Monk (TANK) stats and gear questions

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by kadon_storm, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. kadon_storm New Member

    been solo questing and adv solos in tot but want to start tanking varsoons and the tot heroics

    anyone able to tell me what my stats should be at to start? I have been working on getting the umbral vanguard leather

    feel free to look me up on eq2wire orwhere ever my monks name is neeroh on skyfire
  2. Lea Plath Active Member

    So. I am looking and I see a ton of issues.

    Lots of weak AAs or suboptimal choices. Some gear that could be replaced.

    As a monk you want as much HP as possible, as much block as possible and 25k+ mit.

    I am on my phone now so I will have to give a better break down later. For now buy yourself 2 Uzulu stones, and the mystical mit cloak and deception belt.
  3. kadon_storm New Member

    Shard of Uzulu spirit stone? that has +potency,CB,SWDB, and WDB. no typical tank stats, I can see that it would providea dps increase is that to compensate for having to go for avoidance stats other places or am I looking at the wrong item?
  4. Lea Plath Active Member

    No no. Uzulu Stone. From the coin merchant. They provide a 20% stat boost each. For green adorn you want the mit one.
  5. Silzin Active Member

    This is the Charm He is talking about.

    Next I would go throw both of the ToT and the GU100 quest lines and get better Armor and Jewelry from them. I would not stress to much about the Mit or Block on it, you need to get your HP up and your ability to Hold agro. You AA Spec and Armor should do most of your Mit and Block for you. If you need more DPS and are doing on with Survivability you could change your Prestige around and go Double Conversion... I dont have the time atm to go over all of your toon. but it also looks like you need some adorns, the armor and War Runes can help a lot also.
  6. Sennen Well-Known Member

    I tank heroics just fine with the stats of my monk where they are at. Don't do much DPS, but also don't lose aggro too much.
  7. Kittybock Well-Known Member

  8. Menko Member

    so i am returning to this game after a very long absence. trying to play catch up with a player base that has very little patience for people who cant quite faceroll stuff yet.
    my monk is menko on maj'dul. i have done some work to make him at least heroic adequate. but after reading several threads in this forum, i have some conclusions and questions.
    first, its highly unlikely i will hold aggro for the most part being so undergeared.
    my second observation is that the going advice seems to be get your hp and potency up. however, every monk i look up to get an idea of what they are doing, has extremely high potency due to ...ethereal items obtained from heroic missions, and raid gear obtained from...raids.
    so, im wondering, how does a fresh tank get potency high enough to run heroic content if the gear with said potency is obtained from heroic and raid content? just curious, and very open to suggestions.
    also, anyone kind enough to look me up and critique is welcome to and appreciated.
    im expecting to have some "what were you thinking" aspects currently to this toon. i have not touched monk was at 95 when i came back, so its been years i believe.
  9. Wing Member

    There is decent pot jewelry from gu 100 zones. That would give you a great start.
  10. Silzin Active Member

    The GU 100 Sig quest line is a good start, followed with flopping and getting the collections from all of the non Heroic zones. Try to get the contested collections. this will get you a very good set of gear.

    for starts use Adorns and War Runes to get our AoE Auto up, try not to reforge for it, Its to expensive. after 100 AE Auto get the soft caps on all of the rest of your stats then AB Mod. If you need an AA Spec to start with ether m Hard Tanking Spec or my Mixed Tanking Specs would be a good place to start looking. Having 2 specs is a very good idea. One for the Agro and one for survivability.
  11. Wing Member

    I meant to say the jewelry was from gu 100 collections. They should be pretty easy to get and you can sell duplicate shinies to help you pay for other stuff..
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  12. Menko Member

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