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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Lemilla, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. Lemilla Active Member

    About a year ago, I posted the formula for the mitigation curve at that time. Although the formula has not changed, the variables have as we are now an expac further and ten levels higher. And as there have been some requests for the new numbers, here they are.

    Mitigation  Mit%
    1000        -40.00%
    12500       -40.00%
    25000       -28.14%
    50000       -4.07%
    70000       24.28%
    90000       42.30%
    110000      53.55%
    130000      61.23%
    150000      66.81%
    175000      71.95%
    195000      75.00%
    The formula has 4 parts:
    · A horizontal linear part. Your mitigation can not go below -40%.
    · A diagonal linear part. mit% = L * (mitigation - F)
    · A curved part. mit% = (mitigation - F) / ((1 + A) * (mitigation - F) + B)
    · A horizontal linear part. Your mitigation can not go above +75%.

    The linear and curved parts intersect where the mitigation percentage is 0%.

    For a level 120 player getting attacked by a level 128 target, these variables are as follows:
    · L = -0.0000963
    · F = 54229
    · A = -0.02
    · B = 49500

    Which results in a mitigation cap of 195000.

    There does remain some uncertainty in the data I gathered, especially as I am not able to get close to that cap. But either way, here is the graphical representation.


    For additional information, I also got a few data points against a level 126 target. For these, the mitigation cap is about 160000, while the 0% mitigation point is at about 30000.
  2. Elkana Active Member

    This is amazing, not the mitigation. Your work is amazing.
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  3. Dracek New Member

    Seems obsolete already, I am reaching the 75% reduction already around 100k mitigation
  4. Bludd Well-Known Member

    and what kind of benefit do you see with that much mit? which encounters are easier now?
  5. Twofeets Active Member

    Most of the heavy spike damage I take seems to be from spells, its rare I get 1 shotted from a physical attack. This is nice to know, especially for challenge zones or higher end raids however.
  6. Arclite Well-Known Member

    over 200k mitigation in raids, throw in a conjy you would be bouncing attacks off your chest.
  7. Lemilla Active Member

    The mitigation percentage displayed by the ingame tooltips is for a level 120 enemy.
  8. Arclite Well-Known Member

    I usually dual wield raid mobs whilst main tanking them and all the way up to challenge Seru. I also tested using a lot of wdb/ab mod conversion gear just to see how little mit i can get away with and tanked challenge mobs with as little as 30k mitigation with 50% avoidance (uncontested is n/a as there is no shield equipped) and saw no difference in survivability, granted this may be class or setup specific and the mob aes (like sambata mutant or the summoner) they need either full avoidance abilities to survive or a joust. I feel this is a deliberate mechanic (or lack thereof) in this expansion to compensate for the mess it has been with raids still requiring constant fixes and patches.

    I miss the days where block chance (contested and uncontested) and mitigation mattered the most on a tank where incremental increases in those stats made encounter incoming damage a lot more manageable. It was a sense of an accomplishment.

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