Monolith partially leveled before 1/10 patch does not level right

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Mineeme, Jan 10, 2023.

  1. Mineeme Member

    I had converted just my belt quite some time ago, shortly after launch. I finally bought the adorn just a few days ago. It was level 2.

    Today after the patch, I converted my boots and the chat message says it added 1000 experience and the Monolith increased to level 3.

    I then converted the shoulders, the gloves, and the helm and they each gave 2000 experience. My adorn is now level 9. It should be level 10.

    I have tried logging out/in, changing zone, removing and reapplying the adorn. It is still level 9.

    Character: Mineeme on Maj'Dul
  2. Caith Developer

    You have converted the belt, boots, gloves, helm and shoulders. Go find that sixth piece!
  3. fausst New Member

    Kurns X2 for the lose...I mean legs.
  4. Taled Well-Known Member

    Weird the boots are only 1k. I guess that is where the odd levels are coming from.
  5. Chath Active Member

    Are the patch notes wrong? It says " Each converted slot after the first will grant 2,000 experience (2 levels) to monolith". It didn't say boots would give 1k. Is that intentional?
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  6. Jinksie Active Member

    I am confused - we have guildies with 5 items and level 10 monolothic adorns today. That makes sense if each item is 2000 xp.

    NM - they had another monolithic item on an alt - although it was a repeat, I guess that counts as a sixth
  7. Uncle Active Member

    so much for not wantng players to go back to old content...... AWESOME
  8. Rattophaxe Well-Known Member

    Please can someone versed in Daybreak-speak turn this into something .. well, meaningful? I'm hearing complaints from quite a few people who've ended up with 9 levels and can't figure out why. And the last sentence seems to imply that the order of conversion matters -- ie, if I convert a 2000 exp piece first, then follow up with 4 more pieces then I will get 10 levels from only 5 pieces (???)

    Or, to narrow it down further -- I have 3 toons with 10 pieces between them, but none with gloves or greaves. Can I make 10 points or not?
  9. Beee Well-Known Member

    I know a player with actual lv 9 .. which should be impossible and upgraded to lv 10


    At my alt i have converted the shoes, but i do not see the green adornment at the trader even with 1500 coins in the bag (but nothing else done in this ecpansion). Whyever the mechanism seem not to work correct.

    On my main i have the mv 10 adornment with 5 pcs, so I think the accountflag only happens with all 6 items
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  10. Neverlein Member

    I have the same problem, but with my main character. For me, too, the highest level is nine.
  11. Teld Member

    How did they do that? I tried to convert shoulders on a alt and it said i couldn't because i was already flagged for it.
  12. Jinksie Active Member

    It might be an error, or timing... who knows. I hope they get this sorted for some consistency.
  13. Taled Well-Known Member

    That would mean you most likely already converted shoulders on one of your toons. The flag to prevent converting the same slot is now account wide, and if you've logged in a character that already extracted a piece you will not be able to extract the same slot. (I don't know for sure if it flags before logging that toon in, since I couldn't test that if I even wanted to.)

    As to Monolith ending up at L9, I have a feeling it is 'each piece after the first gives 2,000 exp, while the first piece gives 1,000 exp to flag you for the merchant purchase' in order to force the 6 slots; However, some folks obviously had it grant them 10k with 'only 5 pieces' - though I'm curious if they had already converted some on alts/etc.
  14. Taiyla Active Member

    I got level 10 with only 5 pieces. I can't see the adorn on the merchant on my alt though. The alt has the coins and has done the sig line and the music boxes but can't see the adorn on the merchant. I have one piece on that alt but can't convert it as it was already converted on the main.
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  15. Suidakra Active Member

    Mine is also level 9, and I'm so confused how folks who only had 5 pieces are getting to 10....

  16. Caith Developer

    Because they benefited from it being converted to a personal count to how the account rewards need to count. We do not currently have a way to remove the experience they gained from the character specific growth.

    Convert your first piece of gear, you can purchase the adornment. It doesn't level, the benefit is that you can now have the adornment. Each converted piece of gear after the first will increase the level of the adornment. You need to have all of the pieces to max the adornments level.
  17. luxbane New Member

    so this translates to: random folks got lucky, don't have to go find sixth piece, everyone else is out of luck and has to go farm or go without?
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  18. Beee Well-Known Member

    Tested again:

    No I can not buy the adornment on an alt converted shoes there and having enough coins.

    And the necessarity of having all 6 old items (let's say polite) is a very very bad desition
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  19. Caith Developer

    And your alts name and server is?

    Monolith is not a necessity, it's a bonus for those that have done the work on the previous content. If you haven't done that work, you don't get the same benefit as those that have.
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  20. Beee Well-Known Member

    Doing 20x X2 (a lot while doubleloot) and not getting mage pants was not funny. During this runs I just got other pants for other players alts ;)
    I have some more monolithic tems to extract left but it seems they are not necessary anymore if we need 6 different items instead of actual 5
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