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  1. Caith Developer

    Mitalla's Blade
    Mithril Neckguard
    Mithril-Runed Sceptre
    Molded Wand of Projection
    Molded Wand of Protection
    Molten Copper Bracelet
    Moonshadow Boots
    Moonshadow Cuffs
    Moonshadow Gloves
    Moonshadow Leggings
    Moonshadow Mask
    Moonshadow Spaulders
    Moonshadow Vest
    Moonstone Orb
    Mosquito Leg Bangle
    Mossy Blood Hide Boots
    Mossy Blood Hide Cap
    Mossy Blood Hide Gloves
    Mossy Blood Hide Leggings
    Mossy Blood Hide Mantle
    Mossy Blood Hide Tunic
    Mossy Canvas Traveler's Cloak
    Mossy Ruckas Traveler's Cloak
    Mottled Boots
    Mottled Bracers
    Mottled Fistwraps
    Mottled Gi
    Mottled Gloves
    Mottled Leather Bandolier
    Mottled Leather Belt
    Mottled Leather Pouch
    Mottled Leather Satchel
    Mottled Leather Sheath
    Mottled Leather Tome
    Mottled Pants
    Mottled Shoulder Pads
    Mottled Skullcap
    Mottled Tunic
    Mottled Whip
    Muj'Fahd's Belt of Will
    Mulberry Casual Wear
    Myrmidon's Iron Reinforced Gauntlets of Power
    Myrmidon's Steel Reinforced Bracers of the Sentinel
    Myrmidon's Steel Reinforced Sabatons of the Sentinel
    Mystic Belt of Malicious Intent
    Mystic Enchanted Bone Leggings
    Mystic Enchanted Bone Wristguards
    Mystic Idol
    Mystical Headdress
    Nacre Orb
    Nagma Forged Battle Axe
    Nagma Forged Claymore
    Najenaar Zircon Band of Defense
    Najenaar Zircon Band of Elements
    Najenan Whip
    Neckguard of Perception
    Neckguard of Vigor
    Necklace of Displacement
    Necklace of Stone
    Necklace of the Four Jesters
    Netted Mantle
    Nightbane Blood Mail Boots
    Nightbane Blood Mail Coif
    Nightbane Blood Mail Gloves
    Nightbane Blood Mail Hauberk
    Nightbane Blood Mail Leggings
    Nightbane Blood Mail Mantle
    Nightblood Shackle
    Nightcrawlers Enchanted Bloomers
    Norrathian Runed Ring
    Noxious Environmental Shield
    Noxious Environmental Suit
    Oak Bo Staff
    Oak Buckler
    Oak Club
    Oak Cudgel
    Oak Fighting Baton
    Oak Greatstaff
    Oak Knotted Club
    Oak Longbow
    Oak Pike
    Oak Quarter Staff
    Oak Round Shield
    Oak Shortbow
    Oak Sorcerer's Staff
    Oak Wand
    Oakwood Bo
    oakwood buckler
    Oakwood Cudgel
    Oakwood Fighting Batons
    Oakwood Long Bow
    Oakwood Quarterstaff
    Oakwood Round Shield
    Oakwood Short Bow
    Oakwood Sorcerer's Staff
    Oakwood Wand
    Oblong Melted Bangle
    Obsidian Breastplate
    Obsidian Choker
    Obsidian Edged Dagger
    obsidian shard necklace
    Obsidian Tipped Bow
    Ocular Wand
    Odrisian Forged Signet
    Odusian Bo
    Oiled Bracelet of Brutality
    Oiled Bracelet of Distortion
    Oiled Bracelet of Elusivity
    Oiled Bracelet of Engagements
    Oiled Bracelet of Execution
    Oiled Bracelet of Rapidity
    Oiled Bracelet of the Neurotic
    Oiled Bracelet of the Umbral
    Oiled Jewel of Brutality
    Oiled Jewel of Distortion
    Oiled Jewel of Elusivity
    Oiled Jewel of Engagements
    Oiled Jewel of Execution
    Oiled Jewel of Rapidity
    Oiled Jewel of the Neurotic
    Oiled Jewel of the Umbral
    Oiled Ring of Brutality
    Oiled Ring of Distortion
    Oiled Ring of Elusivity
    Oiled Ring of Engagements
    Oiled Ring of Execution
    Oiled Ring of Rapidity
    Oiled Ring of the Neurotic
    Oiled Ring of the Umbral
    Oiled Studs of Brutality
    Oiled Studs of Distortion
    Oiled Studs of Elusivity
    Oiled Studs of Engagements
    Oiled Studs of Execution
    Oiled Studs of Rapidity
    Oiled Studs of the Neurotic
    Oiled Studs of the Umbral
    Oiled Waistband of Brutality
    Oiled Waistband of Distortion
    Oiled Waistband of Elusivity
    Oiled Waistband of Engagements
    Oiled Waistband of Execution
    Oiled Waistband of Rapidity
    Oiled Waistband of the Neurotic
    Oiled Waistband of the Umbral
    Ominous Dagger of Agony
    Ominous Dagger of Destruction
    Ominous Dagger of Extermination
    Ominous Dagger of Fate
    Ominous Dagger of Havoc
    Ominous Dagger of Torrents
    Ominous Dagger of Velocity
    Ominous Dagger of Volatility
    Ominous Staff of Agony
    Ominous Staff of Destruction
    Ominous Staff of Extermination
    Ominous Staff of Fate
    Ominous Staff of Havoc
    Ominous Staff of Torrents
    Ominous Staff of Velocity
    Ominous Staff of Volatility
    Ominous Wand of Agony
    Ominous Wand of Destruction
    Ominous Wand of Extermination
    Ominous Wand of Fate
    Ominous Wand of Havoc
    Ominous Wand of Torrents
    Ominous Wand of Velocity
    Ominous Wand of Volatility
    Onyx Forged Great Sword
    opal bracelet
    opal earring
    opal necklace
    Opal Orb
    opal ring
    opaline bracelet
    opaline earring
    opaline necklace
    Opaline Orb
    opaline ring
    Orange Galvanized Paper Plate Boots
    Orange Galvanized Paper Plate Coat
    Orange Galvanized Paper Plate Cuffs
    Orange Galvanized Paper Plate Greaves
    Orange Galvanized Paper Plate Mantle
    Orange Galvanized Paper Plate Mitts
    Orange Galvanized Paper Plate Sallet
    Orange Woolen Scarf
    Orb of Contained Auras
    Orb of Flowing Lava
    Orb of Foolhardy Greed
    Orb of Suffering
    Orb of the Ages
    Orb of the Blood Circuits
    Orcish Bone Bladed Axe
    Orcish Bone Bladed Dagger
    Orcish Bone Bladed Longsword
    Orcish Bone Bladed Scimitar
    Orcish Bone Fighting Baton
    Orcish Bone Great Smasher
    Orcish Bone Hilted Greatsword
    Orcish Bone Hilted Mace
    Orcish Bone Skull Hammer
    Orcish Bone Skull Tipped Staff
    Orcish Bone Tipped Spear
    Ornate Sacrificing Blade of the Warlock
    Outfit of Temptation
    Outfitter's Cranial Capacitor
    Ovate's Dream Seeker Chain Boots of Manifestation
    Ovate's Dream Seeker Chain Cuffs of Manifestation
    Ovate's Plane Strider Handguards of the Enlightened
    Overclocked Gnomish Crosstrainers
    Oversized Gnomish Cog
    Palladium Idol
    Palladium Symbol
    Pants of the Windrunner
    Partially Digested Choker
    Partisan Kite Shield
    Pauldrons of Aberrant Life
    Pearl Orb
    Peppermint Candy Crown
    Perfectly Balanced Round Shield
    petrified erudite heart
    Pike of Precision
    Pious Belt
    Pipe Fitter's Hammer
    Placid Rune Ring
    Plane Touched Wand
    Plated Bracer of Thyr
    Pockmarked Wand of Slime
    Poison Laced Spear
    Poison-Soaked Silken Drape
    Polar Bear Claws
    pontiff's bracer
    pontiff's gloves
    pontiff's helm
    pontiff's shoulder pads
    Portal Jumper's Shackle
    Portal Jumper's Wristlet
    Pouch of Poise
    Powered Carbonite Cloak
    Powered Ruthenium Cloak
    Powerful Defender's Belt
    Powerful Defender's Shroud
    Powerful Healer's Belt
    Powerful Healer's Shroud
    Powerful Medium's Belt
    Powerful Medium's Shroud
    Powerful Stalker's Belt
    Powerful Stalker's Shroud
    Prehistoric Gloves
    Prelate's Censer
    primal iron maul
    primal platemail legplates
    primal platemail pauldrons
    primal platemail tontlets
    Primeval Great Coif
    Primordial Short Bow
    pristine chaos imbued broadcloth hex doll
    pristine chaos imbued burlap hex doll
    pristine chaos imbued cambric hex doll
    pristine chaos imbued canvas hex doll
    pristine chaos imbued cloth hex doll
    pristine chaos imbued damask hex doll
    pristine chaos imbued dragon's breath hex doll
    pristine chaos imbued linen hex doll
    pristine chaos imbued rough linen hex doll
    pristine chaos imbued roughspun hex doll
    pristine chaos imbued ruckas hex doll
    pristine chaos imbued sandcloth hex doll
    pristine chaos imbued swiftcloth hex doll
    pristine chaos imbued windcloth hex doll
    pristine discord imbued broadcloth hex doll
    pristine discord imbued burlap hex doll
    pristine discord imbued cambric hex doll
    pristine discord imbued canvas hex doll
    pristine discord imbued cloth hex doll
    pristine discord imbued damask hex doll
    pristine discord imbued dragon's breath hex doll
    pristine discord imbued linen hex doll
    pristine discord imbued rough linen hex doll
    pristine discord imbued roughspun hex doll
    pristine discord imbued ruckas hex doll
    pristine discord imbued sandcloth hex doll
    pristine discord imbued swiftcloth hex doll
    pristine discord imbued windcloth hex doll
    pristine fright imbued broadcloth hex doll
    pristine fright imbued burlap hex doll
    pristine fright imbued cambric hex doll
    pristine fright imbued canvas hex doll
    pristine fright imbued cloth hex doll
    pristine fright imbued damask hex doll
    pristine fright imbued dragon's breath hex doll
