[Monk] Class concerns - The Not-So Balanced Fighter

Discussion in 'Monk' started by ARCHIVED-mr23sgte, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Turb0T Guest

    Yeah I like that encounter proc idea... a new petition thread then? :)
  2. ARCHIVED-Raznor269 Guest

    One idea I thought would be cool is an ability to gain hate based on our avoidance. Say every time a mob misses us, x amount of hate is gained. Couple that with Tsunami and you have way of producing alot of hate without having the ae damage of a zerker or Sk. For example, you pull a group encounter, hit your ae's and taunts, fire tsunami and gain hate from your avoidance.

  3. ARCHIVED-mr23sgte Guest

    Looks like we got a response in the Combat Discussion Forum and the KOS AA line will see some love -
    I'm hoping MAYBE some EOF/TSO Monk AA's reworked too. /pray
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    Aeralik wrote:
    Just adding this here so it's easier to refer to!

    I guess we have more reasons to take the WIS/INT lines!
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    Raznor269 wrote:
    I think this would be an awesome solution to the issue. Also it seems like it would effectively mirror what would happen in an actual fight, I mean, if you are fighting someone, wouldn't you get more pissed and frustrated if they kept just stepping out of the way of your attacks and then hitting you while you were recovering? Of course I would bet that since this is the case it automaticaly guarentees that SOE won't implement it.
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    Saphirewind@Permafrost wrote:
    Actually it isn't a good solution, as you would be losing out on hate if you didn't have agro. Also, on high end mobs we don't really avoid all that much to make it worth it.