NAGAFEN BETA Update Notes: Friday February 15, 2019

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  1. Caith Developer

    • A beta buffing bauble will be placed into the inventory of all characters on the beta server which may be used to boost them to level 50 with expert abilities and mastercrafted gear.
    • All early game wands from before wands were wandlike are now actually wands and do wand like things and are equipped into the ranged slot.
    • Updated the following items for reitemization. Reitemization passes are an ongoing process and specific item quality will be refined in an ongoing process until Time-Locked and Event server launch.
    A Reanimated Heart
    Acid Marked Blade
    Acid Pocked Scourge
    Acid Scarred Chain Tunic
    Acrylia Censer
    Acrylia Idol
    Acrylia Symbol
    Adamantine Assault Axe
    Adamantine Battle Hammer
    Adamantine Brigandine Boots
    Adamantine Brigandine Bracers
    Adamantine Brigandine Coat
    Adamantine Brigandine Coif
    Adamantine Brigandine Gloves
    Adamantine Brigandine Leggings
    Adamantine Brigandine Mantle
    Adamantine Chainmail Boots
    Adamantine Chainmail Bracers
    Adamantine Chainmail Coat
    Adamantine Chainmail Coif
    Adamantine Chainmail Gloves
    Adamantine Chainmail Leggings
    Adamantine Chainmail Mantle
    Adamantine Claws
    Adamantine Claymore
    Adamantine Crescent Axe
    Adamantine Dagger
    Adamantine Devout Barbute
    Adamantine Devout Cuirass
    Adamantine Devout Gauntlets
    Adamantine Devout Greaves
    Adamantine Devout Gussets
    Adamantine Devout Sabatons
    Adamantine Devout Spaulders
    Adamantine Dirk
    Adamantine Double Headed Axe
    Adamantine Falchion
    Adamantine Flail
    Adamantine Flamberge
    Adamantine Gavel
    Adamantine Great Flail
    Adamantine Great Spear
    Adamantine Great Sword
    Adamantine Hand Axe
    Adamantine Javelin
    Adamantine Karabela
    Adamantine Katana
    Adamantine Katar
    Adamantine Kite Shield
    Adamantine Knuckles
    Adamantine Kris
    Adamantine Lance
    Adamantine Long Sword
    Adamantine Mace
    Adamantine Maul
    Adamantine Melodic Boots
    Adamantine Melodic Bracers
    Adamantine Melodic Coat
    Adamantine Melodic Coif
    Adamantine Melodic Gloves
    Adamantine Melodic Leggings
    Adamantine Melodic Mantle
    Adamantine Morning Star
    Adamantine Parrying Blade
    Adamantine Plate Barbute
    Adamantine Plate Cuirass
    Adamantine Plate Gauntlets
    Adamantine Plate Greaves
    Adamantine Plate Gussets
    Adamantine Plate Sabatons
    Adamantine Plate Spaulders
    Adamantine Rapier
    Adamantine Reverent Boots
    Adamantine Reverent Bracers
    Adamantine Reverent Coat
    Adamantine Reverent Coif
    Adamantine Reverent Gloves
    Adamantine Reverent Leggings
    Adamantine Reverent Mantle
    Adamantine Ritual Dagger
    Adamantine Sabre
    Adamantine Sai
    Adamantine Sceptre
    Adamantine Scimitar
    Adamantine Scourge
    Adamantine Shamshir
    Adamantine Short Spear
    Adamantine Short Sword
    Adamantine Sledge
    Adamantine Spatha
    Adamantine Spiked Hammer
    Adamantine Stiletto
    Adamantine Tablet
    Adamantine Tower Shield
    Adamantine Tribal Spear
    Adamantine Tulwar
    Adamantine Vanguard Barbute
    Adamantine Vanguard Cuirass
    Adamantine Vanguard Gauntlets
    Adamantine Vanguard Greaves
    Adamantine Vanguard Gussets
    Adamantine Vanguard Sabatons
    Adamantine Vanguard Spaulders
    Adamantine Voulge
    Adamantine War Hammer
    Adamantine War Mace
    Adamantine War Maul
    Adept Blood Hide Cap
    Adept Blood Hide Fist Wraps
    Adept Blood Hide Gi
    Adept Blood Hide Leggings
    Adept Blood Hide Sandals
    Adept Blood Hide Shoulder Pads
    Ador's Axe
    Ador's Band
    Aegis of Alacrity
    Aegis of Kitamer
    Agate Orb
    Ageless Cloth Sleeves
    Alder Bo Staff
    Alder Buckler
    Alder Club
    Alder Cudgel
    Alder Fighting Baton
    Alder Greatstaff
    Alder Knotted Club
    Alder Longbow
    Alder Pike
    Alder Quarter Staff
    Alder Round Shield
    Alder Shortbow
    Alder Sorcerer's Staff
    Alder Wand
    Alliz Onu Ceremonial Amulet
    Alliz Tae Ew Necklace
    Alluring Bracelet
    Amber Arcane Bracelet
    Amber Arcane Signet
    Amber Arcane Stud
    Amber Casual Wear
    Amber Elemental Bracelet
    Amber Elemental Signet
    Amber Elemental Stud
    Amber Noxious Bracelet
    Amber Noxious Signet
    Amber Noxious Stud
    Amber Orb
    Amulet of Terook
    Ancient Ancestral Gloves
    Ancient Barbed Mantle
    ancient brigandine boots
    ancient chainmail mantle
    Ancient Dirk of Leoj
    Ancient Ebon Battle Axe
    Ancient Ebon Dagger
    Ancient Ebon Foil
    Ancient Ebon Hand Axe
    Ancient Ebon Karabela
    Ancient Ebon Katana
    Ancient Ebon Leafblade
    ancient ebon long sword
    Ancient Ebon Maul
    Ancient Ebon Scourge
    Ancient Ebon Short Sword
    Ancient Ebon Tomahawk
    Ancient Ebon Tulwar
    Ancient Ebon Voulge
    Ancient Embroidered Blouse
    Ancient Embroidered Cap
    Ancient Embroidered Cowl
    Ancient Embroidered Cuffs
    Ancient Embroidered Mitts
    Ancient Embroidered Pantaloons
    Ancient Embroidered Slippers
    Ancient Feerrott Staff
    Ancient Forged Trinket
    Ancient Gown of Ice
    Ancient Ice Bear-Fur Cap
    Ancient Idol
    ancient leather tunic
    Ancient Rallosian Gown
    ancient reinforced shoulder pads
    Ancient Silvered Tunic
    Ancient Symbol of the Eventide
    Ancient Tae Ew Staff
    Ancient Tae Ew Tablet
    Ancient Tower Shield
    Ankh of Minokis
    Antiquated Cloth Bloomers
    Antiquated Cloth Gloves
    Antiquated Cloth Sleeves
    Antiquated Great Coif
    Appetizing Candy-Striped Staff
    Arcane Environmental Shield
    Arcane Environmental Suit
    archaic bronze cloak
    architect's bloomers
    architect's cap
    architect's cape
    architect's gloves
    architect's shoes
    architect's sleeves
    architect's vest
    Archons Bracers of Light
    Archons Great Flail
    Ash Bo Staff
    Ash Buckler
    Ash Club
    Ash Cudgel
    Ash Fighting Baton
    Ash Greatstaff
    Ash Knotted Club
    Ash Longbow
    Ash Pike
    Ash Quarter Staff
    Ash Round Shield
    Ash Shortbow
    Ash Sorcerer's Staff
    Ash Wand
    Ashen Casual Wear
    ashwood short bow
    Auburn Canvas Traveler's Cloak
    Auburn Ruckas Traveler's Cloak
    Augmented Fistwraps
    augmented leather bandolier
    augmented leather belt
    augmented leather boots
    Augmented Leather Bracers
    augmented leather fist wraps
    augmented leather gloves
    augmented leather pants
    augmented leather pouch
    augmented leather satchel
    augmented leather sheath
    augmented leather shoulder pads
    augmented leather skullcap
    Augmented Leather Tome
    augmented leather tunic
    augmented leather whip
    augmented leather wristguards
    Augmented Whip
    Axe of Misery
    Azure Canvas Traveler's Cloak
    Azure Casual Wear
    Azure Ruckas Traveler's Cloak
    Azurite Censer
    Azurite Idol
    Azurite Symbol
    Badge of Gyrok
    Balanced Dirk of Calcified Gnollish Iron
    Balanced Dirk of Calcified Orcish Bone
    Balanced Dirk of Gnollish Irons
    Balanced Dirk of Orcish Bone
    Balanced Sai
    Band of Detection
    Band of Exile
    Band of Gigglegibbery
    band of lethargy
    Band of Liquid Flame
    Band of Mechanical Precision
    Band of Relinquishing Spirits
    Band of the Shimmering Spirit
    Band of the Unbreakable
    Band of Titan Calling
    Bangle of Invulnerability
    Bangle of Manipulation
    Bangle of Offense
    Bangle of Stability
    Bangle of the Portal Jumper
    Bangle of the Unforeseen
    Barbed Amygdalan Gauntlets
    Bargainer's Bloomers
    Bargainer's Gloves
    Bargainer's Shoes
    Bargainer's Vest
    Barkskin Bracers
    Barkskin Chaps
    Barkskin Gloves
    Barkskin Mask
    Barkskin Sandals
    Barkskin Shirt
    Barkskin Shoulderpads
    Bathezid Essence Vial Necklace
    Battered Black Mace
    Battle Crusher
    Battlement Battalion 623 Barrier
    Battlement Battalion 623 Bo Staff
    Battlement Battalion 623 Spellbinder's Staff
    Battlement Battalion 623 Targ Shield
    Baubbleshire Bubbly bottle
    Belt of Execution
    belt of primal nature
    Bent Shield of the Harbinger
    Beryllium Censer
    Beryllium Symbol
    Berylllium Idol
    Black Diamond Ring
    black ebon brigandine leggings
    black ebon chainmail boots
    black ebon chainmail bracers
    black ebon chainmail gloves
    black ebon girdle
    black ebon platemail breastplate
    black ebon platemail tonlets
    black ebon platemail wristguards
    Black Striped Woolen Scarf
    Blackened Iron Assault Axe
    Blackened Iron Battle Hammer
    Blackened Iron Chainmail Boots
    Blackened Iron Chainmail Bracers
    Blackened Iron Chainmail Coat
    Blackened Iron Chainmail Coif
    Blackened Iron Chainmail Gloves
    Blackened Iron Chainmail Leggings
    Blackened Iron Chainmail Mantle
    Blackened Iron Claws
    Blackened Iron Claymore
    Blackened Iron Crescent Axe
    Blackened Iron Dagger
    Blackened Iron Dirk
    Blackened Iron Double Headed Axe
    Blackened Iron Falchion
    Blackened Iron Flail
    Blackened Iron Flamberge
    Blackened Iron Gavel
    Blackened Iron Great Flail
    Blackened Iron Great Spear
    Blackened Iron Great Sword
    Blackened Iron Hand Axe
    Blackened Iron Javelin
    Blackened Iron Karabela
    Blackened Iron Katana
    Blackened Iron Katar
    Blackened Iron Kite Shield
    Blackened Iron Knuckles
    Blackened Iron Kris
    Blackened Iron Lance
    Blackened Iron Long Sword
    Blackened Iron Mace
    Blackened Iron Maul
    Blackened Iron Morning Star
    Blackened Iron Parrying Blade
    Blackened Iron Rapier
    Blackened Iron Reverent Boots
    Blackened Iron Reverent Bracers
    Blackened Iron Reverent Coat
    Blackened Iron Reverent Coif
    Blackened Iron Reverent Gloves
    Blackened Iron Reverent Leggings
    Blackened Iron Reverent Mantle
    Blackened Iron Ritual Dagger
    Blackened Iron Sabre
    Blackened Iron Sai
    Blackened Iron Sceptre
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  2. Caith Developer

    Blackened Iron Scimitar
    Blackened Iron Scourge
    Blackened Iron Shamshir
    Blackened Iron Short Spear
    Blackened Iron Short Sword
    Blackened Iron Sledge
    Blackened Iron Spatha
    Blackened Iron Spiked Hammer
    Blackened Iron Stiletto
    Blackened Iron Tablet
    Blackened Iron Tower Shield
    Blackened Iron Tribal Spear
    Blackened Iron Tulwar
    Blackened Iron Vanguard Barbute
    Blackened Iron Vanguard Cuirass
    Blackened Iron Vanguard Gauntlets
    Blackened Iron Vanguard Greaves
    Blackened Iron Vanguard Gussets
    Blackened Iron Vanguard Sabatons
    Blackened Iron Vanguard Spaulders
    Blackened Iron Voulge
    Blackened Iron War Hammer
    Blackened Iron War Mace
    Blackened Iron War Maul
    Blackened Waist Wrap
    Blackguard Round Shield
    Blackguard's Blackened Iron Chain Helmet
    Blackguard's Blood-Dyed Chain Gloves of Dexterity
    Blackguard's Blood-Dyed Chain Gloves of the Blademaster
    Blackguard's Blood-Dyed Chain Gloves of Woven Shadow
    Blackguard's Blood-Dyed Chain Helmet of the Blademaster
    Blackguard's Blood-Dyed Chain Helmet of Woven Shadow
    Blackguard's Blood-Dyed Chain Leggings of the Blademaster
    Blackguard's Blood-Dyed Chain Leggings of Woven Shadow
    Blackguard's Blood-Dyed Chain Shoes of Woven Shadow
    Blackguard's Blood-Dyed Chain Spaulders of Woven Shadow
    Blackguard's Blood-Dyed Chain Tunic of Woven Shadow
    Blackguard's Blood-Dyed Vambraces of the Blademaster
    Blackguard's Blood-Dyed Vambraces of Woven Shadow
    Blackguard's Blood-Spiked Chain Tunic
    Blackguard's Chain Helmet of the Blademaster
    Blackguard's Chain Leggings of the Blademaster
    Blackguard's Chain Shoes of the Blademaster
    Blackguard's Chain Tunic of Woven Shadow
    Blackguard's Spiked Chain Helmet
    Blackguard's Spiked Chain Leggings
    Blackguard's Spiked Chain Shoes
    Blackguard's Spiked Chain Spaulders
    Blackguard's Spiked Chain Tunic
    Blackguard's Spiked Vambraces
    Blackheart Buckler
    Blackplated Leggings
    Blacksmith's Stud
    Blade of Torment
    Blazing Satchel
    Blessed Adamantine Assault Axe
    Blessed Adamantine Battle Hammer
    Blessed Adamantine Claws
    Blessed Adamantine Claymore
    Blessed Adamantine Crescent Axe
    Blessed Adamantine Dagger
    Blessed Adamantine Dirk
    Blessed Adamantine Double Headed Axe
    Blessed Adamantine Falchion
    Blessed Adamantine Flail
    Blessed Adamantine Flamberge
    Blessed Adamantine Gavel
    Blessed Adamantine Great Flail
    Blessed Adamantine Great Spear
    Blessed Adamantine Great Sword
    Blessed Adamantine Hand Axe
    Blessed Adamantine Javelin
    Blessed Adamantine Karabela
    Blessed Adamantine Katana
    Blessed Adamantine Katar
    Blessed Adamantine Knuckles
    Blessed Adamantine Kris
    Blessed Adamantine Lance
    Blessed Adamantine Long Sword
    Blessed Adamantine Mace
    Blessed Adamantine Maul
    Blessed Adamantine Morning Star
    Blessed Adamantine Parrying Blade
    Blessed Adamantine Rapier
    Blessed Adamantine Ritual Dagger
    Blessed Adamantine Sabre
    Blessed Adamantine Sai
    Blessed Adamantine Sceptre
    Blessed Adamantine Scimitar
    Blessed Adamantine Scourge
    Blessed Adamantine Shamshir
    Blessed Adamantine Short Spear
    Blessed Adamantine Short Sword
    Blessed Adamantine Sledge
    Blessed Adamantine Spatha
    Blessed Adamantine Spiked Hammer
    Blessed Adamantine Stiletto
    Blessed Adamantine Tribal Spear
    Blessed Adamantine Tulwar
    Blessed Adamantine Voulge
    Blessed Adamantine War Hammer
    Blessed Adamantine War Mace
    Blessed Adamantine War Maul
    Blessed Ash Bo Staff
    Blessed Ash Buckler
    Blessed Ash Club
    Blessed Ash Cudgel
    Blessed Ash Fighting Baton
    Blessed Ash Greatstaff
    Blessed Ash Knotted Club
    Blessed Ash Pike
    Blessed Ash Quarter Staff
    Blessed Ash Sorcerer's Staff
    Blessed Ash Wand
    Blessed Augmented Fistwraps
    Blessed Augmented Whip
    Blessed Blackened Iron Assault Axe
    Blessed Blackened Iron Battle Hammer
    Blessed Blackened Iron Claws
    Blessed Blackened Iron Claymore
    Blessed Blackened Iron Crescent Axe
    Blessed Blackened Iron Dagger
    Blessed Blackened Iron Dirk
    Blessed Blackened Iron Double Headed Axe
    Blessed Blackened Iron Falchion
    Blessed Blackened Iron Flail
    Blessed Blackened Iron Flamberge
    Blessed Blackened Iron Gavel
    Blessed Blackened Iron Great Flail
    Blessed Blackened Iron Great Spear
    Blessed Blackened Iron Great Sword
    Blessed Blackened Iron Hand Axe
    Blessed Blackened Iron Javelin
    Blessed Blackened Iron Karabela
    Blessed Blackened Iron Katana
    Blessed Blackened Iron Katar
    Blessed Blackened Iron Knuckles
    Blessed Blackened Iron Kris
    Blessed Blackened Iron Lance
    Blessed Blackened Iron Long Sword
    Blessed Blackened Iron Mace
    Blessed Blackened Iron Maul
    Blessed Blackened Iron Morning Star
    Blessed Blackened Iron Parrying Blade
    Blessed Blackened Iron Rapier
    Blessed Blackened Iron Ritual Dagger
    Blessed Blackened Iron Sabre
    Blessed Blackened Iron Sai
    Blessed Blackened Iron Sceptre
    Blessed Blackened Iron Scimitar
    Blessed Blackened Iron Scourge
    Blessed Blackened Iron Shamshir
    Blessed Blackened Iron Short Spear
    Blessed Blackened Iron Short Sword
    Blessed Blackened Iron Sledge
    Blessed Blackened Iron Spatha
    Blessed Blackened Iron Spiked Hammer
    Blessed Blackened Iron Stiletto
    Blessed Blackened Iron Tribal Spear
    Blessed Blackened Iron Tulwar
    Blessed Blackened Iron Voulge
    Blessed Blackened Iron War Hammer
    Blessed Blackened Iron War Mace
    Blessed Blackened Iron War Maul
    Blessed Boiled Fistwraps
    Blessed Boiled Whip
    Blessed Bone Bo Staff
    Blessed Bone Buckler
    Blessed Bone Club
    Blessed Bone Cudgel
    Blessed Bone Fighting Baton
    Blessed Bone Greatstaff
    Blessed Bone Knotted Club
    Blessed Bone Pike
    Blessed Bone Quarter Staff
    Blessed Bone Sorcerer's Staff
    Blessed Bone Wand
    Blessed Brellium Ritual Dagger
    Blessed Brellium War Mace
    Blessed Briarwood Bo Staff
    Blessed Briarwood Buckler
    Blessed Briarwood Club
    Blessed Briarwood Cudgel
    Blessed Briarwood Fighting Baton
    Blessed Briarwood Greatstaff
    Blessed Briarwood Knotted Club
    Blessed Briarwood Pike
    Blessed Briarwood Quarter Staff
    Blessed Briarwood Sorcerer's Staff
    Blessed Briarwood Wand
    Blessed Bristled Fistwraps
    Blessed Bristled Whip
    Blessed Carbonite Assault Axe
    Blessed Carbonite Battle Hammer
    Blessed Carbonite Claws
    Blessed Carbonite Claymore
    Blessed Carbonite Crescent Axe
    Blessed Carbonite Dagger
    Blessed Carbonite Dirk
    Blessed Carbonite Double Headed Axe
    Blessed Carbonite Falchion
    Blessed Carbonite Flail
    Blessed Carbonite Flamberge
    Blessed Carbonite Gavel
    Blessed Carbonite Great Flail
    Blessed Carbonite Great Spear
    Blessed Carbonite Great Sword
    Blessed Carbonite Hand Axe
    Blessed Carbonite Javelin
    Blessed Carbonite Karabela
    Blessed Carbonite Katana
    Blessed Carbonite Katar
    Blessed Carbonite Knuckles
    Blessed Carbonite Kris
    Blessed Carbonite Lance
    Blessed Carbonite Long Sword
    Blessed Carbonite Mace
    Blessed Carbonite Maul
    Blessed Carbonite Morning Star
    Blessed Carbonite Parrying Blade
    Blessed Carbonite Rapier
    Blessed Carbonite Ritual Dagger
    Blessed Carbonite Sabre
    Blessed Carbonite Sai
    Blessed Carbonite Sceptre
    Blessed Carbonite Scimitar
    Blessed Carbonite Scourge
    Blessed Carbonite Shamshir
    Blessed Carbonite Short Spear
    Blessed Carbonite Short Sword
    Blessed Carbonite Sledge
    Blessed Carbonite Spatha
    Blessed Carbonite Spiked Hammer
    Blessed Carbonite Stiletto
    Blessed Carbonite Tribal Spear
    Blessed Carbonite Tulwar
    Blessed Carbonite Voulge
    Blessed Carbonite War Hammer
    Blessed Carbonite War Mace
    Blessed Carbonite War Maul
    Blessed Cedar Bo Staff
    Blessed Cedar Buckler
    Blessed Cedar Club
    Blessed Cedar Cudgel
    Blessed Cedar Fighting Baton
    Blessed Cedar Greatstaff
    Blessed Cedar Knotted Club
    Blessed Cedar Pike
    Blessed Cedar Quarter Staff
    Blessed Cedar Sorcerer's Staff
    Blessed Cedar Wand
    Blessed Cobalt Assault Axe
    Blessed Cobalt Battle Hammer
    Blessed Cobalt Claws
    Blessed Cobalt Claymore
    Blessed Cobalt Crescent Axe
    Blessed Cobalt Dagger
    Blessed Cobalt Dirk
    Blessed Cobalt Double Headed Axe
    Blessed Cobalt Falchion
    Blessed Cobalt Flail
    Blessed Cobalt Flamberge
    Blessed Cobalt Gavel
    Blessed Cobalt Great Flail
    Blessed Cobalt Great Spear
    Blessed Cobalt Great Sword
    Blessed Cobalt Hand Axe
    Blessed Cobalt Javelin
    Blessed Cobalt Karabela
    Blessed Cobalt Katana
    Blessed Cobalt Katar
    Blessed Cobalt Knuckles
    Blessed Cobalt Kris
    Blessed Cobalt Lance
    Blessed Cobalt Long Sword
    Blessed Cobalt Mace
    Blessed Cobalt Maul
    Blessed Cobalt Morning Star
    Blessed Cobalt Parrying Blade
    Blessed Cobalt Rapier
    Blessed Cobalt Ritual Dagger
    Blessed Cobalt Sabre
    Blessed Cobalt Sai
    Blessed Cobalt Sceptre
    Blessed Cobalt Scimitar
    Blessed Cobalt Scourge
    Blessed Cobalt Shamshir
    Blessed Cobalt Short Spear
    Blessed Cobalt Short Sword
    Blessed Cobalt Sledge
    Blessed Cobalt Spatha
    Blessed Cobalt Spiked Hammer
    Blessed Cobalt Stiletto
    Blessed Cobalt Tribal Spear
    Blessed Cobalt Tulwar
    Blessed Cobalt Voulge
    Blessed Cobalt War Hammer
    Blessed Cobalt War Mace
    Blessed Cobalt War Maul
    Blessed Cuirboilli Fistwraps
    Blessed Cuirboilli Whip
    Blessed Cured Fistwraps
    Blessed Cured Whip
    Blessed Dragonhide Fistwraps
    Blessed Dragonhide Whip
    Blessed Ebon Assault Axe
    Blessed Ebon Battle Hammer
    Blessed Ebon Claws
  3. Caith Developer

    Blessed Ebon Claymore
    Blessed Ebon Crescent Axe
    Blessed Ebon Dagger
    Blessed Ebon Dirk
    Blessed Ebon Double Headed Axe
    Blessed Ebon Falchion
    Blessed Ebon Flail
    Blessed Ebon Flamberge
    Blessed Ebon Gavel
    Blessed Ebon Great Flail
    Blessed Ebon Great Spear
    Blessed Ebon Great Sword
    Blessed Ebon Hand Axe
    Blessed Ebon Javelin
    Blessed Ebon Karabela
    Blessed Ebon Katana
    Blessed Ebon Katar
    Blessed Ebon Knuckles
    Blessed Ebon Kris
    Blessed Ebon Lance
    Blessed Ebon Long Sword
    Blessed Ebon Mace
    Blessed Ebon Maul
    Blessed Ebon Morning Star
    Blessed Ebon Parrying Blade
    Blessed Ebon Rapier
    Blessed Ebon Ritual Dagger
    Blessed Ebon Sabre
    Blessed Ebon Sai
    Blessed Ebon Sceptre
    Blessed Ebon Scimitar
    Blessed Ebon Scourge
    Blessed Ebon Shamshir
    Blessed Ebon Short Spear
    Blessed Ebon Short Sword
    Blessed Ebon Sledge
    Blessed Ebon Spatha
    Blessed Ebon Spiked Hammer
    Blessed Ebon Stiletto
    Blessed Ebon Tribal Spear
    Blessed Ebon Tulwar
    Blessed Ebon Voulge
    Blessed Ebon War Hammer
    Blessed Ebon War Mace
    Blessed Ebon War Maul
    Blessed Ebony Bo Staff
    Blessed Ebony Buckler
    Blessed Ebony Club
    Blessed Ebony Cudgel
    Blessed Ebony Fighting Baton
    Blessed Ebony Greatstaff
    Blessed Ebony Knotted Club
    Blessed Ebony Pike
    Blessed Ebony Quarter Staff
    Blessed Ebony Sorcerer's Staff
    Blessed Ebony Wand
    Blessed Engraved Fistwraps
    Blessed Engraved Whip
    Blessed Etched Fistwraps
    Blessed Etched Whip
    Blessed Ferrite Assault Axe
    Blessed Ferrite Battle Hammer
    Blessed Ferrite Claws
    Blessed Ferrite Claymore
    Blessed Ferrite Crescent Axe
    Blessed Ferrite Dagger
    Blessed Ferrite Dirk
    Blessed Ferrite Double Headed Axe
    Blessed Ferrite Falchion
    Blessed Ferrite Flail
    Blessed Ferrite Flamberge
    Blessed Ferrite Gavel
    Blessed Ferrite Great Flail
    Blessed Ferrite Great Spear
    Blessed Ferrite Great Sword
    Blessed Ferrite Hand Axe
    Blessed Ferrite Javelin
    Blessed Ferrite Karabela
    Blessed Ferrite Katana
    Blessed Ferrite Katar
    Blessed Ferrite Knuckles
    Blessed Ferrite Kris
    Blessed Ferrite Lance
    Blessed Ferrite Long Sword
    Blessed Ferrite Mace
    Blessed Ferrite Maul
    Blessed Ferrite Morning Star
    Blessed Ferrite Parrying Blade
    Blessed Ferrite Rapier
    Blessed Ferrite Ritual Dagger
    Blessed Ferrite Sabre
    Blessed Ferrite Sai
    Blessed Ferrite Sceptre
    Blessed Ferrite Scimitar
    Blessed Ferrite Scourge
    Blessed Ferrite Shamshir
    Blessed Ferrite Short Spear
    Blessed Ferrite Short Sword
    Blessed Ferrite Sledge
    Blessed Ferrite Spatha
    Blessed Ferrite Spiked Hammer
    Blessed Ferrite Stiletto
    Blessed Ferrite Tribal Spear
    Blessed Ferrite Tulwar
    Blessed Ferrite Voulge
    Blessed Ferrite War Hammer
    Blessed Ferrite War Mace
    Blessed Ferrite War Maul
    Blessed Feyiron Assault Axe
    Blessed Feyiron Battle Hammer
    Blessed Feyiron Claws
    Blessed Feyiron Claymore
    Blessed Feyiron Crescent Axe
    Blessed Feyiron Dagger
    Blessed Feyiron Dirk
    Blessed Feyiron Double Headed Axe
    Blessed Feyiron Falchion
    Blessed Feyiron Flail
    Blessed Feyiron Flamberge
    Blessed Feyiron Gavel
    Blessed Feyiron Great Flail
    Blessed Feyiron Great Spear
    Blessed Feyiron Great Sword
    Blessed Feyiron Hand Axe
    Blessed Feyiron Javelin
    Blessed Feyiron Karabela
    Blessed Feyiron Katana
    Blessed Feyiron Katar
    Blessed Feyiron Knuckles
    Blessed Feyiron Kris
    Blessed Feyiron Lance
    Blessed Feyiron Long Sword
    Blessed Feyiron Mace
    Blessed Feyiron Maul
    Blessed Feyiron Morning Star
    Blessed Feyiron Parrying Blade
    Blessed Feyiron Rapier
    Blessed Feyiron Ritual Dagger
    Blessed Feyiron Sabre
    Blessed Feyiron Sai
    Blessed Feyiron Sceptre
    Blessed Feyiron Scimitar
    Blessed Feyiron Scourge
    Blessed Feyiron Shamshir
    Blessed Feyiron Short Spear
    Blessed Feyiron Short Sword
    Blessed Feyiron Sledge
    Blessed Feyiron Spatha
    Blessed Feyiron Spiked Hammer
    Blessed Feyiron Stiletto
    Blessed Feyiron Tribal Spear
    Blessed Feyiron Tulwar
    Blessed Feyiron Voulge
    Blessed Feyiron War Hammer
    Blessed Feyiron War Mace
    Blessed Feyiron War Maul
    Blessed Feysteel Assault Axe
    Blessed Feysteel Battle Hammer
    Blessed Feysteel Claws
    Blessed Feysteel Claymore
    Blessed Feysteel Crescent Axe
    Blessed Feysteel Dagger
    Blessed Feysteel Dirk
    Blessed Feysteel Double Headed Axe
    Blessed Feysteel Falchion
    Blessed Feysteel Flail
    Blessed Feysteel Flamberge
    Blessed Feysteel Gavel
    Blessed Feysteel Great Flail
    Blessed Feysteel Great Spear
    Blessed Feysteel Great Sword
    Blessed Feysteel Hand Axe
    Blessed Feysteel Javelin
    Blessed Feysteel Karabela
    Blessed Feysteel Katana
    Blessed Feysteel Katar
    Blessed Feysteel Knuckles
    Blessed Feysteel Kris
    Blessed Feysteel Lance
    Blessed Feysteel Long Sword
    Blessed Feysteel Mace
    Blessed Feysteel Maul
    Blessed Feysteel Morning Star
    Blessed Feysteel Parrying Blade
    Blessed Feysteel Rapier
    Blessed Feysteel Ritual Dagger
    Blessed Feysteel Sabre
    Blessed Feysteel Sai
    Blessed Feysteel Sceptre
    Blessed Feysteel Scimitar
    Blessed Feysteel Scourge
    Blessed Feysteel Shamshir
    Blessed Feysteel Short Spear
    Blessed Feysteel Short Sword
    Blessed Feysteel Sledge
    Blessed Feysteel Spatha
    Blessed Feysteel Spiked Hammer
    Blessed Feysteel Stiletto
    Blessed Feysteel Tribal Spear
    Blessed Feysteel Tulwar
    Blessed Feysteel Voulge
    Blessed Feysteel War Hammer
    Blessed Feysteel War Mace
    Blessed Feysteel War Maul
    Blessed Fir Bo Staff
    Blessed Fir Buckler
    Blessed Fir Club
    Blessed Fir Cudgel
    Blessed Fir Fighting Baton
    Blessed Fir Greatstaff
    Blessed Fir Knotted Club
    Blessed Fir Pike
    Blessed Fir Quarter Staff
    Blessed Fir Sorcerer's Staff
    Blessed Fir Wand
    Blessed Fulginate Assault Axe
    Blessed Fulginate Battle Hammer
    Blessed Fulginate Claws
    Blessed Fulginate Claymore
    Blessed Fulginate Crescent Axe
    Blessed Fulginate Dagger
    Blessed Fulginate Dirk
    Blessed Fulginate Double Headed Axe
    Blessed Fulginate Falchion
    Blessed Fulginate Flail
    Blessed Fulginate Flamberge
    Blessed Fulginate Gavel
    Blessed Fulginate Great Flail
    Blessed Fulginate Great Spear
    Blessed Fulginate Great Sword
    Blessed Fulginate Hand Axe
    Blessed Fulginate Javelin
    Blessed Fulginate Karabela
    Blessed Fulginate Katana
    Blessed Fulginate Katar
    Blessed Fulginate Knuckles
    Blessed Fulginate Kris
    Blessed Fulginate Lance
    Blessed Fulginate Long Sword
    Blessed Fulginate Mace
    Blessed Fulginate Maul
    Blessed Fulginate Morning Star
    Blessed Fulginate Parrying Blade
    Blessed Fulginate Rapier
    Blessed Fulginate Ritual Dagger
    Blessed Fulginate Sabre
    Blessed Fulginate Sai
    Blessed Fulginate Sceptre
    Blessed Fulginate Scimitar
    Blessed Fulginate Scourge
    Blessed Fulginate Shamshir
    Blessed Fulginate Short Spear
    Blessed Fulginate Short Sword
    Blessed Fulginate Sledge
    Blessed Fulginate Spatha
    Blessed Fulginate Spiked Hammer
    Blessed Fulginate Stiletto
    Blessed Fulginate Tribal Spear
    Blessed Fulginate Tulwar
    Blessed Fulginate Voulge
    Blessed Fulginate War Hammer
    Blessed Fulginate War Mace
    Blessed Fulginate War Maul
    Blessed Hidebound Fistwraps
    Blessed Hidebound Whip
    Blessed Horned Fistwraps
    Blessed Horned Whip
    Blessed Incarnadine Assault Axe
    Blessed Incarnadine Battle Hammer
    Blessed Incarnadine Claws
    Blessed Incarnadine Claymore
    Blessed Incarnadine Crescent Axe
    Blessed Incarnadine Dagger
    Blessed Incarnadine Dirk
    Blessed Incarnadine Double Headed Axe
    Blessed Incarnadine Falchion
    Blessed Incarnadine Flail
    Blessed Incarnadine Flamberge
    Blessed Incarnadine Gavel
    Blessed Incarnadine Great Flail
    Blessed Incarnadine Great Spear
    Blessed Incarnadine Great Sword
    Blessed Incarnadine Hand Axe
    Blessed Incarnadine Javelin
    Blessed Incarnadine Karabela
    Blessed Incarnadine Katana
    Blessed Incarnadine Katar
    Blessed Incarnadine Knuckles
    Blessed Incarnadine Kris
    Blessed Incarnadine Lance
    Blessed Incarnadine Long Sword
    Blessed Incarnadine Mace
    Blessed Incarnadine Maul
    Blessed Incarnadine Morning Star
    Blessed Incarnadine Parrying Blade
    Blessed Incarnadine Rapier
    Blessed Incarnadine Ritual Dagger
    Blessed Incarnadine Sabre
    Blessed Incarnadine Sai
    Blessed Incarnadine Sceptre
    Blessed Incarnadine Scimitar
    Blessed Incarnadine Scourge
    Blessed Incarnadine Shamshir
    Blessed Incarnadine Short Spear
    Blessed Incarnadine Short Sword
    Blessed Incarnadine Sledge
    Blessed Incarnadine Spatha
    Blessed Incarnadine Spiked Hammer
    Blessed Incarnadine Stiletto
    Blessed Incarnadine Tribal Spear
    Blessed Incarnadine Tulwar
    Blessed Incarnadine Voulge
    Blessed Incarnadine War Hammer
    Blessed Incarnadine War Mace
    Blessed Incarnadine War Maul
    Blessed Indium Assault Axe
    Blessed Indium Battle Hammer
    Blessed Indium Claws
    Blessed Indium Claymore
    Blessed Indium Crescent Axe
    Blessed Indium Dagger
    Blessed Indium Dirk
    Blessed Indium Double Headed Axe
    Blessed Indium Falchion
    Blessed Indium Flail
    Blessed Indium Flamberge
    Blessed Indium Gavel
    Blessed Indium Great Flail
    Blessed Indium Great Spear
    Blessed Indium Great Sword
    Blessed Indium Hand Axe
    Blessed Indium Javelin
    Blessed Indium Karabela
    Blessed Indium Katana
    Blessed Indium Katar
    Blessed Indium Knuckles
    Blessed Indium Kris
    Blessed Indium Lance
    Blessed Indium Long Sword
    Blessed Indium Mace
    Blessed Indium Maul
    Blessed Indium Morning Star
    Blessed Indium Parrying Blade
    Blessed Indium Rapier
  4. Caith Developer

