my prestige house searching and final purchases

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  1. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    For those who don't want to read all of this:

    Maj'Dul server, Dragolah character, Isle of Refuge. Visitor set.

    SkyFire server, Aphubop character, Rum Runner's cover. Visitor set.

    Both good guys.

    Okay. Some I made notes on, some barely there notes. I'm running DarqUI, so some of these had maps. The ones with ocean access were good for working on swimming skill.

    1) Oakmist tour. got lost, never reached the buildings I could see off in the distance. Took me about 20 minutes to find the exit. Mounts and map okay.

    2) Felwithe, thought about this one, but decided on Rum Runner's.

    3) Uncanny, no mount and no map.

    4) Research. Seemed kinda small. no map.

    5) Personal library. Smaller. No mount and no map.

    6) Arcane library. Kinda liked it, but no mount.

    7) Tower of Knowledge. No mount. And I found myself lost and confused.

    8) Rum Runner's Cove. No map.

    Did you know that when you stand outside one of the buildings in Rum Runner you can hear the ocean, but when you go into a building there are NO ocean sounds ? Freaked me out. But I got over it.

    Ease of navigation was one thing I looked for. I got turned around multiple times in multiple houses. Oakmist was a real pain about this.

    Of course, as I got used to it, I would be able to find my way around. I can find my way around in real life, but in a game it takes some getting used to for me.

    All of them show lots of work on the basic plans. I almost got Isle of Refuge for the other server where I have accounts. But I felt I would forget which one was which and look for things that were on another server.

    I tried, as a trustee, to access the house vault on rum runners, but it wasn't there.

    Oh, and the vaults say anything placed in them lose their coin value and maker's mark. Before I post what I think it means, please explan that to me. And due to talking adverts, I'll be using Ad Blocker on there. I don't need someone shouting about a new game while I'm trying to read and I live with relatives.

    ( I know I did a quick look over each one when I did the tours, but I wanted to get started. I also get easily lost. And if I felt like a house was causing my character to bump their head, even if it actually wasn't, I gave it a down check. Also if I get lost looking around.)

    So, what do you think of my choices ? And there are decorations in both I bought. Comments welcome.

    And if a crafter would like to decorate one room, just pm me.

    Thanks !

    Oh, and the Inn rooms I earlier posted I had set up for visitors, those are gone. Broker upset, but I don't care.
  2. elflover Well-Known Member

    House vaults can only be accessed by the owner of the home, while in the house.

    The depos say lose maker mark etc..means when you mouse over it shows who made it but once in the depo it wont say who made it anymore.

    If you had broker boxes in previous homes you can right click from broker page while in house on the container and replace it in your new home.

    Most the of smaller homes you toured really dont need a map. Oakmyst does get confusing, but once you start decorating it, its not so bad. You can make pathways , which I did in the one I have. Also remember that most of the homes are zones in the game, might have maps in there not sure..I dont use the maps things or a diff ui, been playing 9 years without dont think Ill need it now. I'll check out your skyfire homes later today since I live on that server :)
  3. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Okay, I was hoping to move things between characters on the same account without having to run out to the bank.

    As easily as I get confused, maps are almost a necessity. I have to sepnd time to learn the new area. Some I just felt I didn't want to spend the time. If I had had a set of several of candles or candelabra, so I could find my way back to the exit, I might have liked it more.

    I do have some depot boxes given to me, and they are in Rum Runner. Have some elsewhere, but I was going to leave them in the Inn rooms for the character that has them.

    No broker boxes.

    Hmm... if I put things in the depot boxes, can other characters take them out ?
  4. elflover Well-Known Member

    When you open the depo there is a tab called permissions to change to visitors, friend or trustee allowed to deposit/use.
  5. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    I looked at it. No names can be entered so... the character that placed them is a trustee of the owner.

    Uh, a bit confused and tired so here goes. Can other trustees of the owner use the depots ?

    I figured I could log into each character and see which ones had what bags, and just write it down instead of digging through the inventory texts of DarqUI.

