Mythical Nerf inc

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Lcneed, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-inzewood Guest

    even if our myth is fixed we'll still have more ma than you.
  2. ARCHIVED-Elamite Guest

    Main change time. tbh its why I betrayed to dirge from troub was for the myth buff ;(
  3. ARCHIVED-Raahl Guest

    I'm just glad there is going to be a new distraction from EQ2 come 12/20/2011.
    Just love it when they cut the legs out from under a class.
    Congrats all on getting another class nerfed. I hope you are proud.
  4. ARCHIVED-crazey Guest

    i hate SOE. Seriously...after how many years, now you decide on messing with a class. I am severely disappointed.
    Please don't quote me, but i will be canceling my 5 accounts. ABSOLUTELY fed up with the lack of information being shared from Devs to players, itemization, and now nerfing a class after 1.5years....
    You fail SOE.
  5. ARCHIVED-Blackbearder Guest

    Lempo@Everfrost wrote:
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    I have 2 issues with this nerf (already said over and over):
    1. Dirge DPS is where is should be for a support class (similar to illy/coercer). How they get there is another topic. If they nerf the myth ability, then they should buff the CAs. Side note: either remove the dirge rez or make them cast faster... They are an ability we "pay" for, but stinks.
    2. Dirge's are already hard to find for groups. This will only make it more difficult.
  6. ARCHIVED-Raahl Guest

    Blackbearder wrote:
    That's my issue with the changes to the myth. While it fixes the scaleability issue that it has, it also appears to reduce DPS below what it should be.
    Besides, IMO Sony needs to get the Dirge class away from AA being our main source of damage.
  7. ARCHIVED-SOE-MOD-02 Guest

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  8. ARCHIVED-Necrophagi Guest

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    I like how they cut the troub a whole lot of new slack.... Disgusting. Whoever is responsible for this... What more do you want from us???? Do we have to buy more station cash???? Will that get you off our backs???
    Thanks for the castration.

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