Necro, 6k potency, 6mil dps, needz helps

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  1. xephier Active Member

    The most frustrating part of the game for me has been the undercutting game and with the premium purchasers getting that pay to win the market box, I get a sense that will get much worse. Can't undercut someone with one of those boxes without taking the price down by at least 10%, otherwise you're banking on someone going out of their way to visit your house to save what is pennys in this economy. Also the removal of loyalty rewards past year 12 right before putting what would usually be a loyalty reward up for sale at a high price is pretty much spitting in the face of their loyal customer base which I will no longer be a part of.
    You seem like good people, too bad we weren't on the same server.
  2. Ynnek Well-Known Member

    [Thinking Out Loud]

    Let's say I get the box, and you don't. We both have a rare pants to sell. You price yours at 100k. The broker cost to others is 110k.

    I have the new 0% broker box, so what should I price at?

    If I price at 110K, I have matched your (effective) price. But, your house visit price is 100K, while mine is 110K. For the non-lazy, you get the sale win. For the lazy, they pay the same price, but I get an extra 10K if they buy from me.

    If I price at 100K, (matching your base price) then I have way undercut your effective price. Our Non-Lazy Customer price is the same. But your effective borker price is 10K higher than mine. I clearly win both ways - except it resets the market price down 10%.

    Not sure what the right answer is here. For context, we're primarially talking about a steady stream of Masters, and a torrent of Nizari Shinies. I pull 160 shinies a day, and they all need to be cycled through the broker, And they have to be priced to move, move, move. So I think having them priced such as they undercut your (base) price (100K in this example), is the only sane approach.

    (Seriously, I gotta make these shines move like the wind)
  3. xephier Active Member

    Not really sure if you're arguing my point on the box or just focusing your shiny prices. I was mostly just stating why I won't be attending the next xpac. I don't hate the expac but the subtle kick in the face to loyal members has me going "nuh uh, I don't think so!". I was actually insanely stoked when I read about the wardrobe thing cuz then I can finally clear up a lot of bank space but I won't continue to pay a company that see's nothing more in me than dollar signs and isn't afraid to be blunt about it. I'll take my money elsewhere. But ya, this is getting off topic, I already have a full 9 page thread devoted to this the above topic.
  4. Ynnek Well-Known Member

    Bah, not only was I just rambling out loud, I wasn't even doing it in the right thread. The conversation shifted to broker prices for a instant, and I thought I was in the "Premium purchasers will own the market..." thread where such thoughts would have been at least semi-relevant to the ongoing conversation.

    My bad...
  5. xephier Active Member

    LOL! Ya, that's my other thread XD
  6. Ext1nct0n New Member

    So I rolled a necro to play to prepare for the upcoming xpan. I played conj back in the day. Scars xpan maybe? Idk. Then played dirge in AoM. I am back now and on a new server of maj dul and playing a necro now. This thread I see lots of great info on stat priority and stuff. Like I didn't know the ranged auto attack thing. So this has been nice.

    But from experience on conj I know rotation can make all the difference when it comes to your damage and AA set up. I didn't see in here where someone gave a straight answer on those 2. Is it possible to get insight on them please. Like what spells do I keep up and use when avail. I assume soul rot I use basically every other attack. So any kind of spell rotation would be awesome..also does anyone have good builds I can look at for AA set ups. Solo, group, and raid. If this was covered just say it and I'll take closer look at this thread.

    One other question. Are expert spells cheap now or still expensive? I am all adept so I need to try and get plat to upgrade my stuff on this new character. I know it was brought up to be at expert or above atleast.

    Thank you so much! In game name Extincton on Maj'dul if anyone ever wants to chat or group up!
  7. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Well there is no easy answer :) I started on RTT necro just to get 3 copper coin for my green adorns - from early AA perspective get tainted heals ASAP (in necromancer tree) and enhance summoning AA, bump soul rot (obviously). Again I haven't got that far but I got impression that majority of DPS comes from swarm pets (hence bump them as soon as you get them). Key priority is getting master pets (scout so to speak) and upgrading it to GM level. I do see a lot variation on summoners tree - can't advice here I am going down with Str line 2-10-10-1, enhancing pet HP needed as well.
    I am going to get a lot rotten tomato's in my side but I got an impression (regard rotation) that all you do is circle through swarm pets, soulburn and use soul rot as a filler as much as you can
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  8. xephier Active Member

    I ganked most of my current AA spec from a raid necro and it seems to work alright so you could get away with using that unless you find anything better. Ya, there is a lot of good info on this thread, I managed to get to doing around 30-50 mil dps on average without concentrating too much on ranged autoattacking or putting much work into my cast order. As for experts it depends on which expert. I find they start around 20-30p and work their way up as high as 2-300p, if there's none of a particular expert on the market then people like to be jerks and crank up the price of them. To be fair, in today's economy you kinda have to take extra money where you can get it since most the good gear comes from top end shiny collections that cost hundreds of thousands of plat to get the ones you need. Also I find it's best to look for the cheapest masters before looking up the experts as some of the masters don't cost that much more and it'll save you all that time doing research since you will most likely want to GM your pets first and that's 2-7 months in itself depending on what you're upgrading from.
  9. Melt Actually plays the game

    If anything summed up capitalism... It would be this
  10. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    Reminds me of a bad religion song. (forgive the bad formatting got them from a lyrics site where they guy typing them is apparently overexcited judging by his use of multiple ! )
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    We have arrived neighbours, we are the privileged elite
  11. Dagada Member

    Actually that sums up socialism.
  12. Ashenheart Member

    Communism, actually. Not socialism. (yeah I get technical sometimes. I'm a necro).