    Yeah, okay, Gero. Good grief.
  6. elflover Well-Known Member

    Its not entering names on the depo..its setting levels of access to them. So if a toon had trustee access to the house and you have it all set to trustee then yes they can use it, if you have it as visitors anyone with visitor access can use it. I always have mine set as trustee so there is no chance of someone just raiding your goods while your out.
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  7. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that last mention! :D I know there's folks who just say, "Well, it's Published, so it doesn't matter what city it's in," to which I say, "But, but, but...your author/homeowner name is Zyxototl, the name of your house is Zyx's Yesterday Tribute, and it's been on the Leaderboards since they were invented..." If I know what capital city to look for your house in, folks, I'm much happier. :)

    There are MAPS to the prestige places in DarqUI? Man, I have got to get that thing installed... :-/

    That's the one that's based on Oakmyst Forest, isn't it? Yeah, I don't think we're supposed to get to the buildings, even with break-out coordinates. :( Should be able to get to the docks easily enough, though. :) And I've always found the exits from there right at the gates where they are in the original zone in the game. When all else fails, green arrow Exit. ;->

    I'm jazzed we can still get Rum Runner's! I thought they took that away from us long ago! :D

    Perhaps, but that's where the break-out coordinates really shine. The "water" just outside the library glass (this is the Researcher's Sanctum, right? I'm too easily confused... :confused:) isn't a real water feature, which is good news if you're worried about reaching the surface before you can drown; on the other hand, you can't work on your Swim skill or even get to the surface (not without a TON of scaffold items), since you're walking around on the "ground" out there. But you can consider it another fairly large "room," that has an easy path to get back in (the "glass" is only one-way; "ya can't get theah from heah," but you can get back into the library from the "ocean"). I like it. ;->

    Not that hard to do, surprisingly. I don't think any of the Horde have a Tower, rent-free or not, but if I did, one of the first things I'd do with one would be to re-skin the various chambers in color-coordination with the colors of the teleport portals that get me to each area.

    And beware; if you step off one of those portal "arms" from way up there, you WILL die when you hit the floor waaay below, with a splat. Tried it with Uwk and he was just on a Tour...or maybe that was in the actual Tower and he was on a mount that shouldn't've let him get splatted. Either way, I don't trust the devs not to kill us in our own houses that way. :-/

    I have one of those, and didn't have any issues with that; then again, I've haunted Oakmyst countless times since 2006, long after things would be grey to me (mainly these days to get the Glass Laboratory Flask, or whatever they call it. Quest reward).

    I don't get motion-sick at all in real life, but get me in a first-person camera mode for longer than 15-20 minutes, and there's gonna be a serious "clean up on Aisle Three" job with the monitor and keyboard if I don't break off in time. ;->

    Computer games; go fig. :-/

    When in doubt: spreadsheets. :D

    Yeah, you'll access your own house vault wherever you are, not the owner's. Just as well, I think; security reasons? Anyway, thanks for that, o devs. :)

    Yep, as Elflover said, that's more Depots than House Vaults. Still don't know why that should be after being in ANY container, but then, I'm not a dev. :-/

    This is why God invented headphones for less than $20; seriously, I don't game without 'em, since I play at very odd hours and live in an apartment complex with thin walls. :) thing I've been debating about is where to set up my Broker crates; if I set them up in a regular house that everyone can get to, like New Halas or Gorowyn, then customers won't be able to get in if I haven't kept up the rent or have 4 Treasure Hoards in there (another reason I'd like to see anyone be able to pay 1 week of rent on a particular house per account, like voting for a Published house; that way, it won't encourage the home owner to be cheap and lazy [or forgetful :oops:], but it will enable a potential customer to access the sales crates. And if you get 12 customers... ;->). If I set them up in a Prestige House, where I don't have to worry about rent, then I lose 50% of my customer base, since Prestige Houses are either in the good guy capital or the bad guy capital. :-/

    I suppose I could Publish the house and anyone could get in there, but would a potential customer know to look there on the Leaderboards just from looking at the item on the Broker list? :-/

  8. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Thank you for therr kind words.

