Necro, 6k potency, 6mil dps, needz helps

Discussion in 'Mages' started by xephier, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Ratitz Active Member

    You should use scout most of the time. You will get more out of it. And you shouldnt use any different buffs for scout pet than you do mage pet. I honestly dont even cast fire seed on the pet anymore.
  2. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    I've tried both... and parsed both pets st, scout does 50mill mage does 30, but given I run heroics mostly where there are a lot of linked mobs that's why I use the mage. Been playing the game with a few breaks since launch so its not my first rodeo so to speak. I can kill most named except in mc or sk in heroics trio with my boxed troub and boyfriends defiler in 10 to 20 seconds (mc and sk named named take longer but those I would swap for) anyway so really who cares if I can kill it a few seconds faster? I will swap pets if it's warranted but like I said.... I'm lazy like that lol
  3. xephier Active Member

    Ya, MC boss I should swap to scout pet, that thing is a pain so the faster it dies the better. But I won't bother for another week or 2 when I have my scout GM'ed.
    Not sure how u guys put the big picture at the bottom in your sig, I was looking for text, that's why I didn't see it.
  4. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    That's easy part :) in Eq2 Wire at the bottom of page there is radio button "Get my EQ2Wire signature" it will pop up window with BBcode and HTML code - get BB one :) and put into signture
  5. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    I made this picture to help you if you are still having issues.
    Steps :
    go to your eq2u character page.
    Click the box next to the arrow labelled 1
    Copy all the text next to the arrow labelled 2 to your signature here (same place you put that text you have)
  6. xephier Active Member

    Lol.. Thank you Damnata but I actually had the sig in before I even read your post via Doomdrake's instructions. I'm no computer genius but I am computer literate. Also sorry for being a snoop but I noticed you're on ISboxer page. I used to use a similar program to box back when I was a bit more serious about it. Like I had it set up so when I hit 1 for my one character, it would do that for both characters so I'd be simultaneously casting on both characters. It might have even been the same program, don't remember. I imagine it's a bit more advanced at this point though.
  7. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    Yes it's what I used to box. It provides no automation or macros of that sort, nor cheating tools (this was said for others who may read, not you some people equate boxing to botting and get their knickers in a knot about it). I use it similar to the way you used to box, except I press every keystroke sent to the other clients, so if I'm doing casting a spell on conj, I'm using a keybind to send a keystroke to my troubadour (though it can do exactly what you did too) eg I press 1 to cast crystal blast on conjuror then press shift from to send alt 2 to troubs client to cast requiem. The key broadcasting is the main reason I use it, but it has a few nifty tools to help box too. One is the feature that lets you set up a window on the screen, over the top of the game that will show what id see if i was playing on that client this can be done for as many as you are running be it on the same pc or a totally different one. These mini windows can also be set so you can use your mouse/keyboard in them, which is handy to click buffs or click you items. It can also launch all the clients needed to play a given team, and should one crash it can also launch a new client for that character. That should give you an idea of what it can do it basically lets me not alt tab constantly lol. If you want real macros you would need a keyboard with that capability or a different program. I find it fun to play two or more characters at once if a little confusing at first :p

    This is a picture of what I see usually that I made yesterday for someone else[IMG]

    Repeating again I press every keystroke for every character. No automation features or macros are used or present.
  8. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    Sigh auto correct butchered my post there lol.
  9. xephier Active Member

    It's eq2ception, lol.

    Ya, idk if it's called botting but I just found it easier overall when I could cast grave sacrament on my sk and my main HoT on my warden by just pressing 1, and so-on. each key essentially casting 2 spells. But these days I don't bother, if I wanna run a group zone, I'll get a group for the group zone, any solo zone I can smash on the necro. Also I envy your plat. Most I've had is around 2-300k but that all went on shinies pretty quick.
  10. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    Yes, reason I dont have it setup the way you did is because troub debuffs and buffs are toggled for the most part so if I was to have it set to cast them when i pressed 3 for eg it would just turn them back off. Its also nice for timing skills. One combo I like to use is start casting communion (conj spell that pops out all 3 pets for 8 seconds, its our version of necros undead horde) then while thats casting ill hit the troubs 15 fervour buff, I then use elemental blast, which is a conj spell that hits for 1billion dmg on average (most total dmg ive had this hit for is 2billion total, with a mythical crit). Blazing avatar for reset chance eb again if its reset, unda arcanus, etox and so on. It basically lets me maximise dmg while that buff or others are up. I do have 2 spam macros using eq2s built in ones which I've got tied to 1 2 and 3.

    Also its not botting as thats automated and unattended gameplay (the computer controls the characters), boxing you have to be at the pc/controls which is the major difference.

