Mythic Alliance on AB server

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Karsa, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. Karsa Active Member

    Bump -- kill list illy
  2. Foretold Well-Known Member

  3. Karsa Active Member

  4. Gigglezzz Member

    Bumpity bump
  5. Karsa Active Member

    Bump illy & dirge
  6. Karsa Active Member

    Bump singer of sad sad Songs - dirge / illy
  7. Gathlaine New Member

    No Dirge sometimes makes Gath sad.

    C'mon DIRGES... I'll even wear all my group buffing adorns instead of being the self-serving DPS ho I usually am.

    Oh, and an Illy too. I mean you can Mimic Bord and guarantee yourself Top 5 on the parse.
    What I'm trying to say is: YOU'RE MISSING OUT ON A LOT OF FUN PEOPLE.
  8. Foretold Well-Known Member


    Bord does make chanter parses look nice tho :D
  9. Gathlaine New Member

    Momma always said... life is like a box of..bump.
  10. Karsa Active Member

    Bump--- CoerCer & dirge
  11. Karsa Active Member

    Bump Dirge / illy
  12. Karsa Active Member

    Bump Healer ( fury or Channeler), dirge and illy....updated kill list ... Tribunal down
  13. quisling Well-Known Member

    Damn it Led...we need a new bartender.
  14. Karsa Active Member

    U need to turn 'raid hub' on it has bartender app.

    Bump invisible illy, dire dirge and charming channeler or furious fury....
  15. Karsa Active Member

    Bump kill list - Karana down
    Coercer, illy & Channeler
  16. Karsa Active Member

    Bump Wizard, illy, Coercer and channeleR
  17. Gigglezzz Member

    bump for Wiz, Illy, Coercer and Channeler
  18. Gigglezzz Member

  19. Bord Active Member

    All new recruits get one free spanking from me, I'll use the fluffy pillow without shards of glass in it too.

    After the first spanking there will be a 1 krono per month fee to avoid additional spankings with the other pillow full of bricks and glass.
  20. Gigglezzz Member

    Starting to fill out spots now!! New expansion coming soon and summer is coming to an end. Still need Brawler "Monk Preferred" (Priority), Coercer and Channeler. Have a Wizard and Illy app, so now is the time to get those apps in for our last remaining full time spots!!