Members Get DOUBLE Status from May 19 through May 24, 2016

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Dexella, May 19, 2016.

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  1. Dexella Associate Producer

    Members! Want to fill up your status bar? Looking to improve your guild’s status bar? Well, good news! From noon (12:00PM) PDT on Thursday, May 19 through noon (12:00PM) PDT Tuesday, May 24, members can earn DOUBLE PERSONAL STATUS and DOUBLE GUILD STATUS!

    ALL servers are included in this special bonus weekend, which means those of you on Stormhold (who are all members already) will get to take advantage of the Double Status.

    Being a member has its perks! Not a member yet? Visit to learn more!
  2. Nockturnal Well-Known Member

  3. Feldon Well-Known Member

  4. Haloek Member

    Thanks you guys:cool:
  5. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Awesome! Thank you :)
  6. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    Much appreciated!
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  7. oldskool Active Member

    I know this question gets asked every time there is double status but....

    Will I get double status I I sell a merc coin?
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  8. Gargon New Member

    Why thanks guys ;)
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  9. Feeonme New Member

    So I spent approx. $170 on merc crates based off this advertisement and did not receive double personal status as advertised. Adjust my status making good on the contract please or its gonna be the last dime you see from me. I have already entered a petition and will give it a few business days to process at which time I will also file a complaint with credit card company for denial of funds based on false contract. If I sound pissed its a good bet I am tired of oblique programs designed to separate me from my
  10. d1anaw Well-Known Member

    So why did my Templar not get the double status on Sat the 21st, but hubby was able to get it last night on the one he did?
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  11. Haloek Member

    I hate to say it but it says "Can earn" no one ever said merc crates were included. They usually aren't included did you ask the chat channels before you did it?
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  12. Feldon Well-Known Member

    You spent $170 on merc crates just to burn them for status? :oops:
  13. Ursa Minor Well-Known Member

    I can sympathize, but this is a classic case of "look before you leap". I know I was very cautious about checking the mechanics of double status before committing any cash, and yet I still got burned a couple of times.

    Most important to remember is that (to my knowledge) no status item turn-in will be doubled. This means all of the mob drop status items, the tokens from the Vesspyr Isles catalog quests (grr!), and sadly mercenary tokens from the store.

    Personally, I took a double hit on the last double status day, because I bought a 50% status potion from the store, and did all three Vesspyr catalog quests, only to discover that they had been changed to reward a token instead of an immediate status award, so they were no longer eligible for double status. This was compounded by the discovery that the catalog quests will only add guild status if your guild is below 110.
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  14. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    And yet the status tokens from the the ToT Tradeskill dailies do give double status when sold. I used them to get my guild to Level 60. DBG need to be more consistent and open about which items give and do not give the bonuses.
    (1463905612)[Sun May 22 09:26:52 2016] \aNPC 99132 Mistress Thora:Mistress Thora\/a says, "I deal in any artifacts you or your guild might be interested in. Let's take a look at what you have."
    (1463905618)[Sun May 22 09:26:58 2016] You gain 140000 status!  
    (1463905618)[Sun May 22 09:26:58 2016] Your guild has received 28000 status which includes a 100% server bonus!
    (1463905618)[Sun May 22 09:26:58 2016] You sell 7 \aITEM -1184677131 -913750004:Ancient Arcannium Coin\/a to Mistress Thora for 2 Platinum, 35 Gold, 90 Silver, 91 Copper and 140000 Status Points.
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  15. Ursa Minor Well-Known Member

    Looks like you got the double guild status, but not double personal status. Are the tokens normally 20k status each? I don't have ToT yet, so I can't experiment. The wiki shows the normal reward as 20K status each, which is what your log shows.

    And yes, your guild status contribution is doubled (when double guild status is active) regardless of the source of the personal status, be it tokens, quest awards, or status items.
  16. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    Yeah, you're right, the ToT token is 20K status, so only the guild portion doubled. As I said DBG need to be more open about what it is that doubles personal status, as seems to me most of the stuff that gives personal status doesn't qualify for the bonus.
    However as I was specifically chasing guild status over the weekend, I wasn't paying any attention to personal status. My view though, is that Double Personal Status should apply regardless of the source.
  17. Ursa Minor Well-Known Member

    As someone mentioned earlier, that opens an exploit. You could go to the city vendor, buy an item that costs 500,000 status, and sell it right back for 1,000,000. At least that's my understanding, I never tried to sell anything back that had a status cost component.
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