Murmuring Reactant

Discussion in 'Tradeskills' started by DaimonosLucifer, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. DaimonosLucifer Member

    Found two of these in my travels and have no idea how to use them for anything, or what they do, or why there is absolutely no information on the wiki's about it.

    Can anyone shed some light onto these things?
  2. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    Most of the info is right there in the examine window. They're a component in the level 20 set of tradeskill apprentice recipes. Both ZAM and EQ2i have info on what they make.
  3. Spindle Well-Known Member

    There IS information on Zam and Wikia regarding this reactant. Enter reactant in either search box and select murmuring from the lists that appear.
  4. DaimonosLucifer Member

    I thought Zam would be good but it just showed the same as the examine window does.. so, i will keep looking then
  5. DaimonosLucifer Member

    checked zam, found what you mentioned but it still fails to say what i can do with it, all im looking for is a simple explanation, i am a sage, does this mean i cant use it ? what menus do i need to go through and type of recipe book do i need to create an item in the selection that it shows ?
  6. Cloudrat Well-Known Member

    The recipes to make the items on reactants are researched by the apprentice you can get in qeynos or freeport at the crafting center there. You will need to have AoD to be able to get an apprentice at this point, I believe. Each crafter has some items on the list that it can make.
    The bible site for tradeskills is . Head there and spend some time getting a good overview of the tradeskill system.
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  7. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    Reactants were introduced in December 2011 with the launch of Age of Discovery. With this expansion, you are able to hire a trade-skill apprentice beginning at level 10 crafter, which are located at:
    Freeport: Coalition of Tradesfolke in West Freeport at 49, -18, 87
    Qeynos: The Ironforge Exchange in North Qeynos at 339, -20, -95
    They research recipes that use the reactants as the "rare" ingredient. Items available to craft depend on your trade class and as a sage, you would be able to make charms.
    You may find plenty of information from those in the crafting channel on your server and if you don't have the expansion, you can still look to your crafting channel for someone to make items for you.

    You may want to check out the old GU 63 update notes from eq2traders
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  8. Ahupu Well-Known Member

    And as a sage if you have the apprentice you will use it to make charms
  9. DaimonosLucifer Member

    ah thank you :) helps alot
  10. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    If you examine the reactant, it will show you a list of items that can be made.
  11. Airos Active Member

    And while that is true, examining the reactant doesn't show you how to use it. I haven't purchased AoD, and yet I've gotten two of these things as well. The first one, either a Murmuring or Humming, I sold on the broker because I had no idea how to use it.

    The second one I got just the other night, a Powerful Reactant I believe, and again, I still had no information on what to do with them. As you can see from the links to EQ2i, there's zero information that says I need AoD and a tradeskill apprentice to use these items, either on the item or on the wiki itself. When I had obtained my first reactant, I had no idea EQ2 ZAM existed, let alone what it was. Once I did search on ZAM, I promptly placed the second reactant on the broker, as for right now it's a completely useless item for me.

    Props to both Cloudrat and Kuulei for taking a moment to actually explain their usage.
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  12. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    From the links you provided "A studious craftsman may be able to make something out of this." should be a clue to ask a crafter if they know what the item is for.

    Edit: Crafting channel is usually a good place to ask for information like that.
  13. Airos Active Member

    Yes, I have no doubt that the crafting channels are a good place to ask questions about crafting. So are these forums, as several people have helpfully answered the question, especially if someone is a bronze member and doesn't have access to chat channels.

    My point, really, was that examining the item in and of itself does not provide any clues as to how to actually use the reactant, or even that they require that I purchase AoD. Legendary items have helpful reminder text that I need to be a Gold member or use an unlocker to use, so why don't the reactants say I need to purchase Age of Discovery to use them?

    Personally, I will search for information myself first before asking in chat or on forums, because I know the frustration of regular members answering common questions over and over again, especially when that information is readily available. I like to avoid getting responses like "learn2google" when I ask a question. If I am unable to find the information I'm looking for, then I will ask the question, and state that I have already attempted to search, and where I searched.

    Of course, I do find it a little funny that when I do "learn2google" first, then say one site doesn't have clear answers, I get the response "you should have asked someone". :p
  14. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    Well yes that is true, it doesn't say what to do with them when you examine BUT everyone else answered that question before I even saw this post. I thought I would just add that DaimonosLucifer can see the items possible by examining the reactant. So basically I wasn't going to repeat already answered questions.
  15. Airos Active Member

    That's fair. I find that if there's one thing about this game that kinda irritates me, it's the lack of information in the game, and I may have come off a little more snooty than I intended.

    Really, I just wanted to highlight what I view as a design flaw in the game. While it's unlikely a developer will drop by this tread, see my post and make any changes, I do like to complain when given an opportunity. ;)
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  16. Alenna Well-Known Member

    you dont need to have AoD to use the items being made you have to have AoD if you want the research apprentice to get the recipies tha tmake the items.
  17. Airos Active Member

    Right. Isn't that what I said? I need AoD to use the Reactants. Why don't the Reactants say that I need AoD in order to use the Reactants.

    How many mounts at the mount merchants say "You must be a guild member"? Every Legendary I pick up says "This item is locked due to account restrictions". I think it wouldn't be out of line for the Reactants to say "This item requires Age of Discovery and a Tradeskill Apprentice to use". AoD is about to be broken up and sold piecemeal anyways? "This item requires a Tradeskill Apprentice to use".
  18. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    Because they don't, and saying so would be very misleading. All they need is for you to find a crafter who can make the item from it that you want. The crafter must have AoD, but you do not.
  19. Airos Active Member

    Then I am not the one using the Reactant, now am I? :p AoD is required for the Reactant to be used, so your last sentince contradicts your first.

    I can only scribe Sage recipie books, so I canot use Weaponsmith recipies. Sure, I can use the items once they're crafted, but the recipie book itself has a specific requirement which is clearly labeled in the examine window; tradeskill class and tradeskill level. Reactants also have a specific requirement, but they do not list that requirement in the examine window; you, (and by "you" I mean the person who actually uses the reactant, not the person who finds it, nor the person who makes use of the crafted item), must have a tradeskill apprentice. The Reactant itself can not be used by any crafter who does not meet that requirement.
  20. Annshadow New Member

    This is interesting. I did not get the AoD expansion, but got the full 4000 credit pack. Now, I cannot find the Aridoncx guy in Qeynos. I wonder if it is a glitch? I was able to see the crafting Assistants, but not use them, now I am wondering.

    I want to buy the reactants from Aridoncx. Maybe the guy is different in Qeynos??

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