    Blessed Indium Ritual Dagger
    Blessed Indium Sabre
    Blessed Indium Sai
    Blessed Indium Sceptre
    Blessed Indium Scimitar
    Blessed Indium Scourge
    Blessed Indium Shamshir
    Blessed Indium Short Spear
    Blessed Indium Short Sword
    Blessed Indium Sledge
    Blessed Indium Spatha
    Blessed Indium Spiked Hammer
    Blessed Indium Stiletto
    Blessed Indium Tribal Spear
    Blessed Indium Tulwar
    Blessed Indium Voulge
    Blessed Indium War Hammer
    Blessed Indium War Mace
    Blessed Indium War Maul
    Blessed Iron Assault Axe
    Blessed Iron Battle Hammer
    Blessed Iron Claws
    Blessed Iron Claymore
    Blessed Iron Crescent Axe
    Blessed Iron Dagger
    Blessed Iron Dirk
    Blessed Iron Double Headed Axe
    Blessed Iron Falchion
    Blessed Iron Flail
    Blessed Iron Flamberge
    Blessed Iron Gavel
    Blessed Iron Great Flail
    Blessed Iron Great Spear
    Blessed Iron Great Sword
    Blessed Iron Hand Axe
    Blessed Iron Javelin
    Blessed Iron Karabela
    Blessed Iron Katana
    Blessed Iron Katar
    Blessed Iron Knuckles
    Blessed Iron Kris
    Blessed Iron Lance
    Blessed Iron Long Sword
    Blessed Iron Mace
    Blessed Iron Maul
    Blessed Iron Morning Star
    Blessed Iron Parrying Blade
    Blessed Iron Rapier
    Blessed Iron Ritual Dagger
    Blessed Iron Sabre
    Blessed Iron Sai
    Blessed Iron Sceptre
    Blessed Iron Scimitar
    Blessed Iron Scourge
    Blessed Iron Shamshir
    Blessed Iron Short Spear
    Blessed Iron Short Sword
    Blessed Iron Sledge
    Blessed Iron Spatha
    Blessed Iron Spiked Hammer
    Blessed Iron Stiletto
    Blessed Iron Tribal Spear
    Blessed Iron Tulwar
    Blessed Iron Voulge
    Blessed Iron War Hammer
    Blessed Iron War Mace
    Blessed Iron War Maul
    Blessed Ironwood Bo Staff
    Blessed Ironwood Buckler
    Blessed Ironwood Club
    Blessed Ironwood Cudgel
    Blessed Ironwood Fighting Baton
    Blessed Ironwood Greatstaff
    Blessed Ironwood Knotted Club
    Blessed Ironwood Pike
    Blessed Ironwood Quarter Staff
    Blessed Ironwood Sorcerer's Staff
    Blessed Ironwood Wand
    Blessed Mahogany Bo Staff
    Blessed Mahogany Buckler
    Blessed Mahogany Club
    Blessed Mahogany Cudgel
    Blessed Mahogany Fighting Baton
    Blessed Mahogany Greatstaff
    Blessed Mahogany Knotted Club
    Blessed Mahogany Pike
    Blessed Mahogany Quarter Staff
    Blessed Mahogany Sorcerer's Staff
    Blessed Mahogany Wand
    Blessed Maple Bo Staff
    Blessed Maple Buckler
    Blessed Maple Club
    Blessed Maple Cudgel
    Blessed Maple Fighting Baton
    Blessed Maple Greatstaff
    Blessed Maple Knotted Club
    Blessed Maple Pike
    Blessed Maple Quarter Staff
    Blessed Maple Sorcerer's Staff
    Blessed Maple Wand
    Blessed Mottled Fistwraps
    Blessed Mottled Whip
    Blessed Oak Bo Staff
    Blessed Oak Buckler
    Blessed Oak Club
    Blessed Oak Cudgel
    Blessed Oak Fighting Baton
    Blessed Oak Greatstaff
    Blessed Oak Knotted Club
    Blessed Oak Pike
    Blessed Oak Quarter Staff
    Blessed Oak Sorcerer's Staff
    Blessed Oak Wand
    Blessed Redwood Bo Staff
    Blessed Redwood Buckler
    Blessed Redwood Club
    Blessed Redwood Cudgel
    Blessed Redwood Fighting Baton
    Blessed Redwood Greatstaff
    Blessed Redwood Knotted Club
    Blessed Redwood Pike
    Blessed Redwood Quarter Staff
    Blessed Redwood Sorcerer's Staff
    Blessed Redwood Wand
    Blessed Rosewood Bo Staff
    Blessed Rosewood Buckler
    Blessed Rosewood Club
    Blessed Rosewood Cudgel
    Blessed Rosewood Fighting Baton
    Blessed Rosewood Greatstaff
    Blessed Rosewood Knotted Club
    Blessed Rosewood Pike
    Blessed Rosewood Quarter Staff
    Blessed Rosewood Sorcerer's Staff
    Blessed Rosewood Wand
    Blessed Sandalwood Bo Staff
    Blessed Sandalwood Buckler
    Blessed Sandalwood Club
    Blessed Sandalwood Cudgel
    Blessed Sandalwood Fighting Baton
    Blessed Sandalwood Greatstaff
    Blessed Sandalwood Knotted Club
    Blessed Sandalwood Pike
    Blessed Sandalwood Quarter Staff
    Blessed Sandalwood Sorcerer's Staff
    Blessed Sandalwood Wand
    Blessed Scaled Fistwraps
    Blessed Scaled Whip
    Blessed Steel Assault Axe
    Blessed Steel Battle Hammer
    Blessed Steel Claws
    Blessed Steel Claymore
    Blessed Steel Crescent Axe
    Blessed Steel Dagger
    Blessed Steel Dirk
    Blessed Steel Double Headed Axe
    Blessed Steel Falchion
    Blessed Steel Flail
    Blessed Steel Flamberge
    Blessed Steel Gavel
    Blessed Steel Great Flail
    Blessed Steel Great Spear
    Blessed Steel Great Sword
    Blessed Steel Hand Axe
    Blessed Steel Javelin
    Blessed Steel Karabela
    Blessed Steel Katana
    Blessed Steel Katar
    Blessed Steel Knuckles
    Blessed Steel Kris
    Blessed Steel Lance
    Blessed Steel Long Sword
    Blessed Steel Mace
    Blessed Steel Maul
    Blessed Steel Morning Star
    Blessed Steel Parrying Blade
    Blessed Steel Rapier
    Blessed Steel Ritual Dagger
    Blessed Steel Sabre
    Blessed Steel Sai
    Blessed Steel Sceptre
    Blessed Steel Scimitar
    Blessed Steel Scourge
    Blessed Steel Shamshir
    Blessed Steel Short Spear
    Blessed Steel Short Sword
    Blessed Steel Sledge
    Blessed Steel Spatha
    Blessed Steel Spiked Hammer
    Blessed Steel Stiletto
    Blessed Steel Tribal Spear
    Blessed Steel Tulwar
    Blessed Steel Voulge
    Blessed Steel War Hammer
    Blessed Steel War Mace
    Blessed Steel War Maul
    Blessed Stonehide Fistwraps
    Blessed Stonehide Whip
    Blessed Strengthened Fistwraps
    Blessed Strengthened Whip
    Blessed Sumac Bo Staff
    Blessed Sumac Buckler
    Blessed Sumac Club
    Blessed Sumac Cudgel
    Blessed Sumac Fighting Baton
    Blessed Sumac Greatstaff
    Blessed Sumac Knotted Club
    Blessed Sumac Pike
    Blessed Sumac Quarter Staff
    Blessed Sumac Sorcerer's Staff
    Blessed Sumac Wand
    Blessed Tanned Fistwraps
    Blessed Tanned Whip
    Blessed Teak Bo Staff
    Blessed Teak Buckler
    Blessed Teak Club
    Blessed Teak Cudgel
    Blessed Teak Fighting Baton
    Blessed Teak Greatstaff
    Blessed Teak Knotted Club
    Blessed Teak Pike
    Blessed Teak Quarter Staff
    Blessed Teak Sorcerer's Staff
    Blessed Teak Wand
    Blessed Titanium Assault Axe
    Blessed Titanium Battle Hammer
    Blessed Titanium Claws
    Blessed Titanium Claymore
    Blessed Titanium Crescent Axe
    Blessed Titanium Dagger
    Blessed Titanium Dirk
    Blessed Titanium Double Headed Axe
    Blessed Titanium Falchion
    Blessed Titanium Flail
    Blessed Titanium Flamberge
    Blessed Titanium Gavel
    Blessed Titanium Great Flail
    Blessed Titanium Great Spear
    Blessed Titanium Great Sword
    Blessed Titanium Hand Axe
    Blessed Titanium Javelin
    Blessed Titanium Karabela
    Blessed Titanium Katana
    Blessed Titanium Katar
    Blessed Titanium Knuckles
    Blessed Titanium Kris
    Blessed Titanium Lance
    Blessed Titanium Long Sword
    Blessed Titanium Mace
    Blessed Titanium Maul
    Blessed Titanium Morning Star
    Blessed Titanium Parrying Blade
    Blessed Titanium Rapier
    Blessed Titanium Ritual Dagger
    Blessed Titanium Sabre
    Blessed Titanium Sai
    Blessed Titanium Sceptre
    Blessed Titanium Scimitar
    Blessed Titanium Scourge
    Blessed Titanium Shamshir
    Blessed Titanium Short Spear
    Blessed Titanium Short Sword
    Blessed Titanium Sledgehammer
    Blessed Titanium Spatha
    Blessed Titanium Spiked Hammer
    Blessed Titanium Stiletto
    Blessed Titanium Tribal Spear
    Blessed Titanium Tulwar
    Blessed Titanium Voulge
    Blessed Titanium War Hammer
    Blessed Titanium War Mace
    Blessed Titanium War Maul
    Blessed Xegonite Assault Axe
    Blessed Xegonite Battle Hammer
    Blessed Xegonite Claws
    Blessed Xegonite Claymore
    Blessed Xegonite Crescent Axe
    Blessed Xegonite Dagger
    Blessed Xegonite Dirk
    Blessed Xegonite Double Headed Axe
    Blessed Xegonite Falchion
    Blessed Xegonite Flail
    Blessed Xegonite Flamberge
    Blessed Xegonite Gavel
    Blessed Xegonite Great Flail
    Blessed Xegonite Great Spear
    Blessed Xegonite Great Sword
    Blessed Xegonite Hand Axe
    Blessed Xegonite Javelin
    Blessed Xegonite Karabela
    Blessed Xegonite Katana
    Blessed Xegonite Katar
    Blessed Xegonite Knuckles
    Blessed Xegonite Kris
    Blessed Xegonite Lance
    Blessed Xegonite Long Sword
    Blessed Xegonite Mace
    Blessed Xegonite Maul
    Blessed Xegonite Morning Star
    Blessed Xegonite Parrying Blade
    Blessed Xegonite Rapier
    Blessed Xegonite Ritual Dagger
    Blessed Xegonite Sabre
    Blessed Xegonite Sai
    Blessed Xegonite Sceptre
    Blessed Xegonite Scimitar
    Blessed Xegonite Scourge
    Blessed Xegonite Shamshir
    Blessed Xegonite Short Spear
    Blessed Xegonite Short Sword
    Blessed Xegonite Sledge
    Blessed Xegonite Spatha
    Blessed Xegonite Spiked Hammer
    Blessed Xegonite Stiletto
    Blessed Xegonite Tribal Spear
    Blessed Xegonite Tulwar
    Blessed Xegonite Voulge
    Blessed Xegonite War Hammer
    Blessed Xegonite War Mace
    Blessed Xegonite War Maul
    Blikritz' Lens
    Blocker of the Sootfoot Shaman
    Blood Icicle Earring
    Blood Scrawled Tablet
    Blood Threaded Cap of Alteration
    Blood Threaded Gloves of Alteration
    Blood Threaded Pants of Alteration
    Blood Threaded Robe of Alteration
    Blood Threaded Shawl of Alteration
    Blood Threaded Slippers of Alteration
    Bloodguard Platemail Gauntlets
    Bloodguard Platemail Pauldrons
    Bloodguard Platemail Tonlets
    Bloodguard Ring
    Bloodguard Symbol
    Bloodguard Warhammer
    Bloodied Avulsor Claw
    Bloodstained Rubicite Sabatons
    bloodstone bracelet
    bloodstone earring
    bloodstone necklace
    bloodstone orb
    bloodstone ring
    Bloodwood Bow of Sternum Piercing
    Bloodwood Shield of Fangs
    Bloodwood Table Leg
    Blue and White Frostfell Robe
    Blue Frostfell Elf Cap
    blue starry Frostfell elf cap
    Blue Woolen Scarf
    Blunt Chisel of the Hunt
    Boarshide Tunic
  5. Caith Developer

    Boiled Fistwraps
    Boiled Leather Bandolier
    Boiled Leather Boots
    Boiled Leather Bracers
    Boiled Leather Gloves
    Boiled Leather Pants
    Boiled Leather Pouch
    Boiled Leather Satchel
    Boiled Leather Sheath
    Boiled Leather Shoulder Pads
    Boiled Leather Skull Cap
    Boiled Leather Tome
    Boiled Leather Tunic
    Boiled Whip
    Bone Bo Staff
    Bone Buckler
    Bone Chill Woven Boots
    Bone Chill Woven Gloves
    Bone Chill Woven Shoulder Pads
    Bone Chill Woven Skullcap
    Bone Chill Woven Wristguards
    Bone Club
    Bone Cudgel
    Bone Fighting Baton
    Bone Greatstaff
    Bone Knotted Club
    Bone Longbow
    Bone Pike
    Bone Quarter Staff
    Bone Round Shield
    Bone Shortbow
    Bone Sorcerer's Staff
    Bone Wand
    Bonecaster's Pantaloons
    Boots of the Temptress
    Boots of the Thyrian Patrol
    Bow of the Blue Sky
    Bracelet of Dark Whispers
    Bracelet of Dominance
    bracelet of primal nature
    Bracelet of the Portal Jumper
    Bracers of Shattering
    Braided Drake-Hide Circlet
    Breastplate of Aberrant Life
    Brellium Ritual Dagger
    Brellium War Mace
    Brewday Scarf
    Brewday Top Hat
    briarwood bo
    Briarwood Bo Staff
    briarwood buckler
    Briarwood Club
    briarwood cudgel
    Briarwood Fighting Baton
    briarwood fighting batons
    briarwood greatstaff
    Briarwood Knotted Club
    briarwood long bow
    Briarwood Longbow
    Briarwood Pike
    Briarwood Quarter Staff
    briarwood quarterstaff
    briarwood round shield
    briarwood short bow
    Briarwood Shortbow
    briarwood sorcerer's staff
    briarwood wand
    Brilliant Bristlebane Day Boots
    Brilliant Bristlebane Day Gloves
    Brilliant Bristlebane Day Robe
    Bristled Fistwraps
    Bristled Leather Bandolier
    Bristled Leather Belt
    Bristled Leather Boots
    Bristled Leather Bracers
    Bristled Leather Gi
    Bristled Leather Gloves
    Bristled Leather Pants
    Bristled Leather Pouch
    Bristled Leather Satchel
    Bristled Leather Sheath
    Bristled Leather Shoulder Pads
    Bristled Leather Skullcap
    Bristled Leather Tome
    Bristled Leather Tunic
    Bristled Whip
    broadcloth blouse
    broadcloth cap
    broadcloth cuffs
    broadcloth mitts
    broadcloth pantaloons
    Broadcloth Robe
    broadcloth sash
    broadcloth scarf
    broadcloth shawl
    broadcloth slippers
    Broadcloth Vest
    Bronze Assault Axe
    Bronze Battle Hammer
    Bronze Chainmail Boots
    Bronze Chainmail Bracers
    Bronze Chainmail Coat
    Bronze Chainmail Coif
    Bronze Chainmail Gloves
    Bronze Chainmail Leggings
    Bronze Chainmail Mantle
    Bronze Claws
    Bronze Claymore
    Bronze Crescent Axe
    Bronze Dagger
    Bronze Dirk
    Bronze Double Headed Axe
    Bronze Falchion
    Bronze Flail
    Bronze Flamberge
    Bronze Gavel
    Bronze Great Flail
    Bronze Great Spear
    Bronze Great Sword
    Bronze Hand Axe
    Bronze Javelin
    Bronze Karabela
    Bronze Katana
    Bronze Katar
    Bronze Kite Shield
    Bronze Knuckles
    Bronze Kris
    Bronze Lance
    Bronze Long Sword
    Bronze Mace
    Bronze Maul
    Bronze Morning Star
    Bronze Parrying Blade
    Bronze Rapier
    Bronze Ritual Dagger
    Bronze Sabre
    Bronze Sai
    Bronze Sceptre
    Bronze Scimitar
    Bronze Scourge
    Bronze Shamshir
    Bronze Short Spear
    Bronze Short Sword
    Bronze Sledge
    Bronze Spatha
    Bronze Spiked Hammer
    Bronze Stiletto
    Bronze Tablet
    Bronze Tower Shield
    Bronze Tribal Spear
    Bronze Tulwar
    Bronze Vanguard Barbute
    Bronze Vanguard Cuirass
    Bronze Vanguard Gauntlets
    Bronze Vanguard Greaves
    Bronze Vanguard Gussets
    Bronze Vanguard Sabatons
    Bronze Vanguard Spaulders
    Bronze Voulge
    Bronze War Hammer
    Bronze War Mace
    Bronze War Maul
    Brown Woolen Scarf
    Buckler of Fear Feeding
    Buckler of the Torturer
    Bulwark of Infinite Wisdom
    Bulwark of the Silvered Defender
    Bulwark of Warfare
    burial embalmed boots
    burial embalmed bracers
    burial embalmed gloves
    burial embalmed neck band
    burial embalmed shoulder pads
    burial embalmed skullcap
    Burlap Cap
    Burlap Cuffs
    Burlap Mitts
    Burlap Pantaloons
    Burlap Robe
    Burlap Shawl
    Burlap Slippers
    Burlap Vest
    burned silken drape
    Burrower Scale Vambraces
    Burrower Scale Wristband
    Cacophonus Cuffs of Fireflame
    Calamitous Bo Staff of Authority
    Calamitous Bo Staff of Dominance
    Calamitous Bo Staff of Dynamism
    Calamitous Bo Staff of Energy
    Calamitous Bo Staff of Rancor
    Calamitous Bo Staff of Stratagems
    Calamitous Bo Staff of the Boundless
    Calamitous Bo Staff of Virtue
    Calamitous Katar of Authority
    Calamitous Katar of Dominance
    Calamitous Katar of Dynamism
    Calamitous Katar of Energy
    Calamitous Katar of Rancor
    Calamitous Katar of Stratagems
    Calamitous Katar of the Boundless
    Calamitous Katar of Virtue
    Calamitous Pouch of Authority
    Calamitous Pouch of Dominance
    Calamitous Pouch of Dynamism
    Calamitous Pouch of Energy
    Calamitous Pouch of Rancor
    Calamitous Pouch of Stratagems
    Calamitous Pouch of the Boundless
    Calamitous Pouch of Virtue
    Calcified Gnollish Iron Bladed Axe
    Calcified Gnollish Iron Bladed Dagger
    Calcified Gnollish Iron Bladed Longsword
    Calcified Gnollish Iron Bladed Scimitar
    Calcified Gnollish Iron Fighting Baton
    Calcified Gnollish Iron Great Smasher
    Calcified Gnollish Iron Hilted Greatsword
    Calcified Gnollish Iron Hilted Mace
    Calcified Gnollish Iron Mage's Staff
    Calcified Gnollish Iron Skull Hammer
    Calcified Gnollish Iron Skull Tipped Staff
    Calcified Gnollish Iron Tipped Spear
    Calcified Knuckles of Gnollish Iron
    Calcified Knuckles of Orcish Bone
    Calcified Orc Bone Fighting Hammer
    Calcified Orcish Bone Bladed Axe
    Calcified Orcish Bone Bladed Dagger
    Calcified Orcish Bone Bladed Longsword
    Calcified Orcish Bone Bladed Scimitar
    Calcified Orcish Bone Fighting Baton
    Calcified Orcish Bone Great Smasher
    Calcified Orcish Bone Hilted Greatsword
    Calcified Orcish Bone Hilted Mace
    Calcified Orcish Bone Mage's Staff
    Calcified Orcish Bone Skull Hammer
    Calcified Orcish Bone Skull Tipped Staff
    Calcified Orcish Bone Tipped Spear
    Calibrated Gnomish Crosstrainers
    Caller's Hoop
    Cambric Cap
    Cambric Cuffs
    Cambric Mitts
    Cambric Pantaloons
    Cambric Robe
    Cambric Shawl
    Cambric Slippers
    Canary Broadcloth Traveler's Cloak
    Canary Cloth Traveler's Cloak
    Canary Linen Wanderer's Cloak
    Canary Rough Linen Wanderer's Cloak
    Candy-Striped Bow
    Candy-Striped Bow of Death
    Candy-Striped Bow of Gloom
    Candy-Striped Crook
    Candy-Striped Crook of Death
    Candy-Striped Crook of Gloom
    Candy-Striped Cudgel
    Candy-Striped Cudgel of Death
    Candy-Striped Cudgel of Gloom
    Candy-Striped Shiv
    Candy-Striped Shiv of Death
    Candy-Striped Shiv of Gloom
    Candy-Striped Sword
    Candy-Striped Sword of Death
    Candy-Striped Sword of Gloom
    Cane of the Studious
    Canvas Cap
    Canvas Cuffs
    Canvas Mitts
    canvas pantaloons
    Canvas Robe
    Canvas Shawl
    Canvas Slippers
    Canvas Vest
    Cap of Dissonance
    Cap of Frozen Winds
    Cap of the Arcane Apprentice
    Carbonite Assault Axe
    Carbonite Battle Hammer
    Carbonite Brigandine Boots
    Carbonite Brigandine Bracers
    Carbonite Brigandine Coat
    Carbonite Brigandine Coif
    Carbonite Brigandine Gloves
    Carbonite Brigandine Leggings
    Carbonite Brigandine Mantle
    Carbonite Chainmail Boots
    Carbonite Chainmail Bracers
    Carbonite Chainmail Coat
    Carbonite Chainmail Coif
    Carbonite Chainmail Gloves
    Carbonite Chainmail Leggings
    Carbonite Chainmail Mantle
    Carbonite Claws
    Carbonite Claymore
    Carbonite Clockwork Drape
    Carbonite Crescent Axe
    Carbonite Dagger
    Carbonite Devout Barbute
    Carbonite Devout Cuirass
    Carbonite Devout Gauntlets
    Carbonite Devout Greaves
    Carbonite Devout Gussets
    Carbonite Devout Sabatons
    Carbonite Devout Spaulders
    Carbonite Dirk
    Carbonite Double Headed Axe
    Carbonite Falchion
    Carbonite Flail
    Carbonite Flamberge
    Carbonite Gavel
    Carbonite Great Flail
    Carbonite Great Spear
    Carbonite Great Sword
    Carbonite Hand Axe
    Carbonite Javelin
    Carbonite Karabela
    Carbonite Katana
    Carbonite Katar
    Carbonite Kite Shield
    Carbonite Knuckles
    Carbonite Kris
    Carbonite Lance
    Carbonite Long Sword
    Carbonite Mace
    Carbonite Maul
    Carbonite Morning Star
    Carbonite Parrying Blade
    Carbonite Plate Barbute
    Carbonite Plate Cuirass
    Carbonite Plate Gauntlets
    Carbonite Plate Greaves
    Carbonite Plate Gussets
    Carbonite Plate Sabatons
    Carbonite Plate Spaulders
    Carbonite Rapier
    Carbonite Reverent Boots
    Carbonite Reverent Bracers
    Carbonite Reverent Coat
    Carbonite Reverent Coif
    Carbonite Reverent Gloves
    Carbonite Reverent Leggings
    Carbonite Reverent Mantle
    Carbonite Ritual Dagger
    Carbonite Sabre
    Carbonite Sai
    Carbonite Sceptre
    Carbonite Scimitar
    Carbonite Scourge
    Carbonite Shamshir
    Carbonite Short Spear
    Carbonite Short Sword
    Carbonite Sledge
    Carbonite Spatha
    Carbonite Spiked Hammer
    Carbonite Stiletto
    Carbonite Tablet
    Carbonite Tower Shield
    Carbonite Tribal Spear
    Carbonite Tulwar
    Carbonite Vanguard Barbute
    Carbonite Vanguard Cuirass
    Carbonite Vanguard Gauntlets
    Carbonite Vanguard Greaves
    Carbonite Vanguard Gussets
    Carbonite Vanguard Sabatons
    Carbonite Vanguard Spaulders
    Carbonite Voulge
    Carbonite War Hammer
    Carbonite War Mace
    Carbonite War Maul
    Carmine Broadcloth Traveler's Cloak
    Carmine Cloth Traveler's Cloak
    Carmine Linen Wanderer's Cloak
    Carmine Rough Linen Wanderer's Cloak
    Carved Orc Bone Fighting Hammer
    Carved Scepter of Stability
    Catalyst's Blackened Iron Cowl
    Catalyst's Cowl of the Arcanespeaker
  6. Caith Developer

