Mythical(weapon) drops In solo zones?

Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by ARCHIVED-Evolt, May 22, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Evolt Guest

    A quik question, do the mythical weapons drop in the solo zones to?
    I know there drop mythical neckpieces in the Dracur Prime Solo (Advanced Solo)
    My guildy got: \aITEM -283086937 -1489714007:Mender's Chain of Veeshan's Will\/a
  2. ARCHIVED-Lempo Guest

    Yes 'mythical' weapons drop in solo zones.
    This was done because of an entitlement mentality, the things are not really that good, they just bear the mythical tag, I am not sure if it is funny or sad that this actually worked and the people getting them think they have actually achieved something. I mean you can give a teething infant a wet dishrag and it will gurgle and coo for hours.
  3. ARCHIVED-Evolt Guest

    fully agree with you lempo, freaking crazy a solo or heroic zone can drop "Mythical" weapons, the rating on them is so good they will replace my drunder and pow 6 sec one :( so i still want 1
  4. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    I wish they would have just expanded on everyones epic quest. Like every new tier of equipment they add on a heroic quest and raid quest. Not a whole new line, just additional 2-4 'big' quests.
  5. ARCHIVED-japanfour Guest

    raiders want the weapon for the damage rating, they also want the mythical shield because the protection rating on it is higher than any known shield in the game atm.
  6. ARCHIVED-Raknid Guest

  7. ARCHIVED-Gaarysal Guest

    Evolt wrote:
    I believe necks and shoulders drop in solo zones. Only myth I've seen was the bow from HM Lyceum, someone I know got a weapon day 1 from CD easy mode. There is a thread on flames with some good info about them and where they drop compiled from "interviewing" people who discoed them.

    Tbh if they are dropping in solo zones they need to make the challenge mode zones drop them more commonly, like someone said its not like you are achieving something, you just get lucky. I'd be curious to see when zam updates the actual drop chance its gotta be close to the drunder ones at .1% or .05%.
  8. ARCHIVED-Lempo Guest

    Gaarysal@Permafrost wrote:
    I'm not sure what zones what items drop in. What I am sure of is there is nothing in the Skyshrine content that is difficult enough to warrant a drop with the stats that those have much less anything with a mythical tag.
  9. ARCHIVED-Evolt Guest

    japanfour wrote:
    or atleast add them to the droplist of final nameds in the raidzones :S

    it is silly an item drops in a zone you can box that is better then any raiddrop
  10. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    Evolt wrote:
    Right now the best bows available are either a mythical bow that drops in a group zone, or a fabled mastercrafted bow that needs parts from raid zones. According to ZAM no scout bows are even listed for PoW anymore. I remember two being listed on there before.
    It's amazing they keep finding ways to mess up itemization.
  11. ARCHIVED-Lamandrion Guest

    @ all

    That's ok. Thus, solo and group players sometimes be proud of a good item. The items are extremely rare and only place via a bug so often drops off in the initial phase, the addon.

    It must not be the only raider, which are very much in the content, to have everything and others have nothing.

    Raiders have the same chance to come to these items as everyone else. In addition, the items in the stats worse than the raid gear rating, except for the protection and value of the damage.

    In the plane of the war, there are also mythical gear for raider only, then with the appropriate raid gear stats.
    Ingerimm of Valor
  12. ARCHIVED-Kippah Guest

    Ingerimm@Valor wrote:
    Link one that someone has looted.
  13. ARCHIVED-Lamandrion Guest

    Kippah wrote:
    These are extremely rare, as I said, I have no idea if anyone has one looted. That it exists is known, there have also been linked to what the chats, for example, the shield of "Ralos Zek". Only in serious times, how many guys make it to the mobs in the "Plane of War" to kill, when viewed in relation to the extremely low drop rate?

    Hardly any people in the world have so much time and / or are possessed so fanatical, they will achieve the goal of the "Plane of War"! Moreover, such people must also find more and to join together permanently, hence very few people are as much in the content.

    So these items are still very rare as a lot of these groups of raiders themselves

    But that's what the top raiders yet, it's no longer about having fun, but to show others that one is better and has better equipment. None sense for people who just have fun and want to achieve something.

