Missing white adornment slots on new items

Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Nindakin, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Nindakin Member

    It seems every new primary, secondary, and ranged item from Chains of Eternity that has a yellow or red adornment slot is missing one white slot compared to older Skyshrine items. One handed weapons/secondaries/ranges only have one white slot when they should have two, and two handers only have two white slots when they should have three (although they really should have four, but I digress).

    Considering these are the only slots that take crit bonus and potency adornments, it would be nice if they were added back. It'd also be nice if the old itemization and equipment section was brought back so this thread doesn't get buried!
  2. Gaealiege Active Member

    This needs addressed. I thought you guys had this sorted out after entirely messing up Drunder. Two-handers get 3 white adorns to make up for using both hands.
  3. Nindakin Member

    Hoping this gets addressed soon.
  4. Gaealiege Active Member

    This still needs addressed. The team messed up Drunder originally and now you're going back to the exact same mistakes.
  5. Nindakin Member

    Unburying this, this still remains an issue.
  6. Kander Developer

    All 1 hand weapons, off hand weapons and ranged weapons should currently have 1 white and one red or yellow slot. Two handed weapons now have have 2 white and 2 red or yellow slots, which is twice as many. I just spawned every weapon for CoE on live and I do not see any missing the white slots. Please post some examples or PM me some and we will make sure they get corrected, but currently, to me, it appears all are as stated.
  7. Kander Developer

    Are you using a custom UI?
  8. Atan Well-Known Member

    I think the user is expecting two whites and a red/yellow, since SS had 2 whites.
  9. Mills New Member

    I think what the OP and others are saying is that things like the one-handed weapons from the older Skyshrine content had 2 white slots (but no red or yellow slots). Now, the one-handed weapons in CoE have 1 white slot and 1 red or yellow slot and that it feels like something is missing since one of the white slots was essentially traded for a red or yellow slot.

    I'm assuming this is intended, but whether it is a good thing or not could be debated.
  10. Regolas Well-Known Member

    This makes the primary/secondary/range items a lot more difficult to judge whether it's an upgrade. Do you sacrifice 2.5% CB or Pot for a yellow or red proc adorn or not?

    Personally, I like the "always on" effects of cb/pot compared to random procs.

    I'm seeing a massive decline in effects on items compared to skyshrine. I've got charms, rings, earrings, weapons, etc from skyshrine with effects/procs that are not getting replaced by CoE loot with better base stats. I may have just not witnessed enough gear yet but it seems really difficult to determine what is an upgrade and what isn't.
  11. Gaealiege Active Member

    Yeah, I suppose what I was referring to was the loss of potency/cb with the new weapon model, Kander. I wasn't 100% certain that was intended, given SS weapons had a proc and the slots. In the CoE model I get to pick the proc...which while nice doesn't really make up for lost cb/pot.

    Also the vast majority of procs are terrible. I can only assume that's by design. So the gains here seem miniscule at best.
  12. Atan Well-Known Member

    You need one of the better runes for the new stuff to be a clear upgrade.

    From Kander's perspective the new model is the one we should play by, the fact that it isn't a clear upgrade in all cases isn't that much of a concern.
  13. Kwikdeath Active Member

    Really, red slots are terrible...I must have missed the memo. Anyone running or wanting a 2.5% CB adorn over something like Winds of Obol/Winds of the Tundra, Dains Legacy, Etheral/Rime Strike, Greater Magnitude or Overbearing Onslaught is just wrong. There are plenty of effects worth having, all of which are superior to a simple 2.5% CB... (Didn't even mention evaded blade, etc.)

    Kander, what you did was perfect, all most people wanted was the red slots back on their primary/secondary/ranged slots. Having an extra white would have been nice, but this discussion is such a waste of time compared to some of the other issues out there, like leveling a majority of the green adorns, I'm sad that it consumed any dev time.

    For the TL: DR folks, people are whining about not having extra white slots on items.... Really, as if that should be the most pressing concern of the dev team when we have raid encounters broken, green adorns broken, etc. This game is already gone easy mode, do you really need them to make it any easier?
  14. Mills New Member

    Half of those war runes you mentioned (the DoV dropped runes specifically) aren't usable in primary/secondary. Only the upgraded CoE versions are. Then we get into the whole debate about getting those runes and how funky it is for things like tank runes on mage gear, etc.
  15. Kwikdeath Active Member


    The issue is that there are more than 2 or 3 good runes to run on gear.. Having red slots limited to belts and charms (or cloaks or whatever) effectively caps how many you can run.

    The big argument over the past several months have been we did not have enough red slot items for people to run all the effects they wanted. The other issues you mentioned are not related to this thread at all.

    The OP was whining about not having an extra white, then people started chiming in saying the white was more valuable than a red slot. I was simply showing what utter nonsense that argument is. The other issues can certainly be discussed in a different thread, but should probably be started with that as the OP versus trying to completely change the direction of this thread.
  16. Mills New Member

    My point is if you're going to list several runes as usable in a red slot for a weapon, then at least get the list factually correct instead of just saying anything which sounds good.
  17. Kwikdeath Active Member

    My point was not that though, so why should I say that.

    The point I was making was that there were more good red runes than could be run due to lack of red slots pre-CoE. Winds of Obol, Greater Magnitude and Overbearing Onslaught would go great on the three slots at the bottom, but that is beside my point. There are many terrible, terrible red runes as well, but I was just stating that there are more runes than can fit on charm/cloak/belt, in response to Gaealiege's post. This was a huge complaint during AoD and the Devs fixed it for CoE.

    Really is it that concerning tho....lmfao at this whole discussion.

    Basically my whole entire point is that red runes > white adornments. If I wanted to make a list of adornments by slot I would have, but Feldon already has done that so why would I recreate the wheel....

    Nice try on the troll tho bro :).
  18. slippery Well-Known Member

    Flurry seems to have gone missing from every new weapon in the game.
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  19. Nindakin Member

    If the missing white slot is actually intended due to the added yellow/red slot, that's fine. However, given that belts and cloaks with yellow/red slots still retain two white slots, I'm more inclined to think that the missing white slot on primaries/secondaries/ranges is an oversight. If I had to guess, I'd imagine that this issue is occurring because the adornment slots on the new weapons are being generated using older weapons that had yellow/red slots as a template, and the last time weapons had these slots was back in DoV/Drunder before the additional white slot was added.

    White slots should really be treated independently of any yellow/red slots present on the item. It's not like weapons in Skyshrine (or even other slots from this expansion) with built in procs make you sacrifice a white adornment slot in compensation, so there really isn't any precedence for that kind of design philosophy.
  20. Gaealiege Active Member

    And what do heroically geared people do for those slots, Kwik? You're crazy if you think 12% potency up for a few seconds during a fight shows more effect than a permanent 2.5%.

    What Nindakin is saying is obviously the case. The whole weapon adornment design philosophy has absolutely no consistency, so it's difficult for someone to argue such a ludicrous stance as Kwik's. Half of the current heroic runes would never be used as they are 100% worthless.