    Catalyst's Glyphed Cowl
    Catalyst's Glyphed Cuffs
    Catalyst's Glyphed Epaulets
    Catalyst's Glyphed Leggings
    Catalyst's Glyphed Robe
    Catalyst's Glyphed Shoes
    Catalyst's Leggings of the Arcanespeaker
    Catalyst's Manawound Robe
    Catalyst's Robe of Channeling
    Catalyst's Shoes of the Arcanespeaker
    Catalyst's Spellwoven Cowl of Channeling
    Catalyst's Spellwoven Cowl of the Arcanespeaker
    Catalyst's Spellwoven Cuffs of Channeling
    Catalyst's Spellwoven Cuffs of the Arcanespeaker
    Catalyst's Spellwoven Epaulets of Channeling
    Catalyst's Spellwoven Gloves of Channeling
    Catalyst's Spellwoven Gloves of Reason
    Catalyst's Spellwoven Gloves of the Arcanespeaker
    Catalyst's Spellwoven Leggings of Channeling
    Catalyst's Spellwoven Leggings of the Arcanespeaker
    Catalyst's Spellwoven Robe of Channeling
    Catalyst's Spellwoven Shoes of Channeling
    Cave Dweller's Gloves
    Cave Dweller's Pants
    Cave Dweller's Skullcap
    Cedar Bo Staff
    Cedar Buckler
    Cedar Club
    Cedar Cudgel
    Cedar Fighting Baton
    Cedar Greatstaff
    Cedar Knotted Club
    Cedar Longbow
    Cedar Pike
    Cedar Quarter Staff
    Cedar Round Shield
    Cedar Shortbow
    Cedar Sorcerer's Staff
    Cedar Wand
    Cedarwood Bo
    cedarwood buckler
    Cedarwood Cudgel
    Cedarwood Fighting Batons
    Cedarwood Greatstaff
    Cedarwood Long Bow
    Cedarwood Quarterstaff
    cedarwood round shield
    Cedarwood Short Bow
    cedarwood sorcerer's staff
    cedarwood tome
    Cedarwood Wand
    Celestial Golden Bracelet
    Celestial Golden Ring
    Celestial Iron Mace
    Censer of Agony
    Censer of Anguish
    Censer of Blood Ashes
    Censer of Storms
    Censer of the Caldera
    Censer of the Destroyer
    cerecloth cowl
    cerecloth cuffs
    cerecloth slippers
    Ceremonial Underroot Sash
    Cerise Casual Wear
    Chainmail Bracers of Dark Whispers
    Chainmail Coat of Dark Whispers
    Chainmail Coif of Dark Whispers
    Chainmail Gloves of Dark Whispers
    Chainmail Mantle of the Commissioner
    champion's barbute
    champion's bracer
    champion's gauntlets
    champion's spaulder
    chaos imbued gabardine hex doll
    chaos imbued spuncloth hex doll
    chaos sewn bloomers
    Chaotic Orb of the Haunt
    chaotic plate tonlets
    Charmed Rapier
    Chestguard of Haunted Visions
    Chillburn Axe
    Chillburn Buckler
    Chillburn Club
    Chillburn Dagger
    Chillburn Hammer
    Chillburn Hook
    Chillburn Longbow
    Chillburn Mage Staff
    Chillburn Scimitar
    Chillburn Shortspear
    Chillburn Tower Shield
    Chillburn Wand
    Chillburn Warstaff
    Chillwind's Cape
    Chipped Bone Kite Shield
    Chitinous Chestguard
    Choker of Deathwarding
    Choker of Zombie Bane
    Chosen of Danak Buckler
    Chronicles of Riliss
    Cinderskin Boots
    Cires Earring
    Clairvoyant's Copper-Threaded Gloves of Genius
    Clairvoyant's Silver-Threaded Cuffs of Elements
    Clairvoyant's Silver-Threaded Shoes of Elements
    Clandestine Damask Cloak
    Clandestine Dragon's Breath Adventurer's Cloak
    Clandestine Spuncloth Cloak
    Clandestine Swiftcloth Cloak
    Clandestine Windcloth Adventurer's Cloak
    Clawed Devotee's Bracelet
    Clawed Evoker's Bracelet
    Clawed Hunter's Bracelet
    Clawed Sentry's Bracelet
    Claws of Fyst
    Claws of the Caldera
    Cloak of the Trapper
    cloth blouse
    cloth cap
    cloth cuffs
    cloth mitts
    cloth pantaloons
    cloth sash
    cloth scarf
    cloth shawl
    cloth slippers
    Cloth Vest
    Cloudy Broadcloth Traveler's Cloak
    Cloudy Cloth Traveler's Cloak
    Cloudy Linen Wanderer's Cloak
    Cloudy Rough Linen Wanderer's Cloak
    Cobalt Assault Axe
    Cobalt Battle Hammer
    Cobalt Brigandine Boots
    Cobalt Brigandine Bracers
    Cobalt Brigandine Coat
    Cobalt Brigandine Coif
    Cobalt Brigandine Gloves
    Cobalt Brigandine Leggings
    Cobalt Brigandine Mantle
    Cobalt Chainmail Boots
    Cobalt Chainmail Bracers
    Cobalt Chainmail Coat
    Cobalt Chainmail Coif
    Cobalt Chainmail Gloves
    Cobalt Chainmail Leggings
    Cobalt Chainmail Mantle
    Cobalt Claws
    Cobalt Claymore
    Cobalt Crescent Axe
    Cobalt Dagger
    Cobalt Devout Barbute
    Cobalt Devout Cuirass
    Cobalt Devout Gauntlets
    Cobalt Devout Greaves
    Cobalt Devout Gussets
    Cobalt Devout Sabatons
    Cobalt Devout Spaulders
    Cobalt Dirk
    Cobalt Double Headed Axe
    Cobalt Falchion
    Cobalt Flail
    Cobalt Flamberge
    Cobalt Gavel
    Cobalt Great Flail
    Cobalt Great Spear
    Cobalt Great Sword
    Cobalt Hand Axe
    Cobalt Javelin
    Cobalt Karabela
    Cobalt Katana
    Cobalt Katar
    Cobalt Kite Shield
    Cobalt Knuckles
    Cobalt Kris
    Cobalt Lance
    Cobalt Long Sword
    Cobalt Mace
    Cobalt Maul
    Cobalt Melodic Boots
    Cobalt Melodic Bracers
    Cobalt Melodic Coat
    Cobalt Melodic Coif
    Cobalt Melodic Gloves
    Cobalt Melodic Leggings
    Cobalt Melodic Mantle
    Cobalt Morning Star
    Cobalt Parrying Blade
    Cobalt Plate Barbute
    Cobalt Plate Cuirass
    Cobalt Plate Gauntlets
    Cobalt Plate Greaves
    Cobalt Plate Gussets
    Cobalt Plate Sabatons
    Cobalt Plate Spaulders
    Cobalt Rapier
    Cobalt Reverent Boots
    Cobalt Reverent Bracers
    Cobalt Reverent Coat
    Cobalt Reverent Coif
    Cobalt Reverent Gloves
    Cobalt Reverent Leggings
    Cobalt Reverent Mantle
    Cobalt Ritual Dagger
    Cobalt Sabre
    Cobalt Sai
    Cobalt Sceptre
    Cobalt Scimitar
    Cobalt Scourge
    Cobalt Shamshir
    Cobalt Short Spear
    Cobalt Short Sword
    Cobalt Sledge
    Cobalt Spatha
    Cobalt Spiked Hammer
    Cobalt Stiletto
    Cobalt Tablet
    Cobalt Tower Shield
    Cobalt Tribal Spear
    Cobalt Tulwar
    Cobalt Vanguard Barbute
    Cobalt Vanguard Cuirass
    Cobalt Vanguard Gauntlets
    Cobalt Vanguard Greaves
    Cobalt Vanguard Gussets
    Cobalt Vanguard Sabatons
    Cobalt Vanguard Spaulders
    Cobalt Voulge
    Cobalt War Hammer
    Cobalt War Mace
    Cobalt War Maul
    Coldfist Bracelet
    Coldfist Leggings
    Commander Keg's Pinky Ring
    Commander's Cuffs
    Conditioned Ash Buckler
    Conditioned Ash Kite Shield
    Conditioned Ash Round Shield
    Conditioned Ash Tower Shield
    Conditioned Briarwood Buckler
    Conditioned Briarwood Kite Shield
    Conditioned Briarwood Round Shield
    Conditioned Briarwood Tower Shield
    Conditioned Teak Buckler
    Conditioned Teak Kite Shield
    Conditioned Teak Round Shield
    Conditioned Teak Tower Shield
    Cone of the Walker
    Consecrated Blood Iron Chestplate
    Consecrated Blood Iron Gauntlets
    Consecrated Blood Iron Greaves
    Consecrated Blood Iron Helmet
    Consecrated Blood Iron Sabatons
    Consecrated Blood Iron Vambraces
    constructor's bloomers
    constructor's cap
    constructor's cape
    constructor's gloves
    constructor's shoes
    constructor's sleeves
    constructor's vest
    Consussive Wand of Blasting
    Cool-Mint Bow
    Cool-Mint Crook
    Cool-Mint Cudgel
    Cool-Mint Shiv
    Cool-Mint Sword
    Copper Idol
    Copper Symbol
    Coral Orb
    Corrupted Glyph Broadsword
    corrupted glyph vanguard barbute
    corrupted glyph vanguard gauntlets
    corrupted glyph vanguard gussets
    Corruptor's Spire Shard
    Coterie Leather Boots
    Coterie Leather Gloves
    Coterie Leather Pants
    Coterie Leather Tunic
    Coterie Necklace of Exile
    Courtly Cambric Adventurer's Cloak
    Courtly Damask Cloak
    Courtly Sandcloth Wanderer's Cloak
    Courtly Spuncloth Cloak
    Courtly Swiftcloth Cloak
    craftsman bloomers
    craftsman bracers
    craftsman cape
    craftsman shoes
    craftsman sleeves
    Craftsman's Bloomers
    Craftsman's Cap
    Craftsman's Cape
    Craftsman's Cranial Capacitor
    Craftsman's Gloves
    Craftsman's Shoes
    Craftsman's Sleeves
    Craftsman's Vest
    Crana's Brittle Wand
    Crest of Mechanical Precision
    Crest of Miracles
    Crest of Relinquishing Spirits
    Crest of the Unbreakable
    Crest of Titan Calling
    Crest of Transcending Voices
    Crimson Cambric Adventurer's Cloak
    Crimson Sandcloth Wanderer's Cloak
    Cronian Emblem
    Cruel Cube of Deflection
    Cruel Executioner
    Cryptic Metallic Coat
    Cryptic Metallic Cuirass
    Cryptic Metallic Robe
    Cryptic Reinforced Tunic
    Crystal Fighting Batons of Flight
    Crystal Sphere
    Crystallized Acid Bracer
    Cudgel of Night
    Cudgel of Reflection
    Cuirboilli Fistwraps
    Cuirboilli Leather Bandolier
    Cuirboilli Leather Boots
    Cuirboilli Leather Bracers
    Cuirboilli Leather Gloves
    Cuirboilli Leather Pants
    Cuirboilli Leather Pouch
    Cuirboilli Leather Satchel
    Cuirboilli Leather Sheath
    Cuirboilli Leather Shoulder Pads
    Cuirboilli Leather Skull Cap
    Cuirboilli Leather Tome
    Cuirboilli Leather Tunic
    cuirboilli leather whip
    Cuirboilli Whip
    Cured Fistwraps
    Cured Leather Bandolier
    Cured Leather Boots
    Cured Leather Bracers
    Cured Leather Gloves
    Cured Leather Pants
    Cured Leather Pouch
    Cured Leather Satchel
    Cured Leather Sheath
    Cured Leather Shoulder Pads
    Cured Leather Skull Cap
    Cured Leather Tome
    Cured Leather Tunic
    Cured Whip
    Curved Amygdalan Great Spear
    Cutthroat's Thickened Vambraces of the Heartstriker
    Damask Cuffs
    Damask Sash
    Damask Scarf
    Damsel of the Harvest Foliage
    Danak Essence Vial Necklace
    Danak Hoop of Subversion
    Danak Wishbone
    Dangling Earring of Harpy Quills
    Dapper Traveler's Boots
    Dapper Traveler's Cloak
    Dapper Traveler's Gloves
    Dapper Traveler's Pants
    Dapper Traveler's Sleeves
    Dapper Traveler's Vest
    Dark Censer
    Dark Javelin of the Seeker
    Dark Oath
    Dark Protector
    Darkcoil Fang Stiletto
    Darkcoil's Hide
    Darkforged Wand
    Darkruned Blood Iron Chestplate
    Darkruned Blood Iron Gauntlets
    Darkruned Blood Iron Greaves
    Darkruned Blood Iron Helmet
    Darkruned Blood Iron Sabatons
    Darkruned Blood Iron Vambraces
    Deadcraft Scepter
    Deepfreeze Cudgel
    Deepfreeze Defender
    Defender of the Harvest Foliage
    Defiled Sanguine Brigandine Footpads
    Defiled Sanguine Brigandine Handguards
    Defiled Sanguine Brigandine Helm
    Defiled Sanguine Buckler
    Defiled Sanguine Sceptre
    Defrauders Dirk
    Deklium Band
  7. Caith Developer

    Deklium Bangle
    Deklium Censer
    Deklium Girdle
    Deklium Hoop
    Deklium Idol
    Deklium Symbol
    Deklium Torque
    Delectable Candy-Striped Staff
    Delicious Candy-Striped Staff
    destroyed amethyst ring
    Destructive Greatsword of Authority
    Destructive Greatsword of Dominance
    Destructive Greatsword of Dynamism
    Destructive Greatsword of Energy
    Destructive Greatsword of Rancor
    Destructive Greatsword of Stratagems
    Destructive Greatsword of the Boundless
    Destructive Greatsword of Virtue
    Destructive Longbow of Authority
    Destructive Longbow of Dominance
    Destructive Longbow of Dynamism
    Destructive Longbow of Energy
    Destructive Longbow of Rancor
    Destructive Longbow of Stratagems
    Destructive Longbow of the Boundless
    Destructive Longbow of Virtue
    Destructive Longsword of Authority
    Destructive Longsword of Dominance
    Destructive Longsword of Dynamism
    Destructive Longsword of Energy
    Destructive Longsword of Rancor
    Destructive Longsword of Stratagems
    Destructive Longsword of the Boundless
    Destructive Longsword of Virtue
    Devout Bracers of Alleviation
    Devout Bracers of Communion
    Devout Bracers of Impetus
    Devout Bracers of Momentum
    Devout Bracers of Smiting
    Devout Bracers of Solace
    Devout Bracers of Synergism
    Devout Bracers of the Profound
    Devout Breastplate of Alleviation
    Devout Breastplate of Communion
    Devout Breastplate of Impetus
    Devout Breastplate of Momentum
    Devout Breastplate of Smiting
    Devout Breastplate of Solace
    Devout Breastplate of Synergism
    Devout Breastplate of the Profound
    Dexterous Augmented Boots
    Dexterous Augmented Bracers
    Dexterous Augmented Gloves
    Dexterous Augmented Pants
    Dexterous Augmented Shoulder Pads
    Dexterous Augmented Skullcap
    Dexterous Augmented Tunic
    Dexterous Boiled Boots
    Dexterous Boiled Bracers
    Dexterous Boiled Gloves
    Dexterous Boiled Pants
    Dexterous Boiled Shoulder Pads
    Dexterous Boiled Skullcap
    Dexterous Boiled Vest
    Dexterous Bristled Bracers
    Dexterous Cuirboilli Boots
    Dexterous Cuirboilli Bracers
    Dexterous Cuirboilli Gloves
    Dexterous Cuirboilli Pants
    Dexterous Cuirboilli Shoulder Pads
    Dexterous Cuirboilli Skullcap
    Dexterous Cuirboilli Vest
    Dexterous Cured Boots
    Dexterous Cured Bracers
    Dexterous Cured Gloves
    Dexterous Cured Pants
    Dexterous Cured Shoulder Pads
    Dexterous Cured Skullcap
    Dexterous Cured Tunic
    Dexterous Dragonhide Boots
    Dexterous Dragonhide Bracers
    Dexterous Dragonhide Gloves
    Dexterous Dragonhide Pants
    Dexterous Dragonhide Shoulder Pads
    Dexterous Dragonhide Skullcap
    Dexterous Dragonhide Tunic
    Dexterous Engraved Boots
    Dexterous Engraved Bracers
    Dexterous Engraved Gloves
    Dexterous Engraved Pants
    Dexterous Engraved Shoulder Pads
    Dexterous Engraved Skullcap
    Dexterous Engraved Vest
    Dexterous Etched Boots
    Dexterous Etched Bracers
    Dexterous Etched Gloves
    Dexterous Etched Pants
    Dexterous Etched Shoulder Pads
    Dexterous Etched Skullcap
    Dexterous Etched Vest
    Dexterous Horned Leather Boots
    Dexterous Horned Leather Bracers
    Dexterous Horned Leather Gloves
    Dexterous Horned Leather Pants
    Dexterous Horned Leather Shoulder Pads
    Dexterous Horned Leather Skullcap
    Dexterous Horned Leather Tunic
    Dexterous Mottled Boots
    Dexterous Mottled Bracers
    Dexterous Mottled Gi
    Dexterous Mottled Gloves
    Dexterous Mottled Pants
    Dexterous Mottled Shoulder Pads
    Dexterous Mottled Skullcap
    Dexterous Mottled Tunic
    Dexterous Scaled Boots
    Dexterous Scaled Bracers
    Dexterous Scaled Gloves
    Dexterous Scaled Pants
    Dexterous Scaled Shoulder Pads
    Dexterous Scaled Skullcap
    Dexterous Scaled Tunic
    Dexterous Stonehide Boots
    Dexterous Stonehide Bracers
    Dexterous Stonehide Gloves
    Dexterous Stonehide Pants
    Dexterous Stonehide Shoulder Pads
    Dexterous Stonehide Skullcap
    Dexterous Stonehide Tunic
    Dexterous Strengthened Boots
    Dexterous Strengthened Bracers
    Dexterous Strengthened Gloves
    Dexterous Strengthened Pants
    Dexterous Strengthened Shoulder Pads
    Dexterous Strengthened Skullcap
    Dexterous Strengthened Tunic
    Dexterous Tanned Leather Boots
    Dexterous Tanned Leather Bracers
    Dexterous Tanned Leather Gloves
    Dexterous Tanned Leather Pants
    Dexterous Tanned Leather Shoulder Pads
    Dexterous Tanned Leather Skullcap
    Dexterous Tanned Leather Tunic
    diamondine band
    diamondine bangle
    diamondine censer
    diamondine hoop
    diamondine idol
    diamondine symbol
    diamondine tablet
    diamondine torque
    dilettante's bloomers
    dilettante's cap
    dilettante's cape
    dilettante's gloves
    dilettante's shoes
    dilettante's sleeves
    dilettante's vest
    Dire Mace of Alleviation
    Dire Mace of Communion
    Dire Mace of Impetus
    Dire Mace of Momentum
    Dire Mace of Smiting
    Dire Mace of Solace
    Dire Mace of Synergism
    Dire Mace of the Profound
    Dire Sledge of Alleviation
    Dire Sledge of Communion
    Dire Sledge of Impetus
    Dire Sledge of Momentum
    Dire Sledge of Smiting
    Dire Sledge of Solace
    Dire Sledge of Synergism
    Dire Sledge of the Profound
    Dire Wand of Alleviation
    Dire Wand of Communion
    Dire Wand of Impetus
    Dire Wand of Momentum
    Dire Wand of Smiting
    Dire Wand of Solace
    Dire Wand of Synergism
    Dire Wand of the Profound
    Dirk of Dark Bindings
    dirk of reconnaissance
    Dirk of the Slayer
    Disciple's Blackened Iron Skullcap
    Disciple's Dark Silk Arm Wraps of the Dragon
    Disciple's Dark Silk Foot Wraps of the Dragon
    Disciple's Dark Silk Gi of the Dragon
    Disciple's Dark Silk Hand Wraps of Aptitude
    Disciple's Dark Silk Hand Wraps of the Dragon
    Disciple's Dark Silk Hand Wraps of the Swiftstriker
    Disciple's Dark Silk Leg Wraps of the Dragon
    Disciple's Dark Silk Leg Wraps of the Swiftstriker
    Disciple's Dark Silk Skullcap of the Dragon
    Disciple's Dark Silk Skullcap of the Swiftstriker
    Disciple's Dark Silk Wrist Wraps of the Dragon
    Disciple's Dark Silk Wrist Wraps of the Swiftstriker
    Disciple's Foot Wraps of the Swiftstriker
    Disciple's Gi of the Dragon
    Disciple's Harmonious Arm Wraps
    Disciple's Harmonious Foot Wraps
    Disciple's Harmonious Gi
    Disciple's Harmonious Leg Wraps
    Disciple's Harmonious Skullcap
    Disciple's Harmonious Wrist Wraps
    Disciple's Leg Wraps of the Swiftstriker
    Disciple's Peaceful Gi
    Disciple's Skullcap of the Swiftstriker
    discord imbued gabardine hex doll
    discord imbued spuncloth hex doll
    Disenchanted Sleeves of the Sky
    Dismal Scourge
    Diviner's Blackened Iron Coif
    Diviner's Celestial Hauberk
    Diviner's Chain Boots of the Dreamwalker
    Diviner's Chausses of the Dreamwalker
    Diviner's Coif of the Dreamwalker
    Diviner's Ethereal Chain Boots
    Diviner's Ethereal Chain Cuffs
    Diviner's Ethereal Chausses
    Diviner's Ethereal Coif
    Diviner's Ethereal Hauberk
    Diviner's Ethereal Spaulders
    Diviner's Ghostly Chain Boots of Visions
    Diviner's Ghostly Chain Cuffs of the Dreamwalker
    Diviner's Ghostly Chain Cuffs of Visions
    Diviner's Ghostly Chausses of the Dreamwalker
    Diviner's Ghostly Chausses of Visions
    Diviner's Ghostly Coif of the Dreamwalker
    Diviner's Ghostly Coif of Visions
    Diviner's Ghostly Handguards of the Astute
    Diviner's Ghostly Handguards of the Dreamwalker
    Diviner's Ghostly Handguards of Visions
    Diviner's Ghostly Hauberk of Visions
    Diviner's Ghostly Spaulders of Visions
    Diviner's Hauberk of Visions
    Di'Zok Belt of Devotion
    Di'Zok Belt of Inspiration
    Di'Zok Bow of Flame
    Di'Zok Ceremonial Cloth Cap
    Di'Zok Ceremonial Cloth Cuffs
    Di'Zok Ceremonial Cloth Mitts
    Di'Zok Ceremonial Cloth Pantaloons
    Di'Zok Ceremonial Cloth Robe
    Di'Zok Ceremonial Cloth Shawl
    Di'Zok Ceremonial Cloth Slippers
    Di'Zok Ceremonial Round Shield
    Di'Zok Emblazoned Buckler
    Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Barbute
    Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Cuirass
    Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Gauntlets
    Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Greaves
    Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Gussets
    Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Sabatons
    Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Spaulders
    Di'Zok Hatchery Rhymes
    Di'Zok Hoop of Inspiration
    Di'Zok Hoop of Service
    Di'Zok Torque of Inspiration
    Di'Zok Torque of Protection
    Djar'veh's Vest of Cunning
    Dragon Eye Ring
    Dragon Gavel
    Dragon Nail
    Dragonfly Wing Necklace
    Dragonhide Boots
    Dragonhide Bracers
    Dragonhide Fistwraps
    Dragonhide Gloves
    Dragonhide Leather Bandolier
    Dragonhide Leather Pouch
    Dragonhide Leather Satchel
    Dragonhide Leather Sheath
    Dragonhide Leather Tome
    Dragonhide Pants
    Dragonhide Shoulder Pads
    Dragonhide Skullcap
    Dragonhide Tunic
    Dragonhide Whip
    Dragon's Breath Cap
    Dragon's Breath Cuffs
    Dragon's Breath Mitts
    Dragon's Breath Pantaloons
    Dragon's Breath Shawl
    Dragon's Breath Slippers
    Dragon's Breath Vest
    Dragon's Marrow
    Drake hide tunic
    Drayek's Axe of Frost
    Drayek's Sunderer
    Drillmaster's Vambraces
    dull tomahawk
    Dusky Casual Wear
    Dyrtian Hammered Hoop
    Ear Spike of Serious Business
    Earhoop of Denial
    Earhoop of Longing
    Earring of Command
    Earring of Flight
    earring of lethargy
    Earring of Longing
    Earring of Strengthened Growth
    Earring of the Eventide
    Earring of the Ice Walker
    Earring of the Wandering Mind
    Earstud of Blanketed Fog
    Earstud of Gemmed Metals
    Earstud of Longing
    Earstud of the Courts
    Earth Eroded Coat
    Ebon Assault Axe
    Ebon Bardiche
    Ebon Bastard Sword
    Ebon Battle Axe
    Ebon Battle Hammer
    Ebon Battlehammer
    ebon brigandine boots
  8. Caith Developer