    pristine fright imbued linen hex doll
    pristine fright imbued rough linen hex doll
    pristine fright imbued roughspun hex doll
    pristine fright imbued ruckas hex doll
    pristine fright imbued sandcloth hex doll
    pristine fright imbued swiftcloth hex doll
    pristine fright imbued windcloth hex doll
    pristine ruin imbued broadcloth hex doll
    pristine ruin imbued burlap hex doll
    pristine ruin imbued cambric hex doll
    pristine ruin imbued canvas hex doll
    pristine ruin imbued cloth hex doll
    pristine ruin imbued damask hex doll
    pristine ruin imbued dragon's breath hex doll
    pristine ruin imbued linen hex doll
    pristine ruin imbued rough linen hex doll
    pristine ruin imbued roughspun hex doll
    pristine ruin imbued ruckas hex doll
    pristine ruin imbued sandcloth hex doll
    pristine ruin imbued swiftcloth hex doll
    pristine ruin imbued windcloth hex doll
    pristine shadow imbued broadcloth hex doll
    pristine shadow imbued burlap hex doll
    pristine shadow imbued cambric hex doll
    pristine shadow imbued canvas hex doll
    pristine shadow imbued cloth hex doll
    pristine shadow imbued damask hex doll
    pristine shadow imbued dragon's breath hex doll
    pristine shadow imbued linen hex doll
    pristine shadow imbued rough linen hex doll
    pristine shadow imbued roughspun hex doll
    pristine shadow imbued ruckas hex doll
  2. Caith Developer

    pristine shadow imbued sandcloth hex doll
    pristine shadow imbued swiftcloth hex doll
    pristine shadow imbued windcloth hex doll
    Prodigious Glowing Black Stone
    Prodigy's Marked Cuffs of the Runemaster
    Producer's Bloomers
    Producer's Cap
    Producer's Cape
    Producer's Gloves
    Producer's Shoes
    Producer's Sleeves
    Producer's Vest
    Pugilist's Balanced Wrist Wraps of the Whirlingfist
    Purple Woolen Scarf
    Purple-Feather Gloves
    Pyromancer's Boots
    Quicksilver Censer
    Quicksilver Idol
    Quicksilver Symbol
    Radiant Bangle of Alleviation
    Radiant Bangle of Communion
    Radiant Bangle of Impetus
    Radiant Bangle of Momentum
    Radiant Bangle of Smiting
    Radiant Bangle of Solace
    Radiant Bangle of Synergism
    Radiant Bangle of the Profound
    Radiant Cincture of Alleviation
    Radiant Cincture of Communion
    Radiant Cincture of Impetus
    Radiant Cincture of Momentum
    Radiant Cincture of Smiting
    Radiant Cincture of Solace
    Radiant Cincture of Synergism
    Radiant Cincture of the Profound
    Radiant Earring of Alleviation
    Radiant Earring of Communion
    Radiant Earring of Impetus
    Radiant Earring of Momentum
    Radiant Earring of Smiting
    Radiant Earring of Solace
    Radiant Earring of Synergism
    Radiant Earring of the Profound
    Radiant Ring of Alleviation
    Radiant Ring of Communion
    Radiant Ring of Impetus
    Radiant Ring of Momentum
    Radiant Ring of Smiting
    Radiant Ring of Solace
    Radiant Ring of Synergism
    Radiant Ring of the Profound
    Radiant Stone of Alleviation
    Radiant Stone of Communion
    Radiant Stone of Impetus
    Radiant Stone of Momentum
    Radiant Stone of Smiting
    Radiant Stone of Solace
    Radiant Stone of Synergism
    Radiant Stone of the Profound
    Rapier of Dark Whispers
    Rawg's Blood-Drenched Gauntlets
    Rawg's Chestplate
    Rawhide Fistwraps
    Rawhide Leather Bandolier
    Rawhide Leather Boots
    Rawhide Leather Bracers
    Rawhide Leather Gloves
    Rawhide Leather Pants
    Rawhide Leather Pouch
    Rawhide Leather Satchel
    Rawhide Leather Sheath
    Rawhide Leather Shoulder Pads
    Rawhide Leather Skullcap
    Rawhide Leather Tome
    Rawhide Leather Tunic
    Rawhide Whip
    Re-bladed Wurmslayer
    Reclaimer's Moon Etched Bands of the Tempestwalker
    reconnoiterer's coif
    reconnoiterer's gauntlets
    reconnoiterer's mantle
    reconnoiterer's wristguard
    Rector's Exalted Plate Gloves of the Zealous
    Rector's Revered Plate Boots of Principle
    Rector's Revered Wristguard of Principle
    Recurve of Unreal Accuracy
    Red and Green Frostfell Robe
    Red and White Frostfell Robe
    Red Frostfell Elf Cap
    red starry Frostfell elf cap
    Red Woolen Scarf
    Redwood Bo Staff
    Redwood Buckler
    Redwood Club
    Redwood Cudgel
    Redwood Fighting Baton
    Redwood Greatstaff
    Redwood Knotted Club
    Redwood Longbow
    Redwood Ornate Longbow
    Redwood Pike
    Redwood Quarter Staff
    Redwood Recurved Shortbow
    Redwood Round Shield
    Redwood Shortbow
    Redwood Sorcerer's Staff
    Redwood Wand
    refined rhodium band
    refined rhodium bangle
    refined rhodium hoop
    refined rhodium torque
    Regimental Cloak of Devotion
    Reinforced Bracers of Authority
    Reinforced Bracers of Dominance
    Reinforced Bracers of Dynamism
    Reinforced Bracers of Energy
    Reinforced Bracers of Rancor
    Reinforced Bracers of Stratagems
    Reinforced Bracers of the Boundless
    Reinforced Bracers of Virtue
    reinforced brigandine boots
    reinforced brigandine chestguard
    reinforced brigandine handguards
    reinforced brigandine helm
    reinforced brigandine leggings
    reinforced brigandine shoulder pads
    reinforced brigandine wristguards
    Reinforced Gi of Authority
    Reinforced Gi of Dominance
    Reinforced Gi of Dynamism
    Reinforced Gi of Energy
    Reinforced Gi of Rancor
    Reinforced Gi of Stratagems
    Reinforced Gi of the Boundless
    Reinforced Gi of Virtue
    Reinforced Icicle Ring
    reinforced leather boots
    reinforced leather gloves
    reinforced leather pants
    Reinforced Leather Satchel
    Reinforced Leather Sheath
    reinforced leather shoulder pads
    reinforced leather skullcap
    reinforced leather tunic
    reinforced leather wristguards
    Re-shafted Wurmslayer
    Restorative Boots
    Restorative Bracers
    Restorative Hauberk
    Restorative Helm
    Restorative Leggings
    Restorative Mitts
    Restorative Shoulderguards
    Reverent Coat of Alleviation
    Reverent Coat of Communion
    Reverent Coat of Impetus
    Reverent Coat of Momentum
    Reverent Coat of Smiting
    Reverent Coat of Solace
    Reverent Coat of Synergism
    Reverent Coat of the Profound
    Reverent Wristguard of Alleviation
    Reverent Wristguard of Communion
    Reverent Wristguard of Impetus
    Reverent Wristguard of Momentum
    Reverent Wristguard of Smiting
    Reverent Wristguard of Solace
    Reverent Wristguard of Synergism
    Reverent Wristguard of the Profound
    Reviler Guardian Hide Breastplate
    Reviler Guardian Hide Pauldrons
    Reviler Guardian Shard Blade
    rhodium band
    rhodium bangle
    rhodium censer
    rhodium hoop
    Rhodium Idol
    Rhodium Symbol
    rhodium torque
    Ribbon Clad Wrap of Death
    Ribbon Clad Wrap of Doom
    Ribbon Clad Wrap of Gloom
    Ridged Stiletto
    Rigid Scale Bow
    Rigid Steel Warhammer
    Riliss Chicken Foot
    Riliss Girdle of Power
    Riliss Girdle of Service
    Rilissian Battle Bracelet
    Rilissian Combat Bracelet
    Rilissian Elite Targ Shield
    Rilissian Essence Vial Necklace
    Rilissian Girdle of Devotion
    Rilissian Girdle of Protection
    Rilissian Manslayer Leather Boots
    Rilissian Manslayer Leather Bracers
    Rilissian Manslayer Leather Gloves
    Rilissian Manslayer Leather Pants
    Rilissian Manslayer Leather Shoulder Pads
    Rilissian Manslayer Leather Skullcap
    Rilissian Manslayer Leather Tunic
    Rilissian Noble Buckler
    Rilissian Trooper Chainmail Boots
    Rilissian Trooper Chainmail Bracer
    Rilissian Trooper Chainmail Coat
    Rilissian Trooper Chainmail Coif
    Rilissian Trooper Chainmail Gauntlets
    Rilissian Trooper Chainmail Leggings
    Rilissian Trooper Chainmail Mantle
    Rilissian Trooper Round Shield
    Ring of Crystallized Slime
    Ring of Fragile Glass
    Ring of Gnomish Invention
    Ring of Miracles
    ring of primal nature
    Ring of Sanguine Enchantments
    Ring of the 8 Crypts
    Ring of the Eternal
    Ring of the Firebringer
    Ring of the Sootfoot Archer
    Ring of the Storm
    Ring of Transcending Voices
    Ring of Velocity
    Ring of Xanth
    Ringlet of Fragile Glass
    Ringlet of Gnomish Invention
    Ringmail Bracers of the Vigilant
    Ripper of Ruin
    Ritual Amygdalan Buckler
    Ritual Wicked Spear
    Ritualists Gloves
    Robe of Evil Eyelashes
    Robe of Glad Tidings
    Robe of Protection
    Robe of the Beguiler
    Rod of Confusion
    Rose Colored Goggles
    Rosewood Bo Staff
    Rosewood Buckler
    Rosewood Club
    Rosewood Cudgel
    Rosewood Fighting Baton
    Rosewood Greatstaff
    Rosewood Knotted Club
    Rosewood Longbow
