Necro, 6k potency, 6mil dps, needz helps

Discussion in 'Mages' started by xephier, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. xephier Active Member

    Man... This is getting rediculous. I wish they'd stop giving us more stats to focus on. I wonder what new stats they'll invent in the next expac.. I know crit chance isn't a recently invented stat but needing more than 100 of it is just stupid. I mean they brought in crit mit but then got rid of it but then they give us another reason to focus a stupid amount of crit. I had to reforge nearly every piece of gear I'm wearing just to get 100k ab mod, so reforging for more crit is pretty much out of the question. I also need to focus on CB so idk where I'm going to squeeze out additional crit.
  2. Estal Well-Known Member

    Hence the importance of the 310% cc on the mount:)
    There is also a mount with 400% cc that drops in several of the ToT heroics.

    As for CB, don't worry too much about it, you'll get that for "free" with regular gear upgrades as you progress through ToT, on armor for example it is pretty much linear upgrades from solo gear to basic heroic to better heroic.
  3. xephier Active Member

    How much CC is ideal? Sounds like apart from getting an extra 90 from the mount upgrade, there isn't a lot more coming my way besides maybe from those 'linear' upgrades.
  4. Estal Well-Known Member

    In the 1500% - 2000% range, you could force it beyond 2k in theory, but the effort wouldn't really be worth the benefit.
  5. ZUES Well-Known Member

    I think they employ a stat guy. In order for him to keep his job, well, you get the rest. He makes stats about stats and according to the stats it looks good on paper.
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  6. Lojaak Well-Known Member

    All I'm getting from this thread is that people are making legitimate suggestions, and you're going 'eh, naaaah'. Don't ask for advice and then constantly shoot it down. You won't improve at all like that. And frankly, for a necro with your stats, yes, something is massively wrong with you parsing like that.

    What may seem like minor tweaks can really make a difference if you hit a soft or hard cap breakpoint. You've dismissed adornments, but they can help you reach those breakpoints and lessen what you're reforging, or make it much, much more effective.

    Are all your spells at least experts? If they're not, you're missing out on a big damage boost there.

    You don't need that much attack speed, it's just converting to flurry and as a caster that would be better reforged elsewhere, like into cast speed for maxing your doublecast.

    I would also stop worrying about potency so much and focus on meeting soft/hard cap on other stats (as appropriate) and *then* start looking at potency.
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  7. Justbecause Active Member

    If you have to reforge into cast speed you are doing it wrong. I would highly recommend you go back to your dragon tree and go all the way down the ancient fury line (far right line). Also being that your crit chance is low it will impact you a good bit. Run adv solos for queen coins to get you All In One double cast cloak and Deception Belt (5 or 7 resolve). Those alone will fix your crit chance issue. Also it might be minor but it shows you still have a class focus to choose. And last thing I noticed is you could stand to benefit from replacing any cloth armor with weapon damage bonus on it. You will get more caster stats with max health or CS/Reuse.
  8. xephier Active Member

    I haven't shot down anything. It's basic logic, 300 intel in adorns isn't going to do crap on top of 12k intel. I've made simple obvious observations is all. Someone also stated that my pet alone should be doing more than 6 mil dps so obviously changing my cast order will not put me in the norm for necro dps since my cast order does not affect my pet's dps. I needed an explanation for needing more than 1000% CC(understandably), I understand it now but I'm not happy with it. That is on SOE/DB though, not anyone in this thread. I have already boosted my dps using the help from the people on this thread(as mentioned earlier in this thread).

    Also, people have gone on about how much cast order makes a difference but what is the ideal/typical cast order for necro?

