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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Condara, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Condara New Member

    This defiler mercenary from the new LoN expansion is terrible. He doesnt cure, and his wards are lackluster at best. I wouldnt use him if his wards were 10X what they are now, please fix him thanks.
  2. ColbyJack Well-Known Member

    Seems all of the healer mercs lately have issues.
    Grouping with guildies in Chardok yesterday, we had the werewolf merc AND Stamper stare at one player's dead corpse for a solid 5minutes, out of combat. Just waiting.
    Today, my healer merc on my illy didn't heal. Like... anything. He simply refused to heal himself, me, or my pet.
  3. Juniper New Member

    I agree fix this merc!
  4. Sucha Active Member

    Have been having issues a lot lately with the healer mercs. They either do not heal, do not rez or do nothing at all and just stand around cowering even to green mobs.
  5. Faliz Member

    I run Noftu with my Iksar Paladin and haven't had any problems with him. Just curious if you're changing any of his options to who he assists?
  6. Thorcon Member

    What quality is the merc supposed to be? Equivalent to Stamper, the Skyshrine mercs or better?
  7. Condara New Member

    Not sure what quality he's supposed to be. I just know what quality he is and that quality is Needs Improvement
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  8. Thorcon Member

    I'm not trying to say he doesn't need fixing. I was asking because I got him in a pack and I'm wondering if I should take one of the very nice trades or actually use him. Anyone know what quality level he should be?
  9. Faliz Member

    He should be "Standard" at minimum in quality and is most likey considered to be in the "Special" category with CoE Werewolves and SOE Live 2012 Vampire. This is an assumption I'm making due to his cost and upkeep falls in the line of the standard category mercenaries.
  10. Estellar New Member

    can someone tell me if i claim him if he will be just for one character? or is it account based? I know this is usually per character for LON items, but I thought mercs might be different...
  11. Rael Member

    I have been looking around on lots of sites and don't seem to be able to find any definitive answer. What I lean towards from what I did find was that it would be only the char you claim it on. I mainly say that tbh because that way if you expect it to just be one then just claim it on the one you would rather use him on, if it turns out you can claim one per toon then wayhey ;)

    Saying that I would expect mercs to be different so the above would just be how I would look at it to avoid possible disappointment.
  12. ZachSpastic Active Member

    Why should the defiler mercenary be any different from the worthless mystic mercenary?

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