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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Rinuven, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. Rinuven New Member

    What cast order should I be using as an end game necro to get the best dps I can ?
  2. Treiko Active Member

  3. Ucala Well-Known Member

    what's a cast order
  4. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Currently trying a necro (soloing all heroic content from 1 to at least 80) and there is so few
    dps abilties that it get weird. My paladin as way more skills.

    Many skills are mostly for solo (or sometimes in group but rarely) : ressurection, heal, pet heal, cures, root fear mez (that heal pet) and so on.

    Beside 3-4 abilities with long recast she has like 3-4 dps spells
  5. Jeorge Member


    Also pet spells
  6. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Currently mage pet almost outdps me. I wonder if it is intended. Since all necros name their pet with their name (for act parses) I don't know at all ;-)
  7. Treiko Active Member

    most of what is said here is only correct while lvling. the story is pretty different at 95 in heroic content. I am constantly helping with rezzes in groups, tossing heals when i see people getting low, using my pet heal if i cant activate tainted heals. necros are highly self-sufficient, but they do have tools useful to others for the benefit of success in a heroic.
  8. Neohex Lorekeeper New Member

    As Treiko said, while leveling most of this is true.

    At 95, you have options that most other classes do not get. You can dps, throw heals, rez, spec into self rez, and a clean rez. These are just a few options that can and do greatly affect your group dynamic. I have run different prestige setups depending on the difficulty of content my guild was currently trying. For instance, when we first entered vd, my prestige included the clean rez and the stacking hp the cost of dps, but getting someone up and back in the fight was more important as we tested our boundary. As we geared up and didn't need that skill set, I used that spec less and less.

    I still throw heals as i see the need but the cohesion in my guild groups allows for me to play as I see fit. I was also able to help lesser geared healers "solo heal" in groups by throwing those pivotal heals to keep someone up. I enjoy the aspect of the class that our many skill sets are not out shown by our dps. The single reason you should be there is for dps. We as a a class just happen to bring a few extras along with that dps.

    It is about your group dynamic you are part of and what you intend to do. At 95, don't worry...there are plenty of shiny buttons to press for dps. Our dps currently is just fine and i don't feel like I'm sitting around waiting on anything by any means. In entry level 95 gear, your pet will do about 1/4th of your dps, As you get closer to raid gear , that will continue to shrink to about 1/8 of your dps in my experience. Even further as their dps scales slightly but no wear near the effect yours will as you go from cryptic, arcane, potent, energized and myth.

    I feel like eq2 devs at some point just started throwing spells out like water to someone drowning. I personally do not like having 30-50 spells, but to each their own. Siphon of souls....i'm looking at you.
  9. The_Cheeseman Well-Known Member

    As long as you keep Soulrot, Soulburn, and Lifetap on cool down 100% of the time, you can't screw up too badly. But you'll get used to DPSing once you start grouping and dissecting ACT logs.
  10. Le Clown Active Member

    1. lifeburn
  11. Treejay Active Member

    cast priority > cast order homeslices
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  12. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Nice to see that necro various abilities are usefull at max level. She had two heal usuable on friend (one uses pet health, the other her own health), a ressurection an instant cure (with short recast, can be used while running since casting time is zero),

    I m wondering about Siphoning soul, it seems a very intersting spell.
    As example one gem that you can get give +16% HP to someone (the tank) and this seems awsome.
    She can gget like 4 different gems : dps buf, damage aoe, single target damage + self heal, HP buf.

    I wonder if this scale, clearly the +16% does.

    BTW does FD clear agro ? I m not sure i got inconsistant result while soloing, may be agro is not cleared
    and you get it back as soon as you stand ?
  13. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Sadly a good proportion of necros are not able to do anything else, a large minority are unable to use the many tricks they do have. Some are indeed terrible and use lifeburn at the worst possible moment ...
  14. The_Cheeseman Well-Known Member

    Both the necro heals, Transfer Life and Transference, are usable on self and are great for healing through Lifeburn. Unstoppable Soul grants a great HP buff, so cast it on yourself just before Lifeburn or on your pet before Soulburn for bigger hits. Choosing the first-tier pet defensive stance as a grandmaster choice and using it rather than the offensive stance is also a great way to push Soulburn numbers while giving your fragile Mage pet some much-needed staying power.
  15. Regolas Well-Known Member

    My necro guildy is a monster. 1.5-3m dps all the time. No idea how he does it.
  16. Mae- Well-Known Member

    He pushes the right buttons. I am generally in the 1.5-2mil dps ZW (getting closer to 2 mil each raid) with spikes up to 3mil on certain trash fights.

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