Necro, 6k potency, 6mil dps, needz helps

Discussion in 'Mages' started by xephier, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. xephier Active Member

    I am completely dumbstruck..... odd that you pointed it out but I never finished epic repercussions.. I was thinking like "duh... who hasn't done that, I'm sure I have... hmm... where's the spell in my book... /looks in journal... Crap!"

    I got act ages ago. I was hoping that I could get at least a rough outline for cast order. For instance, what spells are not worth casting at all, obviously the consistency spell/CA isn't worth using but beyond that, as well as what spells are needed in most fights, soul rot and soul burn are obvious choices, though I do try to save them for bosses if I'm near one.
  2. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    Thats easy to do. As for a necro cast order I can't help you there sorry myou necro is only level 95. I am giving general summoner advice (though a lot of it is true for any class) as this conj in my signature is my main char, and the last time I mailed a necro was over 6 years ago now so a lot has changed since then. Most spells are worth using though for ones that the are not put a epic training dummy down make it immortal by right clicking it and spend an hour trying themy all, then check the damage breakdown in act. This will give you a reasonable idea then run some easy heroics (preferably solo -my conj can run many heroics solo and she only has 2 heals, so necros whow can't swing a dead cat without healing theselves shouldn't have too many issues :p) as you gain experience you will learn which spells you should keep on cooldown or prioritise over casting others. One thing I noticed looking over your gear earlier though is you have the tot ae weapon proc onot main hand. I would definitely suggest replacing it with a devastation strike weapon from zek as that will help your dps a fair bit especially on multi target fights.
  3. xephier Active Member

    Apologies if I asked this before(don't remember) but what is the go-to pet these days. I know it used to be the scout pet but I've been using my mage pet recently cuz scout is still master, mage is GM. I'm guessing it must be scout pet since people have suggested adding to dps and that must be due to my stats affecting my pet's dmg, otherwise adding to dps would be stupid.
  4. Mermut Well-Known Member

    People aren't talking about the dps stat, they're talking about your over all damage, when they say 'your dps'.
  5. xephier Active Member

    So people have been telling me in a thread in which I'm asking how to boost my dps that I need more dps? That's vague....
  6. Coty Member

    Ok dps in eq2 game on your character sheet its the stat that adds more dmg on your auto attacks.
    When you asked here how to boost your dps ppl took it as your damage per second overall not your actual auto attack dmg.
  7. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    Scout pet for single target, Mage for encounters. I usually just run with mage all the time though the difference is 10 - 20mill dps on st fights (would be less for you, the mage would be closer to the scouts damage than mine is as I have grandmaster pets) but its annoying swapping the pets constanty for heroic content when the named die in 10 to 20seconds anyway (Barring scripts). Fyi I trio heroics with my boxed troubadour and my bfs defiler (he posted in this thread). One more thing - you can always look at my char on eq2u if you want to get an idea of what stats you need to aim for. I do have 100 ae auto,125% faster, and enough multi attack to get 2 attacks instead of 1 with each auto, to make proccing procs (fyi, procs cannot proc other procs) happen more often but apart form that any other melee stats I have are because i could only reforge one stat and got better returns reforging a different stat on items. You can also see the items you should aim to use.

    Edit oh do me a favour and put your eq2u signature (down the bottom of your profile page on there is a box with get my eq2u signature) in the forum signatureso i don have to dig through the thread to bring up your character :p
  8. xephier Active Member

    Thank you. Also I'm not sure why add to melee stats if I'm not running scout pet, like, what good will multiattack do for me or my mage pet?

    Also Idk how to look up your character on eq2u, your forum name didn't work.

    Also as an update:

    (03:13) All: 258465639 Doomdrake-Sonic Screech-587,350,622
    Doomd | 106946145
    Tarvi | 44154694
    Chees | 36643007
    Coffe | 32717823
    Hugaf | 21227084
    Katea | 16776885
    Tarvi | 0
    Tarvi | 0
    (04:44) All: 177160302 Doomdrake-Draconic Breath-816,928,670
    Doomd | 77986850
    Tarvi | 32678298
    Coffe | 21507093
    Hugaf | 18145375
    Chees | 15737002
    Katea | 11105684
    Tarvi | 0
    A couple of recent ZW parses from the daily yesterday. We pretty much murdered the zones with the tanks pulling about a quarter of the zone in each pull.

