Mythic Alliance on AB server

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  1. Karsa Active Member

    Mythic Alliance

    A Raid Guild based on the Antonia Bayle server
    We Raid 3 days a week Sunday, Tuesday and ThoRsday
    We start forming up at 7:30 pm and end at 11pm (eastern standard time)
    We are looking skilled players who are willing to take a ‘Team First’ approach in progression raiding.
    We stress a drama-free environment and importance coming to raid on-time.

    We are currently seeking players for the Expac;

    singer of the Sad Sad Songs, DiRge

    We will consider other classes.
    Applicants are required to be level 120 with min 350aa with an opened AA spec, RoS expaK & signature line completed, Epic 2.0 ,min 4900 resolve , the ability to listen & talk, Discord and ACT. Working on last Dungeon Vex Veil.

    You can contact ; Antonia_bayle.Ledastray, Antonia_bayle.Ximinez
    & Antonia_bayle. Tiao if you have questions.

  2. Karsa Active Member

    bump updated kill list
  3. Karsa Active Member

    Bump updated kill list in oss
  4. Karsa Active Member

    Bump - a mystic & a roGue
  5. Karsa Active Member

    Bump a Dirge and a mystic who is not afraid to 'squeeze da shaman'.
  6. Kaarkula Active Member

    Dirge/mystic... we will consider part time people as well.
  7. Karsa Active Member

    Bump updated kill list .... WiZard / DirGe
  8. Gathlaine New Member

    bumpty bump
  9. Karsa Active Member

    Bump updated kill in temple --- looking for a Wizard.
  10. Karsa Active Member

    Bump kill list & Mystic ( don't squeeze the shaman)
  11. Foretold Well-Known Member

    I have a mystic.... :p
  12. quisling Well-Known Member

    Me too. Sadly, I'm an even worse mystic than I am a templar....and that's just kinda sad.
  13. Karsa Active Member

    Yer a no-go on shaman Fore yer still responsible for DC ring being cursed so.....
  14. Karsa Active Member

    Sorry I heard rumors that you squeeze shamans pretty hard.....
  15. Karsa Active Member

    Bump illy & mystic
  16. Foretold Well-Known Member

    WTB illy!!
  17. Karsa Active Member

    Bump --- kill list ... Illy
  18. Gigglezzz Member

    Bump for an Illy position and are kills are updated. All content cleared except last mob in Oss: Cathedral, AoM and Avatars.
  19. Karsa Active Member

    Bump kill list--- illy
  20. Gathlaine New Member