    I tgried to find the map files in my computer... not there. Apparently downloaded from when I play.

    Well, yes. I don't know why people don't give details where their homes and Inn rooms are... how else will the rest of us find them except randomly ??

    Oakmyst, yeah I recognized the intense spiral passageway out to the dock area.

    Reskin the colors ? Sounds interesting. How do I do that ?

    As for the headphones, my relatives would hear me screech from the sudden sound and ask me what the problem is.

    Signatures here would help folks find your sales... for those that read these forums.
  9. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Okay... the good news about bags. My characters have enough 4 slot bags to paper an airplane. Really. Ya know, looks off in the distance, maybe the nice devs could fix them so can make paper airplanes out of them. Nah, that wouldn't fly.

    Anyway. I now know where the 46 slot bags are. I can email out some to my other characters, some are on f2p accounts. No biggy. I'll just have the characters with lots of bags do the harvesting and crafting.

    I can move some around, and not worry about the others.

    Game a bit today, so I can get a loyalty token house. 30 points needed, I have 29.
  10. elflover Well-Known Member

    There are a few older youtube videos and also posts in the forums about how to for some homes, you would have to do some digging to find them. And to also see some of that touring other peoples homes randomly or on the leaderboards as well. Reskin is basicaly taking building blocks and changing the walls of the house to look different. I know your on skyfire so when you open the leaderboards click hall of fame the first page , and even the next couple of pages, has several (besides the first 2 those are houses with travel items) that are a reskin. To help give you an idea of what a home can become. If you send my toon a tell when Im on i can show a few things Im currently working on or tour some homes with you if you would like.

    Also went to visit your rum runners cove...I think you should look into building a house at the top of the cliff :p. (using the in game building blocks and Ill send you some gifties to help fill the place up)
  11. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    I thought about putting a cabana on the cove hill top. Did I say that out loud ? Yup.

    Anyway: Loyalty token prestige house set up.

    Ah, here it is: Skyfire server; Uthesthan character; Mistmoore Craigs Estates.

    Just follow the pristine simple candelabras to the druid ring which was 1 loyalty token. Might add that to the cove up on the hill somewhere. I have it all set to visitor. Gave trustee to some of my other characters on different accounts. I think they have some special event floor tiles, etc.

    There is a rock off shore of the rum runners cove. A found a tiny bit to stand on there. I think a cave inside there would be terrific. Put some flickering lights in there, maybe a ghost or two.
  12. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I have never looked at the breakout location for this one, I have the property though, it would be interesting if you could do a breakout so that you could use a wispy mirror or something to create a cave opening into an accessible area made with the breakout and then make your vision come to life. Maybe elfover could help you with that.
  13. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Oooh. Sounds interesting. Making a cave that wasn't there.
  14. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Thank you elfover for the goodies. I have plushies and coral near the shore of the cove, coaral in the ocean and near the huts. Also some of the same up in the pond that feeds the water fall.

    Skyfire server; Uthesthan character; Mistmoore Craigs Estates. has some decorations. Candles and various lights lead the way to the room with 5 items.

    Didn't have trustee set correctly, now I can put things in all 3 places.
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  15. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    A lot of folks rely on the Leaderboards alone to let folks know where their houses are; when you get to a house that way, do your tour of it, and come back out again, you're right back where you started. If you were in a "safe" area when you "left" to visit the house, you're still "safe" when you come back (YMMV). /shrug

    I still wanna know what city they're in, if they're not Aaardvarkian of the ~Aaard's Amazing Beach Party house (your favorite example here; it does help get a Published house up higher on the Leaderboards if you put a punctuation mark at the beginning of the title). ;->

    What Elflover said. It's easiest with Narrow or Tall Dividers (a bit misleading, name-wise, since they're the exact same height, default; the Tall Dividers, though, are square in profile, while the Narrows are half the width, much more 2001: A Space Odyssey Monolith in shape), but it can be done with flipped vertical Tiles, paintings, tapestries, etc. :)

    That's a thought (though it'd only work for the ones listed in the siggy, and I have quite a few Horde members...)! :)

    And I guess it actually would say something in the Broker like, "Uwkete at Mistmoore Estates" or something, but that still doesn't say if that's in Qeynos or Freeport (I have Betrayed toons who /claimed their Mistmoore Crags Estate [free if you have 7 years on an account] before they moved, so even if they're Good folks now, their Mistmoore might still be in Freeport, for example). I guess when you hover a cursor over the price, it says how the Broker fee is adjudicated depending on what city it' Near? Affiliated with? Whatever...the Broker fee is double what it usually is if you're going to someplace of an opposite alignment, I think, so that might be a clue for folks?