    Tarvi[n] id my necro btw and yes, his pet has the same name so as not to split up on the parses.
  9. Sogapa Active Member

    Because it's free dps. The melee stats apply to your wand when you are using ranged autoattack. It's not a ton of damage and it's not something you should prioritize, but it is free damage that you get as long as your autoattack is turned on. Wand autoattack isn't even interrupted while casting spells like it is for melee, so you don't have to think about it.
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  10. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    Auto attacks can also proc procs, which is the main reason I have enough multi to get 2 attacks everytime , 100 ae auto and 200 haste.. Multiaattack only the the initial hit will proc stuff but ma is a cheap stat in the item budget so it's pretty easy to get to that stage even just reforging stuff like 20 haste or dps on jewellery or wherever. 200 haste gets you 125 % 5faster attacks so no need to go higher as any over gets turnew into flurry, the reason I have more is you can only Reforge 1 stat and I was able to get better returns reforging another over the soft cap stat.

    And good to see you are doing much better dps! Btw you shouldn't bother withe flurry tooh much unless it come on an item withe good stats. You SHOULD get 100% double cast asap. There is a robe with 20 double cast from fabled chamber of of immortality which you shouldn't have too many issues soloing. Given 90 to 95% of your damage comes from spells with the rest being from procs and autos, you can consider it nearly 100% more damage.
  11. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Sorry :) I slacked couple time :) btw Doomdrake its me :) normally should be clocking at 140M+
  12. xephier Active Member


    Side note, just flattened Nizara boss solo without another person or merc, I think I'm improving. I think I might have even jumped her mechanic cuz I didn't see the little spotlight thing die before she did..
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  13. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    hehe try doing DoA and see if you can kill the slime boss before the script kicks in and stops them dieing :p Only problem is it stops you finishing the instance lol

    Good to hear youre doing more damage though - should you wish you can always send me a tell with "/t antonia_bayle.elanymire" no quotation marks :) I am however Australian so may not always be on when you are. Another option is sending me a pm on these forums which I usually check at least once a day. Main reason to use the tell is so i can reply and answer question without you having to wait for me to check forums.
  14. Ratitz Active Member

    Here's a good way to judge whether you need mage or scout pet.

    Scout pet damage = 1, no matter what.
    Mage pet damage = 1/2 for every mob in the encounter

    On 2 targets, the mage pet does equal damage to the scout pet.
    On 4 targets, mage pet does 2x the damage of the scout pet.
    On 8 targets, the mage pet does 4x the damage of the scout pet.

    This is tested and proven for conjuror.
  15. xephier Active Member

    Sounds like mage pet is ideal overall unless you're running an instance full of solo mobs that are being pulled one at a time for some reason, like, a raid maybe.
  16. xephier Active Member

    Haven't flattened him to a point that I break the zone yet but I have knocked down about half his life to a point that I only gotta stick one slime to him then finish him off.
  17. Ratitz Active Member

    Yes, but keep in mind that the mage pet only effects LINKED encounter fights. It uses greens, not blues. If you are pulling 15 sets of single encounter mobs, scout pet is best.
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  18. Azian Well-Known Member

    Am I right in saying this is true just for linked mobs though? Fighting 5 separate mobs at once you are still better off using a scout pet? Fighting one encounter with 5 linked mobs you are better with the mage? That has been my understanding at least. What I had in my head was basically that the mage casts greens...not blues. If that's wrong I'd love to know it.

    Edit: Lol, I see your reply now that landed at nearly an identical time to this post.
  19. Ratitz Active Member

    Yes. It seems i answered your question as you were asking it XD
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  20. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    I use the mage most of the time because I'm lazy and can't be stuffed summoning the scout and buffing it. And my character is in my forum signature down the bottom of each post it make but my character name is elanymire (not the same name as my forum account (would kind of be hard given I have 15 characters over two accounts)) :p