Mystic vs. Defiler Heal Stances

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Ceolus, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-Ceolus Guest

    Why are Mystics given 15% faster cast speed on their end-line heal stance ability, while Defilers are not?
    Same goes to Templar vs. Inquisitor stance.
    15% faster casting is far superior to the bonuses we're given in return. We cannot benefit from faster debuff casting--it's almost max with the AA line that every defiler chooses. Anything but faster debuff casting :O..even simply 5% reuse!
  2. ARCHIVED-Filroden Guest

    Probably (in the case of the clerics) because the other gets more on their defensive stance. It makes sense that the weaker healer gets more and the weaker damage dealer gets more.
  3. ARCHIVED-Ceolus Guest

    But that's not the case for shamans =\..Mystics are equal healers to Defilers and their offensive and heal stances are both better.
  4. ARCHIVED-ChrissyFaey Guest

    Defilers do receive larger base heals, as a benefit to their heal stance. However, the 50 percent debuf haste is needless with curseweaving and would have been better with even 5-10 percent beneficial spellhaste. It's hard for me to take off the haste robe from Shard of Fear because haste is so important to we slow casting healers.
    I wouldn't have much faith in a fix, however. Sacrifice, the cleric AA, still will eat shaman group wards and is completely mitigatable unlike Soul Ward or any other abilities of the same variant. Just consider them not paying attention much to shamans and be happy with what we've got... Doubt they know how to do anything but nerf when trying to fix. Look at poor fighters. :)
  5. ARCHIVED-Crismorn Guest

    As a defiler I like our stance more than the mystic stance.
  6. ARCHIVED-Crismorn Guest

    Filroden wrote:
    In TSO this is how its going

    Templar > Inquisitor
    Templar > Inquisitor
    Templar > Inquisitor
    Solo ability:
    Inquisitor > Templar
  7. ARCHIVED-Ocello Guest

    Crismorn wrote:
    If your Inquisitor can't out-DPS a templar, (I hate to say it but I must) then your Inquisitor needs to (sigh) Learn 2 play.
    Seriously, the inquisitor in my guild had a 8k parse last night on palace trash. A Templar can't touch that.
  8. ARCHIVED-Rahatmattata Guest

    Ocello wrote:
    I don't even parse close to 8k on my guardian Getting out dps'd by a preist, how sad... not even just out dps'd... but blown away I don't have the mythical epic but still... 8k dps is pretty good. What does your raid do like 150k dps and kill stuff in 20 seconds?
  9. ARCHIVED-Gisallo Guest

    Rahatmattata wrote:
    Yeah a friend of mine is a mythicalled Inquisitor with basically a battle cleric build. Still keeps her choker filled dpsers up and with that dang flurry proc they get off of their TSO tree OMG the numbers she puts up can be scary.
  10. ARCHIVED-Ceolus Guest

    Still, it's much less balanced between Defilers and Mystics. Theoretically, Mystics should DPS more and offer better DPS buffs than a Defiler at the expense of less MT-healability (as seen in inq-templar case--I feel they have a fair trade-off).
    However, if you swap a good Defiler with a good Mystic in MT group there will be no difference. A mystic heals just as well, DPSes loads better, solos better, and offers better buffs.
  11. ARCHIVED-Crismorn Guest

    Ocello wrote:
    Nice parse, good job.

    Im not saying that your templar can out dps your inquisitor.

    I'm saying that templars have a higher dps potential than Inquisitors
  12. ARCHIVED-TwistedFaith Guest

    Crismorn wrote:
    Your wrong, damm your just SO wrong.
  13. ARCHIVED-skycruise Guest

    What's the defiler heal stance??
  14. ARCHIVED-Seidhkona Guest

    Put the mystic in the DPS group where they get the benefit of the melee buffs and let them support the choker-wearing fiends there ;-)
    The heal stances being discussed, skycruise, are the two at the end of the Shadow Tree, the last row of the last tab in the Achievements window.

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