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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Upao, May 18, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Upao Guest

    I know there is a Sticky about AA builds, but it is out of date. What is the best Group/Raid AA Build for a Necro now.
  2. ARCHIVED-MackGee Guest

    Of course I have to start with the disclaimer there isn't a true "best" build, but most raiding/grouping necros have something close to this base build at 225AA.
    From here, selections are pretty much a matter of preference, but some descent AA's to follow would be (in no particular order):

    Animist's Aptitude

    Spirit of the Underworld
    Consuming Vitality

    Arcane Barrier
    Summoner's Soothing
    Minion's Pact
    Noxious Clensing
  3. ARCHIVED-Garlin1 Guest

    Sticky is not out of date, I posted a group/raid AA build not to long ago.

    The above post will get ya close to a great raiding spec. Just some thoughts myself that may or may not help based on play style. I do understand this is only 225 aas not 250.
    As above poster mentioned Animist's apitude is a great AA to get for raid encounters esp.
    Spirit of hte Underworld really adds quite a lot maxed. Consuming vitality is a must.

    Arcane Barrier is a waste IMO resists are a huge thing in the end, but I wouldn't worry. Sped 30-40 plat to buy resist jewelry if you need.
    Minion's Pact is great, Noxius Cleaning isn't worth it. Have nox pots, pots are pretty much required by most raiding guilds. Instead spend these points in stuff such as Pets of the Gods and Enhance:Master strike.
  4. ARCHIVED-Upao Guest

    Thanks for the information. Under the Necromancer line is there one of the three pets I should spend more points in than the others? And is there one that I should not spend any points in?
  5. ARCHIVED-MackGee Guest

    Upao wrote:
    Mage pet all the way for grouping/raiding... and it's sad, but yes, we have to waste 10 points in Gravecalling to get the Undead Horde AA's. Maybe one day if the devs ever decide to give our dumbfires some love they wont be wasted points.
  6. ARCHIVED-MackGee Guest

    Garlin1 wrote:
    Agreed. I stopped the spec at 225 cuz that's where I stand with my necro atm. So I didn't want to give opinions where I haven't ventured yet. Since you have, perhaps you can help me as which route I should take from here? Taking your advice and spending my last 25 points in:

    Animist's Apitude (8)
    Consuming Vitality (5)
    Spirit of the Underworld (5)
    Minion's Pact (5)
    Pets of the Gods or Enhance: Master Strike (2)

    What order should I pick them up in? Currently my play style is about 70% grouping and 30% raiding...
  7. ARCHIVED-Garlin1 Guest

    Hey MackGee sure I can give my thoughts. BTW the best part of a necro Raid build is it works for grouping and most soloing too. Depending on your solo your mage pet will be a bit better then tank (in some cases)
    Consuming vit - First IMO. Great for groups/raids as well as help when you lifeburn.
    Enhance:Master strike next - This xpac I find myself using master strike A LOT in groups and raids, and it will be the highest damage spell you have.
    Spirit of the Underworld - Great boost. Expert atm it gives - sta & int - 159 and str & agi - 189
    Animist's Apitude - I only went 4 on this to put points elsewhere. Its hard to gauge JUST how effective this is. Sounds good though lol.
    Minion's Pact - Same as above, hard to tell how effective.
    Pets of the God - Find a god that gives the most INT (Sol Ro I think?) and this will give you tons more.

    Hope this helps. Currently (raid geared) in raids with a troubie I am parsing 30k quite often, and on a good run 40k. With or without lifeburn.

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