Monk Ability - Jolting Strike

Discussion in 'Monk' started by ARCHIVED-BChizzle, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-BChizzle Guest

    Maxed on AA's this ability still is completely ineffective. I'd like it to be changed a little so its somewhat worthwhile. Here are my suggestions.
    First off double the damage on this ability it hits way too low for something that gets 5 aa's in it and will get worse and worse as time goes on.
    Secondly, it would be great as a group buff.
    Third, make it a blue AE proc. (My favorite, leave it as it is but have it proc a blue ae on each hit.)
    What do you guys think would make this ability better?
    (EDIT: I know some trolls might roll up in here and suggest monks don't need any improvements, however, this is just a thread about how one of our abilities that could use some buffing not about how OP you think this class is, please take that stuff elsewhere as if this ability was just brought in line with our other CA's/Abilities of the same level nothing in your day would be effected.)
  2. ARCHIVED-Shredderr Guest

    Personally I'd like to it see it proc a group wide arcane elemental noxious mitigation buff. and if it cant be group wide then an even fatter buff for us and to stay up for a decent amount of time.We really have no abilities to protect a group or the healer and all other tanks seem to have a plethora of them . Its bad enough our ability to hold aggro , and snapping aggro does not make you good as a tank, my wizard can snap aggro . So give us some help with magic based damage just like pallies can buff the whole group with a 20% physical damage reduction.
    I do agree about the spell though it's absolutly worthless and always has been . I dont raid though and dont have access to the gear you probobly do so I have issues with Tanking that you wouldnt nor would an averagely equipped plate tank. On my server I still see the posts lf plate tank and dps pst need heals and plate tank. the only monk that may get a chance is the one raids with the best raiding guild on the server and thus has fabulous gear that most of us wont see till its outdated.

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