Necro, 6k potency, 6mil dps, needz helps

Discussion in 'Mages' started by xephier, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    If that happens just buy the low priced ones and resell them :p

    Do not post all of them at once, post 1 or 2 at a time so they dont see you have 20 or whatever. Also those key prices were the solo ones. Reason prices are high on ab is its the only original server left and there is a lot of exploited plat in the game.
  2. Lojaak Well-Known Member

    The 1c undercutters annoy me more. I refuse to buy from anyone undercutting by 1c now.
  3. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Heh sometime I'd rather buy from undercutters and elevate price to more profitable level. Shinies "use to be" good business... Specially on-land TOT from heroic areas (and you DO need those to get teleport spell to Maldura which is convenience most people like to have). So I had my little farm at aberrant island and jump after that to KP contested (shiny quick run as well - for some reason they sells not bad also ;))
  4. xephier Active Member

    I just bought the tinkerer maldura wormhole item, it's really cheap and most people seem to have it.
  5. xephier Active Member

    You must not be a casual player then because for a casual player the 1-5kp undercutters are much worse because it makes the non-casual purchases unattainable.
  6. Lojaak Well-Known Member

    Excellent. False judgement. I happen to be lucky enough to find good shinies to sell, they sell well enough for me to make plenty plat. You don't have to be "hardcore" to have luck.
  7. xephier Active Member

    yea.. what shinys are those, seems the 'good' shinys I do get keep getting cheapened to nothing by the undercutters.
  8. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    I use a defiler to farm shinys - you can just ward yourself and run around and pick them up with no need to kill anything, and the wards stop you getting interrupted by mods :p
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  9. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    Try the zek heroic zone shinys while the common ones dont sell for much, the rarer ones sell for a bit. Though every server is different of course
  10. xephier Active Member

    Unfortunately my defiler is on the same acnt >,< . I do have a mystic on the other acnt but mystic is kinda gi-mp compared to defiler in my limited experience.
  11. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    Not at all I've played both (100 mystic and business defiler) mystics get more wards/ hp heals that regen defilers get a better toolset to main tank heal for raids though mystics can also do it just have to work at bit harder. But for shiny farming all you need is zek sig quest gear from the solo zone, tot adv solo gear and no heroic mobs can touch you. I know because I did it on the mystic when she had just hit 100 (given I have 14 level 100s I had saved a ton of tot adv solo gear for her
  12. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Define plenty? I'd consider good number 10k plat per day and above
  13. xephier Active Member

    Though to be fair you were using a boxing program. As you know it's not as easy to heal and dps at the same time while alt/tabbing.
  14. xephier Active Member

    Exactly, took me weeks to get a couple decent sales and put me up to 80k, now I'm back down to 25 again and no foreseeable big sales in the near future. I work a full time graveyard shift and it's hard to sleep so my time online recently has only been about an hour a day and during that time I'm generally running nizari solo for the shinies I need from there and doing the eth daily. On weekends I get a bit more time but the fun is getting drained out of this for me since almost all there is to do is farm.
  15. Lojaak Well-Known Member

    I make enough to keep myself happy, and I have niches I find and fill and I watch markets.

    Niz is no good unless you get the rares. It's overfarmed already with everyone running it so regular shines are worth pennies.
  16. xephier Active Member

    This I know.. Sadly the rare ones are rare... I haven't seen a rare in days and I still need 5 more for the earring.
  17. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    Ok so to farm shinys with a shaman, you dont kill anything at all you ignore mobs and just run around getting shinys. No need to dps or kill anything. The mobs will never get through your wards and the wards will stop them interrupting you from picking them up. Though I would say as it might help your situation :p
  18. xephier Active Member

    Think I might need to buff my mystic more for that, last I checked his wards are as good as a paper bag.
  19. xephier Active Member

    (00:38) Xacx-Kahda: 237827952 Tarvin-Soulburn-158,578,511
    Tarvi | 98174133
    Palan | 36893761
    Brain | 34882392
    Gykir | 30211424
    Mahaw | 22177815
    Jazze | 10103070
    Pinki | 5381804
    Kanti | 3553

    Love parses like this, may not be 200 million but still satisfying. Side note, prob leaving game when next xpac hits. I don't care for the sales gimmick this time around. Sides, better things to do with my free time. Might reverse my decision if DB decides to actually listen to their player base, lol..
  20. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    Sad to see you go, a player leaving game is never a good thing :(