    Ebon Brigandine Bracers
    ebon brigandine chestguard
    Ebon Brigandine Coat
    Ebon Brigandine Coif
    Ebon Brigandine Gloves
    ebon brigandine handguards
    ebon brigandine helm
    ebon brigandine leggings
    Ebon Brigandine Mantle
    ebon brigandine shoulder pads
    ebon brigandine wristguards
    Ebon Cestii
    ebon chainmail boots
    ebon chainmail bracers
    ebon chainmail coat
    ebon chainmail coif
    ebon chainmail gloves
    ebon chainmail leggings
    ebon chainmail mantle
    Ebon Claws
    Ebon Claymore
    Ebon Crescent Axe
    Ebon Cutlass
    Ebon Dagger
    Ebon Devout Barbute
    Ebon Devout Cuirass
    Ebon Devout Gauntlets
    Ebon Devout Greaves
    Ebon Devout Gussets
    Ebon Devout Sabatons
    Ebon Devout Spaulders
    Ebon Dirk
    Ebon Double Headed Axe
    Ebon Epee
    Ebon Falchion
    Ebon Flail
    Ebon Flamberge
    Ebon Foil
    Ebon Gavel
    ebon girdle
    Ebon Great Flail
    Ebon Great Spear
    Ebon Great Sword
    Ebon Greatsword
    Ebon Halberd
    Ebon Hand Axe
    Ebon Harpoon
    Ebon Hatchet
    Ebon Javelin
    Ebon Karabela
    Ebon Katana
    Ebon Katar
    ebon kite shield
    Ebon Knuckles
    Ebon Kris
    Ebon Kukri
    Ebon Lance
    Ebon Leafblade
    Ebon Long Sword
    Ebon Mace
    Ebon Maul
    Ebon Melodic Boots
    Ebon Melodic Bracers
    Ebon Melodic Coat
    Ebon Melodic Coif
    Ebon Melodic Gloves
    Ebon Melodic Leggings
    Ebon Melodic Mantle
    Ebon Military Pick
    Ebon Morning Star
    Ebon Ornate Spear
    Ebon Parrying Blade
    Ebon Plate Barbute
    Ebon Plate Cuirass
    Ebon Plate Gauntlets
    Ebon Plate Greaves
    Ebon Plate Gussets
    Ebon Plate Sabatons
    Ebon Plate Spaulders
    ebon platemail breastplate
    ebon platemail gauntlets
    ebon platemail helm
    ebon platemail legplates
    ebon platemail pauldrons
    ebon platemail tonlets
    ebon platemail vambraces
    ebon platemail wristguards
    Ebon Rapier
    Ebon Reverent Boots
    Ebon Reverent Bracer
    Ebon Reverent Coat
    Ebon Reverent Coif
    Ebon Reverent Gloves
    Ebon Reverent Leggings
    Ebon Reverent Mantle
    Ebon Ritual Dagger
    Ebon Sabre
    Ebon Sai
    Ebon Sceptre
    Ebon Scimitar
    Ebon Scourge
    Ebon Shamshir
    Ebon Short Spear
    Ebon Short Sword
    Ebon Sledge
    Ebon Spatha
    Ebon Spear
    Ebon Spiked Hammer
    Ebon Stiletto
    Ebon Tablet
    Ebon Tomahawk
    ebon tower shield
    Ebon Tribal Spear
    Ebon Trident
    Ebon Tulwar
    ebon vanguard barbute
    ebon vanguard cuirass
    ebon vanguard gauntlets
    ebon vanguard greaves
    ebon vanguard gussets
    ebon vanguard sabatons
    ebon vanguard spaulders
    Ebon Voulge
    Ebon War Axe
    Ebon War Hammer
    Ebon War Mace
    Ebon War Maul
    Ebon Warhammer
    Ebon Wizard's Dagger
    Ebony Bo Staff
    Ebony Buckler
    Ebony Club
    Ebony Cudgel
    Ebony Fighting Baton
    Ebony Greatstaff
    Ebony Knotted Club
    Ebony Longbow
    Ebony Pike
    Ebony Quarter Staff
    Ebony Round Shield
    Ebony Shortbow
    Ebony Sorcerer's Staff
    Ebony Wand
    Effigy of the Slain
    Egg Sac Bracer
    Egg Sac Necklace
    Elder Enchanted Bone Tonlets
    Electrum Idol
    Electrum Symbol
    Elegantly Carved Fighting Batons
    Elemental Censer
    Elemental Environmental Shield
    Elemental Environmental Suit
    Elm Bo Staff
    Elm Buckler
    Elm Club
    Elm Cudgel
    Elm Fighting Baton
    Elm Greatstaff
    Elm Knotted Club
    Elm Longbow
    Elm Pike
    Elm Quarter Staff
    Elm Round Shield
    Elm Shortbow
    Elm Sorcerer's Staff
    Elm Wand
    Emblem of Mechanical Precision
    Emblem of Miracles
    Emblem of Relinquishing Spirits
    Emblem of the Unbreakable
    Emblem of Titan Calling
    Emblem of Transcending Voices
    Enchanted Champions Belt
    Enchanted Gold Round Shield
    Enchanted Kite Shield
    enchanted leather boots
    enchanted leather fist wraps
    enchanted leather tunic
    enchanted linen mitts
    enchanted linen slippers
    Enchanted Ornate Longbow
    enchanted rubicite cuirass
    enchanted rubicite gauntlets
    enchanted rubicite vanguard sabatons
    enchanted ruby orb
    Enchanted Tae Ew Chainmail Coif
    Enchanted Vale Mantle
    Enchanted Wooden Shield
    Engraved Fistwraps
    Engraved Gnollish Iron Mage's Staff
    engraved leather bandolier
    engraved leather belt
    engraved leather boots
    Engraved Leather Bracers
    engraved leather fist wraps
    engraved leather gloves
    engraved leather pants
    engraved leather pouch
    engraved leather satchel
    engraved leather sheath
    Engraved Leather Shoulder Pads
    engraved leather shoulderpads
    engraved leather skullcap
    Engraved Leather Tome
    engraved leather tunic
    Engraved Leather Vest
    engraved leather whip
    engraved leather wristpads
    Engraved Orcish Bone Mage's Staff
    Engraved Royal Velium Barbute
    Engraved Royal Velium Battlerobe
    Engraved Royal Velium Boots
    Engraved Royal Velium Chestplate
    Engraved Royal Velium Cowl
    Engraved Royal Velium Gauntlets
    Engraved Royal Velium Gloves
    Engraved Royal Velium Greaves
    Engraved Royal Velium Gussets
    Engraved Royal Velium Leggings
    Engraved Royal Velium Sabatons
    Engraved Royal Velium Spaulders
    Engraved Whip
    Enspelled Vultak Eye
    Er'aithe's Claw
    Er'aithe's Hide
    Essence of Flame
    Etched Drake-Hide Circlet
    Etched Fistwraps
    Etched Icebound Platemail Gauntlets
    Etched Icebound Platemail Helm
    Etched Icebound Platemail Pauldrons
    Etched Icebound Platemail Tonlets
    Etched Icebound Platemail Vambraces
    etched leather bandolier
    etched leather belt
    Etched Leather Boots
    Etched Leather Bracers
    etched leather fist wraps
    Etched Leather Gloves
    Etched Leather Pants
    etched leather pouch
    etched leather satchel
    etched leather sheath
    Etched Leather Shoulder Pads
    Etched Leather Skullcap
    Etched Leather Tome
    Etched Leather Vest
    etched leather whip
    Etched Steel Bracelet
    Etched Whip
    Eternal Midnight Barbute
    Eternal Midnight Cuirass
    Eternal Midnight Gauntlets
    Eternal Midnight Greaves
    Eternal Midnight Gussets
    Eternal Midnight Sabatons
    Eternal Midnight Spaulders
    Ethereal Barbute of Accuracy
    Ethereal Boots
    Ethereal Gloves
    Ethereal Pants
    Ethereal Sabre
    Ethereal Shoulder Pads
    Ethereal Skullcap
    Ethereal Tunic
    Ethereal Wristguards
    Eventide Greatstaff
    Eventide Silk Cap
    Eventide Silk Cowl
    Eventide Silk Pantaloons
    Evergreen Casual Wear
    Executioners Axe of Fury
    Extraplanar Girdle
    Eye of Atrius the Watcher
    Eye of the Broodmother
    Fabricator's Bloomers
    Fabricator's Gloves
    Fabricator's Shoes
    Fabricator's Vest
    Face of Love
    Facet of Programming
    Facet of Strengthened Growth
    Facet of the Wandering Mind
    Facet of the Written Word
    Fang-worn Scepter of Stability
    Fashioned Acrylia Band
    Fashioned Acrylia Bangle
    Fashioned Acrylia Girdle
    Fashioned Acrylia Hoop
    Fashioned Acrylia Torque
    Fashioned Agate Bracelet
    Fashioned Agate Earring
    Fashioned Agate Earrings
    Fashioned Agate Elemental Locket
    Fashioned Agate Elemental Stud
    Fashioned Agate Necklace
    Fashioned Agate Noxious Locket
    Fashioned Agate Noxious Stud
    Fashioned Agate Orb
    Fashioned Agate Ring
    Fashioned Augmented Leather Belt
    Fashioned Azurite Band
    Fashioned Azurite Bangle
    Fashioned Azurite Girdle
    Fashioned Azurite Hoop
    Fashioned Azurite Torque
    Fashioned Beryllium Band
    Fashioned Beryllium Bangle
    Fashioned Beryllium Girdle
    Fashioned Beryllium Hoop
    Fashioned Beryllium Torque
    Fashioned Bloodstone Arcane Locket
    Fashioned Bloodstone Arcane Stud
    Fashioned Bloodstone Bracelet
    Fashioned Bloodstone Earring
    Fashioned Bloodstone Earrings
    Fashioned Bloodstone Elemental Locket
    Fashioned Bloodstone Elemental Stud
    Fashioned Bloodstone Necklace
    Fashioned Bloodstone Noxious Locket
    Fashioned Bloodstone Noxious Stud
    Fashioned Bloodstone Orb
    Fashioned Bloodstone Ring
    Fashioned Boiled Leather Belt
    Fashioned Broadcloth Scarf
    Fashioned Burlap Scarf
    Fashioned Cambric Sash
    Fashioned Cambric Scarf
    Fashioned Canvas Scarf
    Fashioned Carbonite Censer
    Fashioned Carbonite Idol
    Fashioned Carbonite Tablet
    Fashioned Cloth Scarf
    Fashioned Copper Hoop
    Fashioned Coral Bracelet
    Fashioned Coral Earring
    Fashioned Coral Elemental Locket
    Fashioned Coral Elemental Stud
    Fashioned Coral Necklace
    Fashioned Coral Ring
    Fashioned Cuirboilli Leather Belt
    Fashioned Cured Leather Belt
    Fashioned Diamondine Band
    Fashioned Diamondine Bangle
    Fashioned Diamondine Girdle
    Fashioned Diamondine Hoop
    Fashioned Diamondine Hoops
    Fashioned Diamondine Symbol
    Fashioned Diamondine Torque
    Fashioned Electrum Band
    Fashioned Electrum Bangle
    Fashioned Electrum Hoop
    Fashioned Electrum Torque
    Fashioned Engraved Leather Belt
    Fashioned Etched Leather Belt
    Fashioned Feyiron Censer
    Fashioned Feyiron Idol
    Fashioned Feyiron Tablet
    Fashioned Fulginate Censer
    Fashioned Fulginate Idol
    Fashioned Fulginate Tablet
    Fashioned Gold Band
    Fashioned Gold Bangle
    Fashioned Gold Girdle
    Fashioned Gold Hoop
    Fashioned Gold Hoops
    Fashioned Gold Symbol
    Fashioned Gold Torque
    Fashioned Jasper Bracelet
    Fashioned Jasper Earring
    Fashioned Jasper Elemental Locket
    Fashioned Jasper Elemental Stud
    Fashioned Jasper Necklace
    Fashioned Jasper Noxious Locket
    Fashioned Jasper Noxious Stud
    Fashioned Jasper Ring
    Fashioned Lapis Lazuli Earring
    Fashioned Lead Bracelet
    Fashioned Lead Hoop
    Fashioned Linen Sash
    Fashioned Linen Scarf
    Fashioned Malachite Earring
    Fashioned Moonstone Arcane Locket
    Fashioned Moonstone Arcane Signet
    Fashioned Moonstone Arcane Stud
    Fashioned Moonstone Bracelet
    Fashioned Moonstone Earring
    Fashioned Moonstone Elemental Locket
    Fashioned Moonstone Elemental Signet
    Fashioned Moonstone Elemental Stud
    Fashioned Moonstone Necklace
    Fashioned Moonstone Noxious Locket
    Fashioned Moonstone Noxious Signet
    Fashioned Moonstone Noxious Stud
  9. Caith Developer

    Fashioned Moonstone Ring
    Fashioned Nacre Arcane Locket
    Fashioned Nacre Arcane Signet
    Fashioned Nacre Arcane Stud
    Fashioned Nacre Bracelet
    Fashioned Nacre Earring
    Fashioned Nacre Elemental Locket
    Fashioned Nacre Elemental Signet
    Fashioned Nacre Elemental Stud
    Fashioned Nacre Necklace
    Fashioned Nacre Noxious Locket
    Fashioned Nacre Noxious Signet
    Fashioned Nacre Noxious Stud
    Fashioned Nacre Ring
    Fashioned Opal Arcane Locket
    Fashioned Opal Arcane Stud
    Fashioned Opal Bracelet
    Fashioned Opal Earring
    Fashioned Opal Elemental Locket
    Fashioned Opal Elemental Stud
    Fashioned Opal Necklace
    Fashioned Opal Noxious Locket
    Fashioned Opal Noxious Stud
    Fashioned Opal Ring
    Fashioned Opaline Arcane Locket
    Fashioned Opaline Arcane Stud
    Fashioned Opaline Bracelet
    Fashioned Opaline Earring
    Fashioned Opaline Earrings
    Fashioned Opaline Elemental Locket
    Fashioned Opaline Elemental Stud
    Fashioned Opaline Necklace
    Fashioned Opaline Noxious Locket
    Fashioned Opaline Noxious Stud
    Fashioned Opaline Orb
    Fashioned Opaline Ring
    Fashioned Palladium Band
    Fashioned Palladium Bangle
    Fashioned Palladium Hoop
    Fashioned Palladium Torque
    Fashioned Pearl Arcane Locket
    Fashioned Pearl Arcane Signet
    Fashioned Pearl Arcane Stud
    Fashioned Pearl Bracelet
    Fashioned Pearl Earring
    Fashioned Pearl Elemental Locket
    Fashioned Pearl Elemental Signet
    Fashioned Pearl Elemental Stud
    Fashioned Pearl Necklace
    Fashioned Pearl Noxious Locket
    Fashioned Pearl Noxious Signet
    Fashioned Pearl Noxious Stud
    Fashioned Pearl Ring
    Fashioned Rawhide Leather Belt
    Fashioned Rhodium Band
    Fashioned Rhodium Bangle
    Fashioned Rhodium Girdle
    Fashioned Rhodium Hoop
    Fashioned Rhodium Torque
    Fashioned Rough Linen Sash
    Fashioned Rough Linen Scarf
    Fashioned Roughspun Scarf
    Fashioned Ruby Arcane Locket
    Fashioned Ruby Arcane Stud
    Fashioned Ruby Bracelet
    Fashioned Ruby Earring
    Fashioned Ruby Elemental Locket
    Fashioned Ruby Elemental Stud
    Fashioned Ruby Necklace
    Fashioned Ruby Noxious Locket
    Fashioned Ruby Noxious Stud
    Fashioned Ruby Ring
    Fashioned Ruckas Scarf
    Fashioned Ruthenium Band
    Fashioned Ruthenium Bangle
    Fashioned Ruthenium Hoop
    Fashioned Ruthenium Torque
    Fashioned Sackcloth Scarf
    Fashioned Sandcloth Sash
    Fashioned Sandcloth Scarf
    Fashioned Scaled Leather Belt
    Fashioned Silver Band
    Fashioned Silver Bangle
    Fashioned Silver Hoop
    Fashioned Silver Torque
    Fashioned Simple Ring
    Fashioned Simple Stud Earring
    Fashioned Stonehide Leather Belt
    Fashioned Strengthened Leather Belt
    Fashioned Tanned Leather Belt
    Fashioned Threadbare Scarf
    Fashioned Topaz Arcane Locket
    Fashioned Topaz Arcane Signet
    Fashioned Topaz Arcane Stud
    Fashioned Topaz Bracelet
    Fashioned Topaz Earring
    Fashioned Topaz Elemental Locket
    Fashioned Topaz Elemental Signet
    Fashioned Topaz Elemental Stud
    Fashioned Topaz Necklace
    Fashioned Topaz Noxious Locket
    Fashioned Topaz Noxious Signet
    Fashioned Topaz Noxious Stud
    Fashioned Topaz Ring
    Fashioned Turquoise Bracelet
    Fashioned Turquoise Earring
    Fashioned Turquoise Elemental Locket
    Fashioned Turquoise Elemental Stud
    Fashioned Turquoise Necklace
    Fashioned Turquoise Ring
    Fashioned Vanadium Band
    Fashioned Vanadium Bangle
    Fashioned Vanadium Girdle
    Fashioned Vanadium Hoop
    Fashioned Vanadium Torque
    Fashioned Velium Band
    Fashioned Velium Bangle
    Fashioned Velium Girdle
    Fashioned Velium Hoop
    Fashioned Velium Hoops
    Fashioned Velium Symbol
    Fashioned Velium Torque
    Fashioned Waxed Leather Belt
    Fate's Edge
    Fateseer's Sacred Chain Cuffs of the Fatebringer
    Fatespeaker's Armbands of Divination
    Feathered Ring
    Feather-Woven Tunic
    Ferrite Assault Axe
    Ferrite Battle Hammer
    Ferrite Brigandine Boots
    Ferrite Brigandine Bracer
    Ferrite Brigandine Coat
    Ferrite Brigandine Coif
    Ferrite Brigandine Gauntlets
    Ferrite Brigandine Leggings
    Ferrite Brigandine Mantle
    Ferrite Chainmail Boots
    Ferrite Chainmail Bracer
    Ferrite Chainmail Coat
    Ferrite Chainmail Coif
    Ferrite Chainmail Gauntlets
    Ferrite Chainmail Leggings
    Ferrite Chainmail Mantle
    Ferrite Claws
    Ferrite Claymore
    Ferrite Crescent Axe
    Ferrite Dagger
    Ferrite Devout Barbute
    Ferrite Devout Cuirass
    Ferrite Devout Gauntlets
    Ferrite Devout Greaves
    Ferrite Devout Gussets
    Ferrite Devout Sabatons
    Ferrite Devout Spaulders
    Ferrite Dirk
    Ferrite Double Headed Axe
    Ferrite Falchion
    Ferrite Flail
    Ferrite Flamberge
    Ferrite Gavel
    Ferrite Great Flail
    Ferrite Great Spear
    Ferrite Great Sword
    Ferrite Hand Axe
    Ferrite Javelin
    Ferrite Karabela
    Ferrite Katana
    Ferrite Katar
    Ferrite Kite Shield
    Ferrite Knuckles
    Ferrite Kris
    Ferrite Lance
    Ferrite Long Sword
    Ferrite Mace
    Ferrite Maul
    Ferrite Melodic Boots
    Ferrite Melodic Bracer
    Ferrite Melodic Coat
    Ferrite Melodic Coif
    Ferrite Melodic Gauntlets
    Ferrite Melodic Leggings
    Ferrite Melodic Mantle
    Ferrite Morning Star
    Ferrite Parrying Blade
    Ferrite Plate Barbute
    Ferrite Plate Cuirass
    Ferrite Plate Gauntlets
    Ferrite Plate Greaves
    Ferrite Plate Gussets
    Ferrite Plate Sabatons
    Ferrite Plate Spaulders
    Ferrite Rapier
    Ferrite Reverent Boots
    Ferrite Reverent Bracer
    Ferrite Reverent Coat
    Ferrite Reverent Coif
    Ferrite Reverent Gauntlets
    Ferrite Reverent Leggings
    Ferrite Reverent Mantle
    Ferrite Righteous Barbute
    Ferrite Righteous Cuirass
    Ferrite Righteous Gauntlets
    Ferrite Righteous Greaves
    Ferrite Righteous Gussets
    Ferrite Righteous Sabatons
    Ferrite Righteous Spaulders
    Ferrite Ritual Dagger
    Ferrite Sabre
    Ferrite Sai
    Ferrite Sceptre
    Ferrite Scimitar
    Ferrite Scourge
    Ferrite Shamshir
    Ferrite Short Spear
    Ferrite Short Sword
    Ferrite Sledge
    Ferrite Spatha
    Ferrite Spiked Hammer
    Ferrite Stiletto
    Ferrite Tablet
    Ferrite Tower Shield
    Ferrite Tribal Spear
    Ferrite Tulwar
    Ferrite Vanguard Barbute
    Ferrite Vanguard Cuirass
    Ferrite Vanguard Gauntlets
    Ferrite Vanguard Greaves
    Ferrite Vanguard Gussets
    Ferrite Vanguard Sabatons
    Ferrite Vanguard Spaulders
    Ferrite Voulge
    Ferrite War Hammer
    Ferrite War Mace
    Ferrite War Maul
    Festive Blue Robe
    Festive Frostfell Robe
    Festive Green Robe
    Festive Peppermint Robe
    Festive Red Robe
    Festive White Robe
    feyiron assault axe
    feyiron bardiche
    feyiron bastard sword
    feyiron battle axe
    feyiron battle hammer
    feyiron brigandine boots
    Feyiron Brigandine Bracers
    feyiron brigandine chestguard
    Feyiron Brigandine Coat
    Feyiron Brigandine Coif
    Feyiron Brigandine Gloves
    feyiron brigandine handguards
    feyiron brigandine helm
    feyiron brigandine leggings
    Feyiron Brigandine Mantle
    feyiron brigandine shoulder pads
    feyiron brigandine wristguards
    feyiron broadsword
    feyiron cestii
    Feyiron Chainmail Boots
    Feyiron Chainmail Bracers
    Feyiron Chainmail Coat
    Feyiron Chainmail Coif
    Feyiron Chainmail Gloves
    Feyiron Chainmail Leggings
    Feyiron Chainmail Mantle
    Feyiron Claws
    feyiron claymore
    feyiron crescent axe
    feyiron cutlass
    feyiron dagger
    Feyiron Devout Barbute
    Feyiron Devout Cuirass
    Feyiron Devout Gauntlets
    Feyiron Devout Greaves
    Feyiron Devout Gussets
    Feyiron Devout Sabatons
    Feyiron Devout Spaulders
    feyiron dirk
    feyiron double headed axe
    feyiron epee
    feyiron executioners axe
    feyiron falchion
    feyiron flail
    feyiron flamberge
    feyiron foil
    Feyiron Gavel
    feyiron girdle
    feyiron great flail
    feyiron great spear
    Feyiron Great Sword
    feyiron greatsword
    feyiron halberd
    feyiron hand axe
    feyiron harpoon
    feyiron hatchet
    feyiron javelin
    feyiron karabela
    Feyiron Katana
    Feyiron Katar
    feyiron kite shield
    feyiron knuckles
    feyiron kris
    feyiron kukri
    feyiron lance
    feyiron leafblade
    feyiron long sword
    feyiron mace
    feyiron maul
    Feyiron Melodic Boots
    Feyiron Melodic Bracers
    Feyiron Melodic Coat
    Feyiron Melodic Coif
    Feyiron Melodic Gloves
    Feyiron Melodic Leggings
    Feyiron Melodic Mantle
    feyiron military pick
    feyiron morning star
    feyiron ornate spear
    feyiron parrying blade
    feyiron pike
    Feyiron Plate Barbute
    Feyiron Plate Cuirass
    Feyiron Plate Gauntlets
    Feyiron Plate Greaves
    Feyiron Plate Gussets
    Feyiron Plate Sabatons
    Feyiron Plate Spaulders
    feyiron rapier
    Feyiron Reverent Boots
    Feyiron Reverent Bracers
    Feyiron Reverent Coat
    Feyiron Reverent Coif
    Feyiron Reverent Gloves
    Feyiron Reverent Leggings
    Feyiron Reverent Mantle
    Feyiron Ritual Dagger
    feyiron sabre
    feyiron sai
    feyiron sceptre
    feyiron scimitar
    feyiron scourge
    Feyiron Shamshir
    feyiron short spear
    feyiron short sword
    Feyiron Sledge
    feyiron spatha
    feyiron spear
    Feyiron Spiked Hammer
    feyiron stiletto
    Feyiron Tablet
    feyiron tomahawk
    feyiron tower shield
    feyiron tribal spear
    feyiron trident
    feyiron tulwar
    Feyiron Vanguard Barbute
    Feyiron Vanguard Cuirass
    Feyiron Vanguard Gauntlets
    Feyiron Vanguard Greaves
    Feyiron Vanguard Gussets
    Feyiron Vanguard Sabatons
    Feyiron Vanguard Spaulders
    feyiron voulge
    feyiron war axe
    Feyiron War Hammer
    Feyiron War Mace
    Feyiron War Maul
    feyiron warhammer
    feyiron wizard's dagger
    Feysteel Assault Axe
    Feysteel Bardiche
    Feysteel Bastard Sword
    Feysteel Battle Axe
    Feysteel Battle Hammer
    feysteel brigandine boots
    Feysteel Brigandine Bracers
    feysteel brigandine chestguard
  10. Caith Developer

    Feysteel Brigandine Coat
    Feysteel Brigandine Coif
    Feysteel Brigandine Gloves
    feysteel brigandine handguards
    feysteel brigandine helm
    feysteel brigandine leggings
    Feysteel Brigandine Mantle
    feysteel brigandine shoulder pads
    feysteel brigandine wristguards
    Feysteel Chainmail Boots
    Feysteel Chainmail Bracers
    Feysteel Chainmail Coat
    Feysteel Chainmail Coif
    Feysteel Chainmail Gloves
    Feysteel Chainmail Leggings
    Feysteel Chainmail Mantle
    Feysteel Claws
    Feysteel Claymore
    Feysteel Crescent Axe
    Feysteel Dagger
    Feysteel Devout Barbute
    Feysteel Devout Cuirass
    Feysteel Devout Gauntlets
    Feysteel Devout Greaves
    Feysteel Devout Gussets
    Feysteel Devout Sabatons
    Feysteel Devout Spaulders
    Feysteel Dirk
    Feysteel Double Headed Axe
    Feysteel Epee
    Feysteel Falchion
    Feysteel Flail
    Feysteel Flamberge
    Feysteel Foil
    Feysteel Gavel
    feysteel girdle
    Feysteel Great Flail
    Feysteel Great Spear
    Feysteel Great Sword
    Feysteel Halberd
    Feysteel Hand Axe
    Feysteel Harpoon
    Feysteel Hatchet
    Feysteel Javelin
    Feysteel Karabela
    Feysteel Katana
    Feysteel Katar
    Feysteel Kite Shield
    Feysteel Knuckles
    Feysteel Kris
    Feysteel Kukri
    Feysteel Lance
    Feysteel Leafblade
    Feysteel Long Sword
    Feysteel Mace
    Feysteel Maul
    Feysteel Melodic Boots
    Feysteel Melodic Bracers
    Feysteel Melodic Coat
    Feysteel Melodic Coif
    Feysteel Melodic Gloves
    Feysteel Melodic Leggings
    Feysteel Melodic Mantle
    Feysteel Military Pick
    Feysteel Morning Star
    Feysteel Ornate Spear
    Feysteel Parrying Blade
    Feysteel Plate Barbute
    Feysteel Plate Cuirass
    Feysteel Plate Gauntlets
    Feysteel Plate Greaves
    Feysteel Plate Gussets
    Feysteel Plate Sabatons
    Feysteel Plate Spaulders
    feysteel platemail breastplate
    feysteel platemail gauntlets
    feysteel platemail helm
    feysteel platemail legplates
    feysteel platemail pauldrons
    feysteel platemail tonlets
    Feysteel Platemail Vambraces
    Feysteel Rapier
    Feysteel Reverent Boots
    Feysteel Reverent Bracers
    Feysteel Reverent Coat
    Feysteel Reverent Coif
    Feysteel Reverent Gloves
    Feysteel Reverent Leggings
    Feysteel Reverent Mantle
    Feysteel Ritual Dagger
    Feysteel Sabre
    Feysteel Sai
    Feysteel Sceptre
    Feysteel Scimitar
    Feysteel Scourge
    Feysteel Shamshir
    Feysteel Short Spear
    Feysteel Short Sword
    Feysteel Sledge
    Feysteel Spatha
    Feysteel Spear
    Feysteel Spiked Hammer
    Feysteel Stiletto
    Feysteel Tablet
    Feysteel Tomahawk
    feysteel tower shield
    Feysteel Tribal Spear
    Feysteel Trident
    Feysteel Tulwar
    Feysteel Vanguard Barbute
    Feysteel Vanguard Cuirass
    Feysteel Vanguard Gauntlets
    Feysteel Vanguard Greaves
    Feysteel Vanguard Gussets
    Feysteel Vanguard Sabatons
    Feysteel Vanguard Spaulders
    Feysteel Voulge
    Feysteel War Axe
    Feysteel War Hammer
    Feysteel War Mace
    Feysteel War Maul
    Feysteel Wizard's Dagger
    feywood bo staff
    feywood buckler
    feywood cudgel
    feywood fighting batons
    feywood great staff
    feywood long bow
    Feywood Pike
    feywood quarterstaff
    feywood short bow
    feywood sorcerer's staff
    feywood wand
    Fierce Katar
    Fighter's Emblem of Challenging
    Finely Carved Bloodwood Effigy
    Fingerwaggler Handguards
    Fir Bo Staff
    Fir Buckler
    Fir Club
    Fir Cudgel
    Fir Fighting Baton
    Fir Greatstaff
    Fir Knotted Club
    Fir Longbow
    Fir Pike
    Fir Quarter Staff
    Fir Round Shield
    Fir Shortbow
    Fir Sorcerer's Staff
    Fir Wand
    Fire Emerald Arcane Locket
    Fire Emerald Arcane Signet
    Fire Emerald Arcane Stud
    Fire Emerald Bracelet
    Fire Emerald Earring
    Fire Emerald Elemental Locket
    Fire Emerald Elemental Signet
    Fire Emerald Elemental Stud
    Fire Emerald Girdle
    Fire Emerald Necklace
    Fire Emerald Noxious Locket
    Fire Emerald Noxious Signet
    Fire Emerald Noxious Stud
    Fire Emerald Orb
    Fire Emerald Ring
    Fire Imp's Longbow
    Fireruned Great Flail
    Fist of the Tyrant
    Flamesilk Robe
    flametorn shadowed cloak
    Flametouched Sash
    Flayed Vultak Leggings
    Flayfist Scourge
    Flowing Cowl of Zinbaltik
    Flowing Everliving Tunic
    Flowing Frost Robes of Rygia
    fog grimmin cloth bloomers
    fog grimmin cloth cap
    fog grimmin cloth cape
    fog grimmin cloth gloves
    fog grimmin cloth shoes
    fog grimmin cloth sleeves
    fog grimmin cloth vest
    Folded Scale Blade
    Folly of Mask
    Footpads of Haunted Visions
    Forced Emblem of Twisted Metal
    Forced Ring of Twisted Metal
    Forced Ringlet of Twisted Metal
    Forced Signet of Twisted Metal
    Foreman's Hard Hat
    foreman's shoes
    foreman's vest
    Forged Acolyte's Manacle
    Forged Adamantine Kukri
    Forged Arcanist's Manacle
    Forged Carbonite Chainmail Boots
    Forged Carbonite Chainmail Bracers
    Forged Carbonite Chainmail Coat
    Forged Carbonite Chainmail Coif
    Forged Carbonite Chainmail Gloves
    Forged Carbonite Chainmail Leggings
    Forged Carbonite Chainmail Mantle
    Forged Carbonite Vanguard Barbute
    Forged Carbonite Vanguard Cuirass
    Forged Carbonite Vanguard Gauntlets
    Forged Carbonite Vanguard Greaves
    Forged Carbonite Vanguard Gussets
    Forged Carbonite Vanguard Sabatons
    Forged Carbonite Vanguard Spaulders
    Forged Feyiron Chainmail Boots
    Forged Feyiron Chainmail Bracers
    Forged Feyiron Chainmail Coat
    Forged Feyiron Chainmail Coif
    Forged Feyiron Chainmail Gloves
    Forged Feyiron Chainmail Leggings
    Forged Feyiron Chainmail Mantle
    Forged Feyiron Vanguard Barbute
    Forged Feyiron Vanguard Cuirass
    Forged Feyiron Vanguard Gauntlets
    Forged Feyiron Vanguard Greaves
    Forged Feyiron Vanguard Gussets
    Forged Feyiron Vanguard Sabatons
    Forged Feyiron Vanguard Spaulders
    Forged Fulginate Chainmail Boots
    Forged Fulginate Chainmail Bracers
    Forged Fulginate Chainmail Coat
    Forged Fulginate Chainmail Coif
    Forged Fulginate Chainmail Gloves
    Forged Fulginate Chainmail Leggings
    Forged Fulginate Chainmail Mantle
    Forged Fulginate Vanguard Barbute
    Forged Fulginate Vanguard Cuirass
    Forged Fulginate Vanguard Gauntlets
    Forged Fulginate Vanguard Greaves
    Forged Fulginate Vanguard Gussets
    Forged Fulginate Vanguard Sabatons
    Forged Fulginate Vanguard Spaulders
    Forged Soldier's Manacle
    Forged Tracker's Manacle
    Formed Wurmslayer
    Fortified Clutch of Authority
    Fortified Clutch of Dominance
    Fortified Clutch of Dynamism
    Fortified Clutch of Energy
    Fortified Clutch of Rancor
    Fortified Clutch of Stratagems
    Fortified Clutch of the Boundless
    Fortified Clutch of Virtue
    Fortified Crag of Authority
    Fortified Crag of Dominance
    Fortified Crag of Dynamism
    Fortified Crag of Energy
    Fortified Crag of Rancor
    Fortified Crag of Stratagems
    Fortified Crag of the Boundless
    Fortified Crag of Virtue
    Fortified Girdle of Authority
    Fortified Girdle of Dominance
    Fortified Girdle of Dynamism
    Fortified Girdle of Energy
    Fortified Girdle of Rancor
    Fortified Girdle of Stratagems
    Fortified Girdle of the Boundless
    Fortified Girdle of Virtue
    Fortified Gloves of Immortal Legions
    Fortified Hoop of Authority
    Fortified Hoop of Dominance
    Fortified Hoop of Dynamism
    Fortified Hoop of Energy
    Fortified Hoop of Rancor
    Fortified Hoop of Stratagems
    Fortified Hoop of the Boundless
    Fortified Hoop of Virtue
    Fortified Shackle of Authority
    Fortified Shackle of Dominance
    Fortified Shackle of Dynamism
    Fortified Shackle of Energy
    Fortified Shackle of Rancor
    Fortified Shackle of Stratagems
    Fortified Shackle of the Boundless
    Fortified Shackle of Virtue
    Fractured Ornate Dagger
    Fragmented Focus Wand of the Fallen
    fright imbued gabardine hex doll
    fright imbued spuncloth hex doll
    Frigid Icebound Linen Cap
    Frigid Icebound Linen Cowl
    Frigid Icebound Linen Cuffs
    Frigid Icebound Linen Mitts
    Frigid Icebound Linen Slippers
    Frigidbeard's Falchion
    Frost Cowl of Rygia
    Frost Necklace
    Frostfell Fae Handguards
    Frostfell Fae Leather Boots
    Frostfell Fae Leather Bracers
    Frostfell Fae Leather Gloves
    Frostfell Fae Leather Greaves
    Frostfell Fae Leather Helm
    Frostfell Fae Leather Pauldrons
    Frostfell Fae Leather Tunic
    Frostfell Fae Robe
    Frostfell Fae Slippers
    Frostfin Hunting Trident
    Frosty Casual Wear
    Frothy Tankard
    Frozen Buckler
    Frozen Chain Boots
    Frozen Chain Bracers
    Frozen Chain Coat
    Frozen Chain Coif
    Frozen Chain Gloves
    Frozen Chain Leggings
    Frozen Chain Mantle
    Frozen Halasian Breastplate
    Frozen Halasian Gauntlets
    Frozen Halasian Helm
    Frozen Halasian Legplates
    Frozen Halasian Mantle
    Frozen Halasian Tonlets
    Frozen Halasian Vambraces
    Frozen Sai
    Frozen Sash of the Kromise
    Frozen Wolf Fang
    fulginate assault axe
    fulginate bardiche
    fulginate bastard sword
    fulginate battle axe
    fulginate battle hammer
    fulginate brigandine boots
    Fulginate Brigandine Bracers
    fulginate brigandine chestguard
    Fulginate Brigandine Coat
    Fulginate Brigandine Coif
    Fulginate Brigandine Gloves
    fulginate brigandine handguards
    fulginate brigandine helm
    fulginate brigandine leggings
    Fulginate Brigandine Mantle
    fulginate brigandine shoulder pads
    fulginate brigandine wristguards
    fulginate broadsword
    fulginate cestii
    fulginate chainmail boots
    fulginate chainmail bracers
    fulginate chainmail coat
    fulginate chainmail coif
    fulginate chainmail gloves
    fulginate chainmail leggings
    fulginate chainmail mantle
    Fulginate Claws
    fulginate claymore
    fulginate crescent axe
    fulginate cutlass
    fulginate dagger
    Fulginate Devout Barbute
  11. Caith Developer

