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  1. MarzEQ New Member

    The argument that there would not be enough players to support team based pvp is moot. If the population is truly so low, this server would never be cost effective for DBG to maintain. The goal has to be finding a ruleset that appeals to enough players to make the server worthwhile for DBG to host long-term, and it seems that far more players want faction (Q vs FP vs Exile) than believe FFA would ever be sustainable.
  2. Kander Developer

    All Xp is in flux, we are definitely watching the numbers and tweaking. Day two of beta had some unforeseen issues.

    We will definitely be giving love to PvE and loot. Contested mobs will have some better drops, have timers adjusted. Itemization is an ongoing thing. We are not done.

    FFA is something that is up for discussion.
  3. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    Ty for working on this and giving it a fair shot. I hope it will prove cost effective
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  4. Siren Well-Known Member

    Thank you Kander! And it would be wonderful, besides all the other things you mentioned, to ditch FFA (the "why's" are already explained in this thread by many people) and go back to the Factional PvP and Exiles we've always had. That's a much better system, although we appreciate the effort in trying new things, and are thankful for all you're doing for us!
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  5. Kazooooooooooo Active Member

    Appreciate the response man. Great step forward for communication, keep us in the loop though please!
  6. Broyes New Member

    Appreciate all the things you guys are doing. I for one am not up for the server wipe every so long or how ever it will be, I will not do that but if it is a majority rule and it goes good then great. Loved the PVP and there will never be such thing as done because of the variables in holding such a thing. If the server becomes static with no wipes then I will join the date available. Great game, Great times, Great peeps.
  7. Durzo New Member

    Fair enough. Like I said, I prefer faction-based PvP...However, I am simply providing feedback from the experience I have had playing the BETA as an EU player from lvl 10-21. Over the last two days, when I login, I have generally come across the same handful of players to fight. If faction-based pvp were to come into the BETA right now, I would have to exile my character or there would be no point in playing. Therefore for my time zone, FFA provides more opportunity for PvP.

    Again, this is my experience, so I'm not saying it reflects the experience of everyone else. Im just giving DBG another perspective to consider...I would love faction-based pvp if there were enough players for it when I play (and perhaps there will be for live).
  8. Gillymann Well-Known Member


    Another left field idea in keeping with the pvp focus:

    Maybe turn off the raid zones and group instances, and have contested bosses drop the "gotta haves"?

    I realize some will hate this idea, but, an idea like this would better incentivize pvp activity and constrain gross imbalances due to gear.
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  9. Daarkstar Active Member

    Awesome, thanks for the response. Everyone I know that are playing beta are feeling optimistic about Nagafen 2.0. Please KEEP FFA (best thing about this server so far), the only issue with FFA at the moment is that with PVE XP so low the only efficient way to level is to farm people...with the limited population of the beta server all spread out over 5 tiers it's hard to find people to kill for XP so griefing has become a thing. What many people don't realize is that there is a system which decreases the amount of xp you are worth when you die by 100% and slowly falls off to prevent people camping spawns for XP. To see how much XP you are worth type /recent. With the faction issues I think it would be an acceptable fix to just allow any class in any faction, also make sure that changing factions is possible and not too hard.

    Regarding the XP, I think if PVE XP is really bumped up for vanilla that will fix a lot of problems... but not all. Currently, the biggest guild on the server with many level 50's just farmed each other for levels (you can see this on the leader boards). So I guess as long as grinding PVE is better XP than farming your friends every 30 mins then we should be good.

    For those of you who don't read Discord, some dev comments from today:
    "CaithToday at 1:06 PM While I could spend all my time fixing one off beta issues for characters, I think my time is better spent updating Fighter heals and summoner pets atm.
    "Contested mobs are going to have better drops. Expect to see changes coming for that sort of thing."
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  10. Gankednshanked Active Member

    I'm indifferent to FFA, seeing as that I would be exile if it wasn't the case. FFA might be the right answer, though, due to such a small population.