    Rosewood Pike
    Rosewood Quarter Staff
    Rosewood Round Shield
    Rosewood Shortbow
    Rosewood Sorcerer's Staff
    Rosewood Wand
    rough linen blouse
    rough linen cap
    rough linen cuffs
    rough linen mitts
    rough linen pantaloons
    Rough Linen Robe
    rough linen sash
    rough linen scarf
    rough linen shawl
    rough linen slippers
    Rough Linked Hauberk
    Roughspun Cap
    Roughspun Cuffs
    Roughspun Mitts
    Roughspun Pantaloons
    Roughspun Robe
    Roughspun Shawl
    Roughspun Slippers
    Roughspun Vest
    Round Shield of Insight
    Round Shield of Malice
    Round Shield of Midnight
    Round Shield of the Archon
    rubicite chainmail boots
    rubicite chainmail bracers
    rubicite chainmail coat
    rubicite chainmail coif
    rubicite chainmail gloves
    rubicite chainmail leggings
    rubicite chainmail mantle
    Rubicite Kite Shield
    Rubicite Platemail Breastplate
    Rubicite Platemail Gauntlets
    Rubicite Platemail Helm
    Rubicite Platemail Legplates
    Rubicite Platemail Pauldrons
    Rubicite Platemail Tonlets
    rubicite platemail vambraces
    rubicite vanguard barbute
    rubicite vanguard cuirass
    rubicite vanguard gauntlets
    Rubicite Vanguard Greaves
    rubicite vanguard gussets
    rubicite vanguard sabatons
    Rubicite Vanguard Spaulders
    ruby bracelet
    ruby earring
    ruby necklace
    ruby orb
    ruby ring
    Ruckas Cap
    Ruckas Cuffs
    Ruckas Mitts
    Ruckas Pantaloons
    Ruckas Robe
    Ruckas Shawl
    Ruckas Slippers
    Ruckas Vest
    ruin imbued gabardine hex doll
    ruin imbued spuncloth hex doll
    Ruined Ring
    Rumblerscale Greaves
    Rune Frosted Barrier Wand
    Rune Frosted Blasting Wand
    runed cedar bo
    Runed Drake-Hide Circlet
    Runed Ebon Halberd
    Runed Ebon Sabre
    runed ebon sceptre
    Runed Ebon Spear
    Runed Fang Bangle
    Runed Glacial Chainmail Boots
    Runed Glacial Chainmail Bracers
    Runed Glacial Chainmail Coif
    Runed Glacial Chainmail Gloves
    Runed Glacial Chainmail Mantle
    runed leather whip
    Runed Lysisian Belt
    Runed Molten Tablet
    Runed Mystical Leather Boots
    Runed Mystical Leather Bracers
    Runed Mystical Leather Gloves
    Runed Mystical Leather Pants
    Runed Mystical Leather Shoulder Pads
  3. Caith Developer

    Runed Mystical Leather Skullcap
    Runed Mystical Leather Tunic
    rune-painted linen cap
    rune-painted linen cape
    rune-painted linen gloves
    rune-painted linen leggings
    rune-painted linen robe
    rune-painted linen shoes
    rune-painted linen sleeves
    Runescribed Bracers
    Runescribed Breastplate
    Runescribed Epaulets
    Runescribed Gauntlets
    Runescribed Greaves
    Runescribed Helm
    Runescribed Sabatons
    Runic Bow of the Farsight
    Runnyeye Defender's Chestplate
    Russet Casual Wear
    ruthenium band
    ruthenium bangle
    Ruthenium Clockwork Drape
    ruthenium hoop
    Ruthenium Idol
    Ruthenium Symbol
    ruthenium tablet
    ruthenium torque
    Ruthless Pirate's Compass
    Sabre of the Blackguard
    Sabre of the Storyteller
    Sabre of Velocity
    Sackcloth Cap
    Sackcloth Cuffs
    Sackcloth Mitts
    Sackcloth Pantaloons
    Sackcloth Robe
    Sackcloth Shawl
    Sackcloth Slippers
    Sackcloth Vest
    Sacrificial Sabre
    Sadistic Caretaker's Sphere of the Specter
    Sai of Perpetual Darkness
    Saintly Theurgist's Plate Boots of the Fanatic
    Saintly Theurgist's Plate Cuirass of the Fanatic
    Saintly Theurgist's Plate Greaves of the Fanatic
    Saintly Theurgist's Plate Pauldrons of the Fanatic
    Saintly Theurgist's Wristguard of the Fanatic
    Sandalwood Bo Staff
    Sandalwood Buckler
    Sandalwood Club
    Sandalwood Cudgel
    Sandalwood Fighting Baton
    Sandalwood Greatstaff
    Sandalwood Knotted Club
    Sandalwood Longbow
    Sandalwood Pike
    Sandalwood Quarter Staff
    Sandalwood Round Shield
    Sandalwood Shortbow
    Sandalwood Sorcerer's Staff
    Sandalwood Wand
    Sandblasted Maul
    Sandcloth Cap
    Sandcloth Cuffs
    Sandcloth Mitts
    Sandcloth Pantaloons
    Sandcloth Robe
    Sandcloth Shawl
    Sandcloth Slippers
    Sash of Ash and Flame
    Sash of Frozen Winds
    Sash of Immortal Legions
    Sash of Perpetual Darkness
    Sash of the Divine
    Sathirian Cloak of Power
    Sathirian Dragonslayer Leather Gi
    Sathirian Legion Bangle
    Sathirian Legion Bracelet
    Sathirian Legion Earring
    Sathirian Legion Hoop
    Sathirian Manslayer Leather Gi
    Sathirian Shroud of Dynasty
    Sathirian Shroud of Power
    savant's bloomers
    savant's cap
    savant's cape
    savant's gloves
    savant's shoes
    savant's sleeves
    Savant's Vest
    Scaled Fistwraps
    Scaled Leather Bandolier
    Scaled Leather Boots
    Scaled Leather Bracers
    Scaled Leather Gloves
    Scaled Leather Pants
    Scaled Leather Pouch
    Scaled Leather Satchel
    Scaled Leather Sheath
    Scaled Leather Shoulder Pads
    Scaled Leather Skullcap
    Scaled Leather Tome
    Scaled Leather Tunic
    Scaled Scimitar
    Scaled Shield of Growth
    Scaled Spear
    Scaled Whip
    Scaleguard Bracelet
    Scarf of Mastery
    Scholar's Cranial Capacitor
    Scimitar of the Wild
    Scourge of the Jungle
    Scrumptious Candy-Striped Staff
    Sculpted Wand of Projection
    Sculpted Wand of Protection
    seared bandolier
    Seared Cestii
    seared fistwraps
    seared leather gloves
    seared leather skullcap
    seared leather whip
    seared pouch
    seared sheath
    seared spiked cestus
    Searing Lance
    Sepulchral Woven Boots
    Sepulchral Woven Bracers
    Sepulchral Woven Gloves
    Sepulchral Woven Pants
    Sepulchral Woven Shoulder Pads
    Sepulchral Woven Skullcap
    Sepulchral Woven Tunic
    Serene Disciple's Arm Wraps of Aptitude
    Serene Disciple's Foot Wraps of Aptitude
    Serene Disciple's Gi of Aptitude
    Serene Disciple's Leg Wraps of Aptitude
    Serene Disciple's Wrist Wraps of Aptitude
    Serpent Hilted Katana
    shadow imbued gabardine hex doll
    shadow imbued spuncloth hex doll
    Shadowed Belt of Malicious Intent
    Shadowsing Longbow
    Shadowstalker Leggings
    Shadowstalker Mantle
    Shamanistic Sash of the Sanguine Sages
    Sharlian Maul
    Sharpened Fossil Dagger
    Sheath of Dark Whispers
    Shield of Departed Generals
    Shield of Endless Darkness
    Shield of the Pure Obsession
    Shimmering Mane of Zinbaltik
    Shimmering Star Breastplate
    Shimmering Star Gauntlets
    Shimmering Star Legplates
    Shimmering Star Pauldrons
    Shimmering Star Round Shield
    Shimmering Star Sai
    Shimmering Star Tonlets
    Shimmering Star Vambraces
    Shining Metallic Talisman
    Shining Ocular Pendant
    Shiny Tin Shield
    Short Sword of Ruin
    Shoulder Pads of Haunted Visions
    Sigil of the Cinderfoot
    Signet of Fragile Glass
    Signet of Mechanical Precision
    Signet of Miracles
    Signet of Relinquishing Spirits
    Signet of Titan Calling
    Signet of Transcending Voices
    Silent Edge
    Silent Sword of Shattering
    silver bracelet of reconnaissance
    silver earring of reconnaissance
    Silver Fang Stiletto
    Silver Idol
    Silver Symbol
    Silvered Tunic
    silvril vanguard barbute
    silvril vanguard cuirass
    silvril vanguard gauntlets
    silvril vanguard greaves
    silvril vanguard gussets
    silvril vanguard sabatons
    silvril vanguard spaulders
    singed bronze vambraces
    Singed Silken Cloak
    sinister bracers
    sinister gloves
    sinister helm
    sinister leggings
    sinister robe
    sinister shoulders
    sinister slippers
    sinister vest
    Sinister Web Spider Cloak
    Skirmisher's Blackened Iron Breastplate
    Skirmisher's Blackened Iron Helmet
    Skirmisher's Bloodstained Bracers of the Ardent
    Skirmisher's Bloodstained Bracers of the Grandwarrior
    Skirmisher's Bloodstained Breastplate of the Ardent
    Skirmisher's Bloodstained Gauntlets of the Ardent
    Skirmisher's Bloodstained Gauntlets of the Grandwarrior
    Skirmisher's Bloodstained Gauntlets of the Stout
    Skirmisher's Bloodstained Helmet of the Ardent
    Skirmisher's Bloodstained Helmet of the Grandwarrior
    Skirmisher's Bloodstained Legplates of the Ardent
    Skirmisher's Bloodstained Legplates of the Grandwarrior
    Skirmisher's Bloodstained Pauldrons of the Ardent
    Skirmisher's Bloodstained Sabatons of the Ardent
    Skirmisher's Breastplate of the Ardent
    Skirmisher's Gleaming Bracers
    Skirmisher's Gleaming Breastplate
    Skirmisher's Gleaming Helmet
    Skirmisher's Gleaming Legplates
    Skirmisher's Gleaming Pauldrons
    Skirmisher's Gleaming Sabatons
