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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-cspinner, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-mcavellero Guest

    [p]Does it make sense to use a /petbackoff /petattack combo macro? I know conjies use and it helps their dps a lot. With the type of spells the warlock pet has, would it improve dps as well?[/p]
  2. ARCHIVED-Supple Guest

    I created a new set of macro's for my necro that turned out to be incredibly handy. As a raid necro with the master heart, I get called upon to take care of the tanks and healers before and during combat. Like many, I had the following macro...
    /usea Ruinous Heart
    /s Heart to %t (this would mean I'm targetting the recipient)
    However, it's annoying the way I always have to lose my target. During raid, since only the tanks and healers get to ask me for hearts, I have a whole hotbar set up with person specific macros. It looks like this...
    Tank | Tank | Tank | Ruinous Heart Master | Healer | Healer | Healer | Healer | Healer | Healer | Healer | Healer
    The actual macro reads this...
    /useabilityonplayer [healer or tank's name] Ruinous Heart
    /s Heart to [healer or tank's name]
    Now I dont have to target these people to pass out hearts. It's so much easier, and so much faster. I still have the old macro if any emergency situations arise. The hotbar itself is a hidden hotbar so it doesnt get in my face unless I need it. I have the actual heart master on the hotbar not only to easily separate the tanks from the healers, but also to see if the heart is up. I keep everyone in alphabetical order to make things even easier. Now you may think this is a lot of trouble. But trust me, the moment you get this wonder bar rolling, you'll be amazed you never did it before.
  3. ARCHIVED-Supple Guest

    You can drag those buttons off the petbar onto your hotbar. If you mean to have both those commands on the same macro button, I'm not sure I follow you.
  4. ARCHIVED-stgninja Guest

    With /pet ranged using the old /petbackoff /petattack combo doesn't make any sense imo. Just stay at max range and you should be set.
  5. ARCHIVED-Jolemai Guest

    Having never used macros before, I find this a very useful post so thanks! (Always wondered...) and I do like that idea that Supple has shared :)
  6. ARCHIVED-gradymann Guest

    [p]Use your Dread spell if target breaks and fall back to your macro spamming... or if Dread fails use your FD (make a judgement call if you should send in your pet or not b4 the FD ;)...[/p][p]To speed things up use a well timed Lifeburn... and if you feel comfortable, do some pet jousting to make it more interesting ;P[/p][p]If things go well you can get those tougher mobs which can't be handled bij your pet, even if you try healing it like a templar...[/p][p]I use this strategy for soloing the Nest.... regards,[/p][p]Cartaphilus Lowland Elites on Runnyeye[/p][p][/quote][/p][p] [/p][p]Dude this works like a charm!!! Took down mobs that had been killing me. [/p]
  7. ARCHIVED-Estean1 Guest

    [p]Very surprised no one has linked to this yet in this thread. They are totally revamping Macro's in LU 33. It looks like it will get alot easier for those of us not as computer technical like I am. Pictures are good! Hehe[/p][p][/p][p] [/p][p]Estean [/p]
  8. ARCHIVED-zathia Guest

    error check

    Before notifying every one about a Sacrificial Heart, is there a way for the macro to check if a heart is in place then stop running before a message is sent to group or raid?

    Macro's posted for Sacrificial Heart:

    /g INC! >>Sacrificial Heart<< to %T
    /usea Sacrificial Heart


    /g Incoming Sacrificial Heart to %T

    /r Incoming Sacrificial Heart to %T

    /usea Sacrificial Heart

    (Not sure a whole raid needs to know one guy got a Sacrificial Heart)

    have fun
  9. ARCHIVED-Dharkone Guest

    If you can convince your party/raid members to give you a /tell when they need a heart you can use this macro...
    - drag the heart spell in the macro
    - in the 'target' field you type %rt
    You get a /tell > you press the button > done! So you don't waste valuable time by looking up the name in the raid window and/or changing targets. You don't need a complete toolbar to fit all you personalized send heart macro's, etc.
    I use this macro + the standard send heart macro, because there will always be people asking for hearts in other channels...
  10. ARCHIVED-GoblinTown Guest

    I have been trying to find out how to make a macro without any success.
    What I'd like to do is turn on the Protect me and Protect yourself pet options on in one key. I've asked around and nobody seems to know how to do this.
    Anyone know?
  11. ARCHIVED-Davngr1 Guest

    GoblinTown wrote:
    there are icons on the *pet control* window that you can drag to your hotbars, or you can download a custom UI most have what your looking for. heres a list of pet commands some are out dated, but some still work.
    /pet attack: pet will attack your current target
    /pet backoff: pet will cease attacking its target
    /pet stayhere: pet will stop following you and remain where it is
    /pet followme: pet will follow you
    /pet report: pet will announce his health in a percentage
    /pet guardme: pet will guard and follow you
    /pet guardhere: pet will guard its current location
    /pet who: pet will announce its master
    /pet getlost: pet will disappear
  12. ARCHIVED-Solarax Guest

    i use profit UI which actually has some specialized hotkeys built in and configurable . thats a UI to try ( used o be big on fetish nightfall for years)
    oh and my most used one other than heart is my life burn heal me macro

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