    Fulginate Devout Cuirass
    Fulginate Devout Gauntlets
    Fulginate Devout Greaves
    Fulginate Devout Gussets
    Fulginate Devout Sabatons
    Fulginate Devout Spaulders
    fulginate dirk
    fulginate double headed axe
    fulginate epee
    fulginate executioners axe
    fulginate falchion
    fulginate flail
    fulginate flamberge
    fulginate foil
    Fulginate Gavel
    fulginate girdle
    fulginate great flail
    fulginate great spear
    Fulginate Great Sword
    fulginate greatsword
    fulginate halberd
    fulginate hand axe
    fulginate harpoon
    fulginate hatchet
    fulginate javelin
    fulginate karabela
    fulginate katana
    Fulginate Katar
    fulginate kite shield
    fulginate knuckles
    fulginate kris
    fulginate kukri
    fulginate lance
    fulginate leafblade
    fulginate long sword
    fulginate mace
    fulginate maul
    Fulginate Melodic Boots
    Fulginate Melodic Bracers
    Fulginate Melodic Coat
    Fulginate Melodic Coif
    Fulginate Melodic Gloves
    Fulginate Melodic Leggings
    Fulginate Melodic Mantle
    fulginate military pick
    fulginate morning star
    fulginate ornate spear
    fulginate parrying blade
    fulginate pike
    Fulginate Plate Barbute
    Fulginate Plate Cuirass
    Fulginate Plate Gauntlets
    Fulginate Plate Greaves
    Fulginate Plate Gussets
    Fulginate Plate Sabatons
    Fulginate Plate Spaulders
    fulginate platemail bracers
    fulginate platemail breastplate
    fulginate platemail gauntlets
    fulginate platemail helm
    fulginate platemail legplates
    fulginate platemail pauldrons
    fulginate platemail tonlets
    fulginate platemail vambraces
    fulginate rapier
    Fulginate Reverent Boots
    Fulginate Reverent Bracer
    Fulginate Reverent Coat
    Fulginate Reverent Coif
    Fulginate Reverent Gloves
    Fulginate Reverent Leggings
    Fulginate Reverent Mantle
    Fulginate Ritual Dagger
    fulginate sabre
    fulginate sai
    fulginate sceptre
    fulginate scimitar
    fulginate scourge
    Fulginate Shamshir
    fulginate short spear
    fulginate short sword
    Fulginate Sledge
    fulginate spatha
    fulginate spear
    Fulginate Spiked Hammer
    fulginate stiletto
    Fulginate Tablet
    fulginate tomahawk
    fulginate tower shield
    fulginate tribal spear
    fulginate trident
    fulginate tulwar
    Fulginate Vanguard Barbute
    Fulginate Vanguard Cuirass
    Fulginate Vanguard Gauntlets
    Fulginate Vanguard Greaves
    Fulginate Vanguard Gussets
    Fulginate Vanguard Sabatons
    Fulginate Vanguard Spaulders
    fulginate voulge
    fulginate war axe
    Fulginate War Hammer
    Fulginate War Mace
    Fulginate War Maul
    fulginate warhammer
    fulginate wizard's dagger
    Full Body Arcane Environmental Suit
    Full Body Elemental Environmental Suit
    Full Body Noxious Environmental Suit
    Full Frost Fabric Cloak
    Full Spectrum Goggles
    Gauntlets of Aberrant Life
    Gauntlets of Coiled Blight
    Gauntlets of Conquering
    Gem Chopper Short Sword
    Gem of Rituals
    Gem of Slayed Insects
    Geomancers Mantle
    Ghostly Savior's Orb
    Giant Broadsword
    Giddy Bandana
    Girdle of Accuracy
    Girdle of Conquering
    Girdle of Escape
    Girdle of The Cenobite
    Girdle of the Master Armorer
    Girdle of the Overlord
    Girdle of Thyr
    Glacial Ice Gauntlets
    Gladiators Worn Shoulder Pads
    Glass Carver
    Glass Circlet
    Glittering Kris of Conflagration
    Glorified Bracers of Alleviation
    Glorified Bracers of Communion
    Glorified Bracers of Impetus
    Glorified Bracers of Momentum
    Glorified Bracers of Smiting
    Glorified Bracers of Solace
    Glorified Bracers of Synergism
    Glorified Bracers of the Profound
    Glorified Tunic of Alleviation
    Glorified Tunic of Communion
    Glorified Tunic of Impetus
    Glorified Tunic of Momentum
    Glorified Tunic of Smiting
    Glorified Tunic of Solace
    Glorified Tunic of Synergism
    Glorified Tunic of the Profound
    Gloves of Flowing Slime
    Gloves of Madness
    Gloves of Secrets
    Gloves of the Wicked
    Gloves of the Windwalker
    Glowing Antennae Bracer
    Glowing Cap of Lifebringing
    Glowing Carapace Shield
    Glowing Molten Gloves
    Glyphed Talisman
    Gnoll Skin Wristguards
    Gnollish Iron Bladed Axe
    Gnollish Iron Bladed Dagger
    Gnollish Iron Bladed Longsword
    Gnollish Iron Bladed Scimitar
    Gnollish Iron Fighting Baton
    Gnollish Iron Great Smasher
    Gnollish Iron Hilted Greatsword
    Gnollish Iron Hilted Mace
    Gnollish Iron Skull Hammer
    Gnollish Iron Skull Tipped Staff
    Gnollish Iron Tipped Spear
    Gnome Bone Belt
    Gnomeland Security Bow of Blasting
    Gnomish Anti-Camo Goggles
    Gnomish Diving Goggles
    Gnomish Flotation Device
    Gnomish Forced Ear Spike
    Gnomish Luclin Boots
    Gnomish Shades
    Goblin Thinking Cap
    Goggles of the Bats
    Gold Idol
    Gold Inlaid Epee
    Gold Symbol
    Golden Bracelet of Reconnaissance
    Granite Great Flail
    Granite Ring of Three
    Grass Lined Greaves
    graverobber's brigandine helm
    graverobber's brigandine leggings
    graverobber's brigandine wristguards
    graverobber's iron kite shield
    graverobber's iron tipped spear
    graverobber's leather belt
    graverobber's silver bracelet
    graverobber's silver collar
    Grease Covered Work Gloves
    Great Flail of the High Priest
    Greataxe of the Traitor
    Greater Talisman of Thunder
    Greatstaff of Lore
    Greatstaff of the Sun Serpent
    Greatstaff of the Windwalker
    Greatsword of Mastery
    Greatsword of the Eternal
    Green and White Frostfell Robe
    Green Formal Attire
    Green Frostfell Elf Cap
    Green Galvanized Paper Plate Boots
    Green Galvanized Paper Plate Coat
    Green Galvanized Paper Plate Cuffs
    Green Galvanized Paper Plate Greaves
    Green Galvanized Paper Plate Mantle
    Green Galvanized Paper Plate Mitts
    Green Galvanized Paper Plate Sallet
    Green Woolen Scarf
    Grilik's Gloves
    Grilik's Hammer
    Grim Warrior's Blade
    Gritok's Loincloth of the Spirits
    Gyrok's Crest
    Handguards of Haunted Visions
    Hard Rock Blocker
    Hard Rock Breastplate
    Hard Rock Hammer
    Hardened Ebon Knuckles
    Hardened Leaf Bracers
    Hardened Metallic Adornment
    Hardened Metallic Hammer
    Hardened Metallic Tunic
    Harmonious Blood Mail Boots
    Harmonious Blood Mail Coif
    Harmonious Blood Mail Gloves
    Harmonious Blood Mail Hauberk
    Harmonious Blood Mail Leggings
    Harmonious Blood Mail Mantle
    Harpy Bone Earstud
    Healing Words of Spirit
    Heat Enchanted Buckler
    heavy briarwood bow
    heavy cedarwood bow
    Heavy Gauntlets of Thyr
    heavy oakwood bow
    heavy teakwood bow
    Heavy Wool Threaded Boots
    Heavy Wool Threaded Cap
    Heavy Wool Threaded Gloves
    Heavy Wool Threaded Pants
    Heavy Wool Threaded Shoulder Pads
    Heavy Wool Threaded Tunic
    Heavy Wool Threaded Wristguards
    Helm of Aberrant Life
    Helm of Haunted Visions
    Helm of Reverberation
    Helm of Shimmering Stars
    Helm of the Dawn
    Her Night of the Dead
    Her Overdyed Festive Mood
    Her Overdyed Frostfell Finest
    Heroic Skirmisher's Bracers of the Stout
    Heroic Skirmisher's Breastplate of the Stout
    Heroic Skirmisher's Legplates of the Stout
    Heroic Skirmisher's Pauldrons of the Stout
    Heroic Skirmisher's Sabatons of the Stout
    Hidebound Fistwraps
    Hidebound Leather Bandolier
    Hidebound Leather Belt
    Hidebound Leather Boots
    Hidebound Leather Bracers
    Hidebound Leather Gi
    Hidebound Leather Gloves
    Hidebound Leather Pants
    Hidebound Leather Pouch
    Hidebound Leather Satchel
    Hidebound Leather Sheath
    Hidebound Leather Shoulder Pads
    Hidebound Leather Skullcap
    Hidebound Leather Tome
    Hidebound Leather Tunic
    Hidebound Whip
    Highwayman's Bronze-Trimmed Chain Gloves of Deftness
    Highwayman's Silver-Trimmed Chain Shoes of Silent Death
    Highwayman's Silver-Trimmed Vambraces of Silent Death
    His Overdyed Festive Mood
    His Overdyed Frostfell Finest
    His Twilight of the Dead
    Holy Warrior's Band
    Hondo's Mace of Reckoning
    Hooked Eyeball Earring
    Hooluk-Imbued Breeches
    Hoop of Intrigue
    Hoop of Longing
    Hoop of the Broken Down
    Hoop of the Dead Dream
    Hoop of the Diligent
    Hoop of the Master
    Hoop of the Night
    Hoop of the Turning
    Horned Fistwraps
    Horned Leather Bandolier
    Horned Leather Boots
    Horned Leather Bracers
    Horned Leather Gloves
    Horned Leather Pants
    Horned Leather Pouch
    Horned Leather Satchel
    Horned Leather Sheath
    Horned Leather Shoulder Pads
    Horned Leather Skullcap
    Horned Leather Tome
    Horned Leather Tunic
    Horned Whip
    Hunter's Edge of Severing
    Hykorian Signet
    Hykors Enchanted Helmet
    Ice Forged Gussets
    Ice Forged Helm
    ice threaded bloomers
    ice threaded cap
    ice threaded cape
    ice threaded gloves
    ice threaded shoes
    ice threaded sleeves
    ice threaded vest
    Icebound Luminary Spear
    Iceforged Sai
    Ice-forged Satchel
    Iceforged Warhammer
    Iceloom Blouse
    Iceloom Cap
    Iceloom Cowl
    Iceloom Cuffs
    Iceloom Mitts
    Iceloom Neckguard
    Iceloom Pantaloons
    Iceloom Slippers
    Icemaul Tooth Dagger
    icesteel studded leather boots
    icesteel studded leather gloves
    icesteel studded leather pants
    icesteel studded leather shoulder pads
    icesteel studded leather skullcap
    icesteel studded leather tunic
    icesteel studded leather wristguards
    Icicle Etched Armguards
    Icy Crystalline Katar
    Icy Crystalline Wristband
    Icy Leather Boots of Cunning
    Icy Pantaloons of Terror
    Icy War Spear
    Icy Woven Gloves of Cunning
    Idol of Chaos
    Idol of Focus
    Idol of Solusek
    Igrah's Eye
    Illuminated Gemmed Orb
    Imbued Producer's Bloomers
    Imbued Acrylia Band of Agility
    Imbued Acrylia Band of Stamina
    Imbued Acrylia Band of Strength
    Imbued Adamantine Assault Axe
    Imbued Adamantine Battle Hammer
    Imbued Adamantine Brigandine Coat
    Imbued Adamantine Brigandine Leggings
    Imbued Adamantine Chainmail Coat
  12. Caith Developer

    Imbued Adamantine Chainmail Leggings
    Imbued Adamantine Claws
    Imbued Adamantine Claymore
    Imbued Adamantine Crescent Axe
    Imbued Adamantine Dagger
    Imbued Adamantine Devout Cuirass
    Imbued Adamantine Devout Greaves
    Imbued Adamantine Dirk
    Imbued Adamantine Double Headed Axe
    Imbued Adamantine Falchion
    Imbued Adamantine Flail
    Imbued Adamantine Flamberge
    Imbued Adamantine Gavel
    Imbued Adamantine Great Flail
    Imbued Adamantine Great Spear
    Imbued Adamantine Great Sword
    Imbued Adamantine Hand Axe
    Imbued Adamantine Javelin
    Imbued Adamantine Karabela
    Imbued Adamantine Katana
    Imbued Adamantine Katar
    Imbued Adamantine Kite Shield
    Imbued Adamantine Knuckles
    Imbued Adamantine Kris
    Imbued Adamantine Lance
    Imbued Adamantine Long Sword
    Imbued Adamantine Mace
    Imbued Adamantine Maul
    Imbued Adamantine Melodic Coat
    Imbued Adamantine Melodic Leggings
    Imbued Adamantine Morning Star
    Imbued Adamantine Parrying Blade
    Imbued Adamantine Plate Cuirass
    Imbued Adamantine Plate Greaves
    Imbued Adamantine Rapier
    Imbued Adamantine Reverent Coat
    Imbued Adamantine Reverent Leggings
    Imbued Adamantine Ritual Dagger
    Imbued Adamantine Sabre
    Imbued Adamantine Sai
    Imbued Adamantine Sceptre
    Imbued Adamantine Scimitar
    Imbued Adamantine Scourge
    Imbued Adamantine Shamshir
    Imbued Adamantine Short Spear
    Imbued Adamantine Short Sword
    Imbued Adamantine Sledge
    Imbued Adamantine Spatha
    Imbued Adamantine Spiked Hammer
    Imbued Adamantine Stiletto
    Imbued Adamantine Tower Shield
    Imbued Adamantine Tribal Spear
    Imbued Adamantine Tulwar
    Imbued Adamantine Vanguard Cuirass
    Imbued Adamantine Vanguard Greaves
    Imbued Adamantine Voulge
    Imbued Adamantine War Hammer
    Imbued Adamantine War Mace
    Imbued Adamantine War Maul
    Imbued Agate Ring of Intelligence
    Imbued Agate Ring of Stamina
    Imbued Agate Ring of Wisdom
    Imbued Architect's Bloomers
    Imbued Architect's Vest
    Imbued Ash Bo Staff
    Imbued Ash Club
    Imbued Ash Cudgel
    Imbued Ash Fighting Baton
    Imbued Ash Greatstaff
    Imbued Ash Knotted Club
    Imbued Ash Longbow
    Imbued Ash Pike
    Imbued Ash Quarter Staff
    Imbued Ash Round Shield
    Imbued Ash Shortbow
    Imbued Ash Sorcerer's Staff
    Imbued Ash Wand
    Imbued Augmented Fistwraps
    Imbued Augmented Leather Bandolier
    Imbued Augmented Leather Pants
    Imbued Augmented Leather Pouch
    Imbued Augmented Leather Satchel
    Imbued Augmented Leather Sheath
    Imbued Augmented Leather Tunic
    Imbued Augmented Whip
    Imbued Azurite Band of Agility
    Imbued Azurite Band of Stamina
    Imbued Azurite Band of Strength
    Imbued Bargainer's Bloomers
    Imbued Bargainer's Vest
    Imbued Beryllium Band of Agility
    Imbued Beryllium Band of Stamina
    Imbued Beryllium Band of Strength
    Imbued Blackened Iron Assault Axe
    Imbued Blackened Iron Battle Hammer
    Imbued Blackened Iron Chainmail Coat
    Imbued Blackened Iron Chainmail Leggings
    Imbued Blackened Iron Claws
    Imbued Blackened Iron Claymore
    Imbued Blackened Iron Crescent Axe
    Imbued Blackened Iron Dagger
    Imbued Blackened Iron Dirk
    Imbued Blackened Iron Double Headed Axe
    Imbued Blackened Iron Falchion
    Imbued Blackened Iron Flail
    Imbued Blackened Iron Flamberge
    Imbued Blackened Iron Gavel
    Imbued Blackened Iron Great Flail
    Imbued Blackened Iron Great Spear
    Imbued Blackened Iron Great Sword
    Imbued Blackened Iron Hand Axe
    Imbued Blackened Iron Javelin
    Imbued Blackened Iron Karabela
    Imbued Blackened Iron Katana
    Imbued Blackened Iron Katar
    Imbued Blackened Iron Kite Shield
    Imbued Blackened Iron Knuckles
    Imbued Blackened Iron Kris
    Imbued Blackened Iron Lance
    Imbued Blackened Iron Long Sword
    Imbued Blackened Iron Mace
    Imbued Blackened Iron Maul
    Imbued Blackened Iron Morning Star
    Imbued Blackened Iron Parrying Blade
    Imbued Blackened Iron Rapier
    Imbued Blackened Iron Reverent Coat
    Imbued Blackened Iron Reverent Leggings
    Imbued Blackened Iron Ritual Dagger
    Imbued Blackened Iron Sabre
    Imbued Blackened Iron Sai
    Imbued Blackened Iron Sceptre
    Imbued Blackened Iron Scimitar
    Imbued Blackened Iron Scourge
    Imbued Blackened Iron Shamshir
    Imbued Blackened Iron Short Spear
    Imbued Blackened Iron Short Sword
    Imbued Blackened Iron Sledge
    Imbued Blackened Iron Spatha
    Imbued Blackened Iron Spiked Hammer
    Imbued Blackened Iron Stiletto
    Imbued Blackened Iron Tower Shield
    Imbued Blackened Iron Tribal Spear
    Imbued Blackened Iron Tulwar
    Imbued Blackened Iron Vanguard Cuirass
    Imbued Blackened Iron Vanguard Greaves
    Imbued Blackened Iron Voulge
    Imbued Blackened Iron War Hammer
    Imbued Blackened Iron War Mace
    Imbued Blackened Iron War Maul
    Imbued Bloodstone Ring of Intelligence
    Imbued Bloodstone Ring of Stamina
    Imbued Bloodstone Ring of Wisdom
    Imbued Boiled Fistwraps
    Imbued Boiled Leather Bandolier
    Imbued Boiled Leather Pants
    Imbued Boiled Leather Pouch
    Imbued Boiled Leather Satchel
    Imbued Boiled Leather Sheath
    Imbued Boiled Leather Tunic
    Imbued Boiled Whip
    Imbued Bone Bo Staff
    Imbued Bone Club
    Imbued Bone Cudgel
    Imbued Bone Fighting Baton
    Imbued Bone Greatstaff
    Imbued Bone Knotted Club
    Imbued Bone Longbow
    Imbued Bone Pike
    Imbued Bone Quarter Staff
    Imbued Bone Round Shield
    Imbued Bone Shortbow
    Imbued Bone Sorcerer's Staff
    Imbued Bone Wand
    Imbued Brellium Ritual Dagger
    Imbued Brellium War Mace
    Imbued Briarwood Bo Staff
    Imbued Briarwood Club
    Imbued Briarwood Cudgel
    Imbued Briarwood Fighting Baton
    Imbued Briarwood Greatstaff
    Imbued Briarwood Knotted Club
    Imbued Briarwood Longbow
    Imbued Briarwood Pike
    Imbued Briarwood Quarter Staff
    Imbued Briarwood Round Shield
    Imbued Briarwood Shortbow
    Imbued Briarwood Sorcerer's Staff
    Imbued Briarwood Wand
    Imbued Bristled Fistwraps
    Imbued Bristled Leather Bandolier
    Imbued Bristled Leather Gi
    Imbued Bristled Leather Pants
    Imbued Bristled Leather Pouch
    Imbued Bristled Leather Satchel
    Imbued Bristled Leather Sheath
    Imbued Bristled Leather Tunic
    Imbued Bristled Whip
    Imbued Broadcloth Pantaloons
    Imbued Broadcloth Robe
    Imbued Broadcloth Vest
    Imbued Burlap Pantaloons
    Imbued Burlap Robe
    Imbued Burlap Vest
    Imbued Cambric Pantaloons
    Imbued Cambric Robe
    Imbued Canvas Pantaloons
    Imbued Canvas Robe
    Imbued Canvas Vest
    Imbued Carbonite Assault Axe
    Imbued Carbonite Battle Hammer
    Imbued Carbonite Brigandine Coat
    Imbued Carbonite Brigandine Leggings
    Imbued Carbonite Chainmail Coat
    Imbued Carbonite Chainmail Leggings
    Imbued Carbonite Claws
    Imbued Carbonite Claymore
    Imbued Carbonite Crescent Axe
    Imbued Carbonite Dagger
    Imbued Carbonite Devout Cuirass
    Imbued Carbonite Devout Greaves
    Imbued Carbonite Dirk
    Imbued Carbonite Double Headed Axe
    Imbued Carbonite Falchion
    Imbued Carbonite Flail
    Imbued Carbonite Flamberge
    Imbued Carbonite Gavel
    Imbued Carbonite Great Flail
    Imbued Carbonite Great Spear
    Imbued Carbonite Great Sword
    Imbued Carbonite Hand Axe
    Imbued Carbonite Javelin
    Imbued Carbonite Karabela
    Imbued Carbonite Katana
    Imbued Carbonite Katar
    Imbued Carbonite Kite Shield
    Imbued Carbonite Knuckles
    Imbued Carbonite Kris
    Imbued Carbonite Lance
    Imbued Carbonite Long Sword
    Imbued Carbonite Mace
    Imbued Carbonite Maul
    Imbued Carbonite Morning Star
    Imbued Carbonite Parrying Blade
    Imbued Carbonite Plate Cuirass
    Imbued Carbonite Plate Greaves
    Imbued Carbonite Rapier
    Imbued Carbonite Reverent Coat
    Imbued Carbonite Reverent Leggings
    Imbued Carbonite Ritual Dagger
    Imbued Carbonite Sabre
    Imbued Carbonite Sai
    Imbued Carbonite Sceptre
    Imbued Carbonite Scimitar
    Imbued Carbonite Scourge
    Imbued Carbonite Shamshir
    Imbued Carbonite Short Spear
    Imbued Carbonite Short Sword
    Imbued Carbonite Sledge
    Imbued Carbonite Spatha
    Imbued Carbonite Spiked Hammer
    Imbued Carbonite Stiletto
    Imbued Carbonite Tower Shield
    Imbued Carbonite Tribal Spear
    Imbued Carbonite Tulwar
    Imbued Carbonite Vanguard Cuirass
    Imbued Carbonite Vanguard Greaves
    Imbued Carbonite Voulge
    Imbued Carbonite War Hammer
    Imbued Carbonite War Mace
    Imbued Carbonite War Maul
    Imbued Cedar Bo Staff
    Imbued Cedar Club
    Imbued Cedar Cudgel
    Imbued Cedar Fighting Baton
    Imbued Cedar Greatstaff
    Imbued Cedar Knotted Club
    Imbued Cedar Longbow
    Imbued Cedar Pike
    Imbued Cedar Quarter Staff
    Imbued Cedar Round Shield
    Imbued Cedar Shortbow
    Imbued Cedar Sorcerer's Staff
    Imbued Cedar Wand
    Imbued Cloth Pantaloons
    Imbued Cloth Vest
    Imbued Cobalt Assault Axe
    Imbued Cobalt Bastard Sword
    Imbued Cobalt Battle Hammer
    Imbued Cobalt Brigandine Coat
    Imbued Cobalt Brigandine Leggings
    Imbued Cobalt Chainmail Coat
    Imbued Cobalt Chainmail Leggings
    Imbued Cobalt Claws
    Imbued Cobalt Claymore
    Imbued Cobalt Crescent Axe
    Imbued Cobalt Dagger
    Imbued Cobalt Devout Cuirass
    Imbued Cobalt Devout Greaves
    Imbued Cobalt Dirk
    Imbued Cobalt Double Headed Axe
    imbued cobalt executioner's axe
    Imbued Cobalt Falchion
    Imbued Cobalt Flail
    Imbued Cobalt Flamberge
    Imbued Cobalt Gavel
    Imbued Cobalt Great Flail
    Imbued Cobalt Great Mace
    Imbued Cobalt Great Spear
    Imbued Cobalt Great Sword
    Imbued Cobalt Hand Axe
    Imbued Cobalt Javelin
    Imbued Cobalt Karabela
    Imbued Cobalt Katana
    Imbued Cobalt Katar
    Imbued Cobalt Kite Shield
    Imbued Cobalt Knuckles
    Imbued Cobalt Kris
  13. Caith Developer