    I'm interested to see how they balance the leveling. I came up with an idea to include treasured item drops in PvP combat (they added rares to the loot tables) in order to assist people with gearing, which would make PvP a totally viable way to make gearing possible, but not make people extremely strong. If you take the route of PvP'ing to gear, you will be viable in PvP, but those that obtain gear from dungeons/contested will still be stronger (from a gear perspective). Could help smooth out the leveling process. Perhaps only allow this for unique kills, so that farming gear from guildies/friends is impossible.

    Then you have to factor in PvE XP. I actually like how XP feels when PvP'ing, seeing as the end goal for me is to get to 50 and PvP makes it extremely quick. This isn't necessarily the right option, but the feeling of leveling quickly to get to "end-game" feels right. I wouldn't mind a flat % bonus to PvE. IE, 300% increase XP for killing PvE mobs, maybe 100% bonus for quests. At that rate, it makes PvE'ing an optimal route for the two big reasons - you get gear, and you get levels. That will in turn encourage open world PvP. I don't know if implementing both of those is the right call, but I think they're both interesting ideas on their own.

    Before the Devs response today, and even a little bit after, I'm still pretty pessimistic towards the server. The lack of communication has been extremely offputting, and their method of delivery is confusing as well. They should make regular posts on the forums in order to keep us updated, and they should manage the community and its expectations through this forum. What is actually possible? What is not possible? Help us help you guys. If you tell me that it is 100% impossible for us to do ABC, I'll stop talking about it and find an alternative solution. This should be a conversation, not us seemingly talking to a brick wall.
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  11. Kazooooooooooo Active Member

  12. splatterpunk28 Well-Known Member

    I see the same people hijacking every thread that they hate FFA, so I just want to say I love it since it doesn't seem as set in stone as I assumed.

    Zones with mobs primarily under 15 should be PVP free in my opinion, or a 4 level attack range until FG/SH & TS/Nek.
  13. Gankednshanked Active Member

    I disagree with the whole no griefing thing. Don't enable people to lock XP, and only allow them 1 character per account. Griefing will go away.
  14. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    I have still not decided if I am going to roll over on the new pvp server or not...considering the missteps the last pvp tle server had and the idea's suggested which helped to kill the server not overly optimistic.
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  15. MissGreen Member

    For the Dev's mostly-
    I read through this entire thread and I agree with most of the players here by suggesting it be faction based.

    I was under the impression that was how it was going to be. I mean what is the goal of having the FFA here? Spank and Gank only?? I did see Kander's response, but again what is the goal here? Shouldn't the game remain the same pve with pvp? Wouldn't that be the best way to keep this server around longer than a month? I just came back to the game after 8 years and was looking forward to the faction based pvp. (Exile all the way for me) The quest line to become Exiled was a challenge in itself . The fun days of pvp was never knowing when and where you would have to fight back, but this FFA seems over the top and way to predictable as well. I loved my Nagafen server, but if its going to be like this , I don't think I will be signing up. I mean half the fun was not grouping and being alone doing your questing and having to fight one on one the best you can to save your plat and rare drops from anyone getting it.
    I remember fighting a SK on my Monk alone and it was a very intense fight that seemed to last forever but when I finally dropped him to his death he had a ton of plat on him and it truly was a great feeling and victory. It was the most money I ever won from killing another player. This is how you should gain ranks in pvp not by group ganking by any means. Just my 2 cents here.

    Also what about the old world pvp events? What about pvp gear? Maybe bring back pvp writs to turn in for points/marks to get pvp gear?? Have different tiers for all lvls like back in the day. The more you partake in the pvp events, the more marks you get to buy gear. Right now the incentive is xp and it does't make sense to me. It has no longevity in the end game what so ever. Bring back AA and cap it with 100 pnts in two tiers or something, make the game interesting as a solo or group player and you will succeed and of course be fair to both. I'm trying to think of ideas to make this easy on the dev's and all I can come up with is the pvp writs and going back to faction based. Maybe still have FFA in some zones,( I think someone else suggested this already?) That would be cool, maybe having two zones ffa or something to diversify the experience and keep it exciting?