    Hmm. Maybe I should just get enough Treasure Hoards to make each New Halas or Gorowyn place rent-free, but when you have over 100 toons, it starts to eat up the ol' Loyalty Tokens pretty fast. Those things are pricey! :-/

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  16. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    I put some screenshots of the plushies, in the pond on top of the hill on Rum Runners, I need to take more pictures.
  17. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Lots of coral of different types and more plushies. Don't know why I didn't notice before, but if you have house items and you place one, the rest of the stack jumps around in inventory. Sometimes going to another bag. And ctrl-shift-mouse wheel to shrink and enlarge items.

    Anyway, Rum Runners has lots of things to look at now.

    Did notice I cannot rotate the floor tiles to a slight angle. I wanted to mark the path up to the top of the hill and the pond. And yes, the floor tile is off the edge of the boardwalk, I mean, I kept turning too sharply and fell in the ocean. All taken care of.

    Need to make some simple candelabras, or tougher ones to make, to mark paths with.

    Hopefully get up more of the Rum runner screenshots. Only two on my web site, I have about 20 now, just need to go over them and decide which ones to upload.
  18. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it bites sometimes; the rest of the stack leaps to the first available open slot. If the stack was originally in, say, slot 8 in bag 4, but bag 1 has an open slot, the rest of the stack winds up in that one. :-/

    When in doubt, either Stairs or Dividers for "safety barriers"... ;->

    And yeah, you can angle anything any which way you want, depending. There's the Decorating Mode (Editing Mode? whatever) in-game, where you hit either the little button between the little green arrow button and the little house button to activate it, or Ctrl+e to toggle it on, or hit it accidentally while you're trying to place stuff (/raising_paw :oops:), and you'll get a radial wheel with icons for the Scaling (Ctrl+Shift+Mouse Wheel if you're out of Editing Mode), Pick Up the Item (to bags), Slide Stuff Up/Down (or In/Down for Wall items...sigh) a couple others I don't recall atm, and the Big Three: Pitch (bleagh! >:-/), Rotate, and.....Tilt? Think that's what it's called; one of my favorite buttons there. :) I always try to Rotate something so I can angle it using Tilt; works much better with simple objects like Building Blocks. Then I invariably go into the layout file with either Notepad, Sennen's (my usual go-to program), or JesDyr's (for when I need something moved smoothly along a secondary compass axis [NW/SE/SW/NE]) to fix the angle properly. If I can't do something without Pitch (grrr), I'll go into the file and kick it to an angle of 89.87500000 or 179.87500000, 'cause only a computer would notice a 0.125 degree difference (especially in small doses). ;->

    Of course, I'm not sure how the radial wheel with the icons thing varies with DarqUI... :-/

    Depending on the theme you're going with, torches work, too... :)

    Though I gotta admit, those Simple Candelabras kick out a HECK of a lot of light! :D And look plain enough they could be like tiki torches or something, yes. ;->

  19. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    I found the lava tiles can be expanded. I used the arch ones to mark a path up to the top of the hill in my Rum Runners cove.

    The account I used for the special event first week of July is all but one character on Maj'Dul. The one character on Skyfire has been used to work on hmmm. I think I need a three dimensional spreadsheet that allows me to see all entries in a readable way. Need a scientific breakthrough for that.

    Anyway, I will be posting more Rum Runner screen shots this week, along with more Mistmoor ones. They are full size, so I hope viewers don't have metered Internet.
  20. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Looking good!!

    We have a convert Uwkete!!!

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