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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Silzin, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. Silzin Active Member

    well the only old items i use would be Totem of the Draconic Defender, from Skyshrine, but i am not sure if you can solo one at 94. also get your AA up...
  2. Silzin Active Member

    Bumping since this is still relivent info.
  3. Sasfer Member

    Thought this could use a bump up and to thank Silzin for some great advice. It's been a huge help to me after 4 years away. I haven't got peacebringer ( can't solo the zones) but using your recommendations has made my Monk pretty solid for any of the solo/Advanced solo zones and I'm sure heroic zones too when I get round to it.

    Thanks Silzin :)
  4. Neth New Member

    Is there something wrong with, or something I don't understand about, the AA Mending Spirit from the bottom of the Shadows tab? It claims to reduce the reuse time of mend by 60 seconds, but it doesn't seem to affect the spell at all.
  5. Silzin Active Member

    It affect the Reuse in the same way your Ability Reuse does, and will stack up to 100% (1/2 reuse) and not a % more.
  6. Boli Active Member

    .... and is one of many AA which are completely worthless to put AA in at max level
  7. Liou_Unrest Active Member

    Silzin, did you have to farm for the level 92 purple war runes on your PB? If so, what method did you go? Drop rates really are a pain in the old TOV adv solos....
  8. Ebofu Active Member

    Best method would be x4 trash, Accursed Sanctum especially, if you can manage it. In addition can also run Ages Endx2 for random war rune recipes.
  9. Silzin Active Member

    I raided all of ToV so i have a lot of time to farm for the runes i wanted then and i still have them around.
  10. Liou_Unrest Active Member

    Hmm.. I wonder if either are duo-able with a competent tank/heal combo... I'm guessing not. Most TOV stuff isn't trivial yet.
  11. Achirin Active Member

    I use a Bruiser rather than Monk but hoping the two are close enough for my questions.

    First, I'm really interested in trying out a riposte focused build. I keep looking at all the superior riposte damage adorns I have and thinking there has to be something that would make these worth it. A few things concern me though 1) The amount of misses I see from riposte, will strikethrough increase this? I'm currently only sitting around 50% I believe. 2) Does riposte act like a normal melee hit in that it can crit/flurry/ae/anything to be useful? 3) Does the bruiser stoneskin proc off a riposte even if it misses?

    Also, I've seen several comments that most raid mobs have strikethrough so I should reforge out of block chance, is there any truth to this? If so I imagine this would ruin a riposte build as you have to parry in order to riposte.
  12. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    I actually tried out the riposte build and it wasnt worth it. Its garbage honestly and i wish they would do anything about it. Do not reforge out of blockchance it would be a huge misstake.
  13. Genghes Active Member

    70+st helps a lot. Another thing to look at is either 1800 weapon skill or 100% accuracy. Those will help increase your hit rate. A repo hit does little damage and isn't like a normal attack. Don't go after repo damage. Yes raid mobs have strike through, but it's not 100% you still need block chance. The only repo you should go after is extra repo chance
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  14. Almee Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tips, Silzin. I don't raid but I have been wondering which abilities are most useful to a monk. I'm going to try out some of your suggestions and see if it makes it more fun to play my monk.
  15. Silzin Active Member

    I agree with Genghes on this... Also thank you all for the compliments on the build, i am glad it helps.
  16. Achirin Active Member

    I thought Accuracy was only for flanking? So the riposte damage runes gives +10 additional chance to riposte, how does this compare to the +3% white adorn for neck. At the 3 piece bonus you would have +30 additional chance to riposte + 0.5% Extra Riposte chance. Is additional chance to riposte a second chance where as extra riposte is increased riposte success?
  17. xkrisx Well-Known Member

    Additional Chance to Riposte : is just a chance to convert your current Avoidance to be a Riposte. Does not affect your avoidance, just the chance of it being a riposte rather then a parry.

    Extra Riposte chance : is an uncontested avoidance check. It is an additional chance to avoid an attack with a ripost.
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  18. Genghes Active Member

    Additional repo chance isn't worth it as a bruiser. Extra repo chance will make you avoid more attacks. As for accuracy, if you don't have any and you have low weapon skills then you will miss a lot
  19. Mahgnus Member

    Accuracy = miss and dodge
    Strikethrough = Parry/riposte and block

    Your attacks can either 'miss' or be avoided (dodge/parry/block). Accuracy provides a second chance to hit despite a 'miss', strikethrough provides a second chance to hit despite an 'avoid'. You cant strikethrough a dodge.

    Non-brawler mobs can't parry/dodge attacks from behind so most scouts roll with accuracy over strikethrough, as a tank you need both.

    I currently run 55 ST and 36 Acc; however, Im going to increase my ST to around 80 and decrease my Acc to around 20-25 after a looking over the large collection of data I've accumulated over the last couple of weeks.
  20. Achirin Active Member

    Thanks all! Appreciate the help.

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