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  1. Oradim Active Member


    I'm reposting this from another thread where I did something of an experiment:

    I know this is likely very much "gee whiz" information and not something anyone would take action around. But I had the opportunity to run through the Renewal of Ro trade skill research missions covering a total of 7 days recently. Here are my results:

    4 individual characters
    6 mission windows per day (US/Eastern: 08:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 02:00 PM, 05:00 PM, 08:00 PM, 11:00 PM)
    3 missions per window (1 from each researcher)
    7 daily runs over the last couple of week

    So, that resulted in 504 runs through the researcher missions:

    4 characters x 6 mission windows per day x 3 missions per window x 7 days == 504 mission runs (or 126 runs per character)

    I got 1 advanced provisioner book (if I recall it was on the second day).

    Of course I got a few other items and maybe one or two nails along the way.

    While they were friendly, I'm taking a bit of a holiday from Bairam, Hamid, and Shahini.
  2. Marranda Active Member

    Maybe increase the potion of progress instead of more nails? Or the original harvest rare potions something more useful than the current nails, nails and more nails.
  3. Miragian Well-Known Member

    We're not going to get the recipe books any faster. Weather its nails, harvest materials, potions, or something else.
  4. Denmum Developer

    Correct, I cannot increase the rate at which the books enter the game, but I CAN reduce the number of nails that you get, and replace it with something else that doesn't disrupt the itemization balance. Instead, I hope it helps balance things more.

    Shrubs and dens are the two nodes that have two different harvests apiece on them, but their products are required as much as the other harvests. So, I'm going to put cactus fruit, takish figs, goat meat and dustmaw hides into the same loot pool as the nails, so you get a chance to get 35 of one of them instead of a nail.

    This is the result of a compromise. As with all compromises, I know a lot of people won't be fully happy with it, and will instead ask (or in some cases demand) for other things, etc., etc., but this is the only improvement currently planned and approved for the first hotfix in January.
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  5. Priority Well-Known Member

    Imagine a world where you hire a Tradeskill dev to improve the tradeskill experience and then kneecap them when they try. Thank you for what you do, Denmum
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  6. Yenk Active Member

    There is no need to reduce the number of nails.
    With the many nails we can create a full set to harvest, a full set to transmute and a full set to craft.
    That is fun.
  7. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    The hallmark of a good compromise is that everyone involved is not 100% satisfied, honestly.

    Thanks for letting folks know that y'all are listening. It's the biggest gift you could give.
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  8. Lateana Older than Dirt, Playing EQII since 2004

    Well I would have been happy if I could sell the nails for decent amount. More common harvests for my overflowing harvest depot is just as bad as the nails.
  9. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    I don't know why I thought we are getting rares thrown in into reward pool. These are all common harvests that we get now. I can't even... fathom why instead of maybe making more dens and shrubs appear you guys approved 35 common materials as suitable reward for harvesting 90 other resources and crafting 3 items.
    Brief pissed off rage occured, followed by utter and total numbness and disbelief.
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  10. Denmum Developer

    That makes it sound like it is all of the reward, which it is not. You get coin and tokens, plus a chance at a recipe book. In this case, you got 35 resources that you gain less of when harvesting/gardening/pony'ing due to the dual nature of those specific nodes. As we saw last expansion, once raids get going those resources will become more in demand due to the large resource needs for temporary adornments. Like the nails it is mainly filler so that you get "something" instead of nothing while waiting for the RNG to parcel out recipe books.
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  11. Hennyo Member

    While I understand the logic of this post, I do feel it fails to take into account the reality of temp adorns this xpac. There is exactly a single type of crafted temp adorn from this xpac that is better than what you could get last xpac, and that is only because it didn't even exist as a temp adorn before this xpac. In case your wondering, that is the "magnification" adorn, and it only goes in 3 slots. So there will never be demand for common mats like there was last xpac as there is this xpac. There will still be tons of demand for last xpac common mats. Now I know there are other things that burn tons of mats like the temp scrolls, etc so of course there will still be demand, it just wont be as extreme.

    Would also like to note, I do think the intensions with this change were good, and that I am positive you had absolutely zero to do with the choice to make temp adorns from this xpac straight up worse across the board from the ones in the previous xpac. That said, I do understand why people were hoping for a bit more.
  12. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    I don't know a single raider in the top 10 guilds that's making new temp adorns(Hizite at 89 Crit Bonus) over VoV (Bloodbound at 116 Crit Bonus) ones. It's been bugged and feedbacked multiple times going back to beta, and no change. Whether it's a crafting or itemization problem, it needs to be addressed as one would think with a new expansion and new recipes we would have "upgrades" to things like that
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  13. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    This does assume that there's not some more advanced tier of these to come, of course.
  14. Melkior Well-Known Member

    Still doesn't change the fact that the best RoR Insight has over 100 less Potency on it than the Bloodbound. What a waste of a recipe. I would expect that with the game update there will be a more desirable recipe, but why make the new ones SIGNIFICANTLY worse? I'd understand if the Plateaus one was slightly worse and the Hizite maybe just a slight increase, but to make it so far inferior defies logic.

    And I appreciate the effort to give us something other than nails. Those after the first 100, are totally worthless. At least mats have potential.
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  15. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    Considering I have "Badlands Insight" at 183 pot as opposed to Bloodbound at 276, I won't get my hopes up
  16. Melkior Well-Known Member

    Just to put the information all in one place and show what a glaring reduction in stats this year's temp adorns are:

    Void Etched Insight: 150.0 potency
    Forlorn Insight: 153.8 potency
    Dreadfell Insight: 230.7 potency
    Bloodbound Insight: 276.8 potency
    Plateaus Insight: 153.8 potency
    Hizite Insight: 170.8 potency

    So the primer recipes are exactly the same from last year to this year and the advanced Vetrovian tinker has 59.9 LESS potency than this year’s Advanced Tinker. So why exactly are they so rare? To keep people from gaining less powerful recipes than they already have?
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  17. girney Active Member

    did they really think we would not notice the decrease? the rarity of wanted recipes and the over abundance of nails is another example of how this expac is a failure.
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  18. Denmum Developer

    Is there a bug post on the temp adorn issue? If so, please bump it AND upvote the original post. If not, please do so, so it is easier to lob to the Itemization devs to look into it. (Buried in a thread about something else like this makes it harder to track for us.) Whenever there's not a level increase with an expansion, stats can go a bit wonky, and they've been churning through the bug forum for issues that have cropped up.
  19. Taled Well-Known Member

    It's been brought up in both the VoV and RoR betas as well as asked about in the two years since VoV beta when the issue was initially realized, with no response from itemization positively or negatively regarding it. I don't recall 100% for sure whether there was a post in the live bug forums about it, though.
  20. Denmum Developer

    Since it has been impressed upon me, repeatedly, I will pass it on here - when it comes to stats and such, we need those posts in the bug forums so that the right eyeballs are on it. They get much more traction than me saying "There's a post in the tradeskill forum about ____"
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