    If we have a goal,... we can work together to figure the best method from there, am I lying? I hope the dev's are reading this thread for feedback.

    I don't know but it just feels strange and not very fun at this point, I know they are still working on things so I think I might wait and see how it goes but honestly I want them to take the right approach so that the server does go to live and does do well. But the FFA needs to go IMO. I just don't see the challenge nor the goal and that will not last long,.. and all the hard work they are putting into this server could go to waste very fast.

    I think bringing back the Nagafen server for pve with pvp would do very well and could last a while if they do it right, it could do better than the 3 month whatever expected time. I would gladly pay to play on such a server long term.

    Remember the balance of the classes and all the bugs and cheats/exploits are what killed the OG server. Maybe the dev's should focus on that in the back of their minds while working on this. The BG's were such a hot mess when I left, but the determined pvpers(myself) stayed till the very end because obviously the game had something to offer everyone who enjoyed a vast world of pve and pvp.

    Thanks for reading , I truly hope it all works out.

    To the Dev's - if you are unsure of what road to take in this, do a poll where only one person per IP can vote, just a suggestion. Good luck.
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  16. Monterey New Member

    While I prefer team based PvP vs Free for All PvP (What can I say, I like knowing who will not be stabbing me in the back; and healing people outside of my group), I do see why people like Free for All. If FFA is to stay in, I would suggest making the XP from same faction kills less then XP from opposing faction kills. This way there is not an incentive to kill your own faction (XP gain) and more of an incentive to kill the opposing faction; however, you are still able to kill your own faction if you want for whatever reason you think is valid.

    With 1 character per server and lower XP gain for killing your own faction, this should help hinder same faction griefing/ganking.
  17. Zinrael New Member

    I agree with his and would like to add, give a decent/significant boost to xp for killing members of the opposing faction. Players want to level off PVP, and casual players want a chance to play their way without succumbing to inter-faction slaughter. If killing opposing faction players gives significantly more xp than killing your own, I think it may help the FFA idea.

    No one I grouped with could be bothered with making the trek to Antonica to hunt Q's. I traveled there solo as a 14 SK because I like to explore and travel. It's not that hard/long of a trip. Give players a reason to travel to opposing lands. Otherwise they will grab the low hanging fruit.
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  18. Mastary Member

    I think the FFA is fine but I don't think a group of 5 20's should be able to attack a lvl 16 alone. I think if you are grouped up with other you shouldn't be allowed to gank lower lvl players just cuz you can. 1vs1 or group vs group. Not 5 on 1 all 4 lvls above you. I think this is whats causing FFA to seem less appealing and would be fixed by not allowing large groups to attack a much lower lvl solo.
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  19. SteveB Active Member

    They could fix that if the overall grp level count is not more difference than 4 between the players of the PvP grp and against the oppsosite grp. what I mean is, currently it sets a level range of 4 to 6 level or so, so if a player lvl 12 is fighting a lvl 16, bad chances, but fine.
    for groups that would conclude a grp A with a lvl 12 a lvl 16 and a lvl 20 = lvl 48 could fight a grp of lvl 42 to 56 consisting of 3 lvl 16 players. However, they could not fight a grp consisting of maybe of a lvl 11, a lvl 12 a lvl 14 and a lvl 11.

    In the end you would nearly never be able to have a battle when you are grped;-)
  20. Nuada Member

    we do not need any people here to change things, that things what have made eq2-pvp that greate, the problems in this game here are completely different.

    we need only one thing for the Start!! Content for PVP !!!!

    in old times we have kill with a x2 a x4 raid in PVP That is EQ2 for me !!!
    and not that ***** idea i read here from you.


    less XP??? for same faction??? that helps??

    I still kill as many of mine faction i can, i think i kill then more.. i mean then i need more kills for more xp xD

    go over nek i 100% deagree fast travel, maxium unlock all fly tower quests.

    aaaah and all ppls that i know run the whole day from ant to cl and back its not really a big problem. u can come from cl to ant.. and from ant to cl without 1 fight if u know the way.
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