Mouse problem in EQ2 windowed mode.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by ComPost007, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. ComPost007 New Member

    I have a strange issue with the mouse that ONLY happens in EQ2, but only when the game is played in a window. Full screen, everything works fine.

    What happens is, if I move the mouse off the EQ2 window to the left, the mouse cursor is pulled to the upper left corner of the screen, and I have to move the mouse really fast to pull it back to the EQ2 window, as its constantly being pulled toward that corner until I get it back into the EQ2 window.
    If I move the mouse off the EQ2 window to the bottom (to say, go to the task bar), or even to the right of the window, the mouse jumps back a few inches into the EQ2 window.

    Again, this doesn't happen at all in full screen, and even in windowed mode, as long as I don't move outside the window, it works well within the game.

    But I can't multitask with this problem, because I can't control the mouse outside the window. If I shut down EQ2, or even just minimize the game, the mouse works perfectly fine, and no other programs do this at all.

    This is on an Alienware M18x R2 with an nVidia 680m 2 gig video card, all drivers are up to date, and everything else about the game is working flawlessly.

    I've looked all over the web about this, and a few others have had this exact same issue, but none have found a solution for this. I've tried setting the mouse cursor to a software cursor in the game options, but that didn't help at all. And by the way, the common denominator seems to be that everyone with this exact issue is using an nVidia mobile card, but that may just be coincidence.

    Does anyone have any ideas about how to fix this.

  2. Caine New Member

    I'm having the same issue. I just got a new laptop (Macbook Pro) with Windows 8. I have always run in windowed mode so this is pretty frustrating. This machine has a GeForce GT 650M.
  3. ComPost007 New Member

    Yes, I'm still having the issue, no official response at all yet. I've tried everything suggested from searches on the net, and a few ideas of my own, with no luck. Running in safe mode, disabling the touchpad, changing the video driver, updating video BIOS, removing the external mouse, and so on.

    The problem seems to have something to do with the way the EQ2 game engine interacts with the mouse cursor and nVidia mobile cards (and maybe others) in windowed mode, since this only happens with EQ2. And yes, its very frustrating.

    So far, the silence of the official response is deafening. We will just have to stick to full screen mode only with no multitasking ability (other than completely shrinking the game to the taskbar) for now until this problem is acknowledged and a fix is issued.
  4. Kirzan New Member

    I have very strange behavior happening in Windowed Mode as well and it makes the game really annoying to play. Whenever I use ALT and any other key I hear a windows "ding" sound. Doesn't happen in other games. When I press F10 to move around UI elements or simply hide it, the game display strangely freezes. The game isn't frozen, just the display, if I click once it unstucks. Very weird! I always played in Windowed mode. Now I have to pre-load everything I might need on my second monitor because even tabbing out of fullscreen just messes everything up.

    Come on Sony, chop chop!
  5. Nirrudn New Member

    I thought I was going nuts and the only person to experience this. I also have the game freeze up if I just tap Alt by itself, same as hitting F10.

    Curiously, it doesn't do the lockup/ding thing if I have a mouse button held down at the time. It's like the window isn't properly getting focus, and trying to open up the context menu that normally happens when you press Alt in a program.

    It's bothering me enough that I may have to make a separate thread just to try and sort it out.
  6. Gideon Member

    the windows key also free's it up, i have always played in windows mode and have been having this issue for years very annoying.
    i sent petitions,called tech etc etc and every time they said it was my wireless mouse, even though it does it with the wired mice also.
  7. Wingrider01 Well-Known Member

    Might be the driver
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  8. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    This is true. What's the video card you're using, Gideon? :-/


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