Fixed Internally Missing Spell Scroll (Large) from amenity list

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Dryea, Dec 8, 2021.

  1. Dryea New Member

    Our guild hall had two spell scroll depots in our guild hall. Just recently the large depot disappeared. The amenity list is showing only one depot. We did have 40/40 amenities purchased. Now we have 39/40. The history tab does not show that any amenity was sold or purchased. We have lost the ability to have the large scroll depot and we lost the entire contents that was in the depot.

    I have submitted a petition for this issue. Customer Service stated they are unable to replace the depot and the contents. I should submit a bug report.

    HELP!!!!! Please!!!!!
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  2. Bisquette Member

    The same thing is happening in my guild hall. I did a /bug immediately and then petitioned Customer Service. The responses from CS were shockingly unhelpful, unresponsive, and even insulting.

    The first response was, “The only Scroll Depot that's available as an amenity in that Guild Hall is the one you have. Perhaps you were thinking of a different depot.”

    Well, I was not thinking of another depot, my guild is level 115, and I have a saved house layout file that shows both depots. When I replied back, the rep told me that since the depot is missing from the amenities list, they cannot help me. I asked for the petition to be escalated and was told it could take up to five business days for a response.

    I get that Customer Service reps are not programmers—of course they can’t fix bugs that need a patch—but they should acknowledge the problem and let me know that it will be fixed. The programmers aren’t going to contact me. I want to know when this is expected to be fixed and if I will get my 1,500 or so masters, grandmasters and ancients back.
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  3. Dryea New Member

    I asked about the contents in the depot. The response I got was it is up to the devs if they will replace what is lost.
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  4. Bisquette Member

    Hey, Devs, are you going to replace these recipes and spell scrolls? I know of four guild halls that are affected by this issue, just from the Bug forum. I suspect it must be many more than that. Are you going to let thousands of recipe books and spell scrolls just suddenly get sucked out of the game?
  5. Denmum Developer

    Patience, please. :D We just learned of the issue last night and it is being investigated now.
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  6. Bisquette Member

    Thank you!
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  7. faethies New Member

    Hi my spell Depot on Halls of Fate, is missing. The guild name is Petal Pushers in the Kerafym GH off Antonica docks. I really appreciate your help, Thank you
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  8. Leejin New Member

    Same problem, Scroll/Spell depot gone from Guild Hall.
    Years of books collected.

    Going to rock in corner for awhile...
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  9. Balti New Member

    Same issue here, Safe Haven Guild on Antonia Bayle, Kerafym GH, Antonica Docks. Petition also put in.
  10. Caith Developer

    The scroll depots (and their contents) are not gone from the database, rather the Scroll Depot (Large) is unable to load in the Highhold Guild Hall, Skyshrine Capital Guild Hall, and Kerafyrm's Lair Guild Hall. The issue with those guildhalls has been fixed for the next patch, and those Guild Halls will be able the Scroll Depot (Large) once again.
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