Missing Kelethin Guild Writs & Missing Tradeskill Writs

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Mysticalmaid, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Mysticalmaid Member

    So there are only 2 out of 4 Guild Writs that my character has access to now for levelling the guild. The Kelethin Guild writs have been missing in action since I did the first one, and I'm still having to harvest the last tier to do old tier tradeskill writs. Time that I would rather spend harvesting EJ or Obol for a chance at rares while I restock the writ supplies. What's the ETA of fixing the bugged Kelethin Writs, and when can we expect to see the Tier appropriate Tradeskill writs go in?
  2. Audleigh New Member

    Depending on your level, you should have access to a writ for Eidolon Jungle, and a writ for Obol Plains, from each like-aligned writ giver. Unfortunately, Alma Marigold was not allowing players to pick up any further Kelethin writs once they had completed Kelethin: Dreadooze the first time around. I've looked into the issue, and have checked in a fix, which should go live here pretty soon.
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  3. Mysticalmaid Member

    That is great news, I am looking forward to the fix going in.

    Thanks for the information, I can access both Eidolon Jungle and Obol Plains writs but can only choose between them so it would still only be 2 I can pick up per run (until Kelethin is fixed) .

    I do miss Kunark writ runs with 8 writs per run, (4 per city) it saved a lot of time running back and forth and it was much more enjoyable, I especially enjoyed Kunzar Jungle writs. It just didn't seem so tedious and repetitive as it does lately.
  4. Pixiewrath Active Member

    Will this also fix so we who have bugged kelethin writs at the moment, will get them fixed as well, or do we need to contact a GM to manually get them removed from the "completed" tab?

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