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Discussion in 'Mages' started by kavar0351, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. kavar0351 New Member

    I'm fairly new to the game and I am wondering what a necros DPS is like late game?. Currently at around lvl 30 my DPS seems like a joke compared to my BL of a similar lvl. Does it get better and when?
  2. crazyeyes321 Active Member

    At level 30, you are missing pretty much all your key abilities to make the class competitive. Necromancer requires a good bit of AA, the myth buff, etc to reach potential, and at level 30 there is no way to compete with a T1 dps class as strong as the beastlord. The gap will close as you get better gear, more abilities, and more AA.
  3. Wigg Member

    Beastlords are majorly OP compared to other classes at low levels... Max level they are just slightly OP.
  4. Loldawg Member

    Necros are pretty much top tier DPS now, beaten consistently by Beastlords but otherwise capable of topping the parse many fights. Increases to health, health procs, their new prestige all mean lifeburn and soulburn hit for huge numbers.
  5. Gosh Member

    You cant do anything about that: At level 30 a necro can't reach a BL's dps.

    I always hear HP when it comes to necro DPS. But HP affects one and only one spell (Lifeburn), which you will probably not use much in a solo setting around level 30. And later on raids, when you can get HP buffs for ~50k, any personal HP improvement (may it be 5-10k HP), does not improve that one spell by much.

    For spells get your top dps spells in master quality: Mage Pet, Soulrot, Bloodcoil, Lifetap, If you fight more mobs at the same time get Pandemic and Bloodcloud. If you do long fights Vampire Bats is good DPS as well (on longer fights with grouped mobs i try to maintain the long running dots Vampire Bats and Bloodcoil on each mob).

    For AAs improve the mentioned spells, get Tainted Heals early and improve your (mage!) pet. The pet can do 30% of your dps and more without clicking anything. Learn how to keep your pet alive and use Soulburn whenever possible.
    Equipment / Adornments:
    With the short cycle of a necro's top dps spells, you get a good dps improvment when you go for recast / reuse. So you can use your top hitters more often.
    Spell Weapon DPS/Multiattack/Haste doesn't do much good (check your parse). Reforge it to something useful:
    When (ability + spell) recast and reuse time are both at 100% (you wont get close to that before level 90), on items which you cant reforge for ability mod, some recovery is the next choice to improve your dps.
    When available on gear, a crit chance of 100% is very nice to have as well (but on highest levels your crit chance depends very much on the mob's critical avoidance so you may need up to 430% cc in order to crit for 100% - check your parses for your crit hit percentage).
    Obvious other choices when looking at equipment and adornments are potency(!) and ability mod, because they improve your (and your pet's) top hitting spells directly. <<Spell Doublecast>> affects all of a Dot's hits, not just the 1st one. Did i forget something? Ah, yes, Int. ;-)

    These days a good part of raid dps are procs. Necro's dots (especially the super fast dot Soulrot) are great to benefit from procs. In a raid setting with a good Troubadour (and Upbeat Tempo) necros can do T1 dps. Especially on long time single target pure ranged fights necros are hardly beatable by any other class.
  6. Davngr Well-Known Member

    necro dps is very dependent on other classes to give you the buffs you need along with a stacked group. not everyone is going to get that type of support. with out that type of pampering your necro will fall just below sorc and preds and well bellow beastlord if things don't' finally get balanced.

    necros are fun but you're not going to top parses consistently. you're going to have niche fights that seem almost designed for summoners.
  7. Morphius New Member

    Necros are very dependent on other class buffs to deliver sufficient dps.....NOT. Give me a group or raid where the other classes are also Not buffed and it will be my pleasure to beat them most of the time. Every class, given its proper play should be able to perform better, given buffs, thus all classes are buff dependent if they are to compete against those who are buffed. If a melee class, unbuffed is able to beat a Necro who is buffed (because a Necro is buff dependent) then that Necro needs to research his/her class a bit more.

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