necro nerf with LU 20 or is it just me?

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Benboe, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-Benboe Guest


    well, after all that hichhack to KoS I finally made it into the brand new places. Lookign around some, picking up the firsts quests. One of these tells me to kill 10 Scaleborn scouts. K, they con blue or green at 60. Solo = easy. Tank pet adept III, M1 Defensive stance. Groups of 2 mobs.

    Hmm, i sic my pet in to pull. for 1 or 2 secs it has aggro then all of a sudden one of the mobs turn to me. While I did nothing yet. So, switching targets while letting the mob pound on me (grr). takes a few secs then my pet has aggro of both mobs ...

    Never used to be this way and I did test it like 10-15 times. Everytime one of the mobs (the one my pet does not attack) jumps on my after the initial pull ...

  2. ARCHIVED-KBern Guest

    Agro is definately screwy...
    I was getting agro by just pulling with my pet and me doing nothing.
    That must be a new "feature" of the expansion.
  3. ARCHIVED-lauralock Guest

    I'm having the same problem. I think our pets have forgotten how to taunt :p
    Seriously they seem to be running on pure damage output and 0 taunting for keeping agro.
  4. ARCHIVED-ZexisStryfe Guest

    I actually noticed this starting after the broker patch this weekend. My lvl 20 necro wasn't holding aggro on mob groups with the M2 defense stance, while i just stood there.
  5. ARCHIVED-lauralock Guest

    I also have the master 2 defense buff. The pet is useless taunt wise. Might as well give us plate armor if we are to tank from now on :p
    I tried recasting and logging out. I thought it fixed it but it did nothing. Anyway, regardless of what I do the mobs stick to me like glue.
  6. ARCHIVED-winora Guest

    its not just you my pet doesnt seem to be using any of its abilities doesnt keep agro on encounters adept 3 pet and master 2 defensive buff hopefully its not an intentional thing and just a bug......
  7. ARCHIVED-mellobri Guest

    Nope, not just you. My pet can't pull agro off of a second mob in a group that I'm not even attacking, I have to target each mob and have him get aggro using DPS while I stand there and hope I don't get killed waiting for my 'tank' pet to take aggro. I have submitted a /bug, and really hope everybody else does, too. This CAN'T be a nerf, it HAS to be a mistake.
  8. ARCHIVED-schrammy Guest

    I dont think old meatie is not taunting, but he has definately forgotten his ae taunts (you can check easily now with posses minion; shows his spellbar)
    In Kos last night he tanked perfectly well for my duo team (warden) on single targets. When i would send him in on multi target encounters, all but one would come straight to me.
  9. ARCHIVED-Carryne Guest

    I had this same problem this morning on Nek beach with the pirates. I am a lvl 23 Necro.
  10. ARCHIVED-Dailao Guest

    Yep my pet tank doesn't taunt either, I have to tank instead even though I didn't cast anything yet :/

    I thought it was because I am on the border of getting a new tank pet which has always been a difficult level in the past,
    but I guess it goes deeper :(
  11. ARCHIVED-Bleedingheart Guest

    I'm still waiting for em to fix our pets from the LU#19 sock party :smileysad:
  12. ARCHIVED-StoneySilence Guest

    I noticed this with my new necro I rolled on Vox. Didn't remember this happening before with my other necro I had rolled last week on Bazaar (lvl 23 now).
  13. ARCHIVED-Errie_Tholluxe Guest

    I think something may be fubar between the new aa line for stamina increasing tank pet agro and agro generation as a whole?
  14. ARCHIVED-schrammy Guest

    there is a thread on the combat/spells forum on this too.
    If you do the "posess minion" thingie, you'll notice that ae taunt are not among the pets skills anymore. That is where you're problems are coming from. Was it intentional? i don't know, all i have to say about it is: Look at how (and how late) they reacted on the HP nerf.
  15. ARCHIVED-mellobri Guest

    I have to say that my pet is not taunting even single targets. Or if he is, it is completely ineffectual. I can let the mob get down to 80%, and if I tap just one time, all the sudden I have aggro. I had to try pretty hard to get aggro the night before the update.
  16. ARCHIVED-Yirabeth Guest

    Has anyone PM'ed the devs about this yet? With all going on right now this problem may be missed otherwise...

    I was unable to get in game last night due to a stupid mistake I made, so didn't see this happen firsthand. I plan on logging in today and testing it though --- the mobs I killed day before yesterday in SS (eye of anuk caves) should do nicely for a comparison, as I haven't dinged. If I experience difficulties with a group of 3 white solo mobs I'll be sure to /bug it and then come here to send a PM...

    This problem, if it exists (trying to keep an open mind, not doubting any previous poster lol) added to the lesser HP problem could spell disaster for summoners...getting hit even once, at higher levels can mean losing 1/3 your hp and that's a big deal when it's your hp you play with to do everything else.

  17. ARCHIVED-KBern Guest

    Yes I have this morning, but the mroe PM's the better with something as big as this.
    This is no where near a minor bug but bascially game breaking for us solo or small groups.
    I had single yellow arrow down mobs peeling off my pet and coming at me...pathetic.
  18. ARCHIVED-schrammy Guest

    I'm sorry but my pet tanked for a grp as i stated before. As long as its a single target it does seem to do his job. (once again use posses minion and you'll see its spells, he DOES have single taunts)
    The issue is with multi mobs.

    And no i have not PM'ed any dev (why should I?). I did however filed a decent, detailed bug report ingame.
  19. ARCHIVED-Yirabeth Guest

    Well in a perfect world you wouldn't need to..but you do need to realise they really ARE very busy right now and may not notice a thread that's only 1 page long (so far) about a taunt missing from our pet's abilities.

    As I don't want to wait for 5-6 pages (which would indicate them a hot topic and maybe prompt them to read through it) before a fix, and as I think this, coupled with the hp bug, is pretty game breaking for summoners, I'm gonna do my test, then /bug...then PM a dev :)

  20. ARCHIVED-schrammy Guest

    You got me wrong. I DO want it fixed, but those guys get like a thousand pm's a day from rangers about procs ;).
    I'm pretty sure 90% of the pm's get deleted, the reason i dont send it is because IMO it will not help. I will however /bug it multiple times ingame, and tell others to do so as well becuase its really important for us summoners.

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