    Skirmisher's Helmet of the Grandwarrior
    Skirmisher's Legplates of the Grandwarrior
    Skirmisher's Sabatons of the Grandwarrior
    Skullcap of the Tyrant
    Skullsplitter's Footwraps
    Skullsplitter's Leggings
    Slippers of Frozen Winds
    Slippers of the Advisor
    Sludged Sandals
    smoldering mithril torque
    Smudged Brass Bangle
    Snappy Blue and White Sleeves
    Snappy Blue and White Vest
    Snappy Blue Bloomers
    Snappy Blue Boots
    Snappy Blue Bracers
    Snappy Blue Gloves
    Snappy Blue Helmet
    Snappy Green and Red Sleeves
    Snappy Green and Red Vest
    Snappy Green and White Sleeves
    Snappy Green and White Vest
    Snappy Green Bloomers
    Snappy Green Boots
    Snappy Green Bracers
    Snappy Green Gloves
    Snappy Green Helmet
    Snappy Red and White Vest
    Snappy Red Bloomers
    Snappy Red Boots
    Snappy Red Gloves
    Snappy Red Helmet
    Snappy Red Sleeves
    Sneakoscopic Goggles
    Soft Rock Blocker
    sol charred shoulder pads
    sol charred skullcap
    sol charred wristguards
    sol forged bangle
    sol forged earrings
    sol forged gauntlets
    sol forged girdle
    sol forged legplates
    sol forged necklace
    sol forged tonlets
    sol weave blouse
    sol weave cowl
    sol weave cuffs
    Solumite Vein Ring
    Solusek Efreeti Turban
    Solusek Foreman's Gloves
    Solusek Miner's Pick
    Solusek Technician's Sleeves
    soot-covered chitin leggings
    Sootfoot Banded Boots
    Sootfoot Banded Chestguard
    Sootfoot Banded Handguards
    Sootfoot Banded Helm
    Sootfoot Banded Leggings
    Sootfoot Banded Shoulder Pads
    Sootfoot Banded Wristguards
    Sootfoot Enforcer Baton
    Sootfoot Enforcer Scourge
    Sootfoot Forged Barbute
    Sootfoot Forged Cuirass
    Sootfoot Forged Gauntlets
    Sootfoot Forged Greaves
    Sootfoot Forged Gussets
    Sootfoot Forged Sabatons
    Sootfoot Forged Spaulders
    Sootfoot Magma Bracers
    Sootfoot Magma Cuirass
    Sootfoot Magma Flared Pauldrons
    Sootfoot Magma Gauntlets
    Sootfoot Magma Greaves
    Sootfoot Magma Helm
    Sootfoot Magma Pauldrons
    Sootfoot Magma Plain Pauldrons
    Sootfoot Magma Sabatons
    Sootfoot Magma Skirted Greaves
    Sorcerer's Mark of Nobility
    Soul Harvester
    Soultaking Wand
    Sovereign Tower Shield
    Sparkling Buckler
    Spaulders of Winter's Blessing
    Spear of the Preceptor
    Specialist's Bloomers
    Specialist's Cap
    Specialist's Shoes
    Specialist's Sleeves
    Specialist's Vest
    Sphere of Becoming
    Sphere of Divination
    Sphere of Glamour
    Sphere of the Nomad
    Sphere of the Sun
    Spike of Strengthened Growth
    Spike of the Unknown
    Spike of the Wandering Mind
    Spiked Amygdalan Club
    Spined Mace
    Spiritbound Chain Bracers
    Spiritbound Chain Coif
    Spring-Loaded Gnomish Stilts
    Spuncloth Cap
    Spuncloth Cuffs
    Spuncloth Mitts
    Spuncloth Pantaloons
    Spuncloth Robe
    Spuncloth Sash
    Spuncloth Shawl
    Spuncloth Slippers
    Spuncloth Vest
    Staff of Cultivation
    Staff of Stellar Wonders
    Staff of the Anchor
    Staff of the Boar
    Starcrossed Knuckles
    Stardust Bracelet
    Steamfont Defender's Belt
    Steamfont Defender's Shroud
    Steamfont Healer's Belt
    Steamfont Healer's Shroud
    Steamfont Medium's Belt
    Steamfont Medium's Shroud
    Steamfont Stalker's Belt
    Steamfont Stalker's Shroud
    Steel Assault Axe
    Steel Battle Hammer
    Steel Brigandine Boots
    Steel Brigandine Bracers
    Steel Brigandine Coat
    Steel Brigandine Coif
    Steel Brigandine Gloves
    Steel Brigandine Leggings
    Steel Brigandine Mantle
    steel brigandine wristguards
    Steel Chainmail Boots
    Steel Chainmail Bracers
    Steel Chainmail Coat
    Steel Chainmail Coif
    Steel Chainmail Gloves
    Steel Chainmail Leggings
    Steel Chainmail Mantle
    Steel Claws
    Steel Claymore
  4. Caith Developer

    Steel Crescent Axe
    Steel Dagger
    Steel Devout Barbute
    Steel Devout Cuirass
    Steel Devout Gauntlets
    Steel Devout Greaves
    Steel Devout Gussets
    Steel Devout Sabatons
    Steel Devout Spaulders
    Steel Dirk
    Steel Double Headed Axe
    Steel Falchion
    Steel Flail
    Steel Flamberge
    Steel Gavel
    Steel Great Flail
    Steel Great Spear
    Steel Great Sword
    Steel Hand Axe
    Steel Javelin
    Steel Karabela
    Steel Katana
    Steel Katar
    Steel Kite Shield
    Steel Knuckles
    Steel Kris
    Steel Lance
    Steel Long Sword
    Steel Mace
    Steel Maul
    Steel Morning Star
    Steel Parrying Blade
    Steel Plate Barbute
    Steel Plate Cuirass
    Steel Plate Gauntlets
    Steel Plate Greaves
    Steel Plate Gussets
    Steel Plate Sabatons
    Steel Plate Spaulders
    Steel Rapier
    Steel Reverent Boots
    Steel Reverent Bracers
    Steel Reverent Coat
    Steel Reverent Coif
    Steel Reverent Gloves
    Steel Reverent Leggings
    Steel Reverent Mantle
    Steel Ritual Dagger
    Steel Sabre
    Steel Sai
    Steel Sceptre
    Steel Scimitar
    Steel Scourge
    Steel Shamshir
    Steel Short Spear
    Steel Short Sword
    Steel Sledge
    Steel Spatha
    Steel Spiked Hammer
    Steel Stiletto
    Steel Tablet
    Steel Tower Shield
    Steel Tribal Spear
    Steel Tulwar
    Steel Vanguard Barbute
    Steel Vanguard Cuirass
    Steel Vanguard Gauntlets
    Steel Vanguard Greaves
    Steel Vanguard Gussets
    Steel Vanguard Sabatons
    Steel Vanguard Spaulders
    Steel Voulge
    Steel War Hammer
    Steel War Mace
    Steel War Maul
    Steelsung Hauberk
    Stein of Moggok
    Stiletto of the Graverobber
    Stone Adorned Gloves
    Stone Apprentice Gi
    Stone Imbued Chestguard
    Stonehide Fistwraps
    Stonehide Leather Bandolier
    Stonehide Leather Boots
    Stonehide Leather Bracers
    Stonehide Leather Gloves
    Stonehide Leather Pants
    Stonehide Leather Pouch
    Stonehide Leather Satchel
    Stonehide Leather Sheath
    Stonehide Leather Shoulder Pads
    Stonehide Leather Skullcap
    Stonehide Leather Tome
    Stonehide Leather Tunic
    Stonehide Whip
    Stonewoven Cap
    Stonewoven Cowl
    Stonewoven Cuffs
    Stonewoven Leggings
    Stonewoven Mitts
    Stonewoven Shirt
    Stonewoven Slippers
    Strengthened Fistwraps
    strengthened leather bandolier
    strengthened leather belt
    strengthened leather boots
    Strengthened Leather Bracers
    strengthened leather fist wraps
    strengthened leather gloves
    strengthened leather pants
    strengthened leather pouch
    strengthened leather satchel
    strengthened leather sheath
    strengthened leather shoulder pads
    strengthened leather skullcap
    Strengthened Leather Tome
    strengthened leather tunic
    strengthened leather whip
    strengthened leather wristguards
    Strengthened Whip
    Strifewing Bone Bo
    Strifewing Clawed Fist
    Stringed Basalt Choker
    Strong Totem of the Beast
    Stud of Strengthened Growth
    Stud of the Spoken Word
    Stud of the Wandering Mind
    Stud of Wandering Thoughts
    sturdy pick
    sturdy shovel
    Sugary Candy-Striped Staff
    Sumac Bo Staff
    Sumac Buckler
    Sumac Club
    Sumac Cudgel
    Sumac Fighting Baton
    Sumac Greatstaff
    Sumac Knotted Club
    Sumac Longbow
    Sumac Pike
    Sumac Quarter Staff
    Sumac Round Shield
    Sumac Shortbow
    Sumac Sorcerer's Staff
    Sumac Wand
    sundered metallic robes
    Supple Hart Leather Chest Wrap
    Supple Hart Leather Gloves
    Supple Hart Leather Leggings
    Swiftcloth Sash
    Swiftcloth Scarf
    Sword of Slashing
    Symbol of Ash
    Symbol of Ash and Flame
    symbol of lethargy
    Symbol of Perpetual Darkness
    Symbol of Reanimation
    Symbol of the Challenger
    Tablet of Fear
    Tablet of the Cryptkeeper
    Tae Ew Chainmail Leggings
    Tae Ew Prophet Robe
    tailored bargainer's bloomers
    tailored bargainer's cape
    tailored bargainer's gloves
    tailored bargainer's hat
    tailored bargainer's shoes
    tailored bargainer's sleeves
    tailored bargainer's vest
    Tailored Boiled Boots
    Tailored Boiled Bracers
    Tailored Boiled Gloves
    Tailored Boiled Leather Belt
    Tailored Boiled Pants
    Tailored Boiled Shoulder Pads
    Tailored Boiled Skull Cap
    Tailored Boiled Tunic
    Tailored Broadcloth Blouse
    Tailored Broadcloth Cap
    Tailored Broadcloth Cuffs
    Tailored Broadcloth Mitts
    Tailored Broadcloth Pantaloons
    Tailored Broadcloth Sash
    Tailored Broadcloth Scarf
    Tailored Broadcloth Shawl
    Tailored Broadcloth Slippers
    Tailored Canvas Blouse
    Tailored Canvas Cap
    Tailored Canvas Cuffs
    Tailored Canvas Mitts
    Tailored Canvas Pantaloons
