Monk Tanking Guide and FAQ

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Silzin, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. Sasfer Member

    Yay! I finally go Peacebringer. I've got 3 lovely white block adorns planned but no clue on adorns/runes for the other 2 slots. As I didn't play the expansion before AoM would anyone recommend what to get and where from? None of the runes I found at the etyma merchant in Vesspyr seemed any good ;/

    Will have a look around and research in the morning, gone midnight and time for some zzzzzzz's
  2. Ocelotta23 New Member

    Man, I have a lot to learn having only played for a month or so a couple of years back. :eek:
  3. Genghes Active Member

    Practice and repetition will help. Also, get a good understanding of your abilities and when to use them
  4. Airros Active Member

    What AA spec do you recommend for a 95 monk, with Some ToV green gear and some new 95 gear, working toward 100?
  5. Sasfer Member

    Spec'ing AA's for 95+ the simplest way would be switch between the standard server sets solo/group/pvp when needed. If you'd prefer to pick your own abilities I'd highly recommend a spec prioritising every defensive ability, hate increases, rescues, HP, reuse speed along with going down the left side of the Prestige tree as mobs in AoM hit mega hard! once you have a defensive spec sorted make another spec def/dps something along the lines of our old "Black Widow Stance".....wish they'd bring it back!

    After that it all depends on who you group with and what gear you have....try little tweaks to see what works best for you. I would recommend using a AA calculator. I use the beetny one since I can save the spec and load it directly into eq2, along with going back to the site to make small changes easier and faster.

    hope that helps
  6. Eridion Member

    Wut, black widow stance was garbage, also left side prestige isn't needed unless you're raiding, it's much better to get double conversions.
  7. Leprosea New Member

    I reccomend getting the Malice of Lanys charm too for ae hate on trash/aoe fights. Seeing as we only have mantis/aoe combination really.
  8. Leprosea New Member

    Go have a look at mine, i've specced for 100% tank. Might not suit you but I've used the same once since ToV and it works still considering I tank raids.

    also big ups Silzin for the beast Monk Guide!
  9. lonaddar New Member

    so Silzin, great guide for tanking ... ty ... I respect what you have put together ... however ... it doesn't help the dpsing monk change perception in the world at large if the monk community cant/wont support it

    as a longgggg time monk ive seen the good the bad and the ugly of monk skill sets over the years (eq 1 and 2) and generally run 2 full sets of gear and aas which I may chg back and forth during raids multiple times (ty for switching aas on the fly and 1 click gear swaps) at the height of ToV as a raid monk I was able to parse in the top 3 in my guild regularly, in the current xpac tho I cant break top 10

    this is bad ... because by continuing to support the perception that monks are only good for tanking we are ruining our accessibility and usability to groups and raids, the more versatility we bring to the table the more desirable we become ... think about it ... don't dismiss it
  10. Breta Well-Known Member

    Guess what you're a tank if you parse nice numbers while doing your job great. However if you were top 3 dps in ToV the simple conclusion is that your guildmates just sucks at their dps toons. Also any sensible sk can outdps monk easy.
  11. lonaddar New Member

    thank you ... I rest my case ...

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