    I'll work on that, I just bought the wand from the queen coins though so it'll take me some time to build enough to get more stuff.
  9. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    My pet alone will do 30 to 50mill dps. Combined with myself I am able to do 200 to 250mill dps. Now I box (not bot! I play both at the same time) a troubadour which most definitely helps my damage (200ish mill without her, 250 to 270 with) but there is really easy way to up your damage assuming your pc can handle it - make a 2nd account and a character of it (no need to level the character) and heartbind to them. Combined with the best the poster above mentioned you should have between 20ish to 27 fervour (more if the account/s are subbed. That is another multiplier to your damage and a factor in the damage I can do. My troubadour can also buff this 4 to 19%. The way damage is calculated is skill damage * (potency/100) + abmod (up to 50% of skill damage after potency) * (crit bonus÷100) * fervour. Your primary stat is what determines skill damage in that formula. So you can see for yourself just how powerful crit bonus and fervour are. I would suggest taking a look at this thread if you are curious . As for cast order, get ACT if you haven't and parse yourself to work out the best order. Generally speaking there isn't an order as such, more a priority system. There are some skills you want to keep on cooldown and the rest are filler.
  10. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    Above I meant make a char on it (the 2nd account) and belt the poster above mentioned. Posting from my tablet so auto suggest/correct ftl.
  11. xephier Active Member

    Looked into deception belt, description reads 'increases chance for beneficial spells to give leg, fab,myth crit. I'm not a healer... that won't likely help my dmg..
  12. Mermut Well-Known Member

    The fervor, however, DOES add to your damage.
  13. xephier Active Member

    But is there a similar dps belt with fervor?
  14. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Fervor is part of the deception proc/ability
  15. Beee Well-Known Member

    almost every better belt (like ) has this

    Applies Deception when Equipped.
    Increases Fervor of caster by 8.0
    Increases chance for beneficial spells to recieve a Legendary, Fabled, or Mythical Crit by 375. <= only usefull for healers
  16. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    If you had bothered to read either my post or the description on the item itself you would know why eactly why the belt is good. But you clearly dont want to improve if you cant read a short paragraph. I was being nice but well, Enjoy being outparsed by healers lol
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  17. xephier Active Member

    I did read it and I was not arguing that fervor was good, merely seeing if there was an alternative belt that boosted the crit chances for dps and not beneficial only. I guess it appears that the belts only give the extra boost to healers, idk if this is a balance thing or just more stupid itemization.

    Also I would like to know, are temporary pets worth using in a fight? By temporary I mean awaken grave and blighted horde. I try to use undead horde when I get a chance (mostly cuz I like the effect of seeing like 20 summons beating on stuff) but idk if that is even super effective.
  18. xephier Active Member

    So, with all the talk about how important CB is, should I purple adorn up with the CB adorns? I mean I know it seems like an obvious choice but there's so many stats to focus that it may not be the case,
  19. Fletch Active Member

    When the Deception effect was first introduced fervor did not apply to heals/wards so the increased crit to beneficial spells was a way to give a bonus to heals/wards. Now it is just a little more of a bonus, although not that useful to non shaman. Many classes have beneficial spells so I wouldn't go as far as to say it is "stupid itemization" just because it doesn't increase your dps.
  20. DamnataAnimus Active Member

    okay I apologise I misunderstood what you meant. Yes you should adorn for crit bonus if you are not at the 3k cap in groups due to the multiplicitive effect I explained above. Swarm pets are worth casting if they can run the full duration. Swarms just like regular pets share stats with you (though not at a 100% rate like your main pet) anoth thing you should do if you haven't is yet finish epic repercussions - It will give you a new spell that increases your main pets damage as well as making your dots tick for more damage with each tick, though the increase stops after the 5th tick. This makes splurt and ancient fury very powerful. Not only do you get more ticks but the increased dmg though it stops increasing after the 5th all ticks after 5 will hit for the increased damage.

    You should also as I said earlier get act so you can parse your own dps to see what the most effective spells are in a given situation as this will vary depending things like fight length buffs you may get from other classes etc.

    Here are a few links regarding what I just posted

    Class epic quest -
    New spell you will get when finishing it -
    ACT -

    IF you have more questions feel free to ask and I will do my best to help.