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Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Thand, Feb 19, 2021.

  1. Thand Well-Known Member

    From looking at my mercs in the past it seems mercs give a set amount of contribution by tier and level
    at level 20
    Treasured 4 0 Ros mercs
    Legendary 8 1 Ros Merc DoomHilda
    Fabled 12 4 Ros Mercs Chumba, Darth, Nunian, Koffi
    Celestial 16 2 Ros Mercs Captain, Monila
    Now there are 2 Celestial mercs in reign of Shadows
    Captain Kalael Kel'var who gives 16 contribution
    Monila Le'Cesi who despite being Celestial only gives 12 Contribution points like a fabled merc and i was wondering if this was a bug
    the Max current contribution for reign of shadows is 84 or 88 if Monila is fixed
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  2. Thand Well-Known Member

  3. Bellamorte Active Member

    Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but Monila's token shows fabled when you examine it, vs showing celestial. That may be where the issue starts.
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  4. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    I'd say Monila's Fabled contribution while she's clearly Celestial is a bug.
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  5. Rargo Active Member

    I'm setting at 84/100 right now and wondering if we will be able to increase this at some point.
  6. Thand Well-Known Member

    New Season of Merc you can buy in Sc Shop today
  7. Hellfiren Active Member

    the Battalion Buff Mercs are ok but the biggest fail is that the mercs which are in the Same Tier level 120 ATM Tier 13 wont be counted as One Contrebution so the BoL once should be base level and the ROS came on TOP to increase the buff.

    And the Bonus merc from the Buyable Chests in Shop should not count in this Buff at all.
    The buff should only contain Mercs wich can be obtained in the Expa it self NO merc from Cash stuff should be included they are Optional.

    And the downgrade of some old Mercs like Kenny from Fabled to only Legendary isnt ok too , for example on Kenny is one of the Mercs in game which is the hardest to find and long cooldown until can be found again and still the best Solo Merc for everything evan his Buff in Contribution is out dated its the only merc which Heals good // cures fast and prevents a lot of Damage from its User because of its Classes it contains Guardian and Mhystic thier is no combination in follwing addons which is stronger.

    I would like to see a usefull merc like Him again out of Guard and Some Healer class Mhystic // Defiler Templar.

    Most of us use mercs as a Buffbot only these Days but everytime a new content rises and your a bit to weak you want to have a Merc to defend you and the only one in my Eyes which does the best Job is Kenny because of his Abillitys

    Kenny for Fabled again and Kenny for the Win :)
    Beside his Design is Fab and Cute as well i like him best
  8. Hellfiren Active Member

    Hello you can not get more than 84 / 100 in BoL because if you want to you need Micus the Super Rar from the Blood Creats out of Shop and the other Merc which is Reward from the Guide Quest find all Overland Pois in BoL and gave 25kk Status.

    But i havent seen the Guide a long time , only way to get him is buy his item on Broker looks like the Shards you need to upgrade last summer Events Stuff.

    Its an Inquisitor Skeleton which spawns in BOL EXPA Warckedlands on the left side of the Down Way to the Desert zone area the Drop Point Camp you land if use the Warklands Bubble Red Potion.

  9. Paragonvii Member

    Does more than one merc contribute to your total buff? I thought this was correct but was still unclear. Last I heard, you only get a buff from the "last merc" you used. So confusing hahaha
  10. Melkior Well-Known Member

    The buff you get is based on the last merc you had up. That buff has a max value once it is leveled up. The amount of the buff for each stat can then further be increased by leveling other mercs.
  11. Daxdd New Member

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