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Discussion in 'Monk' started by ARCHIVED-etch666, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-etch666 Guest


    Please can you look into fixing Superior guard, with the tenacity nerf this ability needs to start working reliably when blocking damage.
    Superior guard at the moment is blocking ae's etc great, however you get an ae with a power drain component and half the time sup. guard will absorb the power drain and not the damage - it essentially blocks whatever hits the player first and the power drain seems to hit first 50% of the time at least. An example of one of these ae's is the red text on the Putretor fight red text in UD raid zone.
    Having a "half the time working" ae blocker is no good, it needs to be 100% or not at all.
    This could possibly be an issue with other stoneskin abilities as well, this is only from my own perspective.
  2. ARCHIVED-Yimway Guest

    Power drains are not supposed to be classed as damage, as such soneskin's in general should not be blocking them. This would infact be too beneficial if this were the case (even if its an issue for your example).
    It this is in fact happening, something seems very wrong.
  3. ARCHIVED-The_Cheeseman Guest

    I can't say I have ever done a Skyshrine raid zone, but I have also never seen Superior Guard block a power drain instead of HP damage. Heck, I can't recall ever seeing Superior Guard block a power drain at all. Outward Calm used to eat a lot of power drains, but they've changed a lot of those over the past couple of years so that they ignore wards.
  4. ARCHIVED-Soul_Dreamer Guest

    The large golem in UD (Pair of mobs, 3rd from last) is a prime example, the Drain and Damage eat 2 hits of ToS as well.
    I have a monk friend who winges like a little girl about this mob and the ability mentioned by Skydan :)
  5. ARCHIVED-etch666 Guest

    Try it, tank putretor in UD and wait for his red text ae, throw tsunami up and use sup.guard and see if you take damage.
    This is not just mobs in UD but happens with any mob with a combined damage/power drain ae has a chance to bypass the guard.

    The description of the spell says "will absorb all damage" and I really dont care for stone-skinning a power drain when I am gonna get killed by the same ae - can this get a fix please?
  6. ARCHIVED-Alaska Guest

    For the record, while tanking Putretor the Guardian block(s) are also failing at about the same rate. Doesn't matter which one he uses it's about a 50/50 split on weather it actually works. Our MT is honestly resorting to using healer death saves alot more but that does not mean this is an issue that shouldn't probably be fixed.
  7. ARCHIVED-Fairin Guest

    the absolute best aoe block that works 100% of the time. and also applies a death prevent. is not being around the golem when it does its point blank -rooting self to the ground- aoe
  8. ARCHIVED-Soul_Dreamer Guest

    Alaska wrote:
    The is false, your Guardian just needs to time it better. All Guardian stoneskines will cover the red AOE from Putretor with ease, I know this because I regurly do it. Each tick will only ever take up 2 stoneskins, 1 for the power, 1 for the HP.
    What is likely happening is either.
    A. The Guardian is casting early and 1 or 2 hits is being used up by Auto attack and other effects.
    B. He's not being cured of the Nox fast enough and so it's ticking over and killing him.
    Get him to get ACT and add a timer for the actual hit rather than watching the red writing. If he's casting it with the red writing it's waaaaaaaaaaay to early, the hit comes about 5 seconds after the red writing. Also have one of the DPS group healers curing him, Inquis + Troub will be way out of range of the red and not have to move so can cure as soon as it lands.
    I agree with Fairin though, these effects are meant to be jousted. On some mobs SOE enforce the jousting with incurable effects, on others they don't, the fact that some tanks can stay in for them isn't by design it's because those tanks have a work around. If you have a Guardian in raid to AOE avoid tanks, or any class that can AOE immune the MT (Enchanter Sever hate/Cleric Agi line AA) they don't even have to move far, just out of Melee range so the mob targets someone else.

    Either way though since they changed it so wards can't absorb power drains it would be nice if stoneskins wheren't used up for them either.
  9. ARCHIVED-Shredderr Guest

    Yeah I agree this ability is way underpowered for its placement in our AA line and that should be obvious. Blocks 1 attack but dont cast anything or it cancels ... worthless in this stage of the game.
  10. ARCHIVED-rotaterz Guest

    Shredderr wrote:
    Superior Guard is by far the best aa we have for main tanking, without it we wouldn't be half the tank we are on hard mode fights!! Yes it sucks that anything can eat it.. But i wouldnt want them to mess with it, they would probly make it worse!
  11. ARCHIVED-Shredderr Guest

    Rotate@Nagafen wrote:
    haha true dat
  12. ARCHIVED-rotaterz Guest

    I take that back.. superior guard is all but worthless to me now.. I never had this problem before.. But like the OP.. now its blocking the powerdrain and letting the damage 1shot me.. This is happening close to 90% of the time past two weeks on multiple mobs.. while doing pulls on Sevelak of Storms his red message aoe, i am blocking the power tap part of it and taking the damage almost everytime.. RAiding in drunder this is happening and everywhere. I can't even tank the hand of vallon golems in drunder anymore without a warden to block al the dt's becuse of this.. I used to tank it easly. its really annoying, now i have nothing to block dt's. I basicly stand there and like.. welll healers i just stand here and hold agro you do the rest!

    THIS IS SOME BS!!!! feels good to go play guildwars2 when raids end tho haha.

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