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  1. Torfinia New Member

    Hi ..

    i am new to EQ2 and wanted to know if i have a membership ... is the latest expansion included or do i have to buy it seperately?

    Thank you :)
  2. Dude Well-Known Member

    You have to buy it separately. If you don't buy anything, you have up to the AoM expansion.
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  3. Torfinia New Member

    Thanks .. good to know !
  4. dj000 Member

    FWIW, that is a LOT of content.
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  5. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    Make sure you do like the game before you buy the expansion, you don't really need it until you are level 100 in adventureing class and in tradeskilling.
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  6. Torfinia New Member

    Can you read my thoughts? :-D That would have been my second question. Ok i will wait until i am getting a little bit "older" in-game :)
  7. Anhari Active Member

    Until you get to level 60 or so you really don't need the membership. Free To Play (FTP) gives you everything you need initially. There are many restrictions such as only 2 character slots (unless you buy more), limits on AA's, and no access to the TLP's (Time Locked Progression servers) Stormhold, Isle of Refuge and Fallen Gate. I would strongly suggest that you play on one of the "Live" servers such as Skyfire or Halls of Fate as a Free to Play character for at least the first 25 to 60 levels so you can get a feel for the game and decide if you like it. Then you can re-up your membership and remove the "restrictions".
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  8. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    I may grumble but I do like the game and pay for it when I can (money tight, on limited income right now) so we don't spend unless its necessary. I don't mind wasting my money as long as I get my money's worth. EQ2 (and EQ together) are worth the $15 (if I could afford it). But right now, no money for luxuries but we don't go hungry and we are warm (kinda). So make sure you think its worth paying the money for subscription and/or expansion. I would hate to encourage you to do so and later you find out you don't like it. Take the time to play for free and see if YOU think its worth paying for. I do. After all, it still comes out to about 50 cents a day. That's cheap!
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  9. Torfinia New Member

    Thank you for your answers. :)
  10. Torfinia New Member

    P.S. The only "problem" i have at the moment is selecting a class. It is the same thing in all games. I can not decide which class a should play, becaus all of them sound interesting ;-)
  11. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    You have 2 slots (or 4? with All access, try them out. Make a class and play until you are sure you don't like it. Make a new class, put all of your loot and money (and gear sold from old one in shared bank vault after you make your new class and then delete the old one) to give your new class a heads up with some starting money. Rinse and repeat until you find a class you like. Good luck! And I hope you have fun and stick around to play with us!
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  12. Anhari Active Member

    Following @Meneltel's advice note which items are attuned vs. "free range" only the non attuned can be traded. Some no trade items CAN be shared as long as they have the Heritage tag on them,

    As far as playing the different classes, if you are going to do that, play them till at least 20 or 25 before switching so you can really get into the mechanics of the game. you should play the druids (Wardens/Furies) and wizards/warlocks to at least 25 so you can try out porting).

    Talk with people in game via chat and /tell so that you can get help figuring out the class, as well as getting a feel for the end game and raiding. You won't be able to actually join in on raids until you get to at least 100 now, so just sit back and enjoy the road. Also, do crafting to figure out if you like it (and do the different tradeskills). You can change tradeskill classes by "re-specking". There is a tradeskill coordinator in each of the cities that will put you back to level 9 so you can choose a different profession.
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