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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Silzin, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. Silzin Active Member

    one more thing to remember about AoE agro, our Auto Attack will not be the main thing that lets you hold agro, its Dragons Rage and Hostility that will hold the adds that you are not targeting off of your group.
  2. Silzin Active Member

    I guess that I skipped the beginning with this guide. So before you should consider yourself a tank as a monk you need the following (I think).

    1st Epic Reproductions must be completed. You can complete it solo around 90.
    2nd Complete the AoM signiture Quest Line. You will need the gear and mount from this.
    3rd work the Ad Solo AoM zones and get a full set of 4/4 yellow (Min) Mit armor, and at least a full set of Handcrafted Jewelry and 2 1h Mit Weapon or a 2h Mit weapon.
    4th Expert out all of your abilities. If you can get an Ancient Defensive Stance (Crouching Tiger) from pre 90, it is better than the 92 version (Gives around 4% more uncontested Block over the lvl 92 GM). Getting your crafter level up to lvl 100 and completing the AoM Triadskill Sig questline will help you get Purple Adorns and Rares needed for the experts.
    5th War Runes – at least Bolstered Attributes and Bolstered Endurance. Other War Runes I would recommend getting before tanking, but are not Requirements would be Relentless Conviction, and Astral Dominion.
    6th Get a Smoldering Adornment of Avoidance (Superior) Adorn for your neck and never use anything else…. Ever for a tank. Well ok, 70+ tanking that is.
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  5. xkrisx Well-Known Member

    Yup and the Bloodsoaked is not likely to be replaced anytime soon due to the amount of Block it provides and the clicky and the fact it still hits harder then any raid weapon currently discoed.
  6. Zeroc New Member

    I may be retar'ded but if i add some mod. at my bruiser the taunt amount rises ;D

    well anyone care to explain?
  7. xkrisx Well-Known Member

    @ Zeroc,

    The gain of taunt value vs Ability Mod does not make it a worthwhile investment as it only raises the overall point value unlike Spells. It also doesn't appear to raise the value of any procced taunts so investing tons of AMod into a reforge for exactly 2 spells is not worth it. Amod is all screwy IMO anyways.
  8. Silzin Active Member

    I tested AB Mod on the over all taunt amount of the most reliable taunt i had, Dragons Rage, and changed my Ab Mod from 1k up over 20k and say 0 change. this is wh i made my statment. But Xkrisx statment soulds like a better explination.
  9. Ebofu Active Member

    Dragon Rage is a buff/proc, wouldn't be affected by amod.

    Ability Modifier does indeed apply to taunts, but as aforementioned, its more efficient to increase your other stats for DPS, you would see greater hate returns there regardless.
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  10. Genghes Active Member

    The best way to increase taunt values is to increase your strength
  11. Oakenn_TZ Member

    For that collection reward staff (and the bloodsoaked heart weapon) do you have any links to exactly what has to be completed? I find that a lot of the resources for EQ2 are incomplete or poorly labeled.

    Also how hard would these be to do currently? I have a couple friends I could drag along but would only reliably have 3-4 people total.

    We all just started a couple months ago (3 of us long time EQ players) and I've been working up a bruiser on the side.
  12. Silzin Active Member

    I would not recomend the Bloodsoaked Heart Weapons for a 100 monk, but the Staff is nice and easy to get. I was able to Solo all but 1 of the zones, and that one my wife was able to help me with and we completed just fine. Also all of the Collections you need are from a link back on my original post about the Staff or Fabled Instances Link and go down to the area that says Fabled Instances, complete all of the collection from those zones and it will reward you that staff.
  13. Oakenn_TZ Member

    Ty. I'll probably get my bruiser up to high 90s then I can just flop around the zones and avoid having to crawl through with the fury.
  14. Silzin Active Member

    you will have to kill the 1st named to get the Shienys to spawn... so you may need the Fury for some of it. Also one of the zones has a gating where you have to kill a named to get the portal to the next area to open. (can not remember which)

    also you can get the list here
  15. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    I got me this weapon just last week. Fabled vaults has the portals. Fabled den is super easy to finish. SoS is super easy aswell. Fabled HoF was the pita! LOADS of trash who will stifle/stunlock you. To get the last 1-2 shinys you need to kill Sotis aswell to take down a barrier. To do this on a bruiser you will need a high dps partner, a dirge or a healer. You can pick up all the shinys before Sothis and then fd near dragon and have your partner use call of the tinkerer. Also make sure to buy or craft gnomish divining rods so you can track the shinys!
  16. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    Bah.. Should have quoted the right person :p


    PS: my brigands CB is spooky! :-O
  17. Silzin Active Member

    I found a way to use a Gnomish Spring Loaded Stilts and climb up the front of 1 of the Butresses next to the barrier and you can float past it. But plz do not tell the divs, they may "Fix It".
  18. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    Haha! Shouldnt have posted it on the forum then ;)

    Ty for tip tho! Smart!
  19. xkrisx Well-Known Member

    Still sad that we are having to use that collection weapon for optimal tanking stats :( .. but then again, I have only used it once or twice on progression fights since the expac launched.
  20. Oakenn_TZ Member

    any other items from old content you suggest getting? I'm trying to find stuff to do in down time when agnostic queues aren't popping (doing 90-95 and 340 aas in agnostics to farm masters)

    So far I've done my diety (tribunal) and epic. I think the fabled zones would destroy me too fast to go farm collectibles atm.

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