Necro Feign Death

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Syn, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Syn Guest

    What lvl do Necros get Feign Death, can't find it in the spell list. If its a quest which NPC do I need to see for it. I play a Dark Elf Necro.
    Thanks for any help
  2. ARCHIVED-Killerbee3000 Guest

    necro's get feign death at lvl 40, deathly parlor (or something like that)
  3. ARCHIVED-littleman17 Guest

    Just a side note, I feel that our FD should also FD our pet... or at least we should get another version that does that... tired of killing one mob (only happens on heroics) only to get jumped by another. I have to either kill off my pet and risk dieing due to my severe squishieness before I use my fd, or sit there and watch my faithful pet die.
  4. ARCHIVED-Davngr1 Guest

    littleman17 wrote:
    if i have no intention of killing the mob my pet is fighting while im fd then i just cancel my pet (right click, cancel buff) to save time and to save myself of any aoe dmg. as far as both pet and necro fd i would never want this to happen. adding FD pet ability, meh that would be ok i guess but, i dout soe is going to do anything like that since they are in the process of consolidating abilitys for the sake of not having abilitys that you never use or always use at the same time(such as group buffs).
  5. ARCHIVED-Norrsken Guest

    Davngr1 wrote:
    I agree, I dont want my fd to drop my pet as well, since that would make lifeburn + fd impossible to do while solo.
  6. ARCHIVED-Zald Guest

    littleman17 wrote:
    Or just click the pet off.... You can't order your pet to go away using the pet interface. But you CAN simply click the pet spell under your maintained spells list and turn it off...
    Also, don't FD is dumb places... like right at a mobs feet... of you will need to wait the 5 minutes till it recasts... We have a GREAT FD spell if used with a little common (and uncommon) sense.
  7. ARCHIVED-Eviljoe2 Guest

    I can think of many situations where I use FD and count on my tank pet to keep fighting.
    In Poets Palace, I used to get aggro from the Cyclops after statue placement...they could tear me apart, but tank pet mows through them. If I get aggro, I jus FD and pet finishes up...would not work if he dropped too.

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