    Tailored Canvas Sash
    Tailored Canvas Scarf
    Tailored Canvas Shawl
    Tailored Canvas Slippers
    Tailored Craftsman Bloomers
    Tailored Craftsman Cape
    Tailored Craftsman Gloves
    Tailored Craftsman Hat
    Tailored Craftsman Shoes
    Tailored Craftsman Sleeves
    Tailored Craftsman Vest
    Tailored Damask Cap
    Tailored Damask Mitts
    Tailored Damask Pantaloons
    Tailored Damask Robe
    Tailored Damask Shawl
    Tailored Damask Slippers
    Tailored Damask Vest
    Tailored Dexterous Bristled Leather Boots
    Tailored Dexterous Bristled Leather Gi
    Tailored Dexterous Bristled Leather Gloves
    Tailored Dexterous Bristled Leather Pants
    Tailored Dexterous Bristled Leather Shoulder Pads
    Tailored Dexterous Bristled Leather Skullcap
    Tailored Dexterous Bristled Leather Tunic
    Tailored Dexterous Hidebound Leather Boots
    Tailored Dexterous Hidebound Leather Bracers
    Tailored Dexterous Hidebound Leather Gi
    Tailored Dexterous Hidebound Leather Gloves
    Tailored Dexterous Hidebound Leather Pants
    Tailored Dexterous Hidebound Leather Shoulder Pads
    Tailored Dexterous Hidebound Leather Skullcap
    Tailored Dexterous Hidebound Leather Tunic
    Tailored Dragonhide Belt
    Tailored Dragon's Breath Sash
    Tailored Dragon's Breath Scarf
    Tailored Etched Boots
    Tailored Etched Bracers
    Tailored Etched Gloves
    Tailored Etched Leather Belt
    Tailored Etched Pants
    Tailored Etched Shoulder Pads
    Tailored Etched Skull Cap
    Tailored Etched Tunic
    Tailored Horned Belt
    tailored laborer's bloomers
    tailored laborer's cap
    tailored laborer's cape
    tailored laborer's gloves
    tailored laborer's shoes
    tailored laborer's sleeves
    tailored laborer's vest
    Tailored Rawhide Belt
    Tailored Rough Linen Blouse
    Tailored Rough Linen Cap
    Tailored Rough Linen Cuffs
    Tailored Rough Linen Mitts
    Tailored Rough Linen Pantaloons
    Tailored Rough Linen Sash
    Tailored Rough Linen Scarf
    Tailored Rough Linen Shawl
    Tailored Rough Linen Slippers
    Tailored Sackcloth Scarf
    Tailored Specialist's Cape
    Tailored Specialist's Gloves
    Tailored Strengthened Boots
    Tailored Strengthened Bracers
    Tailored Strengthened Gloves
    Tailored Strengthened Leather Belt
    Tailored Strengthened Pants
    Tailored Strengthened Shoulder Pads
    Tailored Strengthened Skull Cap
    Tailored Strengthened Tunic
    Tailored Swiftcloth Cap
    Tailored Swiftcloth Cuffs
    Tailored Swiftcloth Mitts
    Tailored Swiftcloth Pantaloons
    Tailored Swiftcloth Robe
    Tailored Swiftcloth Shawl
    Tailored Swiftcloth Slippers
    Tailored Swiftcloth Vest
    Tailored Threadbare Blouse
    Tailored Threadbare Cap
    Tailored Threadbare Cuffs
    Tailored Threadbare Mitts
    Tailored Threadbare Pantallons
    Tailored Threadbare Scarf
    Tailored Threadbare Shawl
    Tailored Threadbare Slippers
    tailored tradesman's bloomers
    tailored tradesman's cape
    tailored tradesman's gloves
    tailored tradesman's hat
    tailored tradesman's shoes
    tailored tradesman's sleeves
    tailored tradesman's vest
    Tailored Tranquil Damask Pantaloons
    Tailored Waxed Boots
    Tailored Waxed Gloves
    Tailored Waxed Leather Belt
    Tailored Waxed Pants
    Tailored Waxed Shoulder Pads
    Tailored Waxed Skullcap
    Tailored Waxed Tunic
    Tailored Waxed Wristguards
    Tailored Windcloth Sash
    Tailored Windcloth Scarf
    Tailored Windcloth Shawl
    Tailored Woven Bristled Leather Boots
    Tailored Woven Bristled Leather Gloves
    Tailored Woven Bristled Leather Pants
    Tailored Woven Bristled Leather Shoulder Pads
    Tailored Woven Bristled Leather Skullcap
    Tailored Woven Bristled Leather Tunic
    Tailored Woven Hidebound Leather Boots
    Tailored Woven Hidebound Leather Bracers
    Tailored Woven Hidebound Leather Gloves
    Tailored Woven Hidebound Leather Pants
    Tailored Woven Hidebound Leather Shoulder Pads
    Tailored Woven Hidebound Leather Skullcap
    Tailored Woven Hidebound Leather Tunic
    tainted bone belt
    tainted bone mark
    tainted bone ring
    Tainted Claws of Andiza
    tainted drake's fang earring
    tainted drake's hide belt
    tainted drake's skin ring
    Tainted Fang of Andiza
    tainted hill cat's hide bracelet
    tainted hill cat's hide collar
    tainted scale ring
    Tainted Tail of Andiza
    Talisman of Dark Power
    Talisman of Pure Thought
    Talisman of the Eye
    Talisman of the Underworld
    Talisman of Thunder
    Tan Casual Wear
    Tan Galvanic Effluxator Attire
    Tan Galvanic Luminphial Attire
    Tan Galvanic Scorch-Stack Attire
    Tanned Fistwraps
    Tanned Leather Bandolier
    Tanned Leather Boots
    Tanned Leather Bracers
    Tanned Leather Gloves
    Tanned Leather Pants
    Tanned Leather Pouch
    Tanned Leather Satchel
    Tanned Leather Sheath
    Tanned Leather Shoulder Pads
    Tanned Leather Skull Cap
    Tanned Leather Tome
    Tanned Leather Tunic
    Tanned Whip
    Taskmasters Battle Hammer
    Tasty Candy-Striped Staff
    Tattered Pawn Cap
    Teak Bo Staff
    Teak Buckler
    Teak Club
    Teak Cudgel
    Teak Fighting Baton
    Teak Greatstaff
    Teak Knotted Club
    Teak Longbow
    Teak Pike
    Teak Quarter Staff
    Teak Round Shield
    Teak Shortbow
    Teak Sorcerer's Staff
    Teak Wand
    teakwood bo
    teakwood buckler
    teakwood cudgel
    teakwood fighting batons
    teakwood greatstaff
    teakwood knotted club
    teakwood long bow
  5. Caith Developer

    teakwood quarterstaff
    teakwood round shield
    teakwood short bow
    teakwood sorcerer's staff
    teakwood wand
    Templar's Band
    Tempting Candy-Striped Staff
    T'Haederium, Blessed Armor of Wisdom
    Thaumatoscopic Goggles
    Thaydor's Hammer of Accuracy
    The Beauty of the Desert Mouse
    The Black Hearted Villain
    The Blush of Winter
    The Bride’s Ceremonial Vestment
    The Bride’s Gold Kissed Ceremonial Vestment
    The Captain's Lucky Earring
    The Charisma of the Regal Sir
    The Fire Champion’s Burn
    The Fire Champion’s Fervor
    The Fire Maiden’s Ember
    The Fire Maiden’s Sultriness
    The Forest Champion’s Charm
    The Forest Champion’s Vitality
    The Forest Champion’s Wisdom
    The Forest Maiden's Allure
    The Forest Maiden's Beauty
    The Forest Maiden's Innocence
    The Fortitude of the Desert Pilgrim
    The Glory of Her Majesty
    The Grace of the Desert Mouse
    The Grace of the Regal Dame
    The Groom’s Ceremonial Vestment
    The Hero’s Golden Treasure
    The Heroine’s Golden Treasure
    The Lady's Black Heart
    The Libertine’s Rose
    The Libertine’s Wine
    The Luck of the Moor Lad
    The Luck of the Moor Lass
    The Might of His Eminence
    The Night Raven’s Sheen
    The Night Shadow’s Menace
    The Passion of the Beloved
    The Pining of the Suitor
    The Pride of the Desert Pilgrim
    The Rosy Winter Dusk
    The Royal Lady’s Power
    The Royal Lord’s Authority
    The Sea Mariner’s Mettle
    The Sea Mariner’s Resolve
    The Sea Mariner's Spirit
    The Sea Nymph’s Glamour
    The Sea Nymph’s Kiss
    The Sea Nymph’s Temptation
    The Shadows in the Night
    The Shadows of Neriak
    The Sparkle of the Night Sky
    The Spear of Gyrok
    The Tainted Bone Earring
    The Tainted Bone Necklace
    The Temptress’ Blush
    The Temptress’ Ruby
    The Twilight of Neriak
    The Vigor of the Regal Sir
    The Virtue of the Regal Dame
    The Wurmslayer
    The Young Lad’s Thrill
    The Young Lad’s Wit
    The Young Lass’ Aura
    The Young Lass’ Rogue
    Theurgist's Blackened Iron Plate Barbute
    Theurgist's Blessed Plate Barbute
    Theurgist's Blessed Plate Boots
    Theurgist's Blessed Plate Cuirass
    Theurgist's Blessed Plate Greaves
    Theurgist's Blessed Plate Pauldrons
    Theurgist's Blessed Wristguard
    Theurgist's Plate Barbute of the Gloryspeaker
    Theurgist's Plate Boots of the Gloryspeaker
    Theurgist's Plate Cuirass of Judgment
    Theurgist's Plate Greaves of the Gloryspeaker
    Theurgist's Sanctified Plate Barbute of Judgment
    Theurgist's Sanctified Plate Barbute of the Gloryspeaker
    Theurgist's Sanctified Plate Boots of Judgment
    Theurgist's Sanctified Plate Cuirass of Judgment
    Theurgist's Sanctified Plate Gloves of Judgment
    Theurgist's Sanctified Plate Gloves of the Fanatic
    Theurgist's Sanctified Plate Gloves of the Gloryspeaker
    Theurgist's Sanctified Plate Greaves of Judgment
    Theurgist's Sanctified Plate Greaves of the Gloryspeaker
    Theurgist's Sanctified Plate Pauldrons of Judgment
    Theurgist's Sanctified Wristguard of Judgment
