Members, Get An Ancient Ability Scroll!

Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Glynt, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. Glynt Member

    Am i the only one who thought we'd actually get an Ancient ability without having to be grand mastered first?

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  2. Errrorr Well-Known Member

    The whole system would have to change for that. Physically can't scribe an Ancient without the GM scribed.

    Not gonna complain about a freebie, even if it sits in my bags for a bit until I get GM
  3. Glynt Member

    Had i known i would have made a different choice though!! oh well!
  4. Pizac New Member

    I agree. Wish I had known this before hand and I would not have chosen an ascension skill
  5. Glynt Member

    Dear Devs is there a way to reverse the choice i feel had i known i too would not have chosen an ascension skill. Thanks.
  6. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

  7. Uruketo New Member

    I wonder how many GM research completions were just sold with DBC. :)
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  8. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Who cares if they were willing and able to spend the money.
  9. SteveB Active Member

    It has been always like that, you need GM before you can take the Ancient spell... ;)
  10. Zeddicious Well-Known Member

    On one of my characters, I selected a spell that was the free level (x) grandmaster (in the character progression tab) - and guess what? Despite that ability being GM, the ancient spell wouldn't scribe.

    I guess when you're primary method for advancing spell levels is via a cash shop (and not game play) it should come as no surprise that a free ancient spell wouldn't have freely been given away without some gotcha or caveat.

    Either way DBG, thanks for the ancient spell?
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  11. Nkito Well-Known Member

    The only possible complaint I could maybe muster is if the "free" gm spell showed up as white (available to upgrade) when mousing over the ancient popup window.

    Even still, I've never received anything like this in the past and certainly didn't expect anything like this. It was a pleasant surprise, I could delete the ancient and be no worse off than is fair.
  12. Xellium Active Member

    We should have been notified about this.
    Many people made poor choices that can't be undone due to not comprehending the item/situation.
  13. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    You can still get the grandmaster the other way and use it, and they may still change it who knows.
  14. Errrorr Well-Known Member

    It did not.

    I have 2 GMs on my monk, 1 Scribed, 1 Class choice. Only the scribed one showed up as White in the list.
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  15. Probe One Member

  16. Khieran Active Member

    This is for 110 level chars only right? Those of us that have been members for years, but don't happen to have a level 110 character can't get this?
  17. Earar Well-Known Member

    you'll get it when u reach lvl 110

    better wait 110, so u are sure to have all choices. Plus it's gonna be red till u have a GM.

    people sometimes should wait and be sure of what they want before clicking on everything
  18. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I wish we could get them on all our characters for use later. Why not just gift it to every character you log in, one time. I only have 1 at 110 and no hope to get any of my others to 110 before the offer is over. Since only members get them, it should be a /claim, one per character.
  19. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    When does the 'free ancient at 110' end?
  20. Khieran Active Member

    I agree with this - I have no characters anywhere close to 110, and I'm currently playing on Fallen Gate which can't even get to 110. But I've been a paying member for years (off and on since beta)

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