    It does not matter whether something is mythical or legendary flagged, really important are the values ​​for the players. Get in it to disturb the non raider also good items to show pure selfishness and bravado. Do something like normal little kids, not adults. And the mass of EQ2 players are adults.
  14. ARCHIVED-DamselInDistress Guest

    Ingerimm@Valor wrote:
    mythical items should not drop from solo or heroic zones, period. I don't know where you get this entitlement feeling but mythicals are not for everyone, only for those who kill the hardest content and it shold really stay as such.
    If you are an adult, then perhaps you've learnt that what you get is directly proportional with the time and effort invested. If you are not, then grow up and stop posting stupid things.
  15. ARCHIVED-Lamandrion Guest

    DamselInDistress wrote:
    What has invested time to do with how good someone is? What has time invested to do with how hard a mob is?

    Is it hard to kill 24 over top geared raiders a HM mob?

    Or is it hard to solo a Heroic zone to clear?

    Most top HM raider I know are unscrupulous ignoramuses. You use any bug exploit to achieve their goal each. Specify for how great they are, while they can be just as much as they achieved in part by cheating and evasion of scripts by dps. There is nothing honorable about what it deserves to be rewarded with mythical items. Of course there are exceptions but that is at least for us rather than the rule.

    And why are solo players who can just as much time and effort invested will not be rewarded with good things? Usually it is anyway lucky to get a little drop. Gets to raid it or who has more points depending on the rules of which it takes. => Usually wrong!

    Or look at the people in the group of zones, as many push demand even though they have no need!

    The only thing here is not well thought out is your statement on my posting. In addition, you can indeed another opinion as I am, but just your attitude on the issue is the arrogant bravado that I mean. And leave it to insult me , I do not even with you! If you look at the shoes and put on yourself stuck in a niche you're to blame.

    Raider are just normal players, just with better gear. You are no better, rather the opposite.
    I am also a fanatic player, so what? That is not long maybe I should treat people so bad as others do in a game just to get the best stuff.
  16. ARCHIVED-Leovinus Guest

    Lempo@Everfrost wrote:

    Yeah, right. It is not now, nor has it EVER been like this. In game or out. I'm sure the pro football/baseball/basketball player puts in SO much more time and effort as compared to a professional with a PhD. doing their thing in a lab or a clinic or on a dig site in the desert. Hell, the physicians expend SO much more effort and time compared to the other professionals they work in tandem with, right? They ought to make 5-10 times as much based on that (in the case of the second)?

    As to the game, with few exceptions, as I understand it, the mythicals that are coming out of the solo and group zones aren't even as good as the stuff that comes from raiding. Even though there are some items that are better in some regards (weapons with their DR), that's not that big a deal. There's almost always been something from those "lower" content types that have been useful, otherwise the incentive isn't really there. Ring from NHT anyone? Just because the stuff has a mythical tag doesn't make it out of place.
  17. ARCHIVED-Leovinus Guest

    Lempo@Everfrost wrote:
    That's interesting, because nowhere do I see people clammoring for raid gear without raiding, or mythical gear without running the content that DROPS it. All I see at the moment is a bunch of raiders whining about the fact that you can get rare "mythical" drops from non-raid content. And those drops aren't even that good, comparatively speaking.
    And nothing I said in any way leads to the endpoints you proclaim it does. You seem to think that the US has, in the past, and does to a lesser degree now, appropriately reward people based on time and effort expended. Generally speaking that reward is measured monetarily. I was simply pointing out that you're misconstruing the way society works, and has worked for a long, long time.
    Ideally, each person would be compensated appropriately based on the value they add to society. But frankly, the people who gain the most are the ones who deliberately decrease the value of that society, with few exceptions.

    Honestly though, this is an irrelevant socioeconomic debate, not related to the game except by fairly silly comparisons drawn. The point is, the complaining about where the mythicals come from and comparing them to welfare smacks of elitist jealousy. If you want them, go out and do what it takes to get them, JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE HAS TO.
  18. ARCHIVED-Lempo Guest

    Leovinus wrote:
    Probably going to have to do that (if I wanted one to begin with) because there is a total resistance to get any of the itemization issues that we have fixed, actually we can not even get them acknowledged for the most part, of course that doesn't impact you so you revel in it, happy to see the 'elitist' with issues like that, your vitriol towards raiders that you so clearly exhibit shows that, and you continue to prove my point. So thank you once again.
  19. ARCHIVED-DamselInDistress Guest

    Lempo@Everfrost wrote:
    I am from the EU as well and I still don't agree with his points ...
  20. ARCHIVED-DamselInDistress Guest

    Ingerimm if you are a solo player then you dont need fabled and mythical items. You want the best items, go out there and cear hard mode instances and raids. Until then you don't deserve the best stuff in the game regardless of all your excuses

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