    I usually just group with my boyfriend, we were able to duo all zones without the troub, we added the troubadour on follow at first just for the passive buffs, then I decided to box to use her active temp buffs, and do some light dps. She usually does around 30 - 40mill dps, while buffing us which isnt too bad really being boxed and all.
  11. xephier Active Member

    Your boyfriend is a she?
  12. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    My boxed troub is a she given the context i thought that would be fairly obvious :p also, while defilers have a few buffs they won't be doing much damage. Troubs otoh have a ton of buffs and do ok damage. His defiler does do decent damage for a priest,not fury level, but heals far better. I do the damage he heals me and my troub.
  13. xephier Active Member

    Well, in this day and age nothing is obvious where gender is concerned. Not when the government will pay for a dude to get boobs but won't pay for an adhd diagnosis.
  14. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    Not my government :p, I'm Australian. And really? Hadn't heard of that but doesn't surprise me everyone knows bewbs are worth paying for be it a boob job, a hooker, or transgender surgery lol and yes I have a warped sense of humour :p
  15. xephier Active Member

    I'm Canadian, sadly.. There's places I'd rather be from. Half our country is an iceberg so that don't even count imo. The US has way more. Our health care is much over-hyped, it doesn't even cover much of anything outside emergency care, we don't even have enough Dr's to get a family Dr for myself so ya... Because we're a first world country we don't rely on eachother at all so it's every man for himself, a very selfish society full of people that care more about their own vanity and convenience than eachother. Of course it's all driven by a system that's nothing more than a glorified pyramid scam with a minimum wage that goes up in 1/4 increment ratios to the cost of rent.
  16. xephier Active Member

    Ok, so I've gotten so I can put out 30-50 mil on average and as high as 70 mil on some parses, how do I go from that to 200 mil? Or is that just from raidgear?
  17. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    I have 0 raid gear, just fabled from heroic dungeons. Knowing how stats affect combat, 42 fervour (results in 42% more damage roughly 30fv comes from heartbound buff w two subbed accounts with 5 - 20 fervour from troubadour), fully adorned and infused gear, buffs and more buffs and most importantly knowing how to play your class (comes with time and practice). All of the small increases (from adorns, infusing, proper aa spec, buffs) add up. For eg with infusing you can get up to 20 pot and cb on every item along with 1.8kmod when fully infused add up - if done on all 20 items that adds up to 400 potency and cb along with 36000 mod. Now add in wantia adornments, runes and green adornments if you have them which for me add 53kmod, 304cb and 334pot and you can already see how much difference over regular base stats items come with they can add.

    eq2u should say what each adorn gives if you mouseover the adorns on each item or you an click the dragons armoury link under all my stats etc which is a better site to see that thing - you can click a stat on the right stat list and see on the characters items the amount each add along with a total, which saves mousing over every adornment individually. It also has a nifty feature where you can click spells and see what a regular non crit and crit hit should do, along with abmod caps for each (not 100% accurate but gives an idea)

    Apologies for the delayed reply, wasnt on forums last cpl of days.
  18. xephier Active Member

    Just wish I could afford all those eth adorns you got.. I can afford 5-6 of them maybe but then there goes my plat savings for the last week or 3. Undercutters are ruining my life on the market, they undercut anything that's even semi-easy to obtain but they don't dare venture into the heroic/epic content or do anything hard in the game. Now I got nothin on the market for more than 298p and those adorns are 14kp each.
  19. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    14k? Dirt cheap on AB they go from 30k (potency) to 60k (crit bonus, abmod), but otoh it's less populated than the rest so you don't get undercut as much, and you can also sell for more as there are notwo as many people posting stuff. Have you tried key quests? Those can be a good way to make plat tot keys go for 1kish and zek keys 2kish, on AB anyway :p

    I know how annoying it is being undercut though lol, buying cheap krono to resell when price go's back up, I'd often get undercut but 1plat, so I decided to do the same, but 1cp less lol. I was undercutting by 5 to 10k but yes all the 1 plat undercuts of me made me think can't beat them, join them :D
  20. xephier Active Member

    The 1p undercutters aren't what annoy me. Those people are a nuisance but nothing compared to the people that undercut by thousands of plat. I've had shinies that were selling for 50kp get undercut all the way down to 300p, shinies that were selling for 800p get undercut all the way down to 20-100p. IDK why people even undercut down below 50p anymore, anything less than 10p is garbage because you've got to sell at least 100 of them to be worth a crap.. The economy is as bad as it's ever been at this point, this point, a plat or maybe even 10p is equal to about what one copper was a couple xpacs ago. Any shinys that sell for less than 10p I just give to alts or destroy. And ya, I know about the keys, I think it's closer to 300p for the solo ones these days, maybe less since last I checked. Prob have to farm like 30-50 of them to get one eth adorn. They've made it kinda ridiculous for the casual players to try and progress..