Most fun mellee priest...

Discussion in 'General Priest Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Furryfurie, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Furryfurie Guest

    I just love playing mellee priests.. but which of the 3 mellee priests is most diverse ?

    Things i find important are :
    -Healing abbillity in groups
    -Solo survivabillity
    -Fast casting
    -Interupt abbilities
    -Crowd controll options
    -Diversity in Mellee combat arts
    -other tricks

    I am looking for a healer class that requires skill to excell, and not just spamming that one key with all mellee skills macroed to it when soloing, or not being able to do anything else but healing when in a group.

    I have started all 3 mellee healers, i like the Mystic least for his slow casting but cant decide between inquisitor and Warden, they are both almost 20 and i just need to pick one as my main. (returned to the game after playing only the first year after release) currently both seem straightforward spamming mellee skills when soloing.

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