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    Harvesting Nails
    The typical gear I wear when harvesting starts with my regular adventuring gear. I then swap to the following:
    • Chest: Visionary Gi of the Ashen Artisan
    • Cloak: Cloak of the Harvester
    • Charm: Uri's Blessed Fishing Pole (no adorn slots)
    • Ear: Visionary Earring of the Solstice
    • Neck: Visionary Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl
    • Belt: Crafter's Toolbelt
    The first five Nail adorns for harvesters have no difference except for name: they're all +10 to Harvesting Skills, so why even have four types? Just have ONE and call it "Celestial Harvesting Nail"
    • Celestial Fisher's Nail
    • Celestial Forester's Nail
    • Celestial Gatherer's Nail
    • Celestial Miner's Nail
    • Celestial Trapper's Nail
    Next point on these five Nails. They can be used in Head, Chest, Shoulders, Forearms, Hands, Legs, and Feet slots. Compare this to the list of harvesting gear above... There's really only one slot these can realistically be used in (chest), unless you want to give up an adventuring adorn, or have special harvesting armor.

    There's a sixth sort-of harvesting nail, Celestial Transmuter's Nail, which gives +10 to Transmuting, which is equippable in Head, Chest, Shoulders, Forearms, Hands, Legs, Feet. Available Transmuting gear includes:
    • Cloak: Cloak of the Harvester
    • Ear: Visionary Earring of the Solstice
    • Belt: Crafter's Toolbelt
    Then there's another harvesting Nail, the Celestial Nail of Harvests, which gives +5 Bountiful Harvest. It's equippable to chest, legs, or feet, which again, means realistically only chest.

    Crafting Nails
    There's also redundancy in nails that boost Crafting Skills. The following all do the exact same thing, +10 Crafting Skills, so why not just have ONE, and call it "Celestial Nail of Crafting"? (There's Far Seas crafting armor for all the armor slots, so these don't have a slot problem).
    • Celestial Nail of Artificing
    • Celestial Nail of Artistry
    • Celestial Nail of Chemistry
    • Celestial Nail of Fletching
    • Celestial Nail of Metalshaping
    • Celestial Nail of Metalworking
    • Celestial Nail of Scribing
    • Celestial Nail of Tailoring
    The remaining crafting nails are:
    • Celestial Nail of Criticals (Head, Chest, Shoulders, Forearms, Hands) -- +5 critical crafting success chance No limitation, so you could equip five of these.
    • Celestial Nail of Durability (Head) -- +5% crafting durability gain
    • Celestial Nail of Progress (Forearms) -- +5% crafting progress
    • Celestial Nail of Experimental Progress (Forearms) -- +5% experimental progress
    • Celestial Nail of Experience (Chest) -- +10 Tradeskill XP, no longer has a level requirement, which is excellent.
    I expect that most serious crafters are using a set of Far Seas crafting gear, plus probably:
    • Eye of the Fearcreep (Head)
    • Othmir Shell Armor (Chest)
    • The Hand of the Maker (Hands)
    Therefore, given the current setup, you'd probably do:
    • Head: Celestial Nail of Durability
    • Forearms: Forced to choose between Celestial Nail of Progress and Celestial Nail of Experimental Progress
    • Chest: Either Celestial Nail of Experience or Celestial Nail of Criticals
    • Shoulders: Celestial Nail of Criticals
    • Hands: Celestial Nail of Criticals
    PROPOSAL #1: Replace Celestial Fisher's/Forester's/Gatherer's/Miner's/Trapper's Nails with ONE Nail, "Celestial Nail of Harvests", with a +10 to Harvesting Skills, equippable in Chest, Cloak, Ear, Neck, and Belt.

    PROPOSAL #2: Make Celestial Nail of Harvests, with +5 Bountiful Harvest, equippable in Chest, Cloak, Ear, Neck, and Belt.

    PROPOSAL #3: Make Celestial Transmuter's Nail, with +10 to Transmuting, equippable in Cloak, Ear, and Belt.

    PROPOSAL #4: Replace Celestial Nail of Artificing/Artistry/Chemistry/Fletching/Metalshaping/Metalworking/Scribing/Tailoring with ONE Nail, "Celestial Nail of Crafting", with +10 Crafting Skills.

    PROPOSAL #5: Make Celestial Nail of Progress, Celestial Nail of Experimental Progress, and Celestial Nail of Experience LORE-EQUIP, then allow them to be equipped in Head, Chest, Shoulders, Forearms, Hands. That way you limit the crafter to one of each of these adorns, but allow them flexibility in placement.
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    Nothing to add really.
    (apart from the "fix the stats as they're the same as previous nail book" but it's a bug with all of transmuting I think)
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    I'd also chime in that we could use some crafting adorns that go in primary and secondary slots. There's your classes' evac item from SF that can go in primary and secondary. There's also the Empowered Censer of Containment for secondary that is used for crit success chance and progress.

    Charm, too, if the CD TS sig line stays as-is.
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    Proposal 6: step off the high horse and deal with what is given instead of complaining about things to get your selfish ways tended to. This post is one of the most bloated and self centered posts on the forums. Just wow.
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    Since you clearly didn't get the memo, this is where we offer feedback to the devs about the new content. If you don't like MY feedback, offer your own, but you're not here to criticize my feedback.
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    Trolls will be trolls for the sake of being Trolls. There were some good points offered here. For the sake of redundancy, and simplification, I could agree.
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    It was good feedback. Some people you could give a million dollars to and they'd whine because you didn't pay taxes on it.

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