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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Eviljoe2, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Eviljoe2 Guest

    Ok, I currently have Innurruk...(sp?)
    And I would like to switch to Bertoxx......I am hesitant because I have given so many items for favor to my current god and spent a lot on a crafted it better for me to keep my current deity until I spend all favor points? And, can I sell my current crafted altar??
    Also, how long/hard is the questling for Bertoxx??

  2. ARCHIVED-TheJesterLich Guest

    I've been told whatever favor you have transfers over, but I've never confirmed this so. You do build up a fair amount of favor just doing the deity quests so I wouldn't worry too much about it.
    Bertox quests don't take long but the last two will require a group more than likely (or is it just the last one?) Got two heroic kills, on near Rillis, one at Bathezid's watch, then a few waves of heroics under Dar's skeleton in field of bone.
  3. ARCHIVED-Solarax Guest

    if you are 78+ you can solo the whole thing.

    im actually thinking of switching back to inny because i just got the inny fabled alter and have never used any miracles and want to start
  4. ARCHIVED-Eviljoe2 Guest

    Just did the Bertoxx quests this weekend.
    And yeah, I was able to solo the whole thing.
    Last quest was a bit tougher, but a fun challenge.
    I am level 80 and would not try soloing it too much less than that.
    Thx to those who replied.
  5. ARCHIVED-Virulence Guest

    Eviljoe2 wrote:
    Never been that into using lots of miracles/blessings. Currently have Sol Ro actually more for the cloak but now not even using that.
    What are the advantages of using crafted/dropped altars? Are the miracles/blessing cheaper to buy?

    I have cazac thule and have found it fantastic for admittedly uncommon situations.
    1) i use the charm miracle/spell which is like the charm undead one we get anyway but will charm live mobs (doenst charm everyone and doenst work in archadescism) but for example i solo'd the magolemus at level 70 by charming one of the fire giants to help my pet.
    2) the other one i use - cant remember name as at work just now) basically roots then slows mob to 10% speed for 60 secs - which can be great for named that are just that bit too tough normally.
    just pointing it out for those who haven't tried cazac thule. i dont use fear cape anymore as there are better capes these days.
  7. ARCHIVED-Miztery Guest

    Eviljoe2 wrote:
    Just imho, Bertoxx is such an obvious choice for Necro's, that whatever situation you have brought your self in, it is still worth it to change over :p
  8. ARCHIVED-Eviljoe2 Guest

    Virulence wrote:
    Crafted Altars reduce the cost of blessings/miracles. I bought one with my other Deity and it seemed to reduce it by quite a bit from the very first altar you get from the quests.
    I use my miracles all the time. If I am about to fight a tough named, or the group I am in gets into trouble....depends on the situation, but I definately use them regularly......why not use that extra edge if you have it?
  9. ARCHIVED-Sosumya Guest

    I've done:

    Brell, Thule, Inno, Sol Ro, and Bert

    mostly for the cloaks and am currently with Bret and it rocks.. I doubt I'll leave them anytime soon.
  10. ARCHIVED-Snewby3 Guest

    What i Like about Innorruuk is that the Minions of Evil benefit from group and pet buffs, tainted heals, bloodpact and consumption. I also like that Tendrils of Hate is like having another undead tide in that it does massive aoe damage over time and as far as i can tell, transfers almost no hate back onto the caster. Bertox MAY seem like the obvious choice for some, because of its disease base, but unless its got god minons like innorruuk, i think i'll pass. On that note, if anyone can tell me what other dieties have similar god minons, i'd love to hear about them.
  11. ARCHIVED-Crib92 Guest

    The blessings and miracles are insane for Bertox. Seems like a logic fit to me...
  12. ARCHIVED-Grunjalug Guest

    do you buy the crafted alter from an NPC... or is made by players?? and if both whats the difference...

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