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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Rahvana, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. Rahvana New Member

    My brother is playing a monk, however, I'll be asking the questions for him, as I tend to enjoy research more than

    I'll start by asking about the leather to chain conversion..I seem to recall back when I played monk, there was an ability or AA or something that made leather armor equivalent to chain, or something similar, am I a confused fool, or did something change?

    Also, what stats should he follow? Scout DPS stats, or what, is there a good guide out there for monks/brawlers?
  2. Coty Member

    Monk aa page there's Numbing Blows, adds more mit you get from gear. If he wanna tank tell him to focus on stacking up mitigation. There's also another aa from Dragons that adds more mit to defensive stance.
  3. Silzin Active Member

    The Monk Myth Weapon Buff used to Convert the Leather Armor into Chain... sort of... but now it gives the save % In +Mitigation.

    The basic stats yall are working for is 100% AoE Auto, Adorn for this, try not to have to reforge for it. then go for 100% Reuse, 70-100 Casting, 600 DPS, 120 Haste and MA, then get your CB/Pot up as high as you can and reforge into AD Mod all you can. You will not be able to Cap AB Mod.

    If you want a good all around tanking Spec I would suggest you start off with my Hardtanking or my Mixedtanking. Also i did up a guide Last Xpac around here some where i can link to if you want and i have time to link it later. If you have specific questions about AA, Gear, Reforging and Attack/Temp rotations just ask.

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