    Theurgist's Sanctified Wristguard of the Gloryspeaker
    Theurgist's Touched Plate Cuirass
    Thirneg's Jeweled Bloom
    Thirneg's Thorn
    Thistle Etched Blood Mail Boots
    Thistle Etched Blood Mail Coif
    Thistle Etched Blood Mail Gloves
    Thistle Etched Blood Mail Hauberk
    Thistle Etched Blood Mail Leggings
    Thistle Etched Blood Mail Mantle
    Threadbare Cap
    Threadbare Cuffs
    Threadbare Mitts
    Threadbare Pantaloons
    Threadbare Robe
    Threadbare Shawl
    Threadbare Slippers
    Threadbare Vest
    Thubirian Crescent Axe
    Thulian Claw
    Thulian Tower Shield
    thulzite embroidered blouse
    thulzite embroidered cap
    thulzite embroidered cowl
    thulzite embroidered cuffs
    thulzite embroidered mitts
    thulzite embroidered pantaloons
    thulzite embroidered slippers
    thulzite ringmail boots
    thulzite ringmail bracers
    thulzite ringmail coat
    thulzite ringmail coif
    thulzite ringmail gloves
    thulzite ringmail leggings
    thulzite ringmail mantle
    thulzite vanguard barbute
    thulzite vanguard cuirass
    thulzite vanguard gauntlets
    thulzite vanguard greaves
    thulzite vanguard gussets
    thulzite vanguard sabatons
    thulzite vanguard spaulders
    thulzite woven boots
    thulzite woven gloves
    thulzite woven pants
    thulzite woven shoulder pads
    thulzite woven skullcap
    thulzite woven tunic
    thulzite woven wristguards
    Thunderous Pantaloons
    Thunderstone Amulet
    Thunderstone Armguards
    Thunderstone Chestplate
    Thunderstone Leggings
    Thunderstone Mantle
    Thurgadin Formal Trousers (Ash)
    Thurgadin Formal Trousers (Azure)
    Thurgadin Formal Trousers (Bloodstone)
    Thurgadin Formal Trousers (Charcoal)
    Thurgadin Formal Trousers (Golden)
    Thurgadin Formal Trousers (Marine)
    Thurgadin Formal Trousers (Rose)
    Thurgadin Formal Trousers (Royal)
    Thurgadin Formal Trousers (Ruby)
    Thurgadin Formal Trousers (Russet)
    Thurgadin Formal Trousers (Verdant)
    Thurgadin Formal Tunic (Ash)
    Thurgadin Formal Tunic (Azure)
    Thurgadin Formal Tunic (Bloodstone)
    Thurgadin Formal Tunic (Charcoal)
    Thurgadin Formal Tunic (Golden)
    Thurgadin Formal Tunic (Marine)
    Thurgadin Formal Tunic (Rose)
    Thurgadin Formal Tunic (Royal)
    Thurgadin Formal Tunic (Ruby)
    Thurgadin Formal Tunic (Russet)
    Thurgadin Formal Tunic (Verdant)
    Thyr Lieutenant's Blade of Accuracy
    Thyrian Sceptre of Command
    Thyr's Spike
    Timberland Dragon's Breath Adventurer's Cloak
    Timberland Windcloth Adventurer's Cloak
    Tin Assault Axe
    Tin Battle Hammer
    Tin Chainmail Boots
    Tin Chainmail Bracers
    Tin Chainmail Coat
    Tin Chainmail Coif
    Tin Chainmail Gloves
    Tin Chainmail Leggings
    Tin Chainmail Mantle
    Tin Claws
    Tin Claymore
    Tin Crescent Axe
    Tin Dagger
    Tin Dirk
    Tin Double Headed Axe
    Tin Falchion
    Tin Flail
    Tin Flamberge
    Tin Gavel
    Tin Great Flail
    Tin Great Spear
    Tin Great Sword
    Tin Hand Axe
    Tin Javelin
    Tin Karabela
    Tin Katana
    Tin Katar
    Tin Kite Shield
    Tin Knuckles
    Tin Kris
    Tin Lance
    Tin Long Sword
    Tin Mace
    Tin Maul
    Tin Morning Star
    Tin Parrying Blade
    Tin Rapier
    Tin Ritual Dagger
    Tin Sabre
    Tin Sai
    Tin Sceptre
    Tin Scimitar
    Tin Scourge
    Tin Shamshir
    Tin Short Spear
    Tin Short Sword
    Tin Sledge
    Tin Spatha
    Tin Spiked Hammer
    Tin Stiletto
    Tin Tablet
    Tin Tower Shield
    Tin Tribal Spear
    Tin Tulwar
    Tin Vanguard Barbute
    Tin Vanguard Cuirass
    Tin Vanguard Gauntlets
    Tin Vanguard Greaves
    Tin Vanguard Gussets
    Tin Vanguard Sabatons
    Tin Vanguard Spaulders
    Tin Voulge
    Tin War Hammer
    Tin War Mace
    Tin War Maul
    Tinkered Buckler of the Great Gear
    Tinkered Buzzblade
    Tinkered Illuminated Polearm
    Tinkered Mechanized Blade
    Tinkered Mechanized Bow
    Tinkered Powered Wrench
    Tinkered Ratchet Wrench
    Tinkered Shield of the Great Gear
    Tinkered Sonic Drill
    Titanium Assault Axe
    Titanium Band
    Titanium Band Of Agility
    Titanium Band Of Stamina
    Titanium Band Of Strength
    Titanium Bangle
    Titanium Battle Hammer
    Titanium Belt
    Titanium Bracelet
    Titanium Brigandine Boots
    Titanium Brigandine Bracer
    Titanium Brigandine Coat
    Titanium Brigandine Coif
    Titanium Brigandine Gauntlets
    Titanium Brigandine Leggings
    Titanium Brigandine Mantle
    Titanium Chainmail Boots
    Titanium Chainmail Bracer
    Titanium Chainmail Coat
    Titanium Chainmail Coif
    Titanium Chainmail Gauntlets
    Titanium Chainmail Leggings
    Titanium Chainmail Mantle
    Titanium Claws
    Titanium Claymore
    Titanium Crescent Axe
    Titanium Dagger
    Titanium Devout Barbute
    Titanium Devout Cuirass
    Titanium Devout Gauntlets
    Titanium Devout Greaves
    Titanium Devout Gussets
    Titanium Devout Sabatons
    Titanium Devout Spaulders
    Titanium Dirk
    Titanium Double Headed Axe
    Titanium Earring
    Titanium Falchion
    Titanium Flail
    Titanium Flamberge
    Titanium Gavel
    Titanium Girdle
    Titanium Great Flail
    Titanium Great Spear
    Titanium Great Sword
    Titanium Hand Axe
    Titanium Hoop
    Titanium Javelin
    Titanium Karabela
    Titanium Katana
    Titanium Katar
    Titanium Kite Shield
    Titanium Knuckles
    Titanium Kris
    Titanium Lance
    Titanium Locket
    Titanium Long Sword
    Titanium Mace
    Titanium Maul
    Titanium Melodic Boots
    Titanium Melodic Bracer
    Titanium Melodic Coat
    Titanium Melodic Coif
    Titanium Melodic Gauntlets
    Titanium Melodic Leggings
    Titanium Melodic Mantle
    Titanium Morning Star
    Titanium Parrying Blade
    Titanium Plate Barbute
    Titanium Plate Cuirass
    Titanium Plate Gauntlets
    Titanium Plate Greaves
    Titanium Plate Gussets
    Titanium Plate Sabatons
    Titanium Plate Spaulders
    Titanium Rapier
    Titanium Reverent Boots
    Titanium Reverent Bracer
    Titanium Reverent Coat
    Titanium Reverent Coif
    Titanium Reverent Gauntlets
    Titanium Reverent Leggings
    Titanium Reverent Mantle
    Titanium Righteous Barbute
    Titanium Righteous Cuirass
    Titanium Righteous Gauntlets
    Titanium Righteous Greaves
    Titanium Righteous Gussets
    Titanium Righteous Sabatons
    Titanium Righteous Spaulders
    Titanium Ring
    Titanium Ring Of Intelligence
    Titanium Ring Of Stamina
    Titanium Ring Of Wisdom
    Titanium Ritual Dagger
    Titanium Sabre
    Titanium Sai
    Titanium Sceptre
    Titanium Scimitar
    Titanium Scourge
    Titanium Shamshir
    Titanium Short Spear
    Titanium Short Sword
    Titanium Sledgehammer
    Titanium Spatha
    Titanium Spiked Hammer
  6. Caith Developer

    Titanium Stiletto
    Titanium Tablet
    Titanium Torque
    Titanium Tower Shield
    Titanium Tribal Spear
    Titanium Tulwar
    Titanium Vanguard Barbute
    Titanium Vanguard Cuirass
    Titanium Vanguard Gauntlets
    Titanium Vanguard Greaves
    Titanium Vanguard Gussets
    Titanium Vanguard Sabatons
    Titanium Vanguard Spaulders
    Titanium Voulge
    Titanium War Hammer
    Titanium War Mace
    Titanium War Maul
    Token of Abjuration
    Token of Wondrous Rapidity
    Tome of the Undead Scholar
    Tonlets of Aberrant Life
    Tonlets of the Destined Soul
    Topaz Orb
    Torque of Banishment
    Torque of the Great Storm
    Tower Shield of Might
    Tower Shield of the Eternal
    Tower Shield of the Military Govenor
    Toxic Battle Axe
    Toxic Blade of Brutality
    Toxic Blade of Distortion
    Toxic Blade of Elusivity
    Toxic Blade of Engagements
    Toxic Blade of Execution
    Toxic Blade of Rapidity
    Toxic Blade of the Neurotic
    Toxic Blade of the Umbral
    Toxic Bow of Brutality
    Toxic Bow of Distortion
    Toxic Bow of Elusivity
    Toxic Bow of Engagements
    Toxic Bow of Execution
    Toxic Bow of Rapidity
    Toxic Bow of the Neurotic
    Toxic Bow of the Umbral
    Toxic Dagger of Brutality
    Toxic Dagger of Distortion
    Toxic Dagger of Elusivity
    Toxic Dagger of Engagements
    Toxic Dagger of Execution
    Toxic Dagger of Rapidity
    Toxic Dagger of the Neurotic
    Toxic Dagger of the Umbral
    Tradesman's Bloomers
    Tradesman's Cape
    Tradesman's Gloves
    Tradesman's Shoes
    Tradesman's Vest
    Tranquil Bands of Agony
    Tranquil Bands of Destruction
    Tranquil Bands of Extermination
    Tranquil Bands of Fate
    Tranquil Bands of Havoc
    Tranquil Bands of Torrents
    Tranquil Bands of Velocity
    Tranquil Bands of Volatility
    Tranquil Broadcloth Cap
