MIt requirement on encounters in gu 101

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Uncle, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. Uncle Active Member

    Most new encounters utilize mitigation, the amount of mitigation a specific encounter has can be seen via the detect weakness ability.

    ok so iif this is going in dose this mean that resolve going away cause this on top of resolve and magic resist gonna get a lil silly imho especally wiuth bleed over on ward what not

    and also

    is beta open yet cause i could not log into beta
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  2. MalcolmXBox Active Member

    You're right. Resolve is silly; and that's probably too kind of a description for a few.
    They felt it necessary to shoehorn resolve in the game and the effects are seen by raiders and raiding guilds. Resolve may have been a great idea in the place of crit mit, but not with this size of population and fragmented content. There's no sense to it.

    If you're not one of the top tier raid forces with the needed resolve numbers (especially since klakanon), there's a good chance of struggling to continue with new raid content. The longer this persists, the more likely it is for people to leave (guild, game, etc..)

    Canning resolve would be the smartest choice for them. I would be very happy if they did that.

    IMO they had enough stats for us to play around with. The resources could've been spent on more pressing needs.
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  3. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    Resolve stops ppl from playing and holds guilds back theres nothing more frustrating for raids then not being able to do content because a few are missing or recruits don't have enough in the end players become disinterested and leave the game.
  4. Meirril Well-Known Member

    Most stats are pushed to a point that they don't matter. Most of the stats that can be capped, are capped. Most of the soft cap stats are beyond that soft cap. There arn't that many stats that don't have a cap. Itemization has been so same-same full of micro-upgrades for so long its just booring.

    I'm not defending resolve. Its an unpopular mechanic for a reason. But I'll say that itemization needs a shake up. Start putting out pieces that make people actually have to think about what to equip, and choose between stats. Not just another direct micro-upgrade of the stuff I'm already wearing.
  5. MalcolmXBox Active Member

    When I suggested that I meant that there are enough stats to play around with, I meant we don't need another. Because we can probably do a major upgrade to the ones we already have.

    It also wouldn't hurt to address the more important issue of bringing the bulk of player abilities that are now useless ever since potency went insane. If they don't plan on doing that, they could at least remove them so players (new and old) don't have to look at them with the impression that this game has serious upkeep issues.

    I get what you're saying about stats and updating spells and AA in a way that players do have to choose states carefully, might be a good first step; or at least, a good idea to inject creative thought; which has indeed been lacking for some time now (Maldura=Thurgadin rehash).

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