Monk AA assistance pls

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    I went to the monk forums, but the info is very outdated. I did read the one current threat butt..
    For a solo/duo monk, any suggestions on spending AAs? I have Tiger Sifu right now and have points in crane and the crit chance one.
    I have several points in baton flurry and the one right under it.
    Should I go Tiger, couple points in baton flurry then go down the mantis tree?
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    You also might try the Spells, Abilities, and General Class Discussion or the flames forum you can search for.
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    ((This is the wrong forum for this question. There is a monk forum.
    That said, I have written a quite detailed set of recommendations for the monk AA choices on the Monk forum, and it is specifically aimed at non-hardcore monks, so if you are solo/duo, you could do worse than read that.
    I wouldn't worry about the side-issues that some of the later posters get into, just have a peek down the suggestions and then make your own mind up, because every player has slightly different preferences anyway, and there is no "correct" spec, just modify to whatever works for you.))
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    I take it no one read my first sentence that I KNEW General Discussion was the wrong place but that NO ONE
    was posting in the monk forums.
    That said..
    Thank you and I will look into your post as soon as I have 2 mins here at work.
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    Felishanna@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    LOL....I was hoping to find someone else to answer.
    I read your post and got totally confused.
    I need something simple. I don't have 320 aas. I am not lvl 92.
    My monk is 65 with 131. I am looking for a goal.
    I am looking for hard hitting with high avoidance so I don't take as much damage.
    If you go to the site and look at Peachiepeach you will what a mess her AA brawler tree is.
    I am asking for assistance on how to fix it. What simple recommendations would one give me.
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