corrected, I will end up playing the character less and less...and probably eventually wind up spending my entertainment dollars someplace where I'm not being this frustrated and annoyed.
    Management: Fix it, or say you WILL be fixing it, or say you WON"T be fixing it because you MEANT to do this. Kindly just give us an update, so we can decide what to do.
    Thanks in advance for your time...
    Mauros D'Vir
    56th Necromancer
    Lucan D'Lere

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