    Imbued Cobalt Lance
    Imbued Cobalt Long Sword
    Imbued Cobalt Mace
    Imbued Cobalt Maul
    Imbued Cobalt Melodic Coat
    Imbued Cobalt Melodic Leggings
    Imbued Cobalt Morning Star
    Imbued Cobalt Parrying Blade
    Imbued Cobalt Plate Cuirass
    Imbued Cobalt Plate Greaves
    Imbued Cobalt Rapier
    Imbued Cobalt Reverent Coat
    Imbued Cobalt Reverent Leggings
    Imbued Cobalt Ritual Dagger
    Imbued Cobalt Sabre
    Imbued Cobalt Sai
    Imbued Cobalt Scepter
    Imbued Cobalt Sceptre
    Imbued Cobalt Scimitar
    Imbued Cobalt Scourge
    Imbued Cobalt Shamshir
    Imbued Cobalt Short Spear
    Imbued Cobalt Short Sword
    Imbued Cobalt Sledge
    Imbued Cobalt Spatha
    Imbued Cobalt Spiked Hammer
    Imbued Cobalt Stiletto
    Imbued Cobalt Tower Shield
    Imbued Cobalt Tribal Spear
    Imbued Cobalt Tulwar
    Imbued Cobalt Vanguard Cuirass
    Imbued Cobalt Vanguard Greaves
    Imbued Cobalt Voulge
    Imbued Cobalt War Hammer
    Imbued Cobalt War Mace
    Imbued Cobalt War Maul
    Imbued Cobalt Warhammer
    Imbued Constructor's Bloomers
    Imbued Constructor's Vest
    Imbued Coral Ring of Intelligence
    Imbued Coral Ring of Stamina
    Imbued Coral Ring of Wisdom
    Imbued Craftsman's Bloomers
    Imbued Craftsman's Vest
    Imbued Cuirboilli Fistwraps
    Imbued Cuirboilli Leather Bandolier
    Imbued Cuirboilli Leather Pants
    Imbued Cuirboilli Leather Pouch
    Imbued Cuirboilli Leather Satchel
    Imbued Cuirboilli Leather Sheath
    Imbued Cuirboilli Leather Tunic
    Imbued Cuirboilli Whip
    Imbued Cured Fistwraps
    Imbued Cured Leather Bandolier
    Imbued Cured Leather Pants
    Imbued Cured Leather Pouch
    Imbued Cured Leather Satchel
    Imbued Cured Leather Sheath
    Imbued Cured Leather Tunic
    Imbued Cured Whip
    Imbued Deklium Band of Agility
    Imbued Deklium Band of Stamina
    Imbued Deklium Band of Strength
    Imbued Dexterous Augmented Pants
    Imbued Dexterous Augmented Tunic
    Imbued Dexterous Boiled Pants
    Imbued Dexterous Boiled Vest
    Imbued Dexterous Cuirboilli Pants
    Imbued Dexterous Cuirboilli Vest
    Imbued Dexterous Cured Pants
    Imbued Dexterous Cured Tunic
    Imbued Dexterous Dragonhide Pants
    Imbued Dexterous Dragonhide Tunic
    Imbued Dexterous Engraved Pants
    Imbued Dexterous Engraved Vest
    Imbued Dexterous Etched Pants
    Imbued Dexterous Etched Vest
    Imbued Dexterous Horned Leather Pants
    Imbued Dexterous Horned Leather Tunic
    Imbued Dexterous Mottled Gi
    Imbued Dexterous Mottled Pants
    Imbued Dexterous Mottled Tunic
    Imbued Dexterous Scaled Pants
    Imbued Dexterous Scaled Tunic
    Imbued Dexterous Stonehide Pants
    Imbued Dexterous Stonehide Tunic
    Imbued Dexterous Strengthened Pants
    Imbued Dexterous Strengthened Tunic
    Imbued Dexterous Tanned Pants
    Imbued Dexterous Tanned Tunic
    Imbued Diamondine Band of Agility
    Imbued Diamondine Band of Stamina
    Imbued Diamondine Band of Strength
    imbued dilettante's bloomers
    imbued dilettante's vest
    Imbued Dragonhide Fistwraps
    Imbued Dragonhide Leather Bandolier
    Imbued Dragonhide Leather Pouch
    Imbued Dragonhide Leather Satchel
    Imbued Dragonhide Leather Sheath
    Imbued Dragonhide Pants
    Imbued Dragonhide Tunic
    Imbued Dragonhide Whip
    Imbued Dragon's Breath Pantaloons
    Imbued Dragon's Breath Vest
    Imbued Dweller's Chain Boots
    Imbued Dweller's Chain Bracers
    Imbued Dweller's Chain Breastplate
    Imbued Dweller's Chain Gauntlets
    Imbued Dweller's Chain Helm
    Imbued Dweller's Chain Leggings
    Imbued Dweller's Chain Mantle
    Imbued Dweller's Cloth Boots
    Imbued Dweller's Cloth Bracers
    Imbued Dweller's Cloth Gauntlets
    Imbued Dweller's Cloth Helm
    Imbued Dweller's Cloth Leggings
    Imbued Dweller's Cloth Mantle
    Imbued Dweller's Cloth Robe
    Imbued Dweller's Leather Boots
    Imbued Dweller's Leather Bracers
    Imbued Dweller's Leather Breastplate
    Imbued Dweller's Leather Gauntlets
    Imbued Dweller's Leather Helm
    Imbued Dweller's Leather Leggings
    Imbued Dweller's Leather Mantle
    Imbued Dweller's Oathtakers Bangle
    Imbued Dweller's Oathtakers Buckler
    Imbued Dweller's Oathtakers Charm
    Imbued Dweller's Oathtakers Cloak
    Imbued Dweller's Oathtakers Earring
    Imbued Dweller's Oathtakers Girdle
    Imbued Dweller's Oathtakers Mace
    Imbued Dweller's Oathtakers Ring
    Imbued Dweller's Oathtakers Staff
    Imbued Dweller's Oathtakers Torque
    Imbued Dweller's Oathtakers Wand
    Imbued Dweller's Plate Boots
    Imbued Dweller's Plate Bracers
    Imbued Dweller's Plate Breastplate
    Imbued Dweller's Plate Gauntlets
    Imbued Dweller's Plate Helm
    Imbued Dweller's Plate Leggings
    Imbued Dweller's Plate Mantle
    Imbued Dweller's Protectors Bangle
    Imbued Dweller's Protectors Bow
    Imbued Dweller's Protectors Broadsword
    Imbued Dweller's Protectors Charm
    Imbued Dweller's Protectors Cloak
    Imbued Dweller's Protectors Earring
    Imbued Dweller's Protectors Girdle
    Imbued Dweller's Protectors Greatsword
    Imbued Dweller's Protectors Handwraps
    Imbued Dweller's Protectors Knuckles
    Imbued Dweller's Protectors Ring
    Imbued Dweller's Protectors Satchel
    Imbued Dweller's Protectors Shield
    Imbued Dweller's Protectors Staff
    Imbued Dweller's Protectors Torque
    Imbued Dweller's Stalkers Bangle
    Imbued Dweller's Stalkers Bow
    Imbued Dweller's Stalkers Charm
    Imbued Dweller's Stalkers Cloak
    Imbued Dweller's Stalkers Dagger
    Imbued Dweller's Stalkers Earring
    Imbued Dweller's Stalkers Girdle
    Imbued Dweller's Stalkers Longsword
    Imbued Dweller's Stalkers Ring
    Imbued Dweller's Stalkers Round Shield
    Imbued Dweller's Stalkers Satchel
    Imbued Dweller's Stalkers Torque
    Imbued Dweller's Thaumaturgists Bangle
    Imbued Dweller's Thaumaturgists Charm
    Imbued Dweller's Thaumaturgists Cloak
    Imbued Dweller's Thaumaturgists Earring
    Imbued Dweller's Thaumaturgists Girdle
    Imbued Dweller's Thaumaturgists Orb
    Imbued Dweller's Thaumaturgists Ring
    Imbued Dweller's Thaumaturgists Rod
    Imbued Dweller's Thaumaturgists Staff
    Imbued Dweller's Thaumaturgists Torque
    Imbued Dweller's Thaumaturgists Wand
    Imbued Ebon Assault Axe
    Imbued Ebon Battle Hammer
    Imbued Ebon Brigandine Coat
    Imbued Ebon Brigandine Leggings
    Imbued Ebon Chainmail Coat
    Imbued Ebon Chainmail Leggings
    Imbued Ebon Claws
    Imbued Ebon Claymore
    Imbued Ebon Crescent Axe
    Imbued Ebon Dagger
    Imbued Ebon Devout Cuirass
    Imbued Ebon Devout Greaves
    Imbued Ebon Dirk
    Imbued Ebon Double Headed Axe
    Imbued Ebon Falchion
    Imbued Ebon Flail
    Imbued Ebon Flamberge
    Imbued Ebon Gavel
    Imbued Ebon Great Flail
    Imbued Ebon Great Spear
    Imbued Ebon Great Sword
    Imbued Ebon Hand Axe
    Imbued Ebon Javelin
    Imbued Ebon Karabela
    Imbued Ebon Katana
    Imbued Ebon Katar
    Imbued Ebon Kite Shield
    Imbued Ebon Knuckles
    Imbued Ebon Kris
    Imbued Ebon Lance
    Imbued Ebon Long Sword
    Imbued Ebon Mace
    Imbued Ebon Maul
    Imbued Ebon Melodic Coat
    Imbued Ebon Melodic Leggings
    Imbued Ebon Morning Star
    Imbued Ebon Parrying Blade
    Imbued Ebon Plate Cuirass
    Imbued Ebon Plate Greaves
    Imbued Ebon Rapier
    Imbued Ebon Reverent Coat
    Imbued Ebon Reverent Leggings
    Imbued Ebon Ritual Dagger
    Imbued Ebon Sabre
    Imbued Ebon Sai
    Imbued Ebon Sceptre
    Imbued Ebon Scimitar
    Imbued Ebon Scourge
    Imbued Ebon Shamshir
    Imbued Ebon Short Spear
    Imbued Ebon Short Sword
    Imbued Ebon Sledge
    Imbued Ebon Spatha
    Imbued Ebon Spiked Hammer
    Imbued Ebon Stiletto
    Imbued Ebon Tower Shield
    Imbued Ebon Tribal Spear
    Imbued Ebon Tulwar
    Imbued Ebon Vanguard Cuirass
    Imbued Ebon Vanguard Greaves
    Imbued Ebon Voulge
    Imbued Ebon War Hammer
    Imbued Ebon War Mace
    Imbued Ebon War Maul
    Imbued Ebony Bo Staff
    Imbued Ebony Club
    Imbued Ebony Cudgel
    Imbued Ebony Fighting Baton
    Imbued Ebony Greatstaff
    Imbued Ebony Knotted Club
    Imbued Ebony Longbow
    Imbued Ebony Pike
    Imbued Ebony Quarter Staff
    Imbued Ebony Round Shield
    Imbued Ebony Shortbow
    Imbued Ebony Sorcerer's Staff
    Imbued Ebony Wand
    Imbued Electrum Band of Agility
    Imbued Electrum Band of Stamina
    Imbued Electrum Band of Strength
    Imbued Engraved Fistwraps
    Imbued Engraved Leather Bandolier
    Imbued Engraved Leather Pants
    Imbued Engraved Leather Pouch
    Imbued Engraved Leather Satchel
    Imbued Engraved Leather Sheath
    Imbued Engraved Leather Vest
    Imbued Engraved Whip
    Imbued Etched Fistwraps
    Imbued Etched Leather Bandolier
    Imbued Etched Leather Pants
    Imbued Etched Leather Pouch
    Imbued Etched Leather Satchel
    Imbued Etched Leather Sheath
    Imbued Etched Leather Vest
    Imbued Etched Whip
    Imbued Fabricator's Bloomers
    Imbued Fabricator's Vest
    Imbued Ferrite Assault Axe
    Imbued Ferrite Battle Hammer
    Imbued Ferrite Brigandine Coat
    Imbued Ferrite Brigandine Leggings
    Imbued Ferrite Chainmail Coat
    Imbued Ferrite Chainmail Leggings
    Imbued Ferrite Claws
    Imbued Ferrite Claymore
    Imbued Ferrite Crescent Axe
    Imbued Ferrite Dagger
    Imbued Ferrite Devout Cuirass
    Imbued Ferrite Devout Greaves
    Imbued Ferrite Dirk
    Imbued Ferrite Double Headed Axe
    Imbued Ferrite Falchion
    Imbued Ferrite Flail
    Imbued Ferrite Flamberge
    Imbued Ferrite Gavel
    Imbued Ferrite Great Flail
    Imbued Ferrite Great Spear
    Imbued Ferrite Great Sword
    Imbued Ferrite Hand Axe
    Imbued Ferrite Javelin
    Imbued Ferrite Karabela
  14. Caith Developer

    Imbued Ferrite Katana
    Imbued Ferrite Katar
    Imbued Ferrite Kite Shield
    Imbued Ferrite Knuckles
    Imbued Ferrite Kris
    Imbued Ferrite Lance
    Imbued Ferrite Long Sword
    Imbued Ferrite Mace
    Imbued Ferrite Maul
    Imbued Ferrite Melodic Coat
    Imbued Ferrite Melodic Leggings
    Imbued Ferrite Morning Star
    Imbued Ferrite Parrying Blade
    Imbued Ferrite Plate Cuirass
    Imbued Ferrite Plate Greaves
    Imbued Ferrite Rapier
    Imbued Ferrite Reverent Coat
    Imbued Ferrite Reverent Leggings
    Imbued Ferrite Righteous Cuirass
    Imbued Ferrite Righteous Greaves
    Imbued Ferrite Ritual Dagger
    Imbued Ferrite Sabre
    Imbued Ferrite Sai
    Imbued Ferrite Sceptre
    Imbued Ferrite Scimitar
    Imbued Ferrite Scourge
    Imbued Ferrite Shamshir
    Imbued Ferrite Short Spear
    Imbued Ferrite Short Sword
    Imbued Ferrite Sledge
    Imbued Ferrite Spatha
    Imbued Ferrite Spiked Hammer
    Imbued Ferrite Stiletto
    Imbued Ferrite Tower Shield
    Imbued Ferrite Tribal Spear
    Imbued Ferrite Tulwar
    Imbued Ferrite Vanguard Cuirass
    Imbued Ferrite Vanguard Greaves
    Imbued Ferrite Voulge
    Imbued Ferrite War Hammer
    Imbued Ferrite War Mace
    Imbued Ferrite War Maul
    Imbued Feyiron Assault Axe
    Imbued Feyiron Battle Hammer
    Imbued Feyiron Brigandine Coat
    Imbued Feyiron Brigandine Leggings
    Imbued Feyiron Chainmail Coat
    Imbued Feyiron Chainmail Leggings
    Imbued Feyiron Claws
    Imbued Feyiron Claymore
    Imbued Feyiron Crescent Axe
    Imbued Feyiron Dagger
    Imbued Feyiron Devout Cuirass
    Imbued Feyiron Devout Greaves
    Imbued Feyiron Dirk
    Imbued Feyiron Double Headed Axe
    Imbued Feyiron Falchion
    Imbued Feyiron Flail
    Imbued Feyiron Flamberge
    Imbued Feyiron Gavel
    Imbued Feyiron Great Flail
    Imbued Feyiron Great Spear
    Imbued Feyiron Great Sword
    Imbued Feyiron Hand Axe
    Imbued Feyiron Javelin
    Imbued Feyiron Karabela
    Imbued Feyiron Katana
    Imbued Feyiron Katar
    Imbued Feyiron Kite Shield
    Imbued Feyiron Knuckles
    Imbued Feyiron Kris
    Imbued Feyiron Lance
    Imbued Feyiron Long Sword
    Imbued Feyiron Mace
    Imbued Feyiron Maul
    Imbued Feyiron Melodic Coat
    Imbued Feyiron Melodic Leggings
    Imbued Feyiron Morning Star
    Imbued Feyiron Parrying Blade
    Imbued Feyiron Plate Cuirass
    Imbued Feyiron Plate Greaves
    Imbued Feyiron Rapier
    Imbued Feyiron Reverent Coat
    Imbued Feyiron Reverent Leggings
    Imbued Feyiron Ritual Dagger
    Imbued Feyiron Sabre
    Imbued Feyiron Sai
    Imbued Feyiron Sceptre
    Imbued Feyiron Scimitar
    Imbued Feyiron Scourge
    Imbued Feyiron Shamshir
    Imbued Feyiron Short Spear
    Imbued Feyiron Short Sword
    Imbued Feyiron Sledge
    Imbued Feyiron Spatha
    Imbued Feyiron Spiked Hammer
    Imbued Feyiron Stiletto
    Imbued Feyiron Tower Shield
    Imbued Feyiron Tribal Spear
    Imbued Feyiron Tulwar
    Imbued Feyiron Vanguard Cuirass
    Imbued Feyiron Vanguard Greaves
    Imbued Feyiron Voulge
    Imbued Feyiron War Hammer
    Imbued Feyiron War Mace
    Imbued Feyiron War Maul
    Imbued Feysteel Assault Axe
    Imbued Feysteel Battle Hammer
    Imbued Feysteel Brigandine Coat
    Imbued Feysteel Brigandine Leggings
    Imbued Feysteel Chainmail Coat
    Imbued Feysteel Chainmail Leggings
    Imbued Feysteel Claws
    Imbued Feysteel Claymore
    Imbued Feysteel Crescent Axe
    Imbued Feysteel Dagger
    Imbued Feysteel Devout Cuirass
    Imbued Feysteel Devout Greaves
    Imbued Feysteel Dirk
    Imbued Feysteel Double Headed Axe
    Imbued Feysteel Falchion
    Imbued Feysteel Flail
    Imbued Feysteel Flamberge
    Imbued Feysteel Gavel
    Imbued Feysteel Great Flail
    Imbued Feysteel Great Spear
    Imbued Feysteel Great Sword
    Imbued Feysteel Hand Axe
    Imbued Feysteel Javelin
    Imbued Feysteel Karabela
    Imbued Feysteel Katana
    Imbued Feysteel Katar
    Imbued Feysteel Kite Shield
    Imbued Feysteel Knuckles
    Imbued Feysteel Kris
    Imbued Feysteel Lance
    Imbued Feysteel Long Sword
    Imbued Feysteel Mace
    Imbued Feysteel Maul
    Imbued Feysteel Melodic Coat
    Imbued Feysteel Melodic Leggings
    Imbued Feysteel Morning Star
    Imbued Feysteel Parrying Blade
    Imbued Feysteel Plate Cuirass
    Imbued Feysteel Plate Greaves
    Imbued Feysteel Rapier
    Imbued Feysteel Reverent Coat
    Imbued Feysteel Reverent Leggings
    Imbued Feysteel Ritual Dagger
    Imbued Feysteel Sabre
    Imbued Feysteel Sai
    Imbued Feysteel Sceptre
    Imbued Feysteel Scimitar
    Imbued Feysteel Scourge
    Imbued Feysteel Shamshir
    Imbued Feysteel Short Spear
    Imbued Feysteel Short Sword
    Imbued Feysteel Sledge
    Imbued Feysteel Spatha
    Imbued Feysteel Spiked Hammer
    Imbued Feysteel Stiletto
    Imbued Feysteel Tower Shield
    Imbued Feysteel Tribal Spear
    Imbued Feysteel Tulwar
    Imbued Feysteel Vanguard Cuirass
    Imbued Feysteel Vanguard Greaves
    Imbued Feysteel Voulge
    Imbued Feysteel War Hammer
    Imbued Feysteel War Mace
    Imbued Feysteel War Maul
    Imbued Fir Bo Staff
    Imbued Fir Club
    Imbued Fir Cudgel
    Imbued Fir Fighting Baton
    Imbued Fir Greatstaff
    Imbued Fir Knotted Club
    Imbued Fir Longbow
    Imbued Fir Pike
    Imbued Fir Quarter Staff
    Imbued Fir Round Shield
    Imbued Fir Shortbow
    Imbued Fir Sorcerer's Staff
    Imbued Fir Wand
    Imbued Fire Emerald Ring of Intelligence
    Imbued Fire Emerald Ring of Stamina
    Imbued Fire Emerald Ring of Wisdom
    Imbued Fulginate Assault Axe
    Imbued Fulginate Battle Hammer
    Imbued Fulginate Brigandine Coat
    Imbued Fulginate Brigandine Leggings
    Imbued Fulginate Chainmail Coat
    Imbued Fulginate Chainmail Leggings
    Imbued Fulginate Claws
    Imbued Fulginate Claymore
    Imbued Fulginate Crescent Axe
    Imbued Fulginate Dagger
    Imbued Fulginate Devout Cuirass
    Imbued Fulginate Devout Greaves
    Imbued Fulginate Dirk
    Imbued Fulginate Double Headed Axe
    Imbued Fulginate Falchion
    Imbued Fulginate Flail
    Imbued Fulginate Flamberge
    Imbued Fulginate Gavel
    Imbued Fulginate Great Flail
    Imbued Fulginate Great Spear
    Imbued Fulginate Great Sword
    Imbued Fulginate Hand Axe
    Imbued Fulginate Javelin
    Imbued Fulginate Karabela
    Imbued Fulginate Katana
    Imbued Fulginate Katar
    Imbued Fulginate Kite Shield
    Imbued Fulginate Knuckles
    Imbued Fulginate Kris
    Imbued Fulginate Lance
    Imbued Fulginate Long Sword
    Imbued Fulginate Mace
    Imbued Fulginate Maul
    Imbued Fulginate Melodic Coat
    Imbued Fulginate Melodic Leggings
    Imbued Fulginate Morning Star
    Imbued Fulginate Parrying Blade
    Imbued Fulginate Plate Cuirass
    Imbued Fulginate Plate Greaves
    Imbued Fulginate Rapier
    Imbued Fulginate Reverent Coat
    Imbued Fulginate Reverent Leggings
    Imbued Fulginate Ritual Dagger
    Imbued Fulginate Sabre
    Imbued Fulginate Sai
    Imbued Fulginate Sceptre
    Imbued Fulginate Scimitar
    Imbued Fulginate Scourge
    Imbued Fulginate Shamshir
    Imbued Fulginate Short Spear
    Imbued Fulginate Short Sword
    Imbued Fulginate Sledge
    Imbued Fulginate Spatha
    Imbued Fulginate Spiked Hammer
    Imbued Fulginate Stiletto
    Imbued Fulginate Tower Shield
    Imbued Fulginate Tribal Spear
    Imbued Fulginate Tulwar
    Imbued Fulginate Vanguard Cuirass
    Imbued Fulginate Vanguard Greaves
    Imbued Fulginate Voulge
    Imbued Fulginate War Hammer
    Imbued Fulginate War Mace
    Imbued Fulginate War Maul
    Imbued Gnashtooth Chain Boots
    Imbued Gnashtooth Chain Bracers
    Imbued Gnashtooth Chain Breastplate
    Imbued Gnashtooth Chain Gauntlets
    Imbued Gnashtooth Chain Helm
    Imbued Gnashtooth Chain Leggings
    Imbued Gnashtooth Chain Mantle
    Imbued Gnashtooth Cloth Boots
    Imbued Gnashtooth Cloth Bracers
    Imbued Gnashtooth Cloth Gauntlets
    Imbued Gnashtooth Cloth Helm
    Imbued Gnashtooth Cloth Leggings
    Imbued Gnashtooth Cloth Mantle
    Imbued Gnashtooth Cloth Robe
    Imbued Gnashtooth Leather Boots
    Imbued Gnashtooth Leather Bracers
    Imbued Gnashtooth Leather Breastplate
    Imbued Gnashtooth Leather Gauntlets
    Imbued Gnashtooth Leather Helm
    Imbued Gnashtooth Leather Leggings
    Imbued Gnashtooth Leather Mantle
    Imbued Gnashtooth Oathtakers Bangle
    Imbued Gnashtooth Oathtakers Buckler
    Imbued Gnashtooth Oathtakers Charm
    Imbued Gnashtooth Oathtakers Cloak
    Imbued Gnashtooth Oathtakers Earring
    Imbued Gnashtooth Oathtakers Girdle
    Imbued Gnashtooth Oathtakers Mace
    Imbued Gnashtooth Oathtakers Ring
    Imbued Gnashtooth Oathtakers Staff
    Imbued Gnashtooth Oathtakers Torque
    Imbued Gnashtooth Oathtakers Wand
    Imbued Gnashtooth Plate Boots
    Imbued Gnashtooth Plate Bracers
    Imbued Gnashtooth Plate Breastplate
    Imbued Gnashtooth Plate Gauntlets
    Imbued Gnashtooth Plate Helm
    Imbued Gnashtooth Plate Leggings
    Imbued Gnashtooth Plate Mantle
    Imbued Gnashtooth Protectors Bangle
    Imbued Gnashtooth Protectors Bow
    Imbued Gnashtooth Protectors Broadsword
    Imbued Gnashtooth Protectors Charm
    Imbued Gnashtooth Protectors Cloak
    Imbued Gnashtooth Protectors Earring
    Imbued Gnashtooth Protectors Girdle
    Imbued Gnashtooth Protectors Greatsword
    Imbued Gnashtooth Protectors Handwraps
    Imbued Gnashtooth Protectors Knuckles
    Imbued Gnashtooth Protectors Ring
    Imbued Gnashtooth Protectors Satchel
    Imbued Gnashtooth Protectors Shield
    Imbued Gnashtooth Protectors Staff
    Imbued Gnashtooth Protectors Torque
    Imbued Gnashtooth Stalkers Bangle
    Imbued Gnashtooth Stalkers Bow
    Imbued Gnashtooth Stalkers Charm
    Imbued Gnashtooth Stalkers Cloak
    Imbued Gnashtooth Stalkers Dagger
    Imbued Gnashtooth Stalkers Earring
    Imbued Gnashtooth Stalkers Girdle
    Imbued Gnashtooth Stalkers Longsword
    Imbued Gnashtooth Stalkers Ring
    Imbued Gnashtooth Stalkers Round Shield
  15. Caith Developer

    Imbued Gnashtooth Stalkers Satchel
    Imbued Gnashtooth Stalkers Torque
    Imbued Gnashtooth Thaumaturgists Bangle
    Imbued Gnashtooth Thaumaturgists Charm
    Imbued Gnashtooth Thaumaturgists Cloak
    Imbued Gnashtooth Thaumaturgists Earring
    Imbued Gnashtooth Thaumaturgists Girdle
    Imbued Gnashtooth Thaumaturgists Orb
    Imbued Gnashtooth Thaumaturgists Ring
    Imbued Gnashtooth Thaumaturgists Rod
    Imbued Gnashtooth Thaumaturgists Staff
    Imbued Gnashtooth Thaumaturgists Torque
    Imbued Gnashtooth Thaumaturgists Wand
    Imbued Gold Band of Agility
    Imbued Gold Band of Stamina
    Imbued Gold Band of Strength
    Imbued Hammerblow Chain Boots
    Imbued Hammerblow Chain Bracers
    Imbued Hammerblow Chain Breastplate
    Imbued Hammerblow Chain Gauntlets
    Imbued Hammerblow Chain Helm
    Imbued Hammerblow Chain Leggings
    Imbued Hammerblow Chain Mantle
    Imbued Hammerblow Cloth Boots
    Imbued Hammerblow Cloth Bracers
    Imbued Hammerblow Cloth Gauntlets
    Imbued Hammerblow Cloth Helm
    Imbued Hammerblow Cloth Leggings
    Imbued Hammerblow Cloth Mantle
    Imbued Hammerblow Cloth Robe
    Imbued Hammerblow Leather Boots
    Imbued Hammerblow Leather Bracers
    Imbued Hammerblow Leather Breastplate
    Imbued Hammerblow Leather Gauntlets
    Imbued Hammerblow Leather Helm
    Imbued Hammerblow Leather Leggings
    Imbued Hammerblow Leather Mantle
    Imbued Hammerblow Oathtakers Bangle
    Imbued Hammerblow Oathtakers Buckler
    Imbued Hammerblow Oathtakers Charm
    Imbued Hammerblow Oathtakers Cloak
    Imbued Hammerblow Oathtakers Earring
    Imbued Hammerblow Oathtakers Girdle
    Imbued Hammerblow Oathtakers Mace
    Imbued Hammerblow Oathtakers Ring
    Imbued Hammerblow Oathtakers Staff
    Imbued Hammerblow Oathtakers Torque
    Imbued Hammerblow Oathtakers Wand
    Imbued Hammerblow Plate Boots
    Imbued Hammerblow Plate Bracers
    Imbued Hammerblow Plate Breastplate
    Imbued Hammerblow Plate Gauntlets
    Imbued Hammerblow Plate Helm
    Imbued Hammerblow Plate Leggings
    Imbued Hammerblow Plate Mantle
    Imbued Hammerblow Protectors Bangle
    Imbued Hammerblow Protectors Bow
    Imbued Hammerblow Protectors Broadsword
    Imbued Hammerblow Protectors Charm
    Imbued Hammerblow Protectors Cloak
    Imbued Hammerblow Protectors Earring
    Imbued Hammerblow Protectors Girdle
    Imbued Hammerblow Protectors Greatsword
    Imbued Hammerblow Protectors Handwraps
    Imbued Hammerblow Protectors Knuckles
    Imbued Hammerblow Protectors Ring
    Imbued Hammerblow Protectors Satchel
    Imbued Hammerblow Protectors Shield
    Imbued Hammerblow Protectors Staff
    Imbued Hammerblow Protectors Torque
    Imbued Hammerblow Stalkers Bangle
    Imbued Hammerblow Stalkers Bow
    Imbued Hammerblow Stalkers Charm
    Imbued Hammerblow Stalkers Cloak
    Imbued Hammerblow Stalkers Dagger
    Imbued Hammerblow Stalkers Earring
    Imbued Hammerblow Stalkers Girdle
    Imbued Hammerblow Stalkers Longsword
    Imbued Hammerblow Stalkers Ring
    Imbued Hammerblow Stalkers Round Shield
    Imbued Hammerblow Stalkers Satchel
    Imbued Hammerblow Stalkers Torque
    Imbued Hammerblow Thaumaturgists Bangle
    Imbued Hammerblow Thaumaturgists Charm
    Imbued Hammerblow Thaumaturgists Cloak
    Imbued Hammerblow Thaumaturgists Earring
    Imbued Hammerblow Thaumaturgists Girdle
    Imbued Hammerblow Thaumaturgists Orb
    Imbued Hammerblow Thaumaturgists Ring
    Imbued Hammerblow Thaumaturgists Rod
    Imbued Hammerblow Thaumaturgists Staff
    Imbued Hammerblow Thaumaturgists Torque
    Imbued Hammerblow Thaumaturgists Wand
    Imbued Hidebound Fistwraps
    Imbued Hidebound Leather Bandolier
    Imbued Hidebound Leather Gi
    Imbued Hidebound Leather Pants
    Imbued Hidebound Leather Pouch
    Imbued Hidebound Leather Satchel
    Imbued Hidebound Leather Sheath
    Imbued Hidebound Leather Tunic
    Imbued Hidebound Whip
    Imbued Horned Fistwraps
    Imbued Horned Leather Bandolier
    Imbued Horned Leather Pants
    Imbued Horned Leather Pouch
    Imbued Horned Leather Satchel
    Imbued Horned Leather Sheath
    Imbued Horned Leather Tunic
    Imbued Horned Whip
    Imbued Incarnadine Assault Axe
    Imbued Incarnadine Battle Hammer
    Imbued Incarnadine Brigandine Coat
    Imbued Incarnadine Brigandine Leggings
    Imbued Incarnadine Chainmail Coat
    Imbued Incarnadine Chainmail Leggings
    Imbued Incarnadine Claws
    Imbued Incarnadine Claymore
    Imbued Incarnadine Crescent Axe
    Imbued Incarnadine Dagger
    Imbued Incarnadine Devout Cuirass
    Imbued Incarnadine Devout Greaves
    Imbued Incarnadine Dirk
    Imbued Incarnadine Double Headed Axe
    Imbued Incarnadine Falchion
    Imbued Incarnadine Flail
    Imbued Incarnadine Flamberge
    Imbued Incarnadine Gavel
    Imbued Incarnadine Great Flail
    Imbued Incarnadine Great Spear
    Imbued Incarnadine Great Sword
    Imbued Incarnadine Hand Axe
    Imbued Incarnadine Javelin
    Imbued Incarnadine Karabela
    Imbued Incarnadine Katana
    Imbued Incarnadine Katar
    Imbued Incarnadine Kite Shield
    Imbued Incarnadine Knuckles
    Imbued Incarnadine Kris
    Imbued Incarnadine Lance
    Imbued Incarnadine Long Sword
    Imbued Incarnadine Mace
    Imbued Incarnadine Maul
    Imbued Incarnadine Melodic Coat
    Imbued Incarnadine Melodic Leggings
    Imbued Incarnadine Morning Star
    Imbued Incarnadine Parrying Blade
    Imbued Incarnadine Plate Cuirass
    Imbued Incarnadine Plate Greaves
    Imbued Incarnadine Rapier
    Imbued Incarnadine Reverent Coat
    Imbued Incarnadine Reverent Leggings
    Imbued Incarnadine Righteous Cuirass
    Imbued Incarnadine Righteous Greaves
    Imbued Incarnadine Ritual Dagger
    Imbued Incarnadine Sabre
    Imbued Incarnadine Sai
    Imbued Incarnadine Sceptre
    Imbued Incarnadine Scimitar
    Imbued Incarnadine Scourge
    Imbued Incarnadine Shamshir
    Imbued Incarnadine Short Spear
    Imbued Incarnadine Short Sword
    Imbued Incarnadine Sledge
    Imbued Incarnadine Spatha
    Imbued Incarnadine Spiked Hammer
    Imbued Incarnadine Stiletto
    Imbued Incarnadine Tower Shield
    Imbued Incarnadine Tribal Spear
    Imbued Incarnadine Tulwar
    Imbued Incarnadine Vanguard Cuirass
    Imbued Incarnadine Vanguard Greaves
    Imbued Incarnadine Voulge
    Imbued Incarnadine War Hammer
    Imbued Incarnadine War Mace
    Imbued Incarnadine War Maul
    Imbued Indium Assault Axe
    Imbued Indium Battle Axe
    Imbued Indium Battle Hammer
    Imbued Indium Brigandine Coat
    Imbued Indium Brigandine Leggings
    Imbued Indium Chainmail Coat
    Imbued Indium Chainmail Leggings
    Imbued Indium Claws
    Imbued Indium Claymore
    Imbued Indium Crescent Axe
    Imbued Indium Dagger
    Imbued Indium Devout Cuirass
    Imbued Indium Devout Greaves
    Imbued Indium Dirk
    Imbued Indium Double Headed Axe
    Imbued Indium Falchion
    Imbued Indium Flail
    Imbued Indium Flamberge
    Imbued Indium Gavel
    Imbued Indium Great Flail
    Imbued Indium Great Spear
    Imbued Indium Great Sword
    Imbued Indium Hand Axe
    Imbued Indium Javelin
    Imbued Indium Karabela
    Imbued Indium Katana
    Imbued Indium Katar
    Imbued Indium Kite Shield
    Imbued Indium Knuckles
    Imbued Indium Kris
    Imbued Indium Lance
    Imbued Indium Long Sword
    Imbued Indium Mace
    Imbued Indium Maul
    Imbued Indium Melodic Coat
    Imbued Indium Melodic Leggings
    Imbued Indium Morning Star
    Imbued Indium Parrying Blade
    Imbued Indium Plate Cuirass
    Imbued Indium Plate Greaves
    Imbued Indium Rapier
    Imbued Indium Reverent Coat
    Imbued Indium Reverent Leggings
    Imbued Indium Ritual Dagger
    Imbued Indium Sabre
    Imbued Indium Sai
    Imbued Indium Sceptre
    Imbued Indium Scimitar
    Imbued Indium Scourge
    Imbued Indium Shamshir
    Imbued Indium Short Spear
    Imbued Indium Short Sword
    Imbued Indium Sledge
    Imbued Indium Spatha
    Imbued Indium Spiked Hammer
    Imbued Indium Stiletto
    Imbued Indium Tower Shield
    Imbued Indium Tribal Spear
    Imbued Indium Tulwar
    Imbued Indium Vanguard Cuirass
    Imbued Indium Vanguard Greaves
    Imbued Indium Voulge
    Imbued Indium War Hammer
    Imbued Indium War Mace
    Imbued Indium War Maul
    Imbued Infested Chain Boots
    Imbued Infested Chain Bracers
    Imbued Infested Chain Breastplate
    Imbued Infested Chain Gauntlets
    Imbued Infested Chain Helm
    Imbued Infested Chain Leggings
    Imbued Infested Chain Mantle
    Imbued Infested Cloth Boots
    Imbued Infested Cloth Bracers
    Imbued Infested Cloth Gauntlets
    Imbued Infested Cloth Helm
    Imbued Infested Cloth Leggings
    Imbued Infested Cloth Mantle
    Imbued Infested Cloth Robe
    Imbued Infested Leather Boots
    Imbued Infested Leather Bracers
    Imbued Infested Leather Breastplate
    Imbued Infested Leather Gauntlets
    Imbued Infested Leather Helm
    Imbued Infested Leather Leggings
    Imbued Infested Leather Mantle
    Imbued Infested Oathtakers Bangle
    Imbued Infested Oathtakers Buckler
    Imbued Infested Oathtakers Charm
    Imbued Infested Oathtakers Cloak
    Imbued Infested Oathtakers Earring
    Imbued Infested Oathtakers Girdle
    Imbued Infested Oathtakers Mace
    Imbued Infested Oathtakers Ring
    Imbued Infested Oathtakers Staff
    Imbued Infested Oathtakers Torque
    Imbued Infested Oathtakers Wand
    Imbued Infested Plate Boots
    Imbued Infested Plate Bracers
    Imbued Infested Plate Breastplate
    Imbued Infested Plate Gauntlets
    Imbued Infested Plate Helm
    Imbued Infested Plate Leggings
    Imbued Infested Plate Mantle
    Imbued Infested Protectors Bangle
    Imbued Infested Protectors Bow
    Imbued Infested Protectors Broadsword
    Imbued Infested Protectors Charm
    Imbued Infested Protectors Cloak
  16. Caith Developer

