my guess for the next year in EQ land.

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    i went through a company transaction such as SOE/Daybreak is experiencing atm. we were bought to be turned around but was told at first we had a chance to "Grow our company our way," as long as we made money. the end result was just pumping up our image to turn a profit (happened in less than 3 years).

    the first few months they will be dealing with changing and removing all references to SOE for legal reasons. this includes comments in source code. this is done for legal reason to avoid court issues when the company is sold. new website and such.

    next they will want to relocate the computer center, maybe if the parent company has some room in it's state of the art computer center in the Midwest they will find a small area in the corner to hold the servers until they sell the company.

    then they will ask in a special way what it would take to move the staff to a low cost center. Midwest has been the target for years for software and such. they may try to keep a west coast address but anyone there will have to skype and work remote and fly to the new office often...

    there are many more little changes taking place and all will impact the first year. once the novelty of the change is gone they will realize that nothing has really changed and will be sold again once their image is pumped back up. this is the sad part, the people that got their package and left are the lucky ones, the rest are in the wait and see mode.

    i really hope things have changed and i am wrong. new content for EQ1/2, EQN/Landmark going into beta will be a good sign... i have been playing EQ/2 since RoK with friends and cant imagine not have it around in some form. wonder if the EQ TCG will poof when the games do?

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