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    In short: back after a long gap, got some specific Qs about these 3 aspects fo the game, grateful for expert advice please - can't find this stuff elsewhere, so here we go...

    1. Mercs.
    - I have 3 now on my 2 x Mains; is that enough?
    - Or, should I just pick one per toon and concentrate on gearing/training them?
    - Is it even worth my while training a Merc before I get to 120 (I got the mains from 95 to 100, moving steadily but slowly, want to see all the new zones)?
    - Is it worth my while getting higher-tier Mercs (if I can), or will Treasured cut it at end game?

    2. Overseer rewards - I'm getting a lot of stuff; I'm OK with gear, but confused as to the Infusers. Again, use them now on my L98/100 gear, or hoard them until 120?

    3. Familiars. Finally, is it worth saving up and getting one really good one per toon, one that suits their style, or will Legendary be enough?

    Sorry for the long post - there's a lot to get back in my head just remembering rotations, without all this new stuff! That said, I've been on many many other MMORPGs since leaving EQ2 and I've raided on most of them - and EQ2 is still best as regards basic gameplay, crafting, houses, mounts, and even just playing solo/with Merc. I might even start a new toon off, just to go through the zones again and discover things once more - magic!
  2. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Here's my thoughts on your questions. First off, it sounds like you're taking your time and not rushing to 120. My responses are framed in that context. If that's not the case, let me know and I'll update.

    Mercs: they're extremely handy to fill a gap you might have when you're doing content. You don't say what your class is, so I can't be more specific. I generally tend to have healer mercs for my non-healer classes I play. Occasionally, depending on availability, I might even have a healer merc for my healer class (fabled/celestial dropped). You'll want to train one up to L20 as fast as possible as opposed to mixing and matching. This is largely due to the mercenary battalion buff. When your merc hits 5, 10 and 20, you'll see merc attributes transferring to your toon. In order to get that buff, you'll have to have them in "hire anywhere status" which requires you to pay Daybreak Cash for them. This is all part of the pay to win mechanic you'll be confronted with throughout the game on many different levels. There's a variety of ways to get different mercs: some come with your xpac and you can get better ones by buying the higher level of xpac. Some drop in instances, some are given as rewards. You can find mercenary tokens on the broker. The token must be consumed to allow you to hire the merc right away. Don't consume it until you're ready to hire the specific merc. You won't be able to either see it or hire it if you haven't consumed the merc token. There's a lot of information available on mercs if you wiki this information up.
    Overseers: do these every day. The rewards might be useful, or you can transmute the ones you don't need where possible. You'll get a large variety of rewards. As far as infusers. Infusers and reforging used to go hand in hand until DPG essentially gutted reforging to the chagrin of the entire gaming population. Personally, I don't save infusers from xpac to xpac. I tend to use them up in the xpac for which they're designed. They become minimally useful for future expansions. That said, within each xpac, I tend to use them on better gear that drops if I know that's coming.
    Familiars: Having one is better than not having one. I use the highest one I can get my hands on. Generally, I start with legendary if it drops and train it up, because the buffs tend to be worth it. Every day, you can do a Familiars quest from a person in a major city aligned with you (good or evil). They're from the conservatory. You talk to them and get a quest. This part gets a little more tricky. They can offer you a large variety of different quests for animals: canine, bats, birds, aquatic, mystical, simian, dire, ad nauseum. You pick one of them and then go find the animal in the appropriate zone. They must be aggro to you, in order to click on them and then the little cage icon. Collect 11 and get your reward instantly. You have two choices: add it to your "collection" or turn it in for experience (for your current familiar.). Treasured familiars give you 100 points, legendary are 1000 points. These will be the most common, with treasured dropping about 98% of the time. Occasionally, you'll get a fabled and think you won the lottery. Each level you train the familiar (up to 10 levels) gives you better stats. That said, if you're working on trying to level your legendary familiar, then the Familiars wild done daily can bump your familiar levels up. Doing OSers daily can net you a familiar potion that shortcuts the process. However, if you have a Celestial familiar with millions of experience points to earn, doing the daily Familiar quests will take you about 250 years to level it when your most common drop is treasured that gives you the 100 points. But any time you can get a Fabled/Celestial familiar immediately swap out, haha. They're worth it.
  3. Hartsmith Well-Known Member

    1. Because training doesn't actually cost anything, feel free to train the best merc your character has since the length of time it takes to train gets longer with each unlock. Gear them up as you go. If your account is a ten year veteran, then your characters can hire a paladin and/or shadowknight from Qeynos and Freeport. At the moment I forget if they are Fabled or Celestial, but the stats are quite good, and if you can sneak your character into the opposing aligned city, you can hire both.
    2. I've been stock piling the infusers, though I don't know enough to say that's the best way to go. I can say that I've got a huge stockpile, so maybe use the standard ones now and save the advanced ones for later?
    3. The Familiar crates are random in terms of what you get, so it is possible you will get something really rare, but not guaranteed. It is worth noting that there is an easy daily task that rewards you with a random familiar of the current season.

    Regarding the mercs, unlocking them to "hire anywhere" will allow you to use them to improve your bonus chance when sending overseer agents out on quests, so it is worth having a lot of higher tiered mercs on whichever character you use to do those quests.
  4. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    To Hartsmith's point on mercs about "sneaking" into Qeynos or FP. If you're in a guild and you have at least one good or evil character, simply log in the appropriate character, grab a guild banner and plant it next to merc you want to hire. Log in the character that needs the merc, call to the banner, hire merc, take banner down and call back to GH. No muss, no fuss.

    This little workaround works for a variety of other situations as well--notably the Nebulous Newsies backpack from a guide event.
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  5. Trilly Active Member

    WoW! I wish I had been smart enough to do this a number of times! Newsies for sure is a PITA when you are the wrong faction! Thanks for this Bhayar!
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