    Imbued Infested Protectors Earring
    Imbued Infested Protectors Girdle
    Imbued Infested Protectors Greatsword
    Imbued Infested Protectors Handwraps
    Imbued Infested Protectors Knuckles
    Imbued Infested Protectors Ring
    Imbued Infested Protectors Satchel
    Imbued Infested Protectors Shield
    Imbued Infested Protectors Staff
    Imbued Infested Protectors Torque
    Imbued Infested Stalkers Bangle
    Imbued Infested Stalkers Bow
    Imbued Infested Stalkers Charm
    Imbued Infested Stalkers Cloak
    Imbued Infested Stalkers Dagger
    Imbued Infested Stalkers Earring
    Imbued Infested Stalkers Girdle
    Imbued Infested Stalkers Longsword
    Imbued Infested Stalkers Ring
    Imbued Infested Stalkers Round Shield
    Imbued Infested Stalkers Satchel
    Imbued Infested Stalkers Torque
    Imbued Infested Thaumaturgists Bangle
    Imbued Infested Thaumaturgists Charm
    Imbued Infested Thaumaturgists Cloak
    Imbued Infested Thaumaturgists Earring
    Imbued Infested Thaumaturgists Girdle
    Imbued Infested Thaumaturgists Orb
    Imbued Infested Thaumaturgists Ring
    Imbued Infested Thaumaturgists Rod
    Imbued Infested Thaumaturgists Staff
    Imbued Infested Thaumaturgists Torque
    Imbued Infested Thaumaturgists Wand
    Imbued Inventor's Bloomers
    Imbued Inventor's Vest
    Imbued Iron Assault Axe
    Imbued Iron Battle Hammer
    Imbued Iron Chainmail Coat
    Imbued Iron Chainmail Leggings
    Imbued Iron Claws
    Imbued Iron Claymore
    Imbued Iron Crescent Axe
    Imbued Iron Dagger
    Imbued Iron Dirk
    Imbued Iron Double Headed Axe
    Imbued Iron Falchion
    Imbued Iron Flail
    Imbued Iron Flamberge
    Imbued Iron Gavel
    Imbued Iron Great Flail
    Imbued Iron Great Spear
    Imbued Iron Great Sword
    Imbued Iron Hand Axe
    Imbued Iron Javelin
    Imbued Iron Karabela
    Imbued Iron Katana
    Imbued Iron Katar
    Imbued Iron Kite Shield
    Imbued Iron Knuckles
    Imbued Iron Kris
    Imbued Iron Lance
    Imbued Iron Long Sword
    Imbued Iron Mace
    Imbued Iron Maul
    Imbued Iron Morning Star
    Imbued Iron Parrying Blade
    Imbued Iron Rapier
    Imbued Iron Reverent Coat
    Imbued Iron Reverent Leggings
    Imbued Iron Ritual Dagger
    Imbued Iron Sabre
    Imbued Iron Sai
    Imbued Iron Sceptre
    Imbued Iron Scimitar
    Imbued Iron Scourge
    Imbued Iron Shamshir
    Imbued Iron Short Spear
    Imbued Iron Short Sword
    Imbued Iron Sledge
    Imbued Iron Spatha
    Imbued Iron Spiked Hammer
    Imbued Iron Stiletto
    Imbued Iron Tower Shield
    Imbued Iron Tribal Spear
    Imbued Iron Tulwar
    Imbued Iron Vanguard Cuirass
    Imbued Iron Vanguard Greaves
    Imbued Iron Voulge
    Imbued Iron War Hammer
    Imbued Iron War Mace
    Imbued Iron War Maul
    Imbued Ironwood Bo Staff
    Imbued Ironwood Club
    Imbued Ironwood Cudgel
    Imbued Ironwood Fighting Baton
    Imbued Ironwood Greatstaff
    Imbued Ironwood Knotted Club
    Imbued Ironwood Longbow
    Imbued Ironwood Pike
    Imbued Ironwood Quarter Staff
    Imbued Ironwood Round Shield
    Imbued Ironwood Shortbow
    Imbued Ironwood Sorcerer's Staff
    Imbued Ironwood Spellbinder's Staff
    Imbued Ironwood Wand
    Imbued Jasper Ring of Intelligence
    Imbued Jasper Ring of Stamina
    Imbued Jasper Ring of Wisdom
    Imbued Kunzite Ring of Intelligence
    Imbued Kunzite Ring of Stamina
    Imbued Kunzite Ring of Wisdom
    Imbued Linen Pantaloons
    Imbued Linen Robe
    Imbued Mahogany Bo Staff
    Imbued Mahogany Club
    Imbued Mahogany Cudgel
    Imbued Mahogany Fighting Baton
    Imbued Mahogany Greatstaff
    Imbued Mahogany Knotted Club
    Imbued Mahogany Longbow
    Imbued Mahogany Ornate Longbow
    Imbued Mahogany Pike
    Imbued Mahogany Quarter Staff
    Imbued Mahogany Recurved Shortbow
    Imbued Mahogany Round Shield
    Imbued Mahogany Shortbow
    Imbued Mahogany Sorcerer's Staff
    Imbued Mahogany Wand
    Imbued Maple Bo Staff
    Imbued Maple Club
    Imbued Maple Cudgel
    Imbued Maple Fighting Baton
    Imbued Maple Greatstaff
    Imbued Maple Knotted Club
    Imbued Maple Longbow
    Imbued Maple Pike
    Imbued Maple Quarter Staff
    Imbued Maple Round Shield
    Imbued Maple Shortbow
    Imbued Maple Sorcerer's Staff
    Imbued Maple Wand
    Imbued Merchantine's Bloomers
    Imbued Merchantine's Vest
    Imbued Moonstone Ring of Intelligence
    Imbued Moonstone Ring of Stamina
    Imbued Moonstone Ring of Wisdom
    Imbued Mottled Fistwraps
    Imbued Mottled Gi
    Imbued Mottled Leather Bandolier
    Imbued Mottled Leather Pouch
    Imbued Mottled Leather Satchel
    Imbued Mottled Leather Sheath
    Imbued Mottled Pants
    Imbued Mottled Tunic
    Imbued Mottled Whip
    Imbued Nacre Ring of Intelligence
    Imbued Nacre Ring of Stamina
    Imbued Nacre Ring of Wisdom
    Imbued Oak Bo Staff
    Imbued Oak Club
    Imbued Oak Cudgel
    Imbued Oak Fighting Baton
    Imbued Oak Greatstaff
    Imbued Oak Knotted Club
    Imbued Oak Longbow
    Imbued Oak Pike
    Imbued Oak Quarter Staff
    Imbued Oak Round Shield
    Imbued Oak Shortbow
    Imbued Oak Sorcerer's Staff
    Imbued Oak Wand
    Imbued Opal Ring of Intelligence
    Imbued Opal Ring of Stamina
    Imbued Opal Ring of Wisdom
    Imbued Opaline Ring of Intelligence
    Imbued Opaline Ring of Stamina
    Imbued Opaline Ring of Wisdom
    Imbued Palladium Band of Agility
    Imbued Palladium Band of Stamina
    Imbued Palladium Band of Strength
    Imbued Pearl Ring of Intelligence
    Imbued Pearl Ring of Stamina
    Imbued Pearl Ring of Wisdom
    Imbued Primevil Chain Boots
    Imbued Primevil Chain Bracers
    Imbued Primevil Chain Breastplate
    Imbued Primevil Chain Gauntlets
    Imbued Primevil Chain Helm
    Imbued Primevil Chain Leggings
    Imbued Primevil Chain Mantle
    Imbued Primevil Cloth Boots
    Imbued Primevil Cloth Bracers
    Imbued Primevil Cloth Gauntlets
    Imbued Primevil Cloth Helm
    Imbued Primevil Cloth Leggings
    Imbued Primevil Cloth Mantle
    Imbued Primevil Cloth Robe
    Imbued Primevil Leather Boots
    Imbued Primevil Leather Bracers
    Imbued Primevil Leather Breastplate
    Imbued Primevil Leather Gauntlets
    Imbued Primevil Leather Helm
    Imbued Primevil Leather Leggings
    Imbued Primevil Leather Mantle
    Imbued Primevil Oathtakers Bangle
    Imbued Primevil Oathtakers Buckler
    Imbued Primevil Oathtakers Charm
    Imbued Primevil Oathtakers Cloak
    Imbued Primevil Oathtakers Earring
    Imbued Primevil Oathtakers Girdle
    Imbued Primevil Oathtakers Mace
    Imbued Primevil Oathtakers Ring
    Imbued Primevil Oathtakers Staff
    Imbued Primevil Oathtakers Torque
    Imbued Primevil Oathtakers Wand
    Imbued Primevil Plate Boots
    Imbued Primevil Plate Bracers
    Imbued Primevil Plate Breastplate
    Imbued Primevil Plate Gauntlets
    Imbued Primevil Plate Helm
    Imbued Primevil Plate Leggings
    Imbued Primevil Plate Mantle
    Imbued Primevil Protectors Bangle
    Imbued Primevil Protectors Bow
    Imbued Primevil Protectors Broadsword
    Imbued Primevil Protectors Charm
    Imbued Primevil Protectors Cloak
    Imbued Primevil Protectors Earring
    Imbued Primevil Protectors Girdle
    Imbued Primevil Protectors Greatsword
    Imbued Primevil Protectors Handwraps
    Imbued Primevil Protectors Knuckles
    Imbued Primevil Protectors Ring
    Imbued Primevil Protectors Satchel
    Imbued Primevil Protectors Shield
    Imbued Primevil Protectors Staff
    Imbued Primevil Protectors Torque
    Imbued Primevil Stalkers Bangle
    Imbued Primevil Stalkers Bow
    Imbued Primevil Stalkers Charm
    Imbued Primevil Stalkers Cloak
    Imbued Primevil Stalkers Dagger
    Imbued Primevil Stalkers Earring
    Imbued Primevil Stalkers Girdle
    Imbued Primevil Stalkers Longsword
    Imbued Primevil Stalkers Ring
    Imbued Primevil Stalkers Round Shield
    Imbued Primevil Stalkers Satchel
    Imbued Primevil Stalkers Torque
    Imbued Primevil Thaumaturgists Bangle
    Imbued Primevil Thaumaturgists Charm
    Imbued Primevil Thaumaturgists Cloak
    Imbued Primevil Thaumaturgists Earring
    Imbued Primevil Thaumaturgists Girdle
    Imbued Primevil Thaumaturgists Orb
    Imbued Primevil Thaumaturgists Ring
    Imbued Primevil Thaumaturgists Rod
    Imbued Primevil Thaumaturgists Staff
    Imbued Primevil Thaumaturgists Torque
    Imbued Primevil Thaumaturgists Wand
    Imbued Producer's Vest
    Imbued Redwood Bo Staff
    Imbued Redwood Club
    Imbued Redwood Cudgel
    Imbued Redwood Fighting Baton
    Imbued Redwood Greatstaff
    Imbued Redwood Knotted Club
    Imbued Redwood Longbow
    Imbued Redwood Ornate Longbow
    Imbued Redwood Pike
    Imbued Redwood Quarter Staff
    Imbued Redwood Recurved Shortbow
    Imbued Redwood Round Shield
    Imbued Redwood Shortbow
    Imbued Redwood Sorcerer's Staff
    Imbued Redwood Wand
    Imbued Rhodium Band of Agility
    Imbued Rhodium Band of Stamina
    Imbued Rhodium Band of Strength
    Imbued Rosewood Bo Staff
    Imbued Rosewood Club
    Imbued Rosewood Cudgel
    Imbued Rosewood Fighting Baton
    Imbued Rosewood Greatstaff
    Imbued Rosewood Knotted Club
    Imbued Rosewood Longbow
    Imbued Rosewood Pike
    Imbued Rosewood Quarter Staff
    Imbued Rosewood Round Shield
    Imbued Rosewood Shortbow
    Imbued Rosewood Sorcerer's Staff
    Imbued Rosewood Wand
    Imbued Rough Linen Pantaloons
    Imbued Rough Linen Robe
    Imbued Roughspun Pantaloons
  17. Caith Developer

    Imbued Roughspun Robe
    Imbued Roughspun Vest
    Imbued Ruby Ring of Intelligence
    Imbued Ruby Ring of Stamina
    Imbued Ruby Ring of Wisdom
    Imbued Ruckas Pantaloons
    Imbued Ruckas Robe
    Imbued Ruckas Vest
    Imbued Ruthenium Band of Agility
    Imbued Ruthenium Band of Stamina
    Imbued Ruthenium Band of Strength
    Imbued Sandalwood Bo Staff
    Imbued Sandalwood Club
    Imbued Sandalwood Cudgel
    Imbued Sandalwood Fighting Baton
    Imbued Sandalwood Greatstaff
    Imbued Sandalwood Knotted Club
    Imbued Sandalwood Longbow
    Imbued Sandalwood Pike
    Imbued Sandalwood Quarter Staff
    Imbued Sandalwood Round Shield
    Imbued Sandalwood Shortbow
    Imbued Sandalwood Sorcerer's Staff
    Imbued Sandalwood Spellbinder's Staff
    Imbued Sandalwood Wand
    Imbued Sandcloth Pantaloons
    Imbued Sandcloth Robe
    imbued savant's bloomers
    imbued savant's vest
    Imbued Scaled Fistwraps
    Imbued Scaled Leather Bandolier
    Imbued Scaled Leather Fistwraps
    Imbued Scaled Leather Pants
    Imbued Scaled Leather Pouch
    Imbued Scaled Leather Satchel
    Imbued Scaled Leather Sheath
    Imbued Scaled Leather Tunic
    Imbued Scaled Whip
    Imbued Shieldwrought Chain Boots
    Imbued Shieldwrought Chain Bracers
    Imbued Shieldwrought Chain Breastplate
    Imbued Shieldwrought Chain Gauntlets
    Imbued Shieldwrought Chain Helm
    Imbued Shieldwrought Chain Leggings
    Imbued Shieldwrought Chain Mantle
    Imbued Shieldwrought Cloth Boots
    Imbued Shieldwrought Cloth Bracers
    Imbued Shieldwrought Cloth Gauntlets
    Imbued Shieldwrought Cloth Helm
    Imbued Shieldwrought Cloth Leggings
    Imbued Shieldwrought Cloth Mantle
    Imbued Shieldwrought Cloth Robe
    Imbued Shieldwrought Leather Boots
    Imbued Shieldwrought Leather Bracers
    Imbued Shieldwrought Leather Breastplate
    Imbued Shieldwrought Leather Gauntlets
    Imbued Shieldwrought Leather Helm
    Imbued Shieldwrought Leather Leggings
    Imbued Shieldwrought Leather Mantle
    Imbued Shieldwrought Oathtakers Bangle
    Imbued Shieldwrought Oathtakers Buckler
    Imbued Shieldwrought Oathtakers Charm
    Imbued Shieldwrought Oathtakers Cloak
    Imbued Shieldwrought Oathtakers Earring
    Imbued Shieldwrought Oathtakers Girdle
    Imbued Shieldwrought Oathtakers Mace
    Imbued Shieldwrought Oathtakers Ring
    Imbued Shieldwrought Oathtakers Staff
    Imbued Shieldwrought Oathtakers Torque
    Imbued Shieldwrought Oathtakers Wand
    Imbued Shieldwrought Plate Boots
    Imbued Shieldwrought Plate Bracers
    Imbued Shieldwrought Plate Breastplate
    Imbued Shieldwrought Plate Gauntlets
    Imbued Shieldwrought Plate Helm
    Imbued Shieldwrought Plate Leggings
    Imbued Shieldwrought Plate Mantle
    Imbued Shieldwrought Protectors Bangle
    Imbued Shieldwrought Protectors Bow
    Imbued Shieldwrought Protectors Broadsword
    Imbued Shieldwrought Protectors Charm
    Imbued Shieldwrought Protectors Cloak
    Imbued Shieldwrought Protectors Earring
    Imbued Shieldwrought Protectors Girdle
    Imbued Shieldwrought Protectors Greatsword
    Imbued Shieldwrought Protectors Handwraps
    Imbued Shieldwrought Protectors Knuckles
    Imbued Shieldwrought Protectors Ring
    Imbued Shieldwrought Protectors Satchel
    Imbued Shieldwrought Protectors Shield
    Imbued Shieldwrought Protectors Staff
    Imbued Shieldwrought Protectors Torque
    Imbued Shieldwrought Stalkers Bangle
    Imbued Shieldwrought Stalkers Bow
    Imbued Shieldwrought Stalkers Charm
    Imbued Shieldwrought Stalkers Cloak
    Imbued Shieldwrought Stalkers Dagger
    Imbued Shieldwrought Stalkers Earring
    Imbued Shieldwrought Stalkers Girdle
    Imbued Shieldwrought Stalkers Longsword
    Imbued Shieldwrought Stalkers Ring
    Imbued Shieldwrought Stalkers Round Shield
    Imbued Shieldwrought Stalkers Satchel
    Imbued Shieldwrought Stalkers Torque
    Imbued Shieldwrought Thaumaturgists Bangle
    Imbued Shieldwrought Thaumaturgists Charm
    Imbued Shieldwrought Thaumaturgists Cloak
    Imbued Shieldwrought Thaumaturgists Earring
    Imbued Shieldwrought Thaumaturgists Girdle
    Imbued Shieldwrought Thaumaturgists Orb
    Imbued Shieldwrought Thaumaturgists Ring
    Imbued Shieldwrought Thaumaturgists Rod
    Imbued Shieldwrought Thaumaturgists Staff
    Imbued Shieldwrought Thaumaturgists Torque
    Imbued Shieldwrought Thaumaturgists Wand
    Imbued Silver Band of Agility
    Imbued Silver Band of Stamina
    Imbued Silver Band of Strength
    Imbued Specialist's Bloomers
    Imbued Specialist's Vest
    Imbued Spuncloth Pantaloons
    Imbued Spuncloth Robe
    Imbued Spuncloth Vest
    Imbued Steel Assault Axe
    Imbued Steel Battle Hammer
    Imbued Steel Brigandine Coat
    Imbued Steel Brigandine Leggings
    Imbued Steel Chainmail Coat
    Imbued Steel Chainmail Leggings
    Imbued Steel Claws
    Imbued Steel Claymore
    Imbued Steel Crescent Axe
    Imbued Steel Dagger
    Imbued Steel Devout Cuirass
    Imbued Steel Devout Greaves
    Imbued Steel Dirk
    Imbued Steel Double Headed Axe
    Imbued Steel Falchion
    Imbued Steel Flail
    Imbued Steel Flamberge
    Imbued Steel Gavel
    Imbued Steel Great Flail
    Imbued Steel Great Spear
    Imbued Steel Great Sword
    Imbued Steel Hand Axe
    Imbued Steel Javelin
    Imbued Steel Karabela
    Imbued Steel Katana
    Imbued Steel Katar
    Imbued Steel Kite Shield
    Imbued Steel Knuckles
    Imbued Steel Kris
    Imbued Steel Lance
    Imbued Steel Long Sword
    Imbued Steel Mace
    Imbued Steel Maul
    Imbued Steel Morning Star
    Imbued Steel Parrying Blade
    Imbued Steel Plate Cuirass
    Imbued Steel Plate Greaves
    Imbued Steel Rapier
    Imbued Steel Reverent Coat
    Imbued Steel Reverent Leggings
    Imbued Steel Ritual Dagger
    Imbued Steel Sabre
    Imbued Steel Sai
    Imbued Steel Sceptre
    Imbued Steel Scimitar
    Imbued Steel Scourge
    Imbued Steel Shamshir
    Imbued Steel Short Spear
    Imbued Steel Short Sword
    Imbued Steel Sledge
    Imbued Steel Spatha
    Imbued Steel Spiked Hammer
    Imbued Steel Stiletto
    Imbued Steel Tower Shield
    Imbued Steel Tribal Spear
    Imbued Steel Tulwar
    Imbued Steel Vanguard Cuirass
    Imbued Steel Vanguard Greaves
    Imbued Steel Voulge
    Imbued Steel War Hammer
    Imbued Steel War Mace
    Imbued Steel War Maul
    Imbued Stonehide Fistwraps
    Imbued Stonehide Leather Bandolier
    Imbued Stonehide Leather Pants
    Imbued Stonehide Leather Pouch
    Imbued Stonehide Leather Satchel
    Imbued Stonehide Leather Sheath
    Imbued Stonehide Leather Tunic
    Imbued Stonehide Whip
    Imbued Strengthened Fistwraps
    Imbued Strengthened Leather Bandolier
    Imbued Strengthened Leather Pants
    Imbued Strengthened Leather Pouch
    Imbued Strengthened Leather Satchel
    Imbued Strengthened Leather Sheath
    Imbued Strengthened Leather Tunic
    Imbued Strengthened Whip
    Imbued Sumac Bo Staff
    Imbued Sumac Club
    Imbued Sumac Cudgel
    Imbued Sumac Fighting Baton
    Imbued Sumac Greatstaff
    Imbued Sumac Knotted Club
    Imbued Sumac Longbow
    Imbued Sumac Pike
    Imbued Sumac Quarter Staff
    Imbued Sumac Round Shield
    Imbued Sumac Shortbow
    Imbued Sumac Sorcerer's Staff
    Imbued Sumac Wand
    Imbued Tailored Damask Pantaloons
    Imbued Tailored Damask Robe
    Imbued Tailored Damask Vest
    Imbued Tailored Dexterous Bristled Leather Gi
    Imbued Tailored Dexterous Bristled Leather Pants
    Imbued Tailored Dexterous Bristled Leather Tunic
    Imbued Tailored Dexterous Hidebound Leather Gi
    Imbued Tailored Dexterous Hidebound Leather Pants
    Imbued Tailored Dexterous Hidebound Leather Tunic
    Imbued Tailored Swiftcloth Pantaloons
    Imbued Tailored Swiftcloth Robe
    Imbued Tailored Swiftcloth Vest
    Imbued Tailored Woven Bristled Leather Pants
    Imbued Tailored Woven Bristled Leather Tunic
    Imbued Tailored Woven Hidebound Leather Pants
    Imbued Tailored Woven Hidebound Leather Tunic
    Imbued Tanned Fistwraps
    Imbued Tanned Leather Bandolier
    Imbued Tanned Leather Pants
    Imbued Tanned Leather Pouch
    Imbued Tanned Leather Satchel
    Imbued Tanned Leather Sheath
    Imbued Tanned Leather Tunic
    Imbued Tanned Whip
    Imbued Teak Bo Staff
    Imbued Teak Club
    Imbued Teak Cudgel
    Imbued Teak Fighting Baton
    Imbued Teak Greatstaff
    Imbued Teak Knotted Club
    Imbued Teak Longbow
    Imbued Teak Pike
    Imbued Teak Quarter Staff
    Imbued Teak Round Shield
    Imbued Teak Shortbow
    Imbued Teak Sorcerer's Staff
    Imbued Teak Wand
    Imbued Thrall's Chain Boots
    Imbued Thrall's Chain Bracers
    Imbued Thrall's Chain Breastplate
    Imbued Thrall's Chain Gauntlets
    Imbued Thrall's Chain Helm
    Imbued Thrall's Chain Leggings
    Imbued Thrall's Chain Mantle
    Imbued Thrall's Cloth Boots
    Imbued Thrall's Cloth Bracers
    Imbued Thrall's Cloth Gauntlets
    Imbued Thrall's Cloth Helm
    Imbued Thrall's Cloth Leggings
    Imbued Thrall's Cloth Mantle
    Imbued Thrall's Cloth Robe
    Imbued Thrall's Leather Boots
    Imbued Thrall's Leather Bracers
    Imbued Thrall's Leather Breastplate
    Imbued Thrall's Leather Gauntlets
    Imbued Thrall's Leather Helm
    Imbued Thrall's Leather Leggings
    Imbued Thrall's Leather Mantle
    Imbued Thrall's Oathtakers Bangle
    Imbued Thrall's Oathtakers Buckler
    Imbued Thrall's Oathtakers Charm
    Imbued Thrall's Oathtakers Cloak
    Imbued Thrall's Oathtakers Earring
    Imbued Thrall's Oathtakers Girdle
    Imbued Thrall's Oathtakers Mace
    Imbued Thrall's Oathtakers Ring
    Imbued Thrall's Oathtakers Staff
    Imbued Thrall's Oathtakers Torque
    Imbued Thrall's Oathtakers Wand
    Imbued Thrall's Plate Boots
    Imbued Thrall's Plate Bracers
    Imbued Thrall's Plate Breastplate
    Imbued Thrall's Plate Gauntlets
    Imbued Thrall's Plate Helm
    Imbued Thrall's Plate Leggings
    Imbued Thrall's Plate Mantle
  18. Caith Developer