    Tranquil Broadcloth Cuffs
    Tranquil Broadcloth Mitts
    Tranquil Broadcloth Pantaloons
    Tranquil Broadcloth Robe
    Tranquil Broadcloth Shawl
    Tranquil Broadcloth Slippers
    Tranquil Broadcloth Vest
    Tranquil Burlap Cap
    Tranquil Burlap Cuffs
    Tranquil Burlap Mitts
    Tranquil Burlap Pantaloons
    Tranquil Burlap Robe
    Tranquil Burlap Shawl
    Tranquil Burlap Slippers
    Tranquil Burlap Vest
    Tranquil Cambric Cap
    Tranquil Cambric Cuffs
    Tranquil Cambric Mitts
    Tranquil Cambric Pantaloons
    Tranquil Cambric Robe
    Tranquil Cambric Shawl
    Tranquil Cambric Slippers
    Tranquil Canvas Cap
    Tranquil Canvas Cuffs
    Tranquil Canvas Mitts
    Tranquil Canvas Pantaloons
    Tranquil Canvas Robe
    Tranquil Canvas Shawl
    Tranquil Canvas Slippers
    Tranquil Canvas Vest
    Tranquil Cloth Cap
    Tranquil Cloth Cuffs
    Tranquil Cloth Mitts
    Tranquil Cloth Pantaloons
    Tranquil Cloth Shawl
    Tranquil Cloth Slippers
    Tranquil Cloth Vest
    Tranquil Damask Cap
    Tranquil Damask Cuffs
    Tranquil Damask Mitts
    Tranquil Damask Robe
    Tranquil Damask Shawl
    Tranquil Damask Slippers
    Tranquil Damask Vest
    Tranquil Dragon's Breath Cap
    Tranquil Dragon's Breath Cuffs
    Tranquil Dragon's Breath Mitts
    Tranquil Dragon's Breath Pantaloons
    Tranquil Dragon's Breath Shawl
    Tranquil Dragon's Breath Slippers
    Tranquil Dragon's Breath Vest
    Tranquil Linen Cap
    Tranquil Linen Cuffs
    Tranquil Linen Mitts
    Tranquil Linen Pantaloons
    Tranquil Linen Robe
    Tranquil Linen Shawl
    Tranquil Linen Slippers
    Tranquil Robe of Agony
    Tranquil Robe of Destruction
    Tranquil Robe of Extermination
    Tranquil Robe of Fate
    Tranquil Robe of Havoc
    Tranquil Robe of Torrents
    Tranquil Robe of Velocity
    Tranquil Robe of Volatility
    Tranquil Rough Linen Cap
    Tranquil Rough Linen Cuffs
    Tranquil Rough Linen Mitts
    Tranquil Rough Linen Pantaloons
    Tranquil Rough Linen Robe
    Tranquil Rough Linen Shawl
    Tranquil Rough Linen Slippers
    Tranquil Roughspun Cap
    Tranquil Roughspun Cuffs
    Tranquil Roughspun Mitts
    Tranquil Roughspun Pantaloons
    Tranquil Roughspun Robe
    Tranquil Roughspun Shawl
    Tranquil Roughspun Slippers
    Tranquil Roughspun Vest
    Tranquil Ruckas Cap
    Tranquil Ruckas Cuffs
    Tranquil Ruckas Mitts
    Tranquil Ruckas Pantaloons
    Tranquil Ruckas Robe
    Tranquil Ruckas Shawl
    Tranquil Ruckas Slippers
    Tranquil Ruckas Vest
    Tranquil Sackcloth Cap
    Tranquil Sackcloth Cuffs
    Tranquil Sackcloth Mitts
    Tranquil Sackcloth Pantaloons
    Tranquil Sackcloth Robe
    Tranquil Sackcloth Shawl
    Tranquil Sackcloth Slippers
    Tranquil Sackcloth Vest
    Tranquil Sandcloth Cap
    Tranquil Sandcloth Cuffs
    Tranquil Sandcloth Mitts
    Tranquil Sandcloth Pantaloons
    Tranquil Sandcloth Robe
    Tranquil Sandcloth Shawl
    Tranquil Sandcloth Slippers
    Tranquil Spuncloth Cap
    Tranquil Spuncloth Cuffs
    Tranquil Spuncloth Mitts
    Tranquil Spuncloth Pantaloons
    Tranquil Spuncloth Robe
    Tranquil Spuncloth Shawl
    Tranquil Spuncloth Slippers
    Tranquil Spuncloth Vest
    Tranquil Swiftcloth Cap
    Tranquil Swiftcloth Cuffs
    Tranquil Swiftcloth Mitts
    Tranquil Swiftcloth Pantaloons
    Tranquil Swiftcloth Robe
    Tranquil Swiftcloth Shawl
    Tranquil Swiftcloth Slippers
    Tranquil Swiftcloth Vest
    Tranquil Threadbare Cap
    Tranquil Threadbare Cuffs
    Tranquil Threadbare Mitts
    Tranquil Threadbare Pantaloons
    Tranquil Threadbare Robe
    Tranquil Threadbare Shawl
    Tranquil Threadbare Slippers
    Tranquil Threadbare Vest
    Tranquil Windcloth Cap
    Tranquil Windcloth Cuffs
    Tranquil Windcloth Mitts
    Tranquil Windcloth Pantaloons
    Tranquil Windcloth Robe
    Tranquil Windcloth Shawl
    Tranquil Windcloth Slippers
    Trapper's Mitts
    Trapper's Staff
    Treebark Buckler
    Treespeaker's Ashenwood Leather Gloves of the Sapient
    Treespeaker's Pure Rosewood Bands of the Stargazer
    Treespeaker's Pure Rosewood Leather Boots of the Stargazer
    Trimmed Frost Fabric Cloak
    troglodyte fist wraps
    Truesight Leggings
    Tundra Hiker's Staff
    Tundra Walker's Cowl
    Tundra Walker's Cuffs
    Tundra Walker's Hood
    Tundra Walker's Mitts
    Tundra Walker's Pantaloons
    Tundra Walker's Robe
    Tundra Walker's Skinning Knife
    Tundra Walker's Slippers
    Tundran War Axe
    Tunic of the Ice Bear
    Turban of Coercion
    Turquoise Orb
    Turquoise Stud
    Turtle Shell Buckler
    Turtle Shell Mageshield
    Twilight-Chainmail Boots
    Twilight-Chainmail Bracers
    Twilight-Chainmail Coat
    Twilight-Chainmail Coif
    Twilight-Chainmail Gloves
    Twilight-Chainmail Leggings
    Twilight-Chainmail Mantle
    Tynnonium Band
    Tynnonium Bangle
    Tynnonium Censer
    Tynnonium Girdle
    Tynnonium Hoop
    Tynnonium Idol
    Tynnonium Symbol
    Tynnonium Torque
    Tyrant's Crown
    Ulteran Cowl
    Ulteran Gloves
    Ulteran Pantaloons
    Ulteran Robe
    Ulteran Shawl
    Ulteran Sleeves
    Ulteran Slippers
    Umbrae Blood Mail Boots
    Umbrae Blood Mail Coif
    Umbrae Blood Mail Gloves
    Umbrae Blood Mail Hauberk
    Umbrae Blood Mail Leggings
    Umbrae Blood Mail Mantle
    Uniform of the Unabashed Romantic
    Unknowable Sphere of the Hand
    Untamed Watcher's Bands of the Judicious
    Untamed Watcher's Leather Boots of the Judicious
    Untamed Watcher's Leather Pants of the Judicious
    Untamed Watcher's Shoulder Pads of the Judicious
    Untamed Watcher's Tunic of the Judicious
    Valefolk Shawl
    Valian bow
    Valiant Blackguard's Chain Leggings of Dexterity
    Valiant Blackguard's Chain Shoes of Dexterity
    Valiant Blackguard's Chain Spaulders of Dexterity
    Valiant Blackguard's Chain Tunic of Dexterity
    Valiant Blackguard's Vambraces of Dexterity
    Vambraces of Aberrant Life
    Vampire-Forged Plate Gussets
    Vampire-Forged Vanguard Gauntlets
    Vampire-Forged Vanguard Greaves
    Vampire-Forged Vanguard Sabatons
    Vanadium Censer
    Vanadium Idol
    Vanadium Symbol
    Vanguard Bracers of Authority
    Vanguard Bracers of Dominance
    Vanguard Bracers of Dynamism
    Vanguard Bracers of Energy
    Vanguard Bracers of Rancor
    Vanguard Bracers of Stratagems
    Vanguard Bracers of the Boundless
    Vanguard Bracers of Virtue
    Vanguard Breastplate of Authority
    Vanguard Breastplate of Dominance
    Vanguard Breastplate of Dynamism
    Vanguard Breastplate of Energy
    Vanguard Breastplate of Rancor
    Vanguard Breastplate of Stratagems
    Vanguard Breastplate of the Boundless
    Vanguard Breastplate of Virtue
    Vanguard Cuirass of the Chosen
    Vanguard Icebound Gauntlets
    Vanguard Icebound Greaves
    Vanguard Icebound Sabatons
    Vanguard Sabatons of Fortification
    Vanguard Spaulders of Resplendence
    velium band
    velium bangle
    velium hoop
    Velium Idol
    Velium Symbol
    velium torque
    velvet blouse
    velvet cap
    Velvet Cowl
    velvet cuffs
    velvet mitts
    velvet pantaloons
    Velvet Slippers
    vengeful greatstaff
    Vermillion Casual Wear
    Veteran's Polished Bracers of the Warleader
    Vicious Sai
    Vigilant Voulge
    Villainous Elven Sphere
    Vine Cinched Sash
    vine lined cap
    vine lined cowl
    vine lined cuffs
    vine lined mitts
    vine lined pantaloons
    vine lined robe
    vine lined slippers
    Vine Strung Long Bow
    Vine-wrapped Boots
    Violet Haze Amulet
    Void-Tainted Mace of Dominance
    Void-Tainted Plate Girdle of Malice
    Void-Tainted Plate Girdle of Will
    Void-Tainted Shortsword of Culling
    Volcanic Forged Warhammer
    Votary's Ordained Wristguard of the Divinehand
    Vruxx' Obsidian Shield
  7. Caith Developer

    Vulcanic Battle Hammer
    Vulcanized Kite Shield
    Vulcanized Tower Shield
    Vulian Foil of the Deep
    Vultak Feather Headdress
    Vultak Gravel Stone
    Waistband of Haste
    Walking Stick of the Spry Undertaker
    Wand of Any Means
    Wand of Fragmented Cazecite
    Wand of Mourning
    Wand of the Living Flame
    Wanderer's Fist Wraps
    Wanderer's Wand of Divinity
    Wandering Defender's Shroud
    Wandering Defender's Torque
    Wandering Healer's Shroud
    Wandering Healer's Torque
    Wandering Medium's Shroud
    Wandering Medium's Torque
    Wandering Stalker's Shroud
    Wandering Stalker's Torque
    Warborn Blood Iron Chestplate
    Warborn Blood Iron Gauntlets
    Warborn Blood Iron Greaves
    Warborn Blood Iron Helmet
    Warborn Blood Iron Sabatons
    Warborn Blood Iron Vambraces
    Warhammer of Crushing
    War-painted Bracers