    Imbued Thrall's Protectors Bangle
    Imbued Thrall's Protectors Bow
    Imbued Thrall's Protectors Broadsword
    Imbued Thrall's Protectors Charm
    Imbued Thrall's Protectors Cloak
    Imbued Thrall's Protectors Earring
    Imbued Thrall's Protectors Girdle
    Imbued Thrall's Protectors Greatsword
    Imbued Thrall's Protectors Handwraps
    Imbued Thrall's Protectors Knuckles
    Imbued Thrall's Protectors Ring
    Imbued Thrall's Protectors Satchel
    Imbued Thrall's Protectors Shield
    Imbued Thrall's Protectors Staff
    Imbued Thrall's Protectors Torque
    Imbued Thrall's Stalkers Bangle
    Imbued Thrall's Stalkers Bow
    Imbued Thrall's Stalkers Charm
    Imbued Thrall's Stalkers Cloak
    Imbued Thrall's Stalkers Dagger
    Imbued Thrall's Stalkers Earring
    Imbued Thrall's Stalkers Girdle
    Imbued Thrall's Stalkers Longsword
    Imbued Thrall's Stalkers Ring
    Imbued Thrall's Stalkers Round Shield
    Imbued Thrall's Stalkers Satchel
    Imbued Thrall's Stalkers Torque
    Imbued Thrall's Thaumaturgists Bangle
    Imbued Thrall's Thaumaturgists Charm
    Imbued Thrall's Thaumaturgists Cloak
    Imbued Thrall's Thaumaturgists Earring
    Imbued Thrall's Thaumaturgists Girdle
    Imbued Thrall's Thaumaturgists Orb
    Imbued Thrall's Thaumaturgists Ring
    Imbued Thrall's Thaumaturgists Rod
    Imbued Thrall's Thaumaturgists Staff
    Imbued Thrall's Thaumaturgists Torque
    Imbued Thrall's Thaumaturgists Wand
    Imbued Titanium Assault Axe
    Imbued Titanium Battle Hammer
    Imbued Titanium Brigandine Coat
    Imbued Titanium Brigandine Leggings
    Imbued Titanium Chainmail Coat
    Imbued Titanium Chainmail Leggings
    Imbued Titanium Claws
    Imbued Titanium Claymore
    Imbued Titanium Crescent Axe
    Imbued Titanium Dagger
    Imbued Titanium Devout Cuirass
    Imbued Titanium Devout Greaves
    Imbued Titanium Dirk
    Imbued Titanium Double Headed Axe
    Imbued Titanium Falchion
    Imbued Titanium Flail
    Imbued Titanium Flamberge
    Imbued Titanium Gavel
    Imbued Titanium Great Flail
    Imbued Titanium Great Spear
    Imbued Titanium Great Sword
    Imbued Titanium Hand Axe
    Imbued Titanium Javelin
    Imbued Titanium Karabela
    Imbued Titanium Katana
    Imbued Titanium Katar
    Imbued Titanium Kite Shield
    Imbued Titanium Knuckles
    Imbued Titanium Kris
    Imbued Titanium Lance
    Imbued Titanium Long Sword
    Imbued Titanium Mace
    Imbued Titanium Maul
    Imbued Titanium Melodic Coat
    Imbued Titanium Melodic Leggings
    Imbued Titanium Morning Star
    Imbued Titanium Parrying Blade
    Imbued Titanium Plate Cuirass
    Imbued Titanium Plate Greaves
    Imbued Titanium Rapier
    Imbued Titanium Reverent Coat
    Imbued Titanium Reverent Leggings
    Imbued Titanium Righteous Cuirass
    Imbued Titanium Righteous Greaves
    Imbued Titanium Ritual Dagger
    Imbued Titanium Sabre
    Imbued Titanium Sai
    Imbued Titanium Sceptre
    Imbued Titanium Scimitar
    Imbued Titanium Scourge
    Imbued Titanium Shamshir
    Imbued Titanium Short Spear
    Imbued Titanium Short Sword
    Imbued Titanium Sledgehammer
    Imbued Titanium Spatha
    Imbued Titanium Spiked Hammer
    Imbued Titanium Stiletto
    Imbued Titanium Tower Shield
    Imbued Titanium Tribal Spear
    Imbued Titanium Tulwar
    Imbued Titanium Vanguard Cuirass
    Imbued Titanium Vanguard Greaves
    Imbued Titanium Voulge
    Imbued Titanium War Hammer
    Imbued Titanium War Mace
    Imbued Titanium War Maul
    Imbued Topaz Ring of Intelligence
    Imbued Topaz Ring of Stamina
    Imbued Topaz Ring of Wisdom
    Imbued Tradesman's Bloomers
    Imbued Tradesman's Vest
    Imbued Tranquil Broadcloth Pantaloons
    Imbued Tranquil Broadcloth Robe
    Imbued Tranquil Broadcloth Vest
    Imbued Tranquil Burlap Pantaloons
    Imbued Tranquil Burlap Robe
    Imbued Tranquil Burlap Vest
    Imbued Tranquil Cambric Pantaloons
    Imbued Tranquil Cambric Robe
    Imbued Tranquil Canvas Pantaloons
    Imbued Tranquil Canvas Robe
    Imbued Tranquil Canvas Vest
    Imbued Tranquil Cloth Pantaloons
    Imbued Tranquil Cloth Vest
    Imbued Tranquil Damask Pantaloons
    Imbued Tranquil Damask Robe
    Imbued Tranquil Damask Vest
    Imbued Tranquil Dragon's Breath Pantaloons
    Imbued Tranquil Dragon's Breath Vest
    Imbued Tranquil Linen Pantaloons
    Imbued Tranquil Linen Robe
    Imbued Tranquil Rough Linen Pantaloons
    Imbued Tranquil Rough Linen Robe
    Imbued Tranquil Roughspun Pantaloons
    Imbued Tranquil Roughspun Robe
    Imbued Tranquil Roughspun Vest
    Imbued Tranquil Ruckas Pantaloons
    Imbued Tranquil Ruckas Robe
    Imbued Tranquil Ruckas Vest
    Imbued Tranquil Sandcloth Pantaloons
    Imbued Tranquil Sandcloth Robe
    Imbued Tranquil Spuncloth Pantaloons
    Imbued Tranquil Spuncloth Robe
    Imbued Tranquil Spuncloth Vest
    Imbued Tranquil Swiftcloth Pantaloons
    Imbued Tranquil Swiftcloth Robe
    Imbued Tranquil Swiftcloth Vest
    Imbued Tranquil Windcloth Pantaloons
    Imbued Tranquil Windcloth Robe
    Imbued Turquoise Ring of Intelligence
    Imbued Turquoise Ring of Stamina
    Imbued Turquoise Ring of Wisdom
    Imbued Tynnonium Band of Agility
    Imbued Tynnonium Band of Stamina
    Imbued Tynnonium Band of Strength
    Imbued Underforged Chain Boots
    Imbued Underforged Chain Bracers
    Imbued Underforged Chain Breastplate
    Imbued Underforged Chain Gauntlets
    Imbued Underforged Chain Helm
    Imbued Underforged Chain Leggings
    Imbued Underforged Chain Mantle
    Imbued Underforged Cloth Boots
    Imbued Underforged Cloth Bracers
    Imbued Underforged Cloth Gauntlets
    Imbued Underforged Cloth Helm
    Imbued Underforged Cloth Leggings
    Imbued Underforged Cloth Mantle
    Imbued Underforged Cloth Robe
    Imbued Underforged Leather Boots
    Imbued Underforged Leather Bracers
    Imbued Underforged Leather Breastplate
    Imbued Underforged Leather Gauntlets
    Imbued Underforged Leather Helm
    Imbued Underforged Leather Leggings
    Imbued Underforged Leather Mantle
    Imbued Underforged Oathtakers Bangle
    Imbued Underforged Oathtakers Buckler
    Imbued Underforged Oathtakers Charm
    Imbued Underforged Oathtakers Cloak
    Imbued Underforged Oathtakers Earring
    Imbued Underforged Oathtakers Girdle
    Imbued Underforged Oathtakers Mace
    Imbued Underforged Oathtakers Ring
    Imbued Underforged Oathtakers Staff
    Imbued Underforged Oathtakers Torque
    Imbued Underforged Oathtakers Wand
    Imbued Underforged Plate Boots
    Imbued Underforged Plate Bracers
    Imbued Underforged Plate Breastplate
    Imbued Underforged Plate Gauntlets
    Imbued Underforged Plate Helm
    Imbued Underforged Plate Leggings
    Imbued Underforged Plate Mantle
    Imbued Underforged Protectors Bangle
    Imbued Underforged Protectors Bow
    Imbued Underforged Protectors Broadsword
    Imbued Underforged Protectors Charm
    Imbued Underforged Protectors Cloak
    Imbued Underforged Protectors Earring
    Imbued Underforged Protectors Girdle
    Imbued Underforged Protectors Greatsword
    Imbued Underforged Protectors Handwraps
    Imbued Underforged Protectors Knuckles
    Imbued Underforged Protectors Ring
    Imbued Underforged Protectors Satchel
    Imbued Underforged Protectors Shield
    Imbued Underforged Protectors Staff
    Imbued Underforged Protectors Torque
    Imbued Underforged Stalkers Bangle
    Imbued Underforged Stalkers Bow
    Imbued Underforged Stalkers Charm
    Imbued Underforged Stalkers Cloak
    Imbued Underforged Stalkers Dagger
    Imbued Underforged Stalkers Earring
    Imbued Underforged Stalkers Girdle
    Imbued Underforged Stalkers Longsword
    Imbued Underforged Stalkers Ring
    Imbued Underforged Stalkers Round Shield
    Imbued Underforged Stalkers Satchel
    Imbued Underforged Stalkers Torque
    Imbued Underforged Thaumaturgists Bangle
    Imbued Underforged Thaumaturgists Charm
    Imbued Underforged Thaumaturgists Cloak
    Imbued Underforged Thaumaturgists Earring
    Imbued Underforged Thaumaturgists Girdle
    Imbued Underforged Thaumaturgists Orb
    Imbued Underforged Thaumaturgists Ring
    Imbued Underforged Thaumaturgists Rod
    Imbued Underforged Thaumaturgists Staff
    Imbued Underforged Thaumaturgists Torque
    Imbued Underforged Thaumaturgists Wand
    Imbued Vanadium Band of Agility
    Imbued Vanadium Band of Stamina
    Imbued Vanadium Band of Strength
    Imbued Velium Band of Agility
    Imbued Velium Band of Stamina
    Imbued Velium Band of Strength
    Imbued Windcloth Pantaloons
    Imbued Windcloth Robe
    Imbued Woven Augmented Pants
    Imbued Woven Augmented Tunic
    Imbued Woven Boiled Pants
    Imbued Woven Boiled Vest
    Imbued Woven Cuirboilli Pants
    Imbued Woven Cuirboilli Vest
    Imbued Woven Cured Pants
    Imbued Woven Cured Tunic
    Imbued Woven Dragonhide Pants
    Imbued Woven Dragonhide Tunic
    Imbued Woven Engraved Pants
    Imbued Woven Engraved Tunic
    Imbued Woven Etched Pants
    Imbued Woven Etched Tunic
    Imbued Woven Horned Leather Pants
    Imbued Woven Horned Leather Tunic
    Imbued Woven Mottled Pants
    Imbued Woven Mottled Tunic
    Imbued Woven Scaled Pants
    Imbued Woven Scaled Tunic
    Imbued Woven Stonehide Pants
    Imbued Woven Stonehide Tunic
    Imbued Woven Strengthened Pants
    Imbued Woven Strengthened Tunic
    Imbued Woven Tanned Leather Pants
    Imbued Woven Tanned Leather Tunic
    Imbued Xegonite Assault Axe
    Imbued Xegonite Battle Hammer
    Imbued Xegonite Brigandine Coat
    Imbued Xegonite Brigandine Leggings
    Imbued Xegonite Chainmail Coat
    Imbued Xegonite Chainmail Leggings
    Imbued Xegonite Claws
    Imbued Xegonite Claymore
    Imbued Xegonite Crescent Axe
    Imbued Xegonite Dagger
  19. Caith Developer

    Imbued Xegonite Devout Cuirass
    Imbued Xegonite Devout Greaves
    Imbued Xegonite Dirk
    Imbued Xegonite Double Headed Axe
    Imbued Xegonite Falchion
    Imbued Xegonite Flail
    Imbued Xegonite Flamberge
    Imbued Xegonite Gavel
    Imbued Xegonite Great Flail
    Imbued Xegonite Great Spear
    Imbued Xegonite Great Sword
    Imbued Xegonite Hand Axe
    Imbued Xegonite Javelin
    Imbued Xegonite Karabela
    Imbued Xegonite Katana
    Imbued Xegonite Katar
    Imbued Xegonite Kite Shield
    Imbued Xegonite Knuckles
    Imbued Xegonite Kris
    Imbued Xegonite Lance
    Imbued Xegonite Long Sword
    Imbued Xegonite Mace
    Imbued Xegonite Maul
    Imbued Xegonite Melodic Coat
    Imbued Xegonite Melodic Leggings
    Imbued Xegonite Morning Star
    Imbued Xegonite Parrying Blade
    Imbued Xegonite Plate Cuirass
    Imbued Xegonite Plate Greaves
    Imbued Xegonite Rapier
    Imbued Xegonite Reverent Coat
    Imbued Xegonite Reverent Leggings
    Imbued Xegonite Ritual Dagger
    Imbued Xegonite Sabre
    Imbued Xegonite Sai
    Imbued Xegonite Sceptre
    Imbued Xegonite Scimitar
    Imbued Xegonite Scourge
    Imbued Xegonite Shamshir
    Imbued Xegonite Short Spear
    Imbued Xegonite Short Sword
    Imbued Xegonite Sledge
    Imbued Xegonite Spatha
    Imbued Xegonite Spiked Hammer
    Imbued Xegonite Stiletto
    Imbued Xegonite Tower Shield
    Imbued Xegonite Tribal Spear
    Imbued Xegonite Tulwar
    Imbued Xegonite Vanguard Cuirass
    Imbued Xegonite Vanguard Greaves
    Imbued Xegonite Voulge
    Imbued Xegonite War Hammer
    Imbued Xegonite War Mace
    Imbued Xegonite War Maul
    Incarnadine Assault Axe
    Incarnadine Battle Hammer
    Incarnadine Brigandine Boots
    Incarnadine Brigandine Bracer
    Incarnadine Brigandine Coat
    Incarnadine Brigandine Coif
    Incarnadine Brigandine Gauntlets
    Incarnadine Brigandine Leggings
    Incarnadine Brigandine Mantle
    Incarnadine Chainmail Boots
    Incarnadine Chainmail Bracer
    Incarnadine Chainmail Coat
    Incarnadine Chainmail Coif
    Incarnadine Chainmail Gauntlets
    Incarnadine Chainmail Leggings
    Incarnadine Chainmail Mantle
    Incarnadine Claws
    Incarnadine Claymore
    Incarnadine Crescent Axe
    Incarnadine Dagger
    Incarnadine Devout Barbute
    Incarnadine Devout Cuirass
    Incarnadine Devout Gauntlets
    Incarnadine Devout Greaves
    Incarnadine Devout Gussets
    Incarnadine Devout Sabatons
    Incarnadine Devout Spaulders
    Incarnadine Dirk
    Incarnadine Double Headed Axe
    Incarnadine Falchion
    Incarnadine Flail
    Incarnadine Flamberge
    Incarnadine Gavel
    Incarnadine Great Flail
    Incarnadine Great Spear
    Incarnadine Great Sword
    Incarnadine Hand Axe
    Incarnadine Javelin
    Incarnadine Karabela
    Incarnadine Katana
    Incarnadine Katar
    Incarnadine Kite Shield
    Incarnadine Knuckles
    Incarnadine Kris
    Incarnadine Lance
    Incarnadine Long Sword
    Incarnadine Mace
    Incarnadine Maul
    Incarnadine Melodic Boots
    Incarnadine Melodic Bracer
    Incarnadine Melodic Coat
    Incarnadine Melodic Coif
    Incarnadine Melodic Gauntlets
    Incarnadine Melodic Leggings
    Incarnadine Melodic Mantle
    Incarnadine Morning Star
    Incarnadine Parrying Blade
    Incarnadine Plate Barbute
    Incarnadine Plate Cuirass
    Incarnadine Plate Gauntlets
    Incarnadine Plate Greaves
    Incarnadine Plate Gussets
    Incarnadine Plate Sabatons
    Incarnadine Plate Spaulders
    Incarnadine Rapier
    Incarnadine Reverent Boots
    Incarnadine Reverent Bracer
    Incarnadine Reverent Coat
    Incarnadine Reverent Coif
    Incarnadine Reverent Gauntlets
    Incarnadine Reverent Leggings
    Incarnadine Reverent Mantle
    Incarnadine Righteous Barbute
    Incarnadine Righteous Cuirass
    Incarnadine Righteous Gauntlets
    Incarnadine Righteous Greaves
    Incarnadine Righteous Gussets
    Incarnadine Righteous Sabatons
    Incarnadine Righteous Spaulders
    Incarnadine Ritual Dagger
    Incarnadine Sabre
    Incarnadine Sai
    Incarnadine Sceptre
    Incarnadine Scimitar
    Incarnadine Scourge
    Incarnadine Shamshir
    Incarnadine Short Spear
    Incarnadine Short Sword
    Incarnadine Sledge
    Incarnadine Spatha
    Incarnadine Spiked Hammer
    Incarnadine Stiletto
    Incarnadine Tablet
    Incarnadine Tower Shield
    Incarnadine Tribal Spear
    Incarnadine Tulwar
    Incarnadine Vanguard Barbute
    Incarnadine Vanguard Cuirass
    Incarnadine Vanguard Gauntlets
    Incarnadine Vanguard Greaves
    Incarnadine Vanguard Gussets
    Incarnadine Vanguard Sabatons
    Incarnadine Vanguard Spaulders
    Incarnadine Voulge
    Incarnadine War Hammer
    Incarnadine War Mace
    Incarnadine War Maul
    Indecorous Bandana
    Indecorous Mask
    Indestructible Brigandine Helm
    Indigo Casual Wear
    Indium Assault Axe
    Indium Battle Hammer
    Indium Brigandine Boots
    Indium Brigandine Bracers
    Indium Brigandine Coat
    Indium Brigandine Coif
    Indium Brigandine Gloves
    Indium Brigandine Leggings
    Indium Brigandine Mantle
    Indium Chainmail Boots
    Indium Chainmail Bracers
    Indium Chainmail Coat
    Indium Chainmail Coif
    Indium Chainmail Gloves
    Indium Chainmail Leggings
    Indium Chainmail Mantle
    Indium Claws
    Indium Claymore
    Indium Crescent Axe
    Indium Dagger
    Indium Devout Barbute
    Indium Devout Cuirass
    Indium Devout Gauntlets
    Indium Devout Greaves
    Indium Devout Gussets
    Indium Devout Sabatons
    Indium Devout Spaulders
    Indium Dirk
    Indium Double Headed Axe
    Indium Falchion
    Indium Flail
    Indium Flamberge
    Indium Gavel
    Indium Great Flail
    Indium Great Spear
    Indium Great Sword
    Indium Hand Axe
    Indium Javelin
    Indium Karabela
    Indium Katana
    Indium Katar
    Indium Kite Shield
    Indium Knuckles
    Indium Kris
    Indium Lance
    Indium Long Sword
    Indium Mace
    Indium Maul
    Indium Melodic Boots
    Indium Melodic Bracers
    Indium Melodic Coat
    Indium Melodic Coif
    Indium Melodic Gloves
    Indium Melodic Leggings
    Indium Melodic Mantle
    Indium Morning Star
    Indium Parrying Blade
    Indium Plate Barbute
    Indium Plate Cuirass
    Indium Plate Gauntlets
    Indium Plate Greaves
    Indium Plate Gussets
    Indium Plate Sabatons
    Indium Plate Spaulders
    Indium Rapier
    Indium Reverent Boots
    Indium Reverent Bracers
    Indium Reverent Coat
    Indium Reverent Coif
    Indium Reverent Gloves
    Indium Reverent Leggings
    Indium Reverent Mantle
    Indium Ritual Dagger
    Indium Sabre
    Indium Sai
    Indium Sceptre
    Indium Scimitar
    Indium Scourge
    Indium Shamshir
    Indium Short Spear
    Indium Short Sword
    Indium Sledge
    Indium Spatha
    Indium Spiked Hammer
    Indium Stiletto
    Indium Tablet
    Indium Tower Shield
    Indium Tribal Spear
    Indium Tulwar
    Indium Vanguard Barbute
    Indium Vanguard Cuirass
    Indium Vanguard Gauntlets
    Indium Vanguard Greaves
    Indium Vanguard Gussets
    Indium Vanguard Sabatons
    Indium Vanguard Spaulders
    Indium Voulge
    Indium War Hammer
    Indium War Mace
    Indium War Maul
    Infernal War Axe
    Inferno Scimitar
    Inflamed Velium Buckler
    Inflamed Velium Shield
    Insidious Leggings
    Instructor's Bronzespun Hand Wraps of Perfection
    Instructor's Silverspun Foot Wraps of the Serpent
    Instructor's Silverspun Wrist Wraps of the Serpent
    Interdimensional Guard
    Inventor's Bloomers
    Inventor's Shoes
    Inventor's Vest
    Invoker's Tome of Invocations
    Iridescent Scale Coif
    Iron Assault Axe
    Iron Battle Hammer
    Iron Chainmail Boots
    Iron Chainmail Bracers
    Iron Chainmail Coat
    Iron Chainmail Coif
    Iron Chainmail Gloves
    Iron Chainmail Leggings
    Iron Chainmail Mantle
    Iron Claws
    Iron Claymore
    Iron Crescent Axe
    Iron Dagger
    Iron Dirk
    Iron Double Headed Axe
    Iron Falchion
    Iron Flail
    Iron Flamberge
    Iron Gavel
    Iron Great Flail
    Iron Great Spear
    Iron Great Sword
    Iron Hand Axe
    Iron Javelin
    Iron Karabela
    Iron Katana
    Iron Katar
    Iron Kite Shield
    Iron Knuckles
    Iron Kris
    Iron Lance
    Iron Long Sword
    Iron Mace
    Iron Maul
    Iron Morning Star
    Iron Parrying Blade
    Iron Rapier
    Iron Reverent Boots
    Iron Reverent Bracers
    Iron Reverent Coat
    Iron Reverent Coif
    Iron Reverent Gloves
    Iron Reverent Leggings
    Iron Reverent Mantle
    Iron Ritual Dagger
    Iron Sabre
    Iron Sai
    Iron Sceptre
    Iron Scimitar
    Iron Scourge
    Iron Shamshir
    Iron Short Spear
    Iron Short Sword
    Iron Sledge
    Iron Spatha
    Iron Spiked Hammer
    Iron Stiletto
    Iron Tablet
    Iron Tower Shield
    Iron Tribal Spear
    Iron Tulwar
    Iron Vanguard Barbute
    Iron Vanguard Cuirass
    Iron Vanguard Gauntlets
    Iron Vanguard Greaves
    Iron Vanguard Gussets
    Iron Vanguard Sabatons
    Iron Vanguard Spaulders
    Iron Voulge
    Iron War Hammer
    Iron War Mace
    Iron War Maul
    Iron-Banded Leather Boots
    Iron-Banded Leather Bracers
    Iron-Banded Leather Gloves
    Iron-Banded Leather Greaves
    Iron-Banded Leather Helm
    Iron-Banded Leather Raiment
    Iron-Banded Leather Sleeves
    Ironfist Knuckles
    Ironmail Armguards
    Ironwood Bo Staff
    Ironwood Buckler
    Ironwood Club
    Ironwood Cudgel
    Ironwood Fighting Baton
    Ironwood Greatstaff
    Ironwood Knotted Club
    Ironwood Longbow
    Ironwood Pike
    Ironwood Quarter Staff
    Ironwood Round Shield
    Ironwood Shortbow
    Ironwood Sorcerer's Staff
    Ironwood Wand
    Irradiated Chestguard of the Black Knight
    Ivory Casual Wear
    Izaian Runed Bracelet
    Jagged Befouled Battleaxe
    Jailor's Helm of Intimidation
    Jasper Orb
    Journeyman Defender's Cloak
    Journeyman Defender's Torque
    Journeyman Healer's Cloak
    Journeyman Healer's Torque
    Journeyman Medium's Cloak
    Journeyman Medium's Torque
    Journeyman Stalker's Cloak
    Journeyman Stalker's Torque
    Joyous Tidings Collar
    Joyous Tidings Gloves
    Joyous Tidings Hood
    Joyous Tidings Leather Armwraps
    Joyous Tidings Leather Boots
    Joyous Tidings Leather Bracers
    Joyous Tidings Leather Cap
    Joyous Tidings Leather Greaves
    Joyous Tidings Leather Handguards
    Joyous Tidings Leather Tunic
    Joyous Tidings Robe
    Joyous Tidings Shoes
  20. Caith Developer

    Jungle Bow
    Katana of Calcified Gnollish Iron
    Katana of Calcified Orcish Bones
    Katana of Gnollish Iron
    Katana of Orcish Bones
    Keg's Cleaver
    Kerhn's Wand
    Kerhnskin Girdle
    Kitamerhide Cloak
    Kitamer's Canine
    Kite of Cruelty
    Kite Shield of Fiery Might
    Kite Shield of the Cenobite
    Knuckles of Gnollish Iron
    Knuckles of Orcish Bone
    Kulcath's Searing Breastplate
    Kunzite Arcane Locket
    Kunzite Arcane Signet
    Kunzite Arcane Stud
    Kunzite Bracelet
    Kunzite Earring
    Kunzite Elemental Locket
    Kunzite Elemental Signet
    Kunzite Elemental Stud
    Kunzite Girdle
    Kunzite Necklace
    Kunzite Noxious Locket
    Kunzite Noxious Signet
    Kunzite Noxious Stud
    Kunzite Orb
    Kunzite Ring
    Laborer's Bloomers
    Laborer's Vest
    Landsman of the Harvest Foliage
    Lapis Lazuli Orb
    lava branded brigandine boots
    lava branded brigandine chestguard
    lava branded brigandine handguards
    lava branded brigandine helm
    lava branded brigandine leggings
    lava branded brigandine shoulder pads
    lava branded brigandine wristguards
    Lava Crystal Earring
    lava forged band
    Lava Forged Claymore
    Lava forged cuirass
    Lava Forged Falchion
    lava forged necklace
    lava forged shortsword
    Lava Hanging
    Lavafied Band
    lava-razed sword of skarlon
    Lavatouched Gloves
    Lawful Cleric's Badge
    Lead Idol
    Lead Symbol
    Leather Wristguards of the Commissioner
    Leatherfoot Knuckles
    Leggings of Gallantry
    Leggings of Haunted Visions
    Leggings of Striking
    Leggings of the Elder
    Leggings of the Wretched
    Legplates of Aberrant Life
    linen blouse
    linen cap
    linen cuffs
    linen mitts
    linen pantaloons
    Linen Robe
    linen shawl
    linen slippers
    Lizard Bone Adorned Round Shield
    Lizardscale Buckler
    Lizardscale Leggings
    Lizardscale Shoulder Pads
    Lizardscale Tunic
    Lizardskin Cazecite Pantaloons
    Lizardskin Chestguard
    Loop of Fragile Glass
    Loop of Gnomish Invention
    Loop of the Unbreakable
    Lorran's Great Staff of Intuition
    Lorran's Silken Mitts
    Luceris, Staff of the Infinite
    Lucid Band of Agony
    Lucid Band of Destruction
    Lucid Band of Extermination
    Lucid Band of Fate
    Lucid Band of Havoc
    Lucid Band of Torrents
    Lucid Band of Velocity
    Lucid Band of Volatility
    Lucid Bracelet of Agony
    Lucid Bracelet of Destruction
    Lucid Bracelet of Extermination
    Lucid Bracelet of Fate
    Lucid Bracelet of Havoc
    Lucid Bracelet of Torrents
    Lucid Bracelet of Velocity
    Lucid Bracelet of Volatility
    Lucid Diviner's Chain Boots of the Astute
    Lucid Diviner's Chain Cuffs of the Astute
    Lucid Diviner's Chausses of the Astute
    Lucid Diviner's Hauberk of the Astute
    Lucid Diviner's Spaulders of the Astute
    Lucid Gemstone of Agony
    Lucid Gemstone of Destruction
    Lucid Gemstone of Extermination
    Lucid Gemstone of Fate
    Lucid Gemstone of Havoc
    Lucid Gemstone of Torrents
    Lucid Gemstone of Velocity
    Lucid Gemstone of Volatility
    Lucid Sash of Agony
    Lucid Sash of Destruction
    Lucid Sash of Extermination
    Lucid Sash of Fate
    Lucid Sash of Havoc
    Lucid Sash of Torrents
    Lucid Sash of Velocity
    Lucid Sash of Volatility
    Lucid Stud of Agony
    Lucid Stud of Destruction
    Lucid Stud of Extermination
    Lucid Stud of Fate
    Lucid Stud of Havoc
    Lucid Stud of Torrents
    Lucid Stud of Velocity
    Lucid Stud of Volatility
    Lucky Wolf Paw
    Lunar Ornate Spear
    Lunar Parrying Blade of Faithfulness
    Luscious Candy-Striped Staff
    Mace of the Endless Storm
    Machinist's Bloomers
    Machinist's Vest
    Magic Imbued Ash Wand
    Magic Imbued Bone Wand
    Magic Imbued Briarwood Wand
    Magic Imbued Cedar Wand
    Magic Imbued Ebony Wand
    Magic Imbued Fir Wand
    Magic Imbued Ironwood Wand
    Magic Imbued Mahogany Wand
    Magic Imbued Maple Wand
    Magic Imbued Oak Wand
    Magic Imbued Redwood Wand
    Magic Imbued Rosewood Wand
    Magic Imbued Sandalwood Wand
    Magic Imbued Sumac Wand
    Magic Imbued Teak Wand
    Magical Sai
    magician's cap
    magician's cuffs
    magician's mitts
    magician's shawl
    Magma Forged Assault Axe
    magma forged barbute
    Magma Forged Bardiche
    Magma Forged Bastard Sword
    Magma Forged Battle Hammer
    Magma Forged Broadsword
    Magma Forged Crescent Axe
    magma forged cuirass
    Magma Forged Cutlass
    Magma Forged Dagger
    Magma Forged Double Headed Axe
    Magma Forged Epee
    magma forged executioner axe
    Magma Forged Falchion
    Magma Forged Flail
    Magma Forged Flamberge
    Magma Forged Foil
    magma forged gauntlets
    magma forged greatflail
    magma forged greatmace
    magma forged greatspear
    Magma Forged Greatsword
    magma forged greaves
    magma forged gussets
    Magma Forged Halberd
    Magma Forged Hand Axe
    Magma Forged Harpoon
    Magma Forged Hatchet
    Magma Forged Javelin
    Magma Forged Karabela
    Magma Forged Katana
    magma forged kite shield
    magma forged knotted club
    Magma Forged Knuckles
    Magma Forged Kris
    Magma Forged Kukri
    Magma Forged Lance
    Magma Forged Leafblade
    magma forged longsword
    Magma Forged Mace
    Magma Forged Maul
    Magma Forged Military Pick
    Magma Forged Morning Star
    Magma Forged Ornate Spear
    Magma Forged Parrying Blade
    Magma Forged Rapier
    magma forged rod
    magma forged sabatons
    Magma Forged Sabre
    Magma Forged Sai
    Magma Forged Sceptre
    Magma Forged Scimitar
    Magma Forged Scourge
    Magma Forged Short Spear
    magma forged shortsword
    Magma Forged Spatha
    magma forged spaulders
    magma forged spear
    Magma Forged Stiletto
    Magma Forged Tomahawk
    Magma Forged Tribal Spear
    Magma Forged Trident
    Magma Forged Tulwar
    Magma Forged Voulge
    Magma Forged War Axe
    magma forged war hammer
    Magma Forged Wizard's Dagger
    magma linked chainmail boots
    magma linked chainmail mantle
    Magmatic Bronze Boots
    Magmatic Bronze Bracers
    Magmatic Bronze Chestplate
    Magmatic Bronze Gauntlets
    Magmatic Bronze Helm
    Magmatic Bronze Legplates
    Magmatic Bronze Spaulders
    Mahogany Bo Staff
    Mahogany Buckler
    Mahogany Club
    Mahogany Cudgel
    Mahogany Fighting Baton
    Mahogany Greatstaff
    Mahogany Knotted Club
    Mahogany Longbow
    Mahogany Ornate Longbow
    Mahogany Pike
    Mahogany Quarter Staff
    Mahogany Recurved Shortbow
    Mahogany Round Shield
    Mahogany Shortbow
    Mahogany Sorcerer's Staff
    Mahogany Wand
    Maid of the Harvest Foliage
    Majestic Damask Cloak
    Majestic Dragon's Breath Adventurer's Cloak
    Majestic Spuncloth Cloak
    Majestic Swiftcloth Cloak
    Majestic Windcloth Adventurer's Cloak
    Malachite Orb
    Malice Infused War Mace
    Manatouched Catalyst's Cuffs of Reason
    Manatouched Catalyst's Epaulets of Reason
    Manatouched Catalyst's Leggings of Reason
    Manatouched Catalyst's Robe of Reason
    Manatouched Catalyst's Shoes of Reason
    Mantle of Deep Thought
    Mantle of Destruction
    Mantle of Otherworldly Enchantments
    Mantle of Patience
    Mantle of the Gods
    Maple Bo Staff
    Maple Buckler
    Maple Club
    Maple Cudgel
    Maple Fighting Baton
    Maple Greatstaff
    Maple Knotted Club
    Maple Longbow
    Maple Pike
    Maple Quarter Staff
    Maple Round Shield
    Maple Shortbow
    Maple Sorcerer's Staff
    Maple Wand
    Mark of the Adumbrate
    Marran Cudgel
    Marran Halberd
    Martial Cambric Adventurer's Cloak
    Martial Damask Cloak
    Martial Sandcloth Wanderer's Cloak
    Martial Spuncloth Cloak
    Martial Swiftcloth Cloak
    Mask of Passion
    Mastermind's Cap of Control
    Master's Pike
    Maul of Mysterious Runes
    Melodic Coat of Brutality
    Melodic Coat of Distortion
    Melodic Coat of Elusivity
    Melodic Coat of Engagements
    Melodic Coat of Execution
    Melodic Coat of Rapidity
    Melodic Coat of the Neurotic
    Melodic Coat of the Umbral
    Melodic Wristguard of Brutality
    Melodic Wristguard of Distortion
    Melodic Wristguard of Elusivity
    Melodic Wristguard of Engagements
    Melodic Wristguard of Execution
    Melodic Wristguard of Rapidity
    Melodic Wristguard of the Neurotic
    Melodic Wristguard of the Umbral
    melted bronze gloves
    Merchantine's Bloomers
    Merchantine's Shoes
    Merchantine's Vest
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Chain Boots
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Chain Bracers
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Chain Chestguard
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Chain Gloves
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Chain Greaves
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Chain Helm
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Chain Leggings
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Chain Sleeves
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Collar
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Handguards
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Hood
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Leather Boots
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Leather Bracers
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Leather Cap
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Leather Gloves
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Leather Greaves
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Leather Pants
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Leather Sleeves
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Leather Vest
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Plate Barbute
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Plate Chausses
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Plate Cuirass
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Plate Gauntlets
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Plate Greaves
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Plate Gussets
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Plate Sabatons
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Plate Spaulders
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Plate Vambraces
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Robe
    Merry and Bright Frostfell Shoes
    Metallic Slime Covered Ring
    Milled Bracelet of the Devout
    Milled Bracelet of the Hunter
    Milled Bracelet of the Magi
    Milled Bracelet of the Protector
    Mind's Scheme
    Mint Candy Crown
    Minty Casual Wear
    Misbehaving Mask
    Mis-Calibrated Gnomish Crosstrainers
    Mischievous Mask
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