    War-painted Gauntlets
    War-painted Greaves
    War-painted Hauberk
    War-painted Helm
    War-painted Sabatons
    War-painted Spaulders
    Warrior's Belt of Malicious Intent
    Watcher's Blackened Iron Cap
    Watcher's Cap of the Lifebringer
    Watcher's Leather Boots of the Lifebringer
    Watcher's Leather Pants of the Lifebringer
    Watcher's Rare Hide Bands of the Lifebringer
    Watcher's Rare Hide Bands of the Wild
    Watcher's Rare Hide Cap of the Lifebringer
    Watcher's Rare Hide Cap of the Wild
    Watcher's Rare Hide Leather Boots of the Wild
    Watcher's Rare Hide Leather Gloves of the Judicious
    Watcher's Rare Hide Leather Gloves of the Lifebringer
    Watcher's Rare Hide Leather Gloves of the Wild
    Watcher's Rare Hide Leather Pants of the Lifebringer
    Watcher's Rare Hide Leather Pants of the Wild
    Watcher's Rare Hide Shoulder Pads of the Wild
    Watcher's Rare Hide Tunic of the Wild
    Watcher's Savage Tunic
    Watcher's Star Etched Bands
    Watcher's Star Etched Cap
    Watcher's Star Etched Leather Boots
    Watcher's Star Etched Leather Pants
    Watcher's Star Etched Shoulder Pads
    Watcher's Star Etched Tunic
    Watcher's Tunic of the Wild
    Waxed Fistwraps
    Waxed Leather Bandolier
    Waxed Leather Boots
    Waxed Leather Bracers
    Waxed Leather Gloves
    Waxed Leather Pants
    Waxed Leather Pouch
    Waxed Leather Satchel
    Waxed Leather Sheath
    Waxed Leather Shoulder Pads
    Waxed Leather Skullcap
    Waxed Leather Tome
    Waxed Leather Tunic
    Waxed Whip
    Whip of the Soulslaver
    White Dragon Tooth
    White Woolen Scarf
    Whitestone Mantle
    Windcloth Cap
    Windcloth Cuffs
    Windcloth Mitts
    Windcloth Pantaloons
    Windcloth Robe
    Windcloth Slippers
    Windriders Round Shield
    Winter's Pendant
    wooden ritual dagger
    Worn Arcane Environmental Suit
    Worn Elemental Environmental Suit
    Worn Noxious Environmental Suit
    Woven Armband of the Bear
    Woven Armband of the Fox
    Woven Armband of the Owl
    Woven Armband of the Wolf
    woven augmented boots
    Woven Augmented Bracers
    woven augmented gloves
    woven augmented pants
    woven augmented shoulder pads
    woven augmented skullcap
    woven augmented tunic
    woven augmented wristguards
    Woven Boiled Boots
    Woven Boiled Bracers
    Woven Boiled Gloves
    Woven Boiled Pants
    Woven Boiled Shoulder Pads
    Woven Boiled Skullcap
    Woven Boiled Vest
    Woven Bristled Bracers
    Woven Cuirboilli Boots
    Woven Cuirboilli Bracers
    Woven Cuirboilli Gloves
    Woven Cuirboilli Pants
    Woven Cuirboilli Shoulder Pads
    Woven Cuirboilli Skullcap
    Woven Cuirboilli Vest
    Woven Cured Boots
    Woven Cured Bracers
    Woven Cured Gloves
    Woven Cured Pants
    Woven Cured Shoulder Pads
    Woven Cured Skullcap
    Woven Cured Tunic
    Woven Dragonhide Boots
    Woven Dragonhide Bracers
    Woven Dragonhide Gloves
    Woven Dragonhide Pants
    Woven Dragonhide Shoulder Pads
    Woven Dragonhide Skullcap
    Woven Dragonhide Tunic
    Woven Drake-Hide Circlet
    woven engraved boots
    Woven Engraved Bracers
    woven engraved gloves
    woven engraved pants
    Woven Engraved Shoulder Pads
    woven engraved shoulderpads
    woven engraved skullcap
    woven engraved tunic
    woven engraved wristpads
    woven etched boots
    Woven Etched Bracers
    woven etched gloves
    woven etched pants
    Woven Etched Shoulder Pads
    woven etched shoulderpads
    woven etched skullcap
    woven etched tunic
    woven etched wristpads
    Woven Flesh Vest
    Woven Horned Leather Boots
    Woven Horned Leather Bracers
    Woven Horned Leather Gloves
    Woven Horned Leather Pants
    Woven Horned Leather Shoulder Pads
    Woven Horned Leather Skullcap
    Woven Horned Leather Tunic
    Woven Mottled Boots
    Woven Mottled Bracers
    Woven Mottled Gloves
    Woven Mottled Pants
    Woven Mottled Shoulder Pads
    Woven Mottled Skullcap
    Woven Mottled Tunic
    woven pants of power
    Woven Rawhide Boots
    Woven Rawhide Bracers
    Woven Rawhide Gloves
    Woven Rawhide Pants
    Woven Rawhide Shoulder Pads
    Woven Rawhide Skullcap
    Woven Rawhide Tunic
    woven reinforced boots
    woven reinforced gloves
    woven reinforced pants
    woven reinforced shoulder pads
    woven reinforced skullcap
    woven reinforced tunic
    woven reinforced wristguards
    Woven Scaled Boots
    Woven Scaled Bracers
    Woven Scaled Gloves
    Woven Scaled Pants
    Woven Scaled Shoulder Pads
    Woven Scaled Skullcap
    Woven Scaled Tunic
    Woven Stonehide Boots
    Woven Stonehide Bracers
    Woven Stonehide Gloves
    Woven Stonehide Pants
    Woven Stonehide Shoulder Pads
    Woven Stonehide Skullcap
    Woven Stonehide Tunic
    Woven Strengthened Boots
    Woven Strengthened Bracers
    Woven Strengthened Gloves
    Woven Strengthened Pants
    Woven Strengthened Shoulder Pads
    Woven Strengthened Skullcap
    Woven Strengthened Tunic
    Woven Tanned Leather Boots
    Woven Tanned Leather Bracers
    Woven Tanned Leather Gloves
    Woven Tanned Leather Pants
    Woven Tanned Leather Shoulder Pads
    Woven Tanned Leather Skullcap
    Woven Tanned Leather Tunic
    Woven Vulcanized Boots
    Woven Vulcanized Gloves
    Woven Vulcanized Pants
    Woven Vulcanized Shoulder Pads
    Woven Vulcanized Skullcap
    Woven Vulcanized Tunic
    Woven Vulcanized Wristguards
    Woven Waxed Boots
    Woven Waxed Bracers
    Woven Waxed Gloves
    Woven Waxed Pants
    Woven Waxed Shoulder Pads
    Woven Waxed Skullcap
    Woven Waxed Tunic
    Wristguards of Haunted Visions
    Wristguards of the Axebringer
    Wuoshi's Scale Tunic
    Wyrm Hide Skullcap
    Wyrmhide Boots
    Wyrmhide Bracers
    Wyrmhide Chaps
    Wyrmhide Gloves
    Wyrmhide Hood
    Wyrmhide Shoulderpads
    Wyrmhide War Vest
    Wyrmsteel Battleaxe
    Wyrmsteel Katar
    Wyrmsteel Longsword
    Wyrmsteel Mace
    Wyrmsteel Shortblade
    Wyrmsteel Staff
    Xegonite Assault Axe
    Xegonite Battle Hammer
    Xegonite Brigandine Boots
    Xegonite Brigandine Bracers
    Xegonite Brigandine Coat
    Xegonite Brigandine Coif
    Xegonite Brigandine Gloves
    Xegonite Brigandine Leggings
    Xegonite Brigandine Mantle
    Xegonite Chainmail Boots
    Xegonite Chainmail Bracers
    Xegonite Chainmail Coat
    Xegonite Chainmail Coif
    Xegonite Chainmail Gloves
    Xegonite Chainmail Leggings
    Xegonite Chainmail Mantle
    Xegonite Claws
    Xegonite Claymore
    Xegonite Crescent Axe
    Xegonite Dagger
    Xegonite Devout Barbute
    Xegonite Devout Cuirass
    Xegonite Devout Gauntlets
    Xegonite Devout Greaves
    Xegonite Devout Gussets
    Xegonite Devout Sabatons
    Xegonite Devout Spaulders
    Xegonite Dirk
    Xegonite Double Headed Axe
    Xegonite Falchion
    Xegonite Flail
    Xegonite Flamberge
    Xegonite Gavel
    Xegonite Great Flail
    Xegonite Great Spear
    Xegonite Great Sword
    Xegonite Hand Axe
    Xegonite Javelin
    Xegonite Karabela
    Xegonite Katana
    Xegonite Katar
    Xegonite Kite Shield
    Xegonite Knuckles
    Xegonite Kris
    Xegonite Lance
    Xegonite Long Sword
    Xegonite Mace
    Xegonite Maul
    Xegonite Melodic Boots
    Xegonite Melodic Bracers
    Xegonite Melodic Coat
    Xegonite Melodic Coif
    Xegonite Melodic Gloves
    Xegonite Melodic Leggings
    Xegonite Melodic Mantle
    Xegonite Morning Star
    Xegonite Parrying Blade
    Xegonite Plate Barbute
    Xegonite Plate Cuirass
    Xegonite Plate Gauntlets
    Xegonite Plate Greaves
    Xegonite Plate Gussets
    Xegonite Plate Sabatons
    Xegonite Plate Spaulders
    Xegonite Rapier
    Xegonite Reverent Boots
    Xegonite Reverent Bracers
    Xegonite Reverent Coat
    Xegonite Reverent Coif
    Xegonite Reverent Gloves
    Xegonite Reverent Leggings
    Xegonite Reverent Mantle
    Xegonite Ritual Dagger
    Xegonite Sabre
    Xegonite Sai
    Xegonite Sceptre
    Xegonite Scimitar
    Xegonite Scourge
    Xegonite Shamshir
    Xegonite Short Spear
    Xegonite Short Sword
    Xegonite Sledge
    Xegonite Spatha
    Xegonite Spiked Hammer
    Xegonite Stiletto
    Xegonite Tablet
    Xegonite Tower Shield
    Xegonite Tribal Spear
    Xegonite Tulwar
    Xegonite Vanguard Barbute
    Xegonite Vanguard Cuirass
    Xegonite Vanguard Gauntlets
    Xegonite Vanguard Greaves
    Xegonite Vanguard Gussets
    Xegonite Vanguard Sabatons
    Xegonite Vanguard Spaulders
    Xegonite Voulge
    Xegonite War Hammer
    Xegonite War Mace
    Xegonite War Maul
    Yktrl's Slippers of Fate
    Ymereshs Ring
    